Lawnmower Nation

by Firepower

Lawnmower Murka.

The land where LNs buy colored votes to expand the welfare state… while Repulicunts import miggers to staff the Chinese-ization of the New Future: A Sweatshop Assembly Line economy fit to compete with overseas slave labor – but still make piles for Manhattan Wall St. political backers.

Murka is still good for Elites, but untenable for once employable white males whose only job (it seems now) is cutting grass. Soon, the influx of Miggers will take even that.

Here in this land from sea to shining sea if you’re a colored with a D- or 1.30 GPA in Collij, you go straight to the …..…. head of the line as a BIGOV program admin making $202,000 a year. You then retire at age 50 for an even wealthier lobbyist job like Lois Loina or that nigress Mayor and DA in Baltimo’

Here, if you’re not an engineering A student chock full of STEM – and you’re white – the poor cut grass. If you’re not a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckaboig you cut grass. The Elite are not all jew.

So, if you’re name is “Karpberg” and you invent Internet 2016 as Mr. Tumblr (a useless contribution) the world sucks your cock as you sell it to another Manhattan jew heiress.

Rich jew NYC elites send their scions to Ivy League Ruler Academies to pick up where Daddy left off. So do WASP elites. Rest assured, while Bill Gates Jr. is off to “harvard” to learn how to ship free cooking pots to Africans so they can fuck out mo’ pickaninnies (at us taxpayer expense) Doddi will keep the homefire burning at the Manse.

FOX Non-News and Bill0 keep the horseshit river flowing with tales of “entrepreneurial capitalism opportunities”  – if you invent Internet 2000. The only job opportunities for white males without rich family connections! a university STEM degree are cutting Billo’s 200 acre lawns – at all three of his lavish mansions.


WHY You’ll NEVER SEE Manpower of The Revolution
Button-Mashing Faggots

42 Comments to “Lawnmower Nation”

  1. There is an articulation of reality in real time and then there is the fashioning of the future in similitude.

    Clearly, the mass white male cannot tie his desired ascension to the attainment of “wealth” as degenerately understood by modern man.

    All that most have the resources to sustain is in the realm of psychological war. ALL white males have it within them to conduct this psychological without excuse for lack of resources, wealth, support-systems, etc.

    Every white male who has crossed the event horizon understands that the entire discourse/narrative revolves around IMPOSING anti-white Supremacy on every living human being with the cumulative effect of “justifiably” annihilating white male as a rational precautionary measure against a rebirth of genuine white Supremacy.

    RA —> self-annihilation —> rebirth —> white Supremacist…

    This is the inevitable metamorphosis for any white male willing to take his desire for radical autonomy to its logical conclusion AND NOT YET leave this world.

    [sacrifice for a noble cause are but a string of forgotten words fashioned into an even greater forgotten concept to today’s Murkan…]

    • Lol… Nah man… No sacrifice for noble cause. The ULTIMATE SACRIFICE has ALREADY BEEN MADE.

      Be.a.white.Supremacist. B.a.w.S. Period.

      And IF a white male axe me “what dat mean?” THEN I can tell him whatever I want.

      Real white men can intuit exactly what it means and gain their own free will.

  2. The fact that Lawnmowerboy takes it proves most people are insufferable dullards.
    Evidence of this lack of creativity is everywhere, mental numbness masquerading as dumb energy.
    Whites are the least bad, not the best race.
    It might change if another jet smacked into the Freedom Tower, loaded tanker trucks were stolen, Muslim immigrants shot up a homecoming.
    Only hate could save us.

    • Yes, most are so stupid – so many, in fact – they truly deserve eradication.

      The question has come, for me (as it will all of you) whether you, also like GI Jordie, “believe” it is noble to fight for a majority of drooling dullards.

      I have grown to see this herd as an expendable buffer between The Colored Mob of MINOs and my own throat.

  3. Unfortunately a STEM degree won’t save you, but it might delay your becoming lawnmower man. Once you hit 40ish, you better be up on your gardening skills because you’ll become unemployable in STEM. Why hire the old whitey when you can get half a dozen brand new shiny minos for the same price? STEM is at best, a delaying tactic.

