Elite Debauches

by Firepower

The Med: ISIS Won’t Ever Strike Here…

There’s actually not much remaining for them to…bauch or un-bauch. What was done in Rome is again done today. They’re just afraid their sub-89 I.Q. audience discovers what they really do – and are.

Instead of going to church, the Cannes Film Festival is where Hollywood, Manhattan and their lesser foreign counterparts go to receive praise & worship – like God. It’s a religion conducted in a splendid, gilded temple. It is a sex-money cult.

This separate facet of vileness has little to do with “BIGov” evilness, and then only in the sense these Empire Elites are the FFOL and fully support the LN. Cannes is what they do after the latest ….….White House State Reception and party for Our Historic Black President. Or, partying with Moochel0 at the King of Spain’s second Summer mansion.

The excuses The Little Peeeple use are:

I signed a confidentiality agreement!” and

“I could tell you stories that would make your..!”

Just think: If G-Ziss got the moneychangers to sign a confidentiality agreement we wouldn’t have heard about that nasty den of thieves whipping.

The peons don’t tell because they’re paid by The Elite an average $5,000 a week. So much for the Nobility of The Common People.

$400 million yachts with solid gold anti-paparazzi shields. Maybe you can figure out why they don’t want pix.

Mr. Microsofty 2, Paul Allen, only has hookers on his ya-ya-yacht: C’mon, what gaggle of hb9s wouldn’t want to bang an NFL owner and philanthropist.  Hollywood Homo and Spielberg cash machine operator David Geffen is there – gorging himself on caviar and beerbonging French callboy semen. glug-glug.

American Pride

Just a little ways across the Mediterranean, kitty-corner on another sun-splashed beach, ISIS is furiously decapitating Big Infidels, like Egyptian janitors and Ethiopian carpenters who work for $1 a day to feed their families.

This is the great injustice of an ISIS. They don’t kill elites, but only the desperate poor.

In that, they’re no different than The Great Satan they loudly despise.

I saw very few Manhattan Elite killed on 9/11.

36 Responses to “Elite Debauches”

  1. You didn’t get an invite then FP?

    [i’m flattered you construe my efforts as elite]

  2. Ha ha! Love it, FP.

    “says Tony Sparks, who spent 10 years as a U.S. Army Special Operations officer and now runs Phantom Services, a maritime security company that was based out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., but is moving permanently to the South of France this year”

    He must not have had enough of serving the elite in SpecOps. Greedy pig. Now he serves them afterward too. I’d bet anything he’d kill for his masters and dump the body in the ocean, while telling his kids how “good” he is.

    Why, out of the thousands of SpecOps guys who do this, doesn’t ONE come out and reveal what the elite are really like? Is the money that good? Are these elite ninjas scared?

    • Ah yes, Tony humblebrags in his American Flag shirt on a Woondead Worriers infomercial on how “he served hizz kuntry!” then abandons it to guard billionaire’s lavish playground fuckboats.

      That’s America.

  3. Give ISIS time, FP. Gotta handle the slaves before getting to the big house.

    Imagine the lies the big jews told themselves when they funded Hitler. He took out the nobodies, then hit the rich. THEN, they sent their lackies, the Americans, after Germany. Once ISIS finally starts robbing the elite, you’ll see them take on a new level of priority.

    • Yes, I hope this will become a reality in Murka, and especially in NYC. More Minos heading up into the nice neighborhoods. But all they do is flee anyway. They don’t fight back, especially when the mercenary pig is not there.

  4. Probably just a matter of time before the muzzies hit the elite. They look awfully soft sometimes. There is only so much security.

    • ISIS are flabby – they’ve gone soft. They have let the elites get away with far too much for it to be an accident: You *should* wonder why all those rich jews are rarely greased by muzzturrists, but Kurds and Yazidiididdis – people you never heard about – always get raped to death or burnt alive.

      • That being said, remember the job is to establish an Islamic caliphate (with plenty of oil). The minute they hit a few yachts, they up the “war on terror”, a couple of significant notches.

        And they haven’t yet completed the job that they were created to do – liberating Syria from repressive dictatorship.

        [ed note: isis goal is a caliphate. al qaueda, the plo, muzz b’hood and the 30thousand other turrist groups have been forgotten from all the bbc propaganda…THEY are not limited]

      • You can only skin a sheep once, but you can sheer it many times, FP. Leave him alive, and you’ll get more $$$ in the future. Like a Goth leaving part of Rome intact, in order to sack it again.

