TTITS: Bicycle Boi

by Firepower

Ah, yes. True Tales in the Street.

There once was this weird kid on my street who creeped everybody out – friends, family, guests, hot chicks and people of all ages who saw him – I mean everybody. He was a chubster – and Pugsley look-a-like; it became my nickname for him.

He’d ride his bike up and down, up and down and up the sidewalk, aimlessly for hours on end, furiously peddling nowhere, muttering to himself like an ADD Ritalin Ranger, sprinkling Creep Juice all over the pavement.

Up and down he went for years on end. No friends. Disturbed – like  ….…that Jeremy kid from the Pearl Garden song or Sound Jam or wtf…

I’d think: When this kid grows up, he’s gonna buy a cheap shotgun and grease the whole hood – and me when I’m waxing my Grand National – while my back’s turned.

Up he grew, requisite pony-tail and loser, doobie-smoking nerd pals. One time, he surprised me with a greeting as I was tanning on the front porch. It was the first time I ever saw him on my side of the street. He was smaller than I thought and slightly built. Maybe he was gay and hitting on my bronze wonderfulness. Now I had more questions.

His dad croaked and he moved away a few years later never to be seen again despite his family’s difficulty. He grew up to be a State Cop.

5 Comments to “TTITS: Bicycle Boi”

  1. The elites don’t want their servants to be free men but goons and drones they can control.

  2. I know more than a few dorks who did well in the constabulary.

  3. The only cop from my HS class was an ex-druggie. Certainly not part of the cognitive elite.

    The best and brightest don’t sign up to be cops or soldiers.

    • I’d never thought of it like that before. And I “know” four or five cops. The odd thing is they knew they were second raters when they joined the plod. They accepted it. Reasonable pay and retire at fifty odd.

      And whilst the rest of us may well have been second raters – the difference was we aspired to be first rate.

    • Also, bullies become cops. A schoolmate of mine was known to be a bully, and he later joined the NYPD.

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