Supreme Race Consciousness

by Firepower

This is why I present an integrated approach to Liberal nazism, learned from observing the complete failure of the Men’s Rights “Movement”.

It’s not one enemy destroying us, but an integrated, diverse phalanx of United Liberal nazis seeking the destruction of one enemy: White Men.

Marx had it wrong – he missed the totality of it all by not being inclusive enough: Class Consciousness was/is needed to awaken the Proletariat, but it is not the sole activating revelationRace Consciousness is also needed. That is my Cause.

I’ve never heard that term used before so I …….presume I invented it; so I’m sure if it was Simultaneous Invention, Erin will reprimand me immediately.

Toss in a bit of Gender Consciousness courtesy of the MRM and anyone realizing this triad sees all: They have attained the ultimate Supreme Consciousnesses. When td realizes this and applies SC he may will have attained it also.

It adds up thusly:

  1. Class Consciousness (CC): easiest to process, as it’s been long established by Marx
  2. Race Consciousness: explains why some races (coloreds) are poor and others (jews) are rich
  3. Gender Consciousness: explains why Wimmin like Oprah-Beyoncé bitch about sexism while buying $6,000 shoes
  4. Supreme Consciousnesses (SC): Combine all three and you get FOUR and are as wise as I

(CC + RC + GC) = SC

34 Comments to “Supreme Race Consciousness”

  1. Oh well done.
    Odd how 1.5 of the 4 of these Consciousnesses are under attack by Liberal Nazi’s.
    Race Consciousness and male gender consciousness. It’s quite a revelation when looked at in those terms. Either that or I’m commenting to early in the morning.

    • The Americans lie alot about class.

      Many still believe Murka is a classless society, with no rulers. Also, that all men are equal before the law, rich and poor alike.

      I learned by studying the just-us system. The American system favors the rich. They can pay for the big bails. They can hire a good attorney. And – inside the prison – they can buy privileges.

      Virtually everyone I know “works hard.” They put in their 40. Yet, not all are rich. You need connections – just like any third world country. The Murkan dream is a sham.

      • The Murkan dream is a sham

        Ryu: I presume you’re a young guy, which means you have all the opportunities to explore the world, while remaining an American citizen. You may not be able to attain the Murkan dream, but you sure can exploit it and obtain some of its benefits (you’ve said it with the knowledge gathering part). Many Whites have lost their free will and creative spirit, so this is the problem, and this might be to your benefit. Their loss is your gain. This country still has a lot to draw upon and a lot to be discovered. It doesn’t become very apparent, until you step out of it.

        All the big Murkan cities will become ill to the colored filth like Detroit and Baltimore, and it’s only in a matter of time that it happens. FP is always saying that* NYC is for all these rich White folks, well, NYC is also for the poor coloreds, and they out number Whites by a huge margin, and their presence has become more noticeable than ever. Again, I’m leaving this place very soon, in a matter of weeks. I’m sick of tired of seeing all these coloreds.

        *[ed note: nope. i never say nyc is for rich elites; i say Manhattan is. i.e. i know full well Bronx is mainly colored now]

      • Money and the American dream do not interest me. The rich are not superior to me, or FP, in any way but one.

        A good WN gets stronger if he lives in the US. He has to. This is a police state. I suspect that if I went to Romania or Bulgaria, I’d just work a job and live. Here, I have a purpose.

      • Manhattan has an angry colored servant class and a credulous White idle class. Rich kids, who only fuss, feast and fornicate. I can’t see anything good coming out of this. Money can buy you some time, but not your future. This is how civilization destroys itself, where less intelligent barbarians eventually turn against their elite masters. It’s already happening in small steps!

      • I heard a quote from a TV exec [from the 60s or 70s] that nailed the Murkan Peepul’s ethos.
        He said tv/hollywood/entertainment was only about the 5F’s:

        Fighting, feeding, feuding, fleeing …and fucking.

        Yet, that dictum applies to all peoples everywhere.

        I’ve planned for 2 years to write an article on it.

      • Ryu: Do you want to take on the status quo? This is the only question you should be asking yourself!

      • Sure I do. And I am.

      • FP: More feral niggas running around pricey neighborhoods in Manhattan, this time attacking gooker women.

        Maybe you should make some comments and change your stance about Manhattan becoming a castle free from coloreds.

      • not sure your asian victims are of ONE57 and Park Ave. quality.