        Kurds and yyaouqoqwrius have nothing to give. Except maybe a few pretty daughters.

  5. Two precepts of a “default elite” to be witnessed in a radically autonomous society:

    1. A mass of self-annihilators.

    2. An “eliteness” measured by a perversion whereby elite status is “gained” through the execution of absolutely nothing comprehensively elite.

    This ^^^ is exactly “our” evolutionary scenario.

    • I suppose, if it’s seen through that angle, once could say the same of Rome, then the former Great Britain.

      It is elites who cause the downfall of a society.
      Perhaps it is their health that determines its success.

      British landed “nobles” and Roman Patricians steered their nations off the cliff and the Sheeepul simply followed, bleating to death.

      It’s the same here in contemporary Murka.
      Future “salvation” from some self-placating and concocted political “strongman” is impossible with a faggot Millennial GENBrandon! refusing leadership of any kind.

      • Without doubt, the parallels, between the British Empire and the American Empire are similar. Overextension, financially and hence militarily. My guess is that the American elite has expanded considerably either quantitatively or in terms of wealth. Both I guess.
        Whether this is a parallel with the fall of the British Empire, I’ve no idea.
        Clearly WWI sucked up wealth and manpower.

      • The mistake is always made to only compare Murka with “Rome” when we know there were two Romes. We have more in common w/ the fall of Byzantium.

        Then, nobody (but I) compares Murka’s approaching fall to Great Britain’s. Both our nations also have much – very much – in common with the fall of the Spanish Empire. Moreso Murka – a rich, stupid, wasteful nation butting in all over the globe flinging its treasure everywhere for ruffians to plunder.

        Yep – Post-Armada Spain comparisons seem closest.

      • Colin, worse, their home base is infected with all kinds of dark mold. UK and the USA are cesspools now. Spain, not so much; the Spaniards didn’t invite their colonial subjects to their home country, at least not to the extent of the Anglos.

        The Spaniards created mutts with their colored subjects in the new world, and then left without them. The Anglos didn’t, but brought them back home instead.

      • To be fair, it’s not only the GenBrandons, but the Xers, and whatever the repentant boomers left. No one is doing anything.

        Look at how credulous and apathetic Murkans have become, not an ounce of rebellion. No one is throwing back the free bread that was given to them. Many circuses are pack everyday and every night. It’s amazing. Despite the doom and gloom, I see a steady flow of men and women cheering loudly at the bar, while this country rots. “Who cares, I’m having a good time”!

  6. Love this: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/jun/15/focus-on-low-income-families-to-boost-economic-growth-says-imf-study

    Thanks for the study scumbags. The two comments below the article are fun.

    The only reason the elites “care” about the poor is because without a middle class, the rich bastards don’t experience “growth”.

    • Yes. Elites no longer contribute value to the greater society as a whole. They are as parasitic as the underclass they hate:

      Celebrities receive payment proportionate to their social media clout. Khloé Kardashian reportedly earns around $13,000 every time she tweets things like, “Want to know how Old Navy makes your butt look scary good?” to her 14.5 million followers.


      • Yo FP. Are those NY cons going to make it, or get caught? We should have a bet.

        Like those guys, WNs must plan and execute their own “prison break.” The NY con prison break reminds me exactly of WN.

        I’ll bet on them and admire what they’ve done. I found a cool new series:

        [ed note: ok. i’ll pick they get nabbed only bc you always side w/ the cons. loser has to write an article about TDO…]

    • Ha. I always have to change my mind up before I read those academic things now. So basically, the rich are jewing the poor and middle classes, trying to enrich themselves but it doesn’t work.

  7. Get caught unless, they’ve loads of money somewhere. Well done to them. Presumably, the logical thing is to hang out in Canada for a while?

    • Mexico would be a good place to go. There are some places in the hills where the gov and army don’t go. The cartels truly run whole states of that country.

      • Canada is handy for upstate New York. And your chances of staying alive are considerably better than either the US or Mexico.
        Would you want to live in a country, full of migger cunts? Ooops sorry, wrong question 🙂

      • I suggested to Ryu that Canada is a great place to plan, foment and execute. Just head down to the states when you’re ready. You can’t think straight enough, by staying in Murka 24/7, because almost everyone here, is the enemy of your agenda.

