Don’t Harass the Opposition

by Ryu

No victory is so total that one can win and gloat. Don’t wave your dick in the other guy’s face, don’t piss in his Cheerios.

“Smart” people are especially susceptible to this problem. It is human nature to want to show off. If one has a quality, he wants credit for it. Prudence dictates that sometimes, one not indulge in the obvious move.

The problem of harassment is that it injures another man’s pride. Nothing so motivates a man as a personal insult. A man who is truly angry will move Heaven and Earth in order to get payback. Don’t give your enemies ….….that much motivation.

Every man has a weakness. Find yours and keep a close eye on it. If you know the enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of a thousand conflicts.

The best example is the BTK Killer. He got away with it clean. But 15 years after his last killing, he just had to taunt the police. That note is what got him busted.

20 Comments to “Don’t Harass the Opposition”

  1. This scenario is very relevant to a veteran bouncer. Telling grown males that they may no longer enjoy themselves at one’s establishment on their very own dime + tip frequently manifests a situation where saving face becomes the pertinent issue. My work philosophy is simple. Talking people out absolutely pays better than violently removing said patron. Yet, as a bouncer, I cannot be “de-faced” for such an event will certainly make my job more costly go forward.

    It is simply crazy batshit insane that at the very epicenter of this collective descent is absolutely no discussion concerning white man’s free will or total destruction of that free will. It is as though the free will of the white man was not the very thing at stake and nearly permanently extinct.

    • It’s not “insane” TDaddy if we are talking about the prevailing (AKA mainstream) narrative. It is BY DESIGN (not insanity) intended to control the mind of the White man (and dare I say White woman), convincing them that there are only one or maybe two paths one can tread in any given situation.

      An example of this is how many White people have become convinced that there are only two political parties and you MUST vote for one of them.

      Another example is that most White women are convinced that they MUST have a career or a “higher calling” (like missionary work) than actually having their own babies. If they buck the trend a little, they only have one or two children and are HORRIFIED at the thought of having more.

      What’s insane is how we have bought into these ideas ignoring history and nature.

    • Yes, it is everything for bouncers.

      Bouncers don’t want to get hurt or injured. If they are too enthusiastic in their jobs, they anger other men and become targets. And if other men see that they are weak, their job will become much harder.

      The American police no longer use talk. They use the stick first. No wonder they are now targets.

      TD, how could one man come in and take over a club?

      • Define “take over” and “club?”

      • To have power over. To take what one wants.

        There is a connection to our struggle. The club is the USA. It’s bouncers are the police and military. They protect the interests of the club owner. The crowd is the brainless American people. In that club is a safe filled with money. The club makes money by dumbing down the people with drink and music.

        The USA club and its bouncers have insulted and demeaned the white race. They must pay for it.

        How would one man, or a small team, raid the building, plunder it, and escape in the long term? This is exactly like the WN struggle.

  2. @ Ryu “A man who is truly angry will move Heaven and Earth in order to get payback.” – I always remember my old man lecturing me on the subject of revenge, He had been an officer in the British Navy, An outfit that comes with its own particular martial philosophy, where revenge is always an individual and tactical flaw.

    He told me that revenge was primarily a Jewish thing, when I asked him why he said, “Maybe its something to do with the religion, you know – Vengeance is mine, sayest the Lord”.

    To Europeans, America seems like a vengeful society.
    OK, no idea where I’m going with this. (Its Friday, had a couple of tins).

    • The desire for vengeance is good. It can even overcome the apathy and inertia many feel today.

      I count as virtues American violence, greed, and hate. These will save white America.

      What did your Brit friend say about the IRA? The Brits most certainly engaged in revenge, despite their high morals.

      • Also, hard work. The big liberal cities have been a failure for Whites.

        In Spain, you are able to find pretty Spanish girls working at the produce shops. This is unheard of in Murka.

      • He wasn’t my friend he was my father. And it wasn’t about “high morals” it was about winning.

      • No fuck you m8. With your Hollywood picture of what goes on over here. You cunt.

    • It’s not about the wisdom of exacting revenge or refusing to do the exacting, but whether one is prepared to accept the full brunt of the consequences of his choice which will come either way? The truly radically autonomous are constantly scheming ways in which to “transcend” this latter “problem.” Meaning, the burden of my choices… No matter which way those choices flow and go… Will always be pushed onto another. That’s radical autonomy.

  3. Lanza lookalike Dylann Roof knew about revenge. Probably been dissed once too often by the bruthas. Could have been a white bitch mocking him that pushed him over the edge.

    • It’s both sad and amazing that the pro-right (not the alt-right) has beaten this guy completely down to the ground, calling him a pathetic loser, and what he did was beyond reprehensible. Meanwhile, switching sides, you will not hear a whisper from them, about the botch home invasion, involving 4 niggas who broke into a White family and killed their 5 year old daughter a few years ago, in the same town of Charleston.

      • I see no reason to criticize this guy. Half a billion more important things to criticize first.

      • JS…

        These are your liberated “Christian”-types completely under the spell of the “equality” doctrine. These are your liberated “Christian”-types who equate white Supremacy with white degeneracy and now magically have their killer “white supremacist” to validate their claim.

        Roof was immersed in “equality” and went on a rampage AS a “white” anti-white Supremacist. His DESIRE TO ASSIMILATE and then subsequent rejection due his “weak/pathetic” stature set him off. It’s hard for most to conceive this reversal of reality because they simply will not lay aside their gross and perverted “first principle.”

    • Making stuff up huh ISAAC? Are you black or jew?

  4. Re “dont harass the opposition”

    This is the concept I wanted our dumb eradican dillennials to learn; they failed.

    Perhaps Ryu remembers a fable I told the Quaking Dadginas on SpoorHead:
    Story/Legend goes, some smartass Johnni Rebb was in the trenches separated from the enemy by hundreds of yards. Perhaps it was a WW1 yarn.

    Bored and pissed at the enemy, he sticks his head out and starts cursing at the enemy. Unscathed, he jumps to the top of the parapet and starts shaking his fist – and yelling. The enemy watches. Then, JR drops his drawers and moons ’em just before he’s shot dead by a good sniper.

    Do not get shot in the ass when you don’t have to – and die for a stupid gesture.

    • Harassing the opposition can be an effective tactic, but if you’re doing it “just because” you deserve what you’ll receive. If you can throw the opposition off by making them mad, they might do something rash and stupid. Then you teach them the error of their ways. Unfortunately, this requires discipline and patience, which isn’t a strong point for 99.9 % of people.

      [this is the lesson taught on Eradica]

  5. Re: Harassing enemies, Black Hebrews in (Manhattan/Frisco?) take it up a notch:

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