White Militants

by Firepower

There’s almost no alternative to Murka’s forced transformation from a fine White nation in the 1970s into contemporary colored toilet – except frustrated, truly disempowered white males taking up the sword.

Liberal nazis (LN) have long touted the tired, exaggerated “disempowerement” sob story of coloreds and MINOs – but closer examination reveals it is really the middle class whites suffering; coloreds run everything now. Look at who staffs BIGov cubicles. See who commands the IRS telescope jammed up the TParty’s ass. Look who lets off Black Panthers threatening white voters with clubs…Look who’s in the White House.

The future surely must force sporadic, violent outbursts from dying elderly White Men at the end – and young Whites who see no future at present. If there’s no point in living, might as well take out the filth who stole your life.

Still, decades of proof show us there is …………practically nothing from treasure to hollow gesture that whites won’t meekly and immediately surrender when some lippy entitled colored demands it. There’s not much more low for whites to sink into. The higher the hand held in Racial Poker, the faster whites capitulate: An African-Hispanic-Female Handicapped Lesbian could demand the bloody heart of your White Mother served on platter – and get it.

But, if MOG (the Mountain Of Guns) is finally ignited once and for all there is nothing to stop such massed berserk power but the totalitarian counter-brutality power of UncleBEAST.

Expect it. BIGov only cares about lippy, illiterate colored brood sows and their twelve pickaninnies and or spickaninninies.

As coloreds grow from MMM breeding program subsidies and opening the border to Miggers, less BIGTAXBUX extracted from Elites remain to pay for Future 2065 80-year-old GENBrandon’s prostate pills and Granny Britnee’s insulin.

Thousands of wrinkled old fucks with warped tribal tats on their wasted arms and sagging trampstamps on their saddlebag ass might dust off their grampa’s dusty-rusty 2025 vintage AR15 and take to the street one final time.

There must be many incidents to create an actual trend, so beware flights of fantasy imagining The New Age Dawns. Many thought Tim McVeigh lit a fuse but all he did was give Establishment Types like Bob Dole a soapbox to doubletalk with “BIGov ain’t yer enemy!” platitudes.

Look to FOX to do the same and attack Militant White Backlash with its standard “SEE We Ain’t RAYCISS!!!” tactic of blanket condemnation of white resistance.

=======Food 4 Thought==========
White vs Colored vs Migger vs White http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3WB
NYPD “Protecting Jews” After Kansas Shooting http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3LD%5D

94 Comments to “White Militants”

  1. truly disempowered white males taking up the sword

    What do you make of the chump in Charleston, who just shot up a bunch of MINOs at the jeeesus auditorium?

    By the way, he was a GenBrandon, not a rotting boomer, who didn’t have better things to do!

    • Boomerz have one set of severe future problems on one hand, while GENBrandon has another.

      Booms will suffer castoff elderly neglect problems but millennials will have a lifetime of oppression.

      Disguises are necessary in Surveillance Age. Had he put on a wig and beard NewsTEEM2000EXTREEEEEEM!!!™ would be at a loss feeding fat HEROCops! all their leads.

      • You’re right. The guy has been caught. He could have disguised as black face!

      • Today in Manhattan, there are cops in full force patrolling MINO churches.

        Here’s the irony and cognitive dissonance: Stuffy White Wimpy People Like, aren’t going into churches and shooting them. What a waste of time!!!!

      • FP was right, bro.

        You’ll see the pigs protecting the minos and jews after an attack. Did they protect whites after attacks on ours? This is what cops are there for now.

        They caught that guy on a traffic stop, about 200 mi north of the city.

        [ohboy will JS LUV THIS: NYPD “Protecting Jews” After Kansas Shooting http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3LD%5D

    • I don’t apologize for any white man, and I don’t betray our heros.

      His actions were proper. They were only carried out poorly. You’ve got to get away with it FIRST, then do the action. Then, one is beyond the reach of defeat. Just as Sun Tzu taught.

