No More Pipe Bombs

by Ryu

Is THAT a Pipe Bomb in your pants?!?

It’s getting to the point where I read “pipe bomb”, then the next word is FBI. The two easiest ways to get caught today are to work with others and to use bombings. The most successful attacks today are all one man with a gun.

[ed note: I will vouch the writer wrote this in April – well before Creepy McChurchster killed the Carolina Coloreds]

23 Comments to “No More Pipe Bombs”

  1. Thanks for having no more pipe bomb shelters in close-combat missions!

  2. Thanks for joining The Internet Defense League.

  3. So Ryu: How likely in Murka, we will see a Breivik type? He was cool, calm, a sharp shooter, and also well dressed, not that this is important, but it makes much easier to infiltrate into your enemy camp.

    • Also, Breivik seemed to have an intellectual bent (not the Lion of the Blogosphere type), and read some of the works of people whom I’ve been reading, who are sort of anti-American. It’s quite interesting that a few anti-American writers who are now dead, have predicted the demise of this country with our current events, long before many of us were born.

  4. Hitler was marketable.

    Breivik is not; he has a glaring creepvibe that only those in denial – and desperate for a “White Heeero” – deny.

    Sorry, but Churchy McCreepy has it and is neither marketable. Kaz gives the impression of a bitter, glum psychotic loner.
    And Manson? holeeeee G-Ziss.

    Add these to those creepy freeeex shooting up “Batman movies” (holy christ) and that goofy fuck who made Gabby G a divot-head and you have a rogue’s gallery of fuckups I’d never let date my sister unless I castrated them first.

    Ted Bundy had a great image. Timmay McV’s was pretty good.

    This is Murka: Wise UP. Image is everything.

    • Yes, which is why the image of WNs being loser creeps, doesn’t resonate with anyone, especially with women.

      But Breivik looks better than most of the guys that we have in Murkan dung heap.

      • What must be understood by WN is that these direct action activists [DAA] MUST be viewed like Mumia – tons of stupid white pussy MUST write them in prison with pleas of marriage.

        WN MUST BE Hunky Dzhjodzhdzkar Tscarneyevvyeyev – not Creepy Stare-Eyes Penishaircut Boi…maybe Ryu can address this in another article.

      • It’s both sad and laughable at the same time, and you’ve said this before, how this nation has become in possession to the MINOs.

        Boring, unremarkable and incapable POS, who become elevated into supreme beings, who oversee civilization.

      • And today is another sunny day in NYC. Despite the church killing, a time for awakening, I see plenty of murkan chumps out there watching nigga ball, at the bar with one hand getting drunk, and the other cheering on for MINOs.

    • Ha. Good comment, FP.

  5. FP: But to be fair, the Churcy McCreepy has more worth than any pretty boy Stormtrooper, if there is one, who does nothing but become a keyboard warrior spitting out the recycled niggakikespicing moves.

    We have no skinheads, no real KKK, no one doing anything but talking on the internet. Well someone has to have the bravery to take it to the real world, and I guess that has to be me

    Meanwhile, your tough Wall St fratboy in NYC, is getting drunk on a Sunday watching nigga ball, after a long week of counting fake money.

    [ed note: nobody’s implying mccreepy has no value. 1:9 is victory, no matter what level of creepjuice. but it is also definitely not a recruiting poster like Baby Dzjohjkar…it is both]

    • Correct. But most of us should be boiled in blood, because niggas get special treatment as always. A master of the universe guy here in NYC (a Wall St fratboy) just came out and said today: he will use some of his money to mend the wounds between blacks and Whites. He should invite coloreds to live in his posh neighborhood, and this would be the best thing any self-righteous Wolf of Wall St should do.

      • Awesome. Tell him to send me some of the cash.

      • He should invite coloreds to live in his posh neighborhood

        Hopefully, you react in f2f convo as I do, and propagandize the opponent calmly, with:

        The only white who loves coloreds
        is the white who doesn’t
        have to be near them

    • It’s just the haircut, JS. He should have shaved his head or something. A few hours with a PUA and he’d be a baddass thug.

      • All it takes are a few pretty boys like Doozy Tsarnev and the handsome Nazi men of the 40s, to have women flock to a rebelling group against the establishment. Then an eruption can take place.

        That’s why it’s better to leave the country for a bit, so you can communicate this with your fellow Americans from the outside. It’s much easier. I know a few girls whom I can chat about all these things on this site, but only if I’m from the outside, where I can provide good reasons. You become a lot more credible. And women like to hear about your foreign travels, and you can tell them that, and your priority as to why you left.

  6. Important tip for NSA/FBI agents monitoring this site:
    I recommend investing all resources into tracking social outcasts and losers in the cuntry. Especially the involuntary virgins. There are more of them as society degenerates. Anyone who is unsuccessful with the ladies should be treated as a creepy terrorist suspect by the government.
    They will form the next generation of spree killers.
    The authorities should spy on all of them around the clock because they will inevitably explode in fury.

    • haa:

      Important tip for NSA/FBI agents monitoring this site:

      The Redcoats should* follow the wisdom of their MINO/Colored LN mistresses and focus solely on WN/WS and forget about ISIS.

      Focus on censoring that ConfedFlag in SC. Ignore Muhhammadd Achmedd Ibn-Tikriti and his Russki dirty bomb plans for Manhattan and Hollywood jews. Symbols matter more than enemies.

      The NSA SWATZIs should* collect every piece of data made and hire $1.5 TRILLION worth of yearly BIGov Affirmative Action Em-pl0y-eez to sift thru it all.

      they won’t get carpal tunnel. they wont sue for Scriminayshun. Our Budget SHALL HOLD…

      Nobody has agent addresses. Your neighbors won’t talk. You’ve not bragged about your powerjob.

    • Yeah, but where’s the promo in that?

      Agents want to catch da big fishies. Get some camera time. They need to build up a nice, phat conspiracy so they can bring it down.

      NSA and FBI should give WNs a cut of the action. We’re job security to them.

      • HAHA…we could help them stage stuff! haha! I think it’s already been done (although I can’t prove it)

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