The AB & the Real World

by Ryu

Some have said that the AB has lost its purpose. That it has betrayed the white race.

The AB has done something truly incredible – surviving inside the American prison system. Prison is where the USG has the most control. They are an explicitly white organization operating opening inside a prison and they’ve done it for over 40 years. It’s miraculous.

The two big criticisms is that the AB sells drugs to whites and that they admit non-whites.

Without money, you’re useless. You have no power and no influence. It’s a dangerous …..…..situation to be in. Someone who uses drugs is going to get them no matter what. At least if they buy them from a white dealer, a white man gets the money. If he buys from a non-white, all the power and money accrues to non-white causes. It’s not ideal, it’s ugly, but that is why they do it.

Non-whites are admitted for several reasons. One is that they’d made good spies, good Uncle Toms. They’ll let you know what the enemy is doing. Secondly, if someone wants to help the white cause, they must be allowed to. Whatever it takes to move the ball down the field. We need every chance we can get. If we have to trade some purity to keep the organization alive, we do it. It’s a true miracle that the AB hasn’t been completely destroyed yet. Everything we deal with – infiltration, setups, narcs – they deal with many times over.

No one aches to join a white supremacist gang. Some gangs enjoy a certain celebrity, like the Crips or MS13. A black or Mex could brag about it, even to a civilian. That’s not really the case with the AB. Even criminals have a hierarchy.

People join white gangs because they have no other choice. It’s either that or live in constant fear. Whites don’t have any sense of racial or group feeling today. They literally must be forced to work together.

It’s the same for us on the outside. Living in Soviet Murka has taught us everything about fear and terror. The excuses one makes to himself, the hesitation, denial. I’d much rather be on the other side betting on things staying the same than the people waking up and doing something about it. Their position is much stronger.

Denial is a strong need today. Many still believe there is hope for America.
Between the racial change, the wealth gap, feminism, and the political situation, I don’t see any hope. The people are angry, but they’ve been angry for the last 50 years and have done nothing. Things do not improve on their own; the enemy doesn’t just give up and go away.

I do not know how to save the white race and restore them to what they were. I do know how to make money, survive and screw over non-whites in the process. There is no nobility in it but it allows one to live another day.

WN in the end is about survival, pure animal survival. If it doesn’t help you survive, dump it. We salute the Aryan Brotherhood because they made some hard decisions that helped whites survive. WNs on the outside will have to do similarly. WNs should think hard and deep about what they are willing to do to make things work.


13 Comments to “The AB & the Real World”

  1. Good stuff Ryu.

  2. Ryu…

    Your best single lesson…

    Never lie to yourself.

    If somebody calls *you* beautiful, but one is really ugly in and out, what is the cost in maintaining this delusion? Why not just admit one is ugly in and out and that the false “praise” from an enemy leads ultimately to one’s undoing?

    This is AB in a nutshell.

    BEING TOLD it is a “white supremacist” group WHEN all its adherents have clipped wings FORCED to do anything and everything… JUST TO SURVIVE. But as long as the right enemy tells them how “beautiful” they are, ie., that they are “white supremacists…” No real shock to the system.

    • The AB does the best they can.

      Sometimes, perfect is the enemy of good. Better to have something that works, in your hand, than a perfect plan in your mind only.

      Gotta start somewhere. There is a real world out there, TD. It’s hard to get things done. Especially such a high goal as white supremacism.

      • Yes… There is a whole world out there and the AB “shows” errant-minded white males “how to NEVER” experience “it” again. But then again, it’s not the aim of white Supremacy to experience ALL the world has to offer. Radical autonomy just isn’t worth a donkey shlong in the wrong hole in head dead from savage nigger attack fugging your girl in your bed.

        AB misappropriates the phrase “white supremacy” and associates it with clipped wings ALL THE WHILE giving no indication to it slavish followers that it is absolutely beholden to the Jew-inspired anti-white Supremacist frame.

        AB IS NOT FREE and DOES NOT DESIRE genuine free will and does not tell its adherents to fly the wind. AB does not tell its adherents to slay unclebeast or rape auntiefeast.

        My only beef with AB… They can’t admit that they are not bound by any racial code of loyalty. It’s a big lie. AB = RA. What may be necessitated by a racially charged prison environment simply cannot substitute for the real thing.

      • ^^^ AB IS NOT FREE and DOES NOT DESIRE genuine free will and does not tell its adherents to fly [LIKE] the wind.

  3. TDaddy, You have explained what RA looks like but what does genuine white supremacy look like IN REAL LIFE. And how many gws would we need to ensure the survival of our people? I am truly trying to understand your viewpoint. Please help me understand.

    • I think it would take only ONE WS for the white race to survive.

    • Erin…

      You must first put your mind on objective Supremacy… Perfection… The Father of Inequality. The defining essence of white man is his desire for Perfection however woefully conceptualized. One side of white man’s mind conceptualizes white Supremacy while the other side of “white man’s” mind conceptualizes RA. This is in constant conflict. It is the resounding conflict of our entire society.

      RA is the will to do anything.

      White Supremacy is the will to do all right… Be perfect… Seek Perfection. And those that thwart this desire are dealt in commensurating fashion.

      Foundational to RA is disloyalty. Foundational to wS is fidelity.

      Most can look in the mirror and clearly see one or the other. What does Erin see?

      • I aim to be faithful. I’m still finding out exactly what that means in my life (on a practical level)

        What does TDaddy see?

      • Erin…

        Obviously, I “see” radical autonomy everywhere and “it” is now the unmistakeable “canvas” on which one can paint a white Supremacist reality. I “see” feigned outrage. I “see” exaggerated love. I “see” phony hate. I “see” concocted indignation. I “see” self-aggrandizing victimology. I “see” shameless entitlement mentality.

        It’s not pretty what *I* see…

        But I’ve experienced genuine free will and that’s all I desire for myself, my children, my family and my friends. I need press no further IF others simply emulated an equal ethos. Most Christians do not believe that one can attain genuine free will through his efforts and that “it” is only given as a gift. I believe in the gift of God-ordained free will AND that those who reject this gift are not then granted the experience of this gift. And like all other instances of irrational rebellion, in this rejection of the experience of God-ordained free will is the near mandated demand for radical autonomy. So the enemy creates his own self-imposed oppression (he cannot experience the gift of genuine free will) to which a radical solution is necessitated (therefore, he demands radical autonomy).

      • How do you teach your children to be WS TDaddy.

  4. At this point the only good guys are the bad guys.

    A good way to reply to questions about Anders Breivik is to state that anyone who commits genocide in any form should* be put on trial, and the most egregious violators executed.

    [ed note: that *should* (and $4) gets ya a Big Mac]

  5. I would destoy this whole fucking shitplanet if I could.

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