      I give him a C. He completed the mission, but didn’t get away. I give Frein a B for getting away, only for 2 months. David Durham gets an A-, because he is still free.

      Innocents? There are no innocents. The American way is to kill innocents by the millions. Millions of dead Vietnamese, Iraqis and Stanis….not one tear. You’d better believe that the USG and all Americans believe in violence.

    • JS,

      Why do you belittle him? Because he has a bowl haircut? He had the balls to take lives while we merely talk, he was a generation Justin but he overcame that.

      • But the “story” is not over…

        When Dylann is media-transformed into a “white supremacist…”

        And then “justifiably” put to Death by the anti-death penalty cabal…

        What Dylann says THEN will finish this story and tell “us” whether he ultimately helped or hurt “us?”

      • It’s hard for many of us to contemplate those who can sell their souls to the devil… Those who would choose total public humiliation and debasement FOR A PAYOFF… This is actually a very prevalent and GROWING phenomenon in our radically autonomous society.

  2. It’s not the psychology of the white shooter that is so interesting. It is the psychology of your average black who remains PUBLICLY clueless on how such a “tragedy” could still happen AFTER some 50+ years since the last time “we” witnessed these attacks on “black churches.”

    The “enemy” wants liberation WITHOUT separation AND THUS DEMANDS eradication.

    • Blacks are boring.
      I don’t need to devote thoughts of “how to figure out monkeys” to understand they don’t care about using carpet to shit on.

      Generally speaking, the blacks are animals. They simply need to be eradicated, not studied.

      The interesting part is what I wrote of: White Disempowerment & Oppression so severe, it becomes the future motivator – if not the main motivator.

      • No study necessary when the lesson is clear…

        They want liberation without separation and thus demand eradication.

        The twisted, pathological psychology is that NO PROMINENT black anti-white Supremacist CAN OR WILL PUBLICLY acknowledge this absolutely dysfunctional collective ethos.

      • They also hate everybody, not just White folks. I once heard a nigglette complain about Spics, how they own everything. Yes, there’s a hierarchy, even among MINOs.

        It’s never ceases to amaze me how so many naive Whites are so infatuated these animals. Other MINOs are just having a ball, when they see this pandering, as a form of self annihilation.

      • The black hates the spick and vice versa. I wrote somewhere here on Eradica of the Migger’s sole success at eradicating the black; Oakland CA is the best example.

        The Migger is imported to check the Baltimore Looting Black,
        which flees to the suburbs with a Section 8 Voucher in hand
        to defile white girls and destroy whites,
        driving them further out into the suburbs
        until they hit farmland.

        That is the intended Feudal American job the MMM’s planned for them
        of being chained to a tractor growing corn
        …to feed the perpetually growing masses
        of niggers & Miggers…

        White vs Colored vs Migger vs White http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3WB

      • Don’t forget WHY miggers can eradicate niggers and it’s because of an unspoken immunity granted by radical “white” liberationists and their deracinated henchmen. No such immunity is given to even the most squeaky clean and justifiably rational of white exterminators.

      • Well, if you want to go to reasons beyond even that, the reason is nobody cares when a cat licks his ass or kills a rat; they’re animals.

        LN’s consider all coloreds animals – it’s why they won’t live near them.
        That should signify to you why all liberals must be eradicated.

        White militancy is a response.

      • FP: Here is an update of that nigga face smasher, hitting up on gooker women:


        He’s apparently in suicide mode, because they no likey him nigga boy.

        He’s not the first, and won’t be the last. There’s plenty of dumb, yet violent nigs out there, who look and act like him.

        [yet, in the media capital of the Whole World, no mention of this racism from jewmedia]

      • TD – This is the twisted psychopathology of nigels. They hate the man, yet they expect him to take care of them, we need Whitey this, we want Whitey that. All MINOs have this twisted feeling of hatred dependency, but the nigels are the best at this game. You can thank the liberal nazi braindrilling.