    • Long ago I predicted such an outcome when I saw cad/cam jobs sent from usa auto companies to mexico.

      Any job – ANY – that can be emailed in, is susceptible to migger replacement:

      What IS safe is Amazon delivery boiz, mechanics and colored gummin byoo-row-crat jobz – and grass bitches…if you’re a Migger.

      stem jobs are safe, for the current/future economic model of Murka is one jew investment banker funding one “ideaman” – who reinvents the internet or designs a non-stick pot – and an engineer to design it. Toss in another manhattan madison ave jew commercial-hype guy and you have four, maybe five, lucky assholes making money in Murka as the whole production is planned from the get-go being manufactured in Red China.

      • Yeah, progressive credientialism has hit STEM as well. Once, the degree was enough. Then multiple internships. Then a masters.

        I remember before the 2008 crisis the power company came through and promised riches to anyone who would study power engineering. They said 75% of their workforce was retiring in the next 10 years. That didn’t happen. No one making good money today is going to retire unless he has to.

        I’m not keen on STEM so much anymore. White engineers are the ones building the American surviellance state.* And they’re proud of it!

        *[excellent observation]

      • I’ve mentioned it before here, but STEM jobs go hand in hand with manufacturing. Without manufacturing, STEM devolves into simply installing/maintaining what someone else designed and built. Also, typically, those remaining STEM jobs will go to the same people who designed and built the products because they already have the relevant experience (no need to bother spending money to train anyone.)

        What you have now is a transition period where the design jobs are here and manufacturing there, but eventually the design jobs always go where the manufacturing is since that is the most cost effective. There have been a few instances of manufacturing coming back, but that only occurred because they couldn’t locate the right design services overseas. Once that happens, the jobs will leave again. Once design becomes the domain of the Chinese all progress will become glacial. If we waited on the yellow race for progress we’d all still be riding horses and living in yurts.

      • The gookers themselves say they are no longer good at design, but only manufacturing – and copying.

        The chinx have a law that demands any product made in their nation must surrender the blueprints. Greedy Murkan Murchants gladly give them up.

        Jobs always needed here are lawnbitches & advertising; somebody needs a native to show them how to sell MOAR XBOX to GENBrandon.

        Talked with a female about her kids. Gave her the standard Woe & Bewares. She (typical & stupid) said her sonson wanted to be a trucker or mechanic and her girlgirl wanted to be a “meteorologist”. I told her her the boy better be a mechanic instead and her girl better be HOT.

        Trucking once was a good job – until every trailertrash gomer went to truck drivin’ skool. Googlecars one day will be automated trucks.

  4. I’ve got your Murkan job of the future, FP: Sign Spinner.

    Have you seen these guys? Human billboards. I see tons of these guys. And these guys stay out there all day, putting in a full 8 or 10 in the sun. Guess it pays like 9-12/hour.

    • I’m beginning to see many MINOs take those jobs. They’ll take up all the useless work, that was once taken up by Whites. Most work in Murka has no meaning, but the very low down jobs are done mostly by MINOs.

      [ed note: i toldyalol]

  5. I’m thinking some of the western states are good to move too, wyoming etc. Even colorado, new mexico and texas are over ran with freaks.

    • All “rural” areas are desirable for Whites such as us. That’s why Our Historic Black President and the MMM ships coloreds and Miggers there – to destroy The Last Stronghold/Homeland with paratrooper-like infiltrators and corruptors.

      Colorado is DC west; there’s more BIGOV offices there than any place but dc.
      NM is a queer hippy/TB sanitarium long-established by BIGOV BUX and still dependent on the beast.
      Texas is shit. Texans brag about how “rootin’ tootin’ tuff-gun toters” they are, but they sat around like sheep during WACO and now, those bigmouth faggots have more colored Miggers than even Califas.

      They shoot off their fucking mouths while Obamao turns their state into Mehicco.

      • The white Supremacist has no home, BUT neither has the radical autonomist a home. The fundamental difference being that the former does desire such a home while the latter only pays parasitic lip-service to the notion.

