Firepower’s Percentage Law

by Firepower


If it is not enacted, Murka will become irretrievable. Hopeless instead of lost.
This is Firepower’s Eradican Law of Percentage:

If only 50% of LNs are eradicated, in 50 years they will return stronger than today.
If 75% are eradicated, in 75 years they again return with a vengeance.

This is why every LN must be eradicated. This also applies to MINOs. You do not leave a rat in your pantry. You do not let Smallpox survive – the exception is perhaps as only an example cryogenically frozen in an Alpine lab.

Simply put: imagine an armed man stranded in a…..….. bad part of town – or in actual combat – attacked by enemies who are going to kill him. If he does not violently defend himself, his survival is unlikely. The more survivors he leaves, the more of his enemies know where he is and his identity. The more to inform and bring reinforcements to extract ultimate payback.

It has come down to one of the fundamental elements of nature: Kill or be killed. Do…or not do.

There are far too many of our kind who dimly ask with treachery: B-b-but how is that done?

They know how, and that’s the problem. Knowing is not the problem, it’s the inaction.

B-b-but how do I stop a b-b-burglar when he’s s-s-strangling me in my b-b-bed?!?

Really? You can’t figure it out? Oh well, guess you have to die then – and your kids.

Maybe whites’ instinct for survival has been bred out, like those cows standing in line at the slaughterhouse 0r those dogs in Chinese cages.

A million successful responses from American civil disobedience all the way to Revolution are described in painstaking detail within books – or on that Internet thing – yet they act as dumb as babes who not only never read a History Book, but are so dim they need ask what such a book even means.  Folks seem to have forgotten even those “library” thingies.

So, babes they and their family shall remain when the bullet enters their skull. It’s why the jews just walked into the boxcars when ordered: They simply could not “believe” they were going to die. They had too much arrogance in their self-worth. It’s how LNs will eradicate Whites – and whites. It’s how any smart player would.

Killary knows how to play. She’s registering Los Migger võters at bodêgãs. She registers coloreds at Food Stamp lines. Both Vot-0-Bama at rates over 73%.

A teacher providing instruction does not argue with a child stubbornly insisting 2+2 does not equal four. It is folly.

If 99% of LNs are eradicated in 99 years they will return. When 100% are eradicated, maybe in 100 years they will return – and it’s another SorryGEN that let them germinate that then must eradicate.

You’ll be in your grave.

33 Comments to “Firepower’s Percentage Law”

  1. What many Whites, at least those without an ounce of sanity, is that niggas play dirty. Worse, they’re parasites who’re always complaining about the “man”, despite everything given to them in the name of fairness.

    Today, Obomba used the N word, like the everyday lingo of his colored minions in their inner city ape dumps. This signals a beginning of new conflict starting from today, for those who see through the LNs facade and phoniness. Animals are not to reason with!

    • Nigger, JS. Nigger. You can say it here. Don’t worry, I won’t report you.

      In school, we had this retarded kid. If you swore, he’d say “you said the f word” or “you said the s word!” Whenever I hear “the n word” I think of that kid. Just pull the trigger and say nigger.

  2. Good article. Very few WNs as of right now have the will to win. Even that one kid in SC said he hesitated when the minos in da church were “nice” to him.

    We shouldn’t allow the decadence of others to affect what we do. A true white supremacist plays to his own standard. I’m not going to moderate just because others lack the will.

    • WNs are waiting for this country to fall into further chaos, and that’s when they pounce. When it becomes an anarchy, that’s when they start to come out and do their thing. When does it become anarchy? When push comes to shove is when WNs become enraged after seeing niggas playing low down dirty again and again.

      Right now, they want to ban the display of the Confederate Flag, so that more pissing points for those WNs in the south.

      To come to think of it, are Liberals are our friendenemies? If you think about it, they are the ones who is responsible for degenerating blacks over time, where they are now almost useless for anything, except for political pawns and niggaball/niggatainment.

      • WNs are waiting for this country to fall into further chaos

        My Percentage Law infers the probability of victory, but it is a double-edged sword cutting both ways: It also applies to LN victory over declining white Murka.

        wns need to flex their own variant of MGTOW where they predict “the fall” of Murka and they suddenly swoop in and defeat the then 65% Majority MINO Murka.

        Not happening.
        If whites won’t resist now as the 75% majority, it is nonsense for one to predict them suddenly awakening when they’re whittled down to 45%.

        PLUS, that won’t happen for years. By the time it does, all current “awkening rahowa” fanz predicting a New Enlightenment will be 124 years old; not good for anything except shitting themselves.