      • JS…

        No doubt… But this is a symbiotic regression… Two self-annihilating entities each in denial over its true “nature.” One parallels a parasite with an insatiable gluttonous appetite necessitating eradication while the “host” dies and calls this drawn out annihilation “freedom.” It’s twisted all around.

      • in the media capital of the Whole World, no mention of this racism from jewmedia

        Or the fact that most people don’t realize how unremarkable, boring and petty, black folks are. This loser basically has no ambition, nothing of this sort, just a guy chasing tail, yellow tail in his case, just like 99% of the black animals I’ve come across. He could have gotten pink white instead, but he choose to hack it with gooker women and no success. Only in Murka, where these apeshits get elevated into relevancy in the grander scheme of things. Worse, it is done at the expense of those who are more worthy, hence all the problems you find in Murka today.

      • When Obomba was elevated as the prez, I knew shit would be hitting the fan. If you know who Mayor Dingaling was, the 1st black mayor of NYC, the entire city was riled up with racial strife between nigga and others. This microcosm would be the macrocosm with what is now. And now, we have de Blasio, a LN disciple of the former colored mayor.

        Many moons ago, I used to work at a prestigious corporate outfit, and the president decided to put a nigga as a middle man, and you see the same shit….

        So yes, all these chumps who put them there, deserve what they get.

      • Yes, such chumps deserve added misery.

        This dichotomous insanity you describe manifests itself in symptoms of churchy McShooters and Ferguson Trayvonism. BIGov senses this also…their response is to rapidly disarm the mob whether by taking guns, or filling their heads full of more iPhone sludge to gum up the mechanism.

        They are not stupid; they KNOW monkeys – once escaped from their zoo – are dangerous simply based on their lack of control.

      • I think it’s working FP. The minos are feeling bad:((((

        Poor babies. They’ve lost the hate.

  3. There is a convert class…

    All “they” will hear from the media is a twisted tale that leads back to the irrational hate of a white male.

    What “they” need to hear is a twisted tale of dysfunctional desire amongst a class of cretins who will literally force one to be amongst its degeneracy in one way or another whether through a domination of reality or virtual reality.

  4. There is a trend, but only “a jury of their peers” can hear it. And there are few white men who are true peers. I don’t need a roadmap or an Indian guide to see he was one of us.

    The white man does not have good choices. He can close his eyes and pretend nothing is happening. Then hee can be a working stiff or a “smart” stooge. Or he can resist, and maybe lose.

  5. The Lord works in mysterious ways, FP.

    I just watched this movie yesterday.

    [hey! i saw a preview of that months ago and wanted to see it. damn. it’s…REVIEW TIME]

  6. Behold all militants fighting for survival.

    • Spurring further militancy requires a “hero” or figurehead. A symbol of success.

      • Thanks for answering today’s Eradica Question of the Day concerning corporate fraud.

      • One reason Congress is supporting the use of rifles and other weapons of mass first-person shooting is that the legislature is attempting to attack the liberals over firepower on close-combat cold-war missions across the world. The Republicans urge all militants to permit the use of firearms on certain cold-war missions in the coming centuries.

      • Firepower, Thanks for debating over eradicable conservative politics – this will be the best way to create right-wing conservative comedic firepower on my Manslide Blog. Please visit my blog at http://www.manslide.wordpress.com.

      • I’ve been to your site. Good work. You a comedian? How did you become racis?

      • Yes, I will become an improvisational stand-up humorist in 2020… and will continue to blog on WordPress.com!

      • I saw a good trick on TV. Can you get, like a dinosaur costume? A velocipator?

        Then you have it talk WN points. It’s good stuff. It’s just like using the Geico Lizard, the M and M talkers, and all those cartoon spokesmen.

      • I have posted my Eradica story concerning the political suspense novel The Means by two-time New York Times best selling author Douglas Brunt, which focuses on bearing the brunt of Republican Congressional power politics, winning readers over by a landslide.