        How many white boys have really trained at being “homeless” and not destitute and broken on the streets?

        How many can constantly be on the move even within a general vicinity?

        At this stage, reality belongs to the radical autonomists, but white Supremacy can absolutely dominate virtual reality for this very fact of life.

    • The best place to move is right in the middle of the shit. It keeps one sharp. Minos Make WNs.

  6. Looks like some white guy in Charleston finally snapped and went berserk in a historic black church. The killed pastor was a D state senator who campaigned with Hillary that day. Not sure if the shooter hated blacks or just wanted to start something. Cops are on the lookout for suspicious twenty something white males everywhere.

    • There’s almost no alternative to Murka’s forced transformation from a fine White nation in the 1970s into contemporary colored toilet – except frustrated, truly disempowered white males taking up the sword.

      The LN has long touted the “disempowerement” sob story of coloreds and MINOs, but closer examination reveals it is middle class whites suffering; coloreds run everything now. Look at who staffs BIGov cubicles. Look who’s in the White House.

      The future surely must force sporadic, violent outbursts from dying elderly White Men at the end – and young Whites who see no future. If there’s no point in living, might as well take out the filth who stole your life.

      Still, decades of proof show us there is practically nothing – from treasure to gesture – whites won’t meekly surrender when some lippy entitled colored demands it. There’s not much more low for whites to sink into.

      But, if MOG is ignited, there will be nothing to stop such massed power but the totalitarian brutality of the power of UncleBEAST.

      • It’s all about strength in numbers. This recent incident is no way celebratory or indicative of a strong knee jerk reaction of what’s to come. The SF guys think this is a false flag operation. But who cares about them!

        UncleBeast has a soft belly. He’s only surrounded by mercenary pigs, they could turn on him in any second, but that’s if they start to think that money isn’t always everything.

      • SF is merely a reason to stay home, self-satisfied and smug with The Goldilocks Defense that “ya can’t win bc of BEAST (fill-in-the blank) ‘conspiracy!'”

        As Murka’s Colored Future sucks all savings from aging Boomer’ nursing home funds and makes college only available to Elite Spawn, the “best” jobs will be nobrain BIGov Jobz: Teachaz, HEROFiremen & HEROCops!.

        Of course, by then, the only hirees will be MINOs and you’ll see CopKILLA and KILLAKop roles reversed with blacks shooting white kids in the back – but, getting away with it.

        Numbers = MOG x Mob Desperation

  7. FP & Ryu: So why does WN exists in the 1st place, and we do have all these problems that become a focal point of discussion?

    This might be your answer.

    The LN and MINO problem, is just a virus that has effected an already flaw operating system.

    • re: commodus; that stuff is seemingly from a foreigner. It’s antiquated pre-game analysis replete with that era’s mistaken assumptions.

      FP & Ryu: So why does WN exists in the 1st place

      WN existed to counter the Ever-Growing MINO Goody Train of the early 20th century that started with the girlies’ Suffragette movement here; that morphed into colored rights as cynical politicians saw a new crop of votes spring up for harvesting. Vote-buying still goes on and is the main reason for it all. The explanation for it all really is that simple.

      America is a market and now Murka is a cheap one. There really is so much money for the taking (but only for the Establishment Elites) that it all comes down to pandering for greed. That’s it.

      Regarding wn, there was WN and now there’s wn. The latter exists because of “teh interwebz” and is as fragmented as a base of Japanime fans and just as threatening…

      • Yes, his viewpoint is from a foreigner. But his analysis is spot on as to why Murka should not have evolved in the 1st place. Today, this country is better being eradicated sooner better than later, and much of the Anglosphere is nothing, but a collection of work factories controlled by a few, which are on their way to obsolescence.

      • I disagree. You didn’t read what I wrote of the Suffragette Movement.

        Foreigners miss the mark in analyzing America because their intrinsic envy/hate blinds them – the same way Americans see foreigners with undeserved contempt.

        America is what happens when great power – and wealth – corrupt absolutely; nothing more.
        You need to realize every other nation wants to be as rich and if they succeed, they will suffer the same fate as the usa.