        By the time that future battle happens, it will be dependent on these future whites being smarter, more aware and more aggressive than today’s. Do millennials inspire such awe and respect from their displayed behavior?

        If whites wait to reclaim America until their outnumbered and painted into a corner they’ll be just another tolerated curiosity like today’s “Apaches” who merely imagine they won the Reservation Wars. The Welsh are the only remnant of Britons left; to call being pushed into the Island’s bunghole by the conquering Angles and Saxons is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear – perfect for today’s infantilized millennial fantasists. It’s more likely FutureGENs will be even more stupid and childish and thus, ripe for such gamer lore.

        Why White Nationalism Will Fail 2: Mythology Mistakes

      • What are the LNS going to “win”, FP? Taking the country whole without firing a shot.

        Would the jews be more powerful if they were more numerous? I don’t know. They seem to thrive in the shadows. Maybe WN can be like that.

        Both whites AND the LNs are getting dumber. But our side feels more resistance. I think one becomes stronger when ones stands alone, with no backup or safety net.

        I’m not super-pessimistic. The US is quite vunerable at many points. It takes less and less to upset them. They keep adding complexity. I have a WN story where one man and a small team take down the US grid.

      • What are the LNS going to “win”, FP?

        Their spoils will be those of India, Russia and China’s oligarchs who live sumptuously while operating with total control over society. They will be lords living in secure castles as masters over peasants grubbing away in the muck for bugs: Feudal America

      • Future wns don’t have to be smarter at all.

        The more I progress in WN, the more thuggish and mino I become. I used to be far more “white” acting and intellectual. It’s just like a nice clean pig graduating the academy, then becoming street smart. They progress by degenerating.

        Todays kids are better than white kids of the past. They are more selfish and apathetic. I like it alot.

        The “real” WN movement is much smaller than the “apparent” one. There’s an unbroken chain from Rockwell, Pierce, McVeigh, Rudolph to Rushy.

      • Future wns don’t have to be smarter at all.

        Beware the pirate crew who serve you only for booty. They will betray you for a better deal the moment you fail to satisfy their greed.

        If you fancy being a future leader of that type, it requires lieutenants and generals almost as smart as you to delegate authority to and control the mob.

        If not, you will have to deal with every simpleton soldier personally on a face-to-face basis, thus taking up an immense amount of time subtracting from your plans of advancing. Al Sharpton does not do this, nor does Reverend Jesse.

        In addition, you won’t have a National Ballwasher Media to worship you and protect you from your mistakes.

        The model and structure of the Sicilian Mafia is a good lesson.

        “BIBO” is but a silly sounding acronym for the “made man”

      • I don’t think a white boy can get a better deal than I offer, FP. Maybe a job as a white soldier/cop or scientist. But then they have to deal with the PC environment. The system has a tight leash on their doggies.

        WNs actually remind me of Nam vets who stayed in Southeast Asia. The US had nothing for them. Life in the 3rd world has an edge to it. One feels alive.

        The white race was a warrior race once. Those who still feel it have limited options.

      • FP: Yes, like a band of killing vultures swooping down on a half dead carcass, I do suspect the MGTOW will fly in and take their booty, once this country descends into utter chaos.

        It also doesn’t hurt to pin MINOs against other MINOs. The Latin Cucarachas resemble more of a functioning WN movement, than any White demographic we have now.

      • do suspect the MGTOW will fly in and take their booty, once this country descends

        I now suspect that won’t happen and may be more VRW than cold, hard truth. A bunch of flabby nerds with no spine make poor “Mountain Men” – who, themselves, make poor activists. Retreat is not activism. Spengler famously said optimism is cowardice.

        Here’s why: Murka is far more likely to be a turnabout Colony for RED China, thus getting some harsh, ironic payback. The ChiComs will bring some real brutality/oppression compared to our contemporary MMM. Murka will be Majority MINO by then – wtf else are lazy, backward colored savages good for?

        ChiComs will urgently seek to destroy all remaining SO76 Whites for the same reason the MMM does: They have revolutionary/resistance mentalities – but will be eager to keep MINOs (mainly coloreds) around as the cheap labor they soooooo love.

      • Gooker Coms are serious business, they have no tolerance for colored folks and their kid antics This being said, a purging of LNs and Miggas can happen if these MGTOW decide to bid for the ChiComs, which I suspect some of them would, if propaganda can direct them into that direction.

      • It appears the US is more concerned with home grown right-o-sphere-revolutionaries than Jihadis.