      • Please tell me all about Derek Jeter’s biggest win in the history of professional baseball in 2013.

      • I barely know who Derek Jeter is, JH. Some sort of sport hero in the USA.

        [ed note: i think he is the halfrican idol of a certain snark1250…]

      • Did Walmart remove all Confederate flags from their company-owned discount stores and Sam’s Clubs, in addition to Amazon.com’s decision to remove all Confederate merchandise from their e-tail homepages worldwide?

      • Probably. It’s “follow the leader”. These companies are all chickens, afraid to stand on their own.

        Don’t worry though – when no one is willing to sell the Rebel flag, prices will rise. THEN – they’ll jack up the prices and everyone will sell them again. Money trumps all in the USA.

      • I am writing my next book, The Shadow Lawmakers, on Thought Catalog in time for publication on November 30, 2016. It is slated for retail and online release on December 1, 2016 in stores and on Google Books and the Thought Catalog official site from Hachette Book Group’s Hyperion Books imprint in hardcover. What 1979 Michael Medved book depicts the secret histories of the chief executives and their top White House aides?

      • What 1979 nonfiction book by Michael Medved explores the secret histories of the chief executives and their top White House aides?

      • I don’t know, Alex. Was that a daily double question?

      • I have posted my new blog post on how I inspire myself as an ultra conservative blogger on The Daily Post Blog. Check it out!

      • Back to the Future was every movie fan’s day dream when it was released 3 decades ago. Happy 30th anniversary, B.T.T.F cast and crew!

      • Ryu…

        That’s another good tactic to use on your fellow “white” males… Feign an ignorance to all things “professional” sports… This really whirls your average “white” boy’s head ESPECIALLY if one looks athletic himself… I like to tell people I don’t desire to exert any physical force that isn’t directly beneficial to my genuine free will. Playing sports simply does nothing of the sort for me or any serious white Supremacist. The finest of professional sport can only exist in an orderly society and not one as chaotic as ours… “We” don’t get to enjoy the FINEST athletes… “We” get the rawest athletics of those with the highest susceptibility to political-stoogism. It’s a ghastly sight.

      • You talk about free will and WS in real life? I can’t imagine the response you get.

        I too am asked if I play such-and-such a sport, or if I watched “the game.” I will sometimes watch a sport I play in, but that’s it. I don’t like sport fandom. I value my own life, and I won’t spend my time watching someone else if I don’t know them.

        As a white supremacist, I only engage in activities that offer me the profit I desire. If I watch some hero on TV, I’m giving him part of my life and my attention.

      • Ryu…

        Obviously, on the ground I play the part more than I say the part… In other words, I tend to operate as though I was immersed in The Land of white Supremacy to a measured extent. Additionally, I appear pretty radical to those that know me well. Meaning, even though I came from decent means, have a degree and could have been any kind of “stellar” yes-“men”-ion, I just have too much desire for genuine free will to fall into any fold and have lived like no one else I know. Not flashy PUA bullshyte, but the raw grind of trying to operate outside the zeitgeist as much as possible and still carry on like white Supremacy in that visceral sense. I set my parameters way back when… I bucked the peer pressure right from the get-go as though it were instinct. That perception has followed me ever since for good or ill. Every white boy needs to concentrate on being a one-man show. There is no true collective in a world of white singularities.

      • This is a good mindset, for today. But a man alone is limited in his effectiveness. Even Jesus needed his apostles.

        For now in the US, we have to act and train alone. Large groups are commonly infiltrated or betrayed. But one day, we’ll have to work on teams again.

  7. There is an absolute denial concerning the psychological turd soup that the liberal “intelligentsia” have been serving up its native sons for decades. But in addition to this are the anti-white entrees served up to every black boy since the day they dropped the “formula” by a “black” “intelligentsia” seemingly hell-bent on self-annihilation.