        What is needed is the comprehension that it is not “great britain’s fault” nor “america’s fault” but a collective blame falling upon all Western Cultures. Only be realizing that will you scrub away the fog of contempt and envy to determine the significant variables that are the flaws of common to all Western nations and cultures.

        Eastern nations as well have their own set of different flaws.

      • You need to realize every other nation wants to be as rich and if they succeed, they will suffer the same fate as the usa.

        Many of them however, do not share the same fate as what we have now. The MINOing of Murka, where these low IQ savages are elevated into high functional beings. The entire nation is contaminated with this black mold, which is why disinfection, signifies a 100% housecleaning.

        We aren’t Spain with their Goths or Moors, or Northern Europe with their Goths and Huns, and other petty tribes that become assimilable over time. We are dealing with subhumans, who are now elevated into civilized individuals.

      • We are dealing with subhumans, who are now elevated into civilized individuals.

        Yes, but this is inherent to Western Culture. It is its basic fatal flaw: It is derivative of Western Christianity’s Turn The Other Cheek and Jesus’ The Footwasher dogmas.

        God apparently wants His followers to return to being black – like His original creations…

        Note that Gawd never humiliates himself thusly – he has G-Ziss the Whipping Boy do his time.

      • But this is not the teaching of Christianity…

        Christianity DOES NOT REQUIRE self-annihilation for the appeasement of its God.

        This is the EQUIVOCATING self-fulfilling propheteering of the perpetual self-annihilators.

        A simple reframe elicits an entirely different interpretation of “turn the other cheek” WHEN one assumes that the “enemy” is (in case of the racially aware white male) ultimately one’s self in the era of radical autonomy and anti-white Supremacy.

      • @TDaddy the “enemy” is (in case of the racially aware white male) ultimately one’s self in the era of radical autonomy and anti-white Supremacy.

        NO. We have our issues but your blaming of US, when Jew pigs are fucking with our people’s minds and forcing integration is wrong. Yes, we have to deal with ourselves but we also need to deal with the mind-fuckers…the FFOL.

      • Erin…

        Don’t misinterpret…

        The atheistic alt-rite pens a narrative of a self-annihilating Christianity rooted in the “turn the other cheek” passage. From the Christian perspective, the enemy is thyself. Only Erin is a true impediment to Erin’s genuine free will. TO HAVE IT OTHERWISE is to permanently separate Erin from any inkling of a chance in obtaining said free will.

        IF Jews control your mind and this MEANS you have no free will…. Well???

        You are selling anti-white Supremacy without even realizing it.

      • Erin…

        IF the “enemy” in “turn the other cheek” is thyself THEN such can be interpreted as a prohibition against self-annihilation. The God of Perfection does not mandate wholesale imperfection. The true mind fugg is the rejection of objective Supremacy… The rejection of Perfection. How can one reject Perfection?

    • I used to write at Commodus, JS.

      Then one day, a mulatto intruded and I kicked him out. He got me kicked out by appealing to the liberal instincts of the other writers. Those guys aren’t pro white. It is entertainment to them, and they would narc on any serious WN in 3 seconds flat.

      It’s Rooshie syndrome. They need to address wn without being too radical.

      • The author of that piece seems to be knowledgeable of what he writes. He wrote a very good comment on New Mexico. Maybe the other writers were the problematic ones.

      • I used to write at Commodus, JS.

        I never knew that.
        Rooshi – and even The Beloved Roisshy – never call the spade a spade.
        This, we know.

        The crucial matter becomes: You cannot trust anyone who withholds truth. The Catholics called this a “sin of ommission”.
        You can never – ever – trust anyone who will not speak freely in a nation that brags about being a “Free Country”.
        If they cannot even speak mere words in freedom, wtf else are they capable of withholding? What level of deception will they not sink to.
        You might as well go full Patrick Henry and kill Redcoats.

        Still, it’s great to see just how much you improved your writing allies lol

      • I don’t regret it. I learned two things:

        1) It’s easier to moderate an extremist than to radicalize a moderate.

        2) Beware people who post using their real name.