  8. @ FP The parallels with the British empire are truly large. Hitler admired the fact that it only took a handful of soldiers to control vast areas. The trick of course, was to offer those they ruled, a slightly better deal, The other trick, the one that Hitler missed, was that it was only ever about money, once somewhere became uneconomic to control, they ditched it.

    Empire by accountancy.
    The seed in my opinion being the creation of the “New Model Army”, by Cromwell and the Duke of Manchester. The first financial black hole. A necessity for winning the English civil war. The rest seems to flowed from finding ways to fill this hole. That’s my “humble opinion” btw. No doubt you will find academics that would say I’m talking a load of shite.

    • Very true.

      England’s errors caught up w/ her post ww2. The whole rotten foundation collapsed.

      Cromwell interests me because he is the only person to totally conquer Ireland. Even the Romans took one look and got back on their ships. England paid dearly to keep that union jack up in Dublin for too many years.

      Now, Niggerians are in the process of conquering Auld Sod…with Irish help.

      • Maybe its something as simple as the elite, don’t care whether they shit on there own doorstep nowadays.

        In the past it was far more difficult to live life as a “citizen of the world”. Now you can have your Country pile and the apartment in Chelsea. Your châteaux in France or Italy (or even Connecticut) and your Bank in the British Virgin Isles.

        Perhaps modern day transport and communications infrastructure have done away with the need to feel any sense of responsibility to the place where you were raised, (patriotism – as its quaintly referred to.)

  9. Problem is when the little people are finally ready to fight the financiers,
    they have been severely weakened.
    They were never strong to begin. Can’t be expected to function at high level.
    Acts of resistance would have to be simple. All they have left is will but no skill.

    • Problem is when the little people are finally ready to fight

      Search around Eradica; I’ve written on this before:
      It’s WHY You’ll NEVER SEE Manpower of The Revolution http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1f4

      As time passes, it gets easier for the MMM. Their numbers grow while ours diminish. Stupid helps them and destroys us.
      As time passes, whites get stupider. They go from relatively smart Boomers to Stupid Millennials. The last dying remnants of traditional ruling age brainpower (approx age 55) disappear around 2035.

      Generally speaking, then those dumbass 20-ish Millennials will be the only game in town to take over the controls. Imagine the brainless swine they’ll spawn. That is the future.

      Imagine a stupid white millennial bureaucrat class. Now, imagine a colored millennial…

      • The boomers are the source of the problem.

      • you need to finally see such fixing of blame is no longer functional. Non-active activism is the problem across the spectrum of all GENs.

        But, most of all, future GENs – because that is where the action will need to take place.

        NOT among 60-year-old farts

      • Slick Willie Clinton, epitomizes the boomers, who created the mess that brings us to the MINOs and GenBrandons today. And loser boomers are blaming their shortcomings and problems on the youth.

        [if you still wish to lay blame, focus on Brokaw’s so-called “Greatest Gen” – those who killed “nazis” then came home and handed all treasures to coloreds and MINOs]

      • I can’t wait for the boomers and greatest gen to kick off. We will NEVER change them. It’s like anything else. When you can’t convert the enemy, you wait for them to die off.

        Doesn’t take any brain to pull a trigger. That’s all the brains needed.

        “Smart” isn’t worth anything. Smart people build the American police state and gave it all to the minos. How smart is that? They are smart enough to kill themselves. Those brainless minos took white civilization right out from under them.

        White intelligence, white technology, and white manners do not impress me. They are not why our race succeeded. False gods. It’s being ruthless and hungry.

      • This is why I disagree with white “supremacy” and td’s concept of it: It was not MINOs that invented liberalism and Communism. It was a white. A white German – Marx.

        It was not even niggers. They didn’t pave the way open for MLK. Whites did that.

        So, if “Gawd” has a plan, does his plan then not glorify the installment of an Obama? Of all liberalism? It is they who’ve won. They control. They rule all with the Mino Machine. It is they who are now the master. It must be Gawd’s plan.

        I am interested only in eradicating all MINOs. ALL LN’s.

        One trillion white males like Jon Stewart could be skinned alive and crucified in shit and I’d eat a Big Mac but I’d fight for Thomas Sowell to be spared even if I had to nail a mobile home full of trailerpark nazis to their wall.

    • You’ve got to be GOOD to get away with it today. The act itself is nothing. Getting away in the long term is the peak a DA guy can hope for.


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