    No doubt, the media will use this event of anti-racist hate to stunt the unraveling results of “peak negro” and pull at the heart strings of the lily “whites” back to jump back into the zeitgeist.

  8. The hero’s middle name was Storm. He was destined for this. I’m only sorry he gave himself up so easily. Probably felt guilty.

    One of the Negroes killed was a senator who was campaigning with H. Clinton. He may have been the main target.

    • Erin…

      You aren’t seeing this right… This is a white boy that desired to fit in with blacks and was rejected and abused by the niggers and reluctantly accepted by the moderates due his pathetic desire to assimilate. He has now lashed out against such hatred, ingratitude and smiling contemptuousness AS a “white” anti-white Supremacist. Nothing has changed concerning this latter point. It is merely the media’s job to spin him into an irrationally hateful “white supremacist.”

      • Go on!
        I read about it on our local SJW sheet Broadsheet.ie http://www.broadsheet.ie/2015/06/18/unreal-flags/
        I thought this guys was given the middle name of “Storm” by his m8’s (as in Stormtrooper or Stormfront).
        They showed a picture of him wearing some sort of jacket with the flags of South Efrica and (White) Rhodesia sewn on to it.
        What’s the story with this trauma to the multicultural fabric of your gr8 nation, please?

      • “rejected and abused by the niggers” I wasn’t aware of any of this. I will read up on it. Sorry if I was uninformed.

    • Whites put them there, so it’s their fault. The average White American is so credulous that it becomes cheap comedy, for foreigners observing them from within, or from the outside in their respective countries, when it comes to MINO pandering. Eurots aren’t close to being this dumb, as with our general White populace.

      • Different system, m8. Same stupidity, different conditioning (see Skinner and his pigeons). Though I would have thought a lot of our academic “social scientists” are infected/seduced by Murican cultural marxism.

        Here’s an interesting Euro “new right” site if you’ve got a few spare minutes. http://www.europeanguardian.com/
        (guardian – snigger)

      • Different system, m8. Same stupidity, different conditioning

        Regarding Western nation alliances:
        Our differences make us weaker.
        Our similarities make us stronger.

      • The macro-conditioning is equal across the entire white world. Produce anti-white Supremacists by any means necessary INCLUDING dressing up like a “white supremacist” and killing mostly black females in a church.

        Roof should have at least said…

        “Your SONS are raping my white sisters AND YOU DO NOTHING TO STOP THEM!!!”

      • If Roof had really studied the South African white genocide then his most provocative statement doesn’t connect. The evilness of the white genocide in South African is that the savagery and murder usually occurs ONE WHOLE WHITE FAMILY at a time. So in essence, South Africa is a white family genocide inside the larger white genocide. But again, his most provocative statement doesn’t click in regards to this understanding outside his personal nigel relations.

  9. Dude, the main reason Murkan Whites appear dumber than Euro Whites is that they have been propagandized in a different way, aided by the fact that the elites imported Africans here as cheap labor and also because “we” took this land from the “Indians”.

    Re-education is needed.

    • Educate, Empower and Embolden!

    • “we” took this land from the “Indians”. – As an Irish citizen I can confirm we suffered from six million years of British oppression.

    • During the occupy movements that were happening around the world, I have to say with disgust, is that our movements were cheap, distasteful and the least effective. Hardly any damage was done. Our Occupy Wall St movement was basically another liberal feel good 60s reincarnation of pleasure and hedonism, against 1% liberals who have more toys than them. Eurots were busy wrecking all vestiges of capitalism, especially with Murkan capitalism.

      But I think this recent massacre of the 9 Church MINOs is a good start, despite the kid being a loser. GenBrandons need to be backed into a corner before shit happens, and that’s saying it lightly.

  10. This picture shows the ultimate apathy, ignorance and decline of White America at its finest:

    LN brainwashing, and this takes place in Red Confederate USA, not the Liberal Nazi Northeast.