      • Ryu & FP: Tonight, I hereby resign completely from commenting on LoftB.

        It’s all circle jerk fluff talk, and despite all the shenanigans that is happening in this country, people on that blog still have faith in the system. I’ve made my big points on it, and no need to repeat over again.

        Perhaps, you might request disassociation from his blog roll. None of those guys come here anyway and share their thoughts, at least not in great numbers.

        Anyway, I’m soon out of Murka in a matter of weeks, and will be meeting with some Francais separatists, and also a few Eurots.

      • Congratulations. You have graduated to a higher level. Be prepared for future frustration in dealing with moderates and intellectuals.

        Most Americans, and most WNs, still believe in the system. They think they can vote or talk their way to change. And most would narc on you. Remember this.

      • Ryu: I need to clear my head for a bit and speak with foreigners who share similar experiences with their own elites and colored problem before any kind of damage can be inflicted on our LN enemies. It would be great if the Quebecocks (French Canadian Separatists) and the Eurots can become my associates. We have no one here in Murka, except angry losers, like the young guy who shot up a bunch of MINOs. This may not be important, but if this lone wolf is a representative of revolutionaries, then we are far from achieving anything substantial. In many ways, the current division is a war between White entities and White ideologies. MINOs are just pawns for LNs in this war. I for one believe the death of Murka is the complete death of the Anglosphere and its shitty global influence. Other White cultural groups might have an interest in destroying the Anglosphere and reshaping it to their own agenda. And the Anglosphere is the most poisonous of all the Western entities.

        Change is inevitable, where you are part of it or not!

  8. Thordaddy. No the enemy in turn thy other cheek is NOT me (or us). It is the one who slapped us. We need to slap back at those that slap us. Slap them until they’re neutralized. A person doesn’t even have to be racially conscious to see what’s happening and slap back. It’s a natural response. So is flight though. We have been in flight mode because our enemies SEEM more numerous and better armed. I don’t know how far into the corner we will have to get to be in fight mode.

    • Erin…

      I’m making a very particular point concerning the interpretation of “turn the other cheek” which is utilized by the alt-rite/NS to claim that Christianity is self-annihilating.

      YOU ARE INTERPRETING that passage in the same exact manner…

      But the real truth of our time is the mass of whites who desire Final Liberation and thus the”enemy” that CAN BE SURLY DEFEATED is THYSELF.

      Christianity DOES NOT mandate its adherents to self-annihilate to appease its God AND THIS IS WHY it is under constant attack starting with this one particular phrase.

      The alt-rite IS EQUIVOCATING… The alt-rite IS anti-white Supremacy…

      The fundamental assertion of Christianity is that The Perfect Man walked earth as revelation of The Perfect Creator God.

      One accepts this or rejects this claim?

      ALL RADICAL LIBERATIONISTS including the alt-rite and NS reject this claim. Alt-riters and NS and radlibs ALL REJECT Perfection, ie, objective Supremacy.

      SO all this HOOPLA is pure mind game.

      The “enemy” IN THIS PASSAGE (and not ANYONE who “slaps” you) is thyself… Turn the other check… Resist self-flagellation… Resist self-annihilation. QUIT MIMICKING THE Jewniggermiggerhomodykejihadist and his desire to live on the brink of annihilation. Do not compound your self-loathing with another slap. This is the correct interpretation and not that diabolical interpretation that says one must let evil murder thyself.

      • What is the Jew qua Jew’s most notorious habit? Self-loathing? Does the Jew REALLY THINK highly of himself? Who was Jesus TALKING TO in the Bible? You, Erin? Are you ACTUALLY under the demand to turn the other cheek?

      • Yes, TD, and the same with the nigga, who’s a self annihilator of the lowest form. The hatred of Whitey comes from one source only; the manifestation of self-hatred.

        Deep down, the Jew & Nigga both self loathe themselves; 2 parasites who want to kill the host, whom they are completely dependent. The Mexican Cucaracha has more value than these two. He at least moves to find food for himself.

  9. It’s understood that the self annihilating, self hating, parasitic, LN hates righteous hardworking individuals. All liberals are parasitic by nature.

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