  3. This feigned ignorance falls under the rubric of radical autonomy. The perverted logic boils down to lacking an awareness of one’s inevitable slaughter THUS creating a “reality” that one was not actually murdered.

    A good example of this phenomenon is amongst high IQ “white” male atheists who have an unspoken pact with their self-annihilating “mothers” that essentially translates into, “I did not murder *you* because *you* were not aware… You did not murder *me* because that was not ME…” This pact maintains maximum autonomy for both mother/son…. Mother maintains her “might makes right” mentality and sons maintains his radically autonomous origin.

    This same psychological pattern is playing out with these “conservative” individuals who seemingly have no desire to fight for their lives and it is because they desire an unforeseen annihilation instead.

    The fundamental difference between the various grades of anti-white Supremacist is that only “whites” refuse to hypocritically perpetuate while at the same time standing adamant in the perpetuation of those self-annihilators of other races, creeds, orientations and religions.

  4. Ryu can you make some “Cliff Notes” for Thordaddy’s writings? You seem to understand them better than I. No offense intended toward you TDaddy.

    • Erin…

      One of the most severe pathologies is the unspoken pact between high IQ “white” males and their mothers justifying and rationalizing the abortion act… The most straightforwardly DEBASED “essence” of “might makes right.”

      Break it down to the very conversation that all “white” males, who can, must have…

      Son: Mother, do you BELIEVE that you had a “right” to kill “me” in utero?

      Mother: Yes son… BUT… That wasn’t *you*… *You* would have never known, son…

      Son: I know mother… It wasn’t “me.”

      This ^^^ Is the mindset of the pro-abortion alt-riter. Self-annihilator to the very core. No ASSERTION that one has a right to exist at conception, BUT rather, claims a “right” to be terminated BY HIS MOTHER.

      This is radical autonomy. This is symbiotic regression. This is total pathology.

    • Erin…

      To a white Supremacist, “Might makes right” is a literal fact. As in, Might… The Mightiest Thing… That which all other things are within… Makes right… Creates order… Might makes right can be conceptualized as The Mightiest Thing creates order.

      To the radical autonomist, “might makes right” is TOTALLY DEBASED as a matter of inverted and perverted logic. So that the “might” in this radically autonomous conception is actually weak, scared and foreboding and the “right” is merely the cloaking of absolute wrongness. For there is nothing more inherently wrong than the claim of a “right” to kill one’s child.

      So now you “see” the stark contrast. Now you “see” how a radically autonomous, anti-white Supremacist mindset can take a FACT like “Might makes right” and turn into the “principled creed” underpinning the abortion act. Now you “see” the symbiotic regression leading to the exponential annihilate of the white race. Mothers and their high IQ “white” sons all consciously and/or subconsciously, pathologically oreinted towards self-annihilation.

    • Erin – You need to stop commenting on LoftB, if you have done so yet. A few of us use the same handle on that site. I know who you are over there!

      • I’ve always seen lotb as fair. he helped me out.

        he must be a better man than i, for he gets far more participation.
        his post to comment ratio is superior.

      • I view the contents on your blog as a higher level of commenting and seriousness. Most of his readers aren’t interested in reforming Murka. A site dedicated on Fussing, Feasting and Fornicating is more interesting than a site that calls for heavy lifting.

      • Then if the kids want candy and not casserole, they shall have their druthers.

      • I have never even read that site. This is the only WN site I read and I read James LaFond for entertainment. I don’t have time for blogs anymore. Anyway, didn’t YOU say you were DONE with that site?

      • He’s getting over it. Like a relationship! He’s in the greiving stage. It’ll take some time.

      • Ryu: I stopped commenting on LoftB, because I’ve made all my points over there. It’s useless to comment on the same topics over and over again.

        This site is not funny, just real issues with serious intent.

  5. Liberals are demons. I tried reasoning with them. It’s like talking to a voodoo mask.

    • Reason with them only if you find it amusing.

      All has degenerated now.
      So, it’s better to humiliate them and their emotional arguments with facts you’ve prepared to just spit out and make them look stupid. This is best done in front of an audience. Even silent listeners will learn even though most are so chicken they won’t utter a peep for either side.

      It’s best to eradicate them, for now it has become the only way to deal with them.

      • Yes, and the sheer hypocrisy of Hilarious and Willie who wanted to keep the X rated orange flag up, but they now want to keep it down, when a power trip moment becomes obvious.

  6. There is no peaceful solution to the satans in charge. None at all. We can either be slowly tortured to oblivion by them, or die fighting back.

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