    Whether these monkeys are really involve with the women, that’s the not issue. The motive behind this photo op, is all the evidence you need to see, from all the degenerate brainwashing.

    • But ultimately, the solidifying of such brainwashing is thoroughly confirmed by an obviously pathologically deracinated “white” father and a disguisedly self-loathing “black” mother frozen in perpetual indignation…

      Just imagine…

      “Yo’ racist if ya don’t futme!!!”

    • Brainless women and grinning negros. Yep, that’s Murka! That’s exactly why I do not reason with either.

      • “We” must deconstruct these examples of RA and tie them back to a pathological mindset held by a person of supposed “authority.”

        A “black” son that goes white is rejecting his mother JUST AS a “white” daughter who goes black is rejecting her father. BUT, dig deep enough and one will usually find mutual rejection that is then hidden by ideology… The perpetually indignant black mother of a black son ALWAYS close to annihilation in a “white supremacist” society and the pathetically passive “white” father too homosexualized and emasculated to say, “fugg you, nigger!!!” to that little degenerate slime ball who claims my daughter is racist for not fornicating with blacks.

        This latest and most degenerate of ploys has to be stopped cold in its tracks. Neither “black fathers” nor “white mothers” are of any real use given their equally corrupt desire for radical sexual autonomy. Only in the “white father” and “black mother” is the essential pathology to turn the tide in this particular act of radical autonomy.

        It should BE CRIMINAL to accuse a white female of “racism” if she refuses the sexual advances of blacks males… And it doesn’t matter who makes the “racist” accusation. Real feminine white females can get with this idea.

    • Confederate coal burner cuntry. Jaysus.

    • LN brainwashing, and this takes place in Red Confederate USA, not

      One must decide at some point
      whether Murka and GenSELFIE are worth saving.
      I’ve made my decision.

    • @photo op. Now I’ve had my daily outrage.

  11. A good thing may come of this. Liberal hipsters will now be less welcome at black venues. Maybe some will get beaten up trying to reach out across color lines.
    The only solution will be to show up at black churches and community centers naked to prove they are not packing and as a humble sign of abnegation. #nakedhumility #notworthy #sososososorry

    • Do not be shocked to witness this very scenario played out somewhere… Literally, a “white” self-annihilator is BOUND to strip near-naked as a show of complete submission upon entering the moderate nigel’s arguable “house of worship.”

      • The hairy hippie dudes will have to wait in the antechamber but the liberal college girls can enter the sanctuary.

    • This “act” will then fall under the rubric of “radical autonomy” whereas the symbolic burden of near-naked submission upon entering the nigel’s “house of worship” is intended to fall upon all white people. Once this ethos gains enough ground then the next step is to enlarge the nigel’s “house of worship” and move it out of the private sphere and into the public. And what do you know… There is convergence as “we” speak.

    • Wiggers associating with coloreds – then getting harmed by their monkeys – is funny. The level of BIGov Skool brainwashing is enourmous and endemic. It is fatal, now.

      Never Mourn DEAD Liberals – Rejoice http://wp.me/p2kmGE-se

  12. The Eradican creed should be…

    Liberation without separation INCITES total eradication.

    This holds TRUE across ALL racial, religious and ideological lines.

    The belief in “liberation without separation” is the “spiritual” and “intellectual” scourge of man’s mind determined to result in absolute physical annihilation.

  13. FP: By the way, if you haven’t heard, the nigga face smasher hanged himself on an elevator shaft.


    He apparently has a blog that sounds like some schizo with very innane aspirations typical of most boring niggas.


    Despite being a predator for gooker woman, all women in NYC feared this animal for quite sometime.

    • Then we have another feral nigga wielding a machete here in Manhattan, also in a posh section:


      And slashing at a gooker woman.

      • Hey, you rat. I just heard that NYPD has it’s own intel/spy program that goes international. The IPD or something. What do you, or the average NYer, know about them?

      • Good stuff, JS. Reminds me of China. They’ve got tons of gun laws. So revolutionaries use knifes. One dude stabbed like 50 people at one sitting.

        Maybe NYC needs to outlaw knives, set up a knife registration, and ban high capacity blades.

      • I don’t think there is a spying program. If there was, many people would have been caught spying.

      • An associate of ours mentioned weird stuff being weaponized in DC. Like, an AC with a missile in it on many roofs. Does NYC have just like that?

        Here is an article on NYPD’s “intel” division:

      • I’m surprised as to why women don’t carry mace or some eye or face burning chemical to keep the attackers away. Maybe this will change.

        And maybe mace is good for starters, those who are afraid to hold a conventional weapon.

      • Ryu: You ever heard of a smurf attack, when bands of angry guys come rushing into an intended target, where it becomes chaotic? I don’t anti-terrorism tactics would prevent any damage.

      • Sounds cool. Like a flash mob.

        Whites worry me. They have a goody-goody streak. Whenever I want to do something shady in real life, minos are often preferred. They seem to have a better instinct for it.

        As I’ve often said, I liked the third world! With money, you can buy anything. Everyone’s on the take. It is interesting that the white lack of corruption in part led to their downfall.

      • Ryu…

        Don’t kid yourself… Only white man puts his head on, in and around the notion of Perfection. Most white men can’t even contemplate his next act without a deeply ingrained obeisance to Perfection. This just isn’t the case outside white man or in the third world. They are literally stuck STILL in “survival mode.” Notions of Perfection are as absurd as vacations on Mars. What YOU REALLY LIKE about the third world is that there is absolutely no pretension of making “heaven on earth” or colonizing the Galaxy. Is that really good? Is it good if only compared to the false and charlatanic pretensions of our “default elite.”

        Who can be a white man greater than the white man WITH a will to do all right… Be perfect?

        And what would this greater white man do? Have done? Will do?

        Anything or everything necessary for _____?

      • It’s a certain honesty, TD. There IS no pretense in the third world.

        The West is in survival mode too. But there’s alot more distraction here. I actually prefer to see military on the streets with machine guns – reminds me of the truth. And to see all the women selling themselves – that’s the truth in America too.

        The white man isn’t READY for perfection yet. You have learned this. Maybe FP and I will hear it. Maybe 200 years down the road, if we survive. How many of your disciplines have bore fruit?

  14. I agree that perfection is a White trait and it’s considered a defect in the Jew world we live in.

    Thordaddy, what is your definition of good? I hope it isn’t love and pray for your enemies. That’s a loser mentality.

    • Just imagine if Eurot today is under the control of the Juden. It would have been completely destroyed by now, instead of the slow infection that is taking hold on the continent.

      • the last folks to call jews “juden” shot their own dicks off by mistakenly starting
        The Battle of Britain
        Needlessly declaring war on the USA
        Not retreating from Stalingrad
        Initiating – and failing at – the Battle of Kursk then…
        Not even stopping the Normandy invasion
        for ten minutes.

        be honest. what sounds less kooky:
        calling jews “jews”
        or a spaniard in manhattan calling them the german

      • Juden because I was referring to Eurot!

        [ed note: well, in a nation that just uplifted the flag of faggotry, it sounds as impotent as 1942 frenchies whispering “le boche!” under their breath…]

    • Erin…

      My definition is “good” is genuine free will… The only thing worth living AND dying for! And not just the genuine free will of ourselves, but that of those we truly love.

      But IF you don’t love anything THEN it changes nothing substantial other than how one can outlay their personal resources.

      So the idea is that striving towards Supremacy is the only manner in which to possibly obtain genuine free will…

      I vow to teach this to my children and whoever else reads my words by way of the Internet…

      I do it for no other reason than simple desire grounded in a certainty of Truth.

      And Truth is Perfection… Every step the conscious white Supremacist takes in rooted in Perfection. A will to do all right… This is what the enemy VOWS TO BREAK AND DESTROY.

  15. *perfectionism

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