        DeBlasio is but a blip in NYC’s monied history.
        If liberal white manhatties choose to elect an UltraLN who kills them, it is quite fitting for contemporary whites.

      • There’s no contradiction, JS.

        The system has to balance it out. They’re racist too! They don’t like minos. No one does.

        BUT…they can’t be too heavy-handed about their repression. So they use trickery. They price them out of their own hoods.

        Minos don’t like that. They want an in to the palace. And so the moneyed liberals and their puppet-minos fight, in subtle manners. If they just locked the doors to colored, it’d be obvious.

        These little incidents you catalog are the price of a “quiet” war. That gook was moneyed but unimportant. But if it was Chelsea Clinton who got mugged, you’d see the hammer drop.

      • I hope so. Let all these colored filth assault their daughters, girlfriends and wives, because de Blasio says it’s ok. The city is a complete joke now. White Flight happening out of the Maaanhattan Feudal Castle. It will be the greatest event in human history.

      • I hope so. Let all these colored filth assault their daughters

        come now, js: don’t you see the DeBlasio Way is but the typical precursor to the STANDARD LN tactic of the next step in publicly SCREAM-RANTING (during an ELECTION cylce)
        …for gun confiscation “control?”

      • FP: LNs deserve a taste of their own medicine. Let all these Manhattan liberals subject themselves and their families to the nigga scum, whom they so love at a distance. I have no sympathy for them.

        I say more feral niggas running around, is what keeps those lazy GenBrandons and GenBritneys on their feet. Other than that, it’s another boring Sunday Brunch of FFFs.

  2. Fuck it that’s three as the last one is a social construct

    • Perhaps you’ve just not developed one of The Consciousnesses yet

      • Your WN is growing alot lately, FP. I commend you. I like that new term “streetcraft.”

        The sad thing is, how few WNs get past TDO. It has a purpose for a brief period of time, but not for years at a time.

      • Thank ya.

        I want to divulge the best I know, for I sense an inevitable redundancy/repeat awaits us all; when I start repeating too much, off I go.

        Americans were always oblivious to classism, thanks to our founders.
        Brits were always keenly aware of it right down to local accent.

        Irix, like our own Collynn Ioan McMcPaddy were more like us.

        Due to slavery, Americans were more conscious of race.
        Brits n Irix were not, because they were smart enough to avoid importing niggers…until now.
        Only recently have all white men from all old country nations over the world ludicrously surrendered their birthright to inferior, filthy coloreds.

        Brits were conscious of Indians who they foolishly let on their island; their term “Wog” has a certain insouciant flair. LBF would approve were his sulking head out of his ass.

        Americans had race-consciousness more than most people. Class consciousness played little role, which is why Communism failed here. Coloreds have BOTH HIGH RC AND CC.

        I suspect this is why they win, and why we – all white nations – might lose. Coloreds did not “beat” us; we surrendered the luxury liner to the rowers. The captains and bigshots caved in – we did not – but that still means we go down with the ship just like the innocent Titanic folks.

        Perhaps this is The fundamental (and final) flaw of whites resulting in their end.

      • There are entire worlds unexplored by WN. Most are not ready to leave their NAJ just yet.

        BTK and Bundy talked about “factor x.” It’s what enabled them to kill without permission. There’s a remarkable similarity between DA guys, serial killers, and natural soldiers.

      • There are entire worlds unexplored by WN. Most are not ready to leave their NAJ just yet.

        The “People” do not want Truth; truth means they must give up their comfort and kill – get bloody. They are understandably, scared…

        Nor, for the same reasons, do “Our People” want The Truth. A scared people are mainly a danger to themselves and do not deserve salvation. They are only a danger to The Elite Establishment if they panic, as a no0b gunny would when using a gun against a home invader; only by accident (or luck) will such a mindset prevail.

        I now suspect that it can not be “that bad” if people prefer the titillation of TDO & NAJ.
        Yet, if it really is “that bad” and the sleeple disavow constructive action only because they forgot how to maintain Liberty…
        Well, then those kind deserve Liberty even less.

        All Conservaginas TDO, but only the subset of wn (and a few SP) NAJ.
        As I’ve written, TDO is but a salving vent for a powerless people.
        The way slaves tough-talked in the slave hut about how they were gonna “get da Massa!..some day…”

        Grumbling so in private while Massa’s busy all night in his luxurious fuckchamber, pumping away inside your wife/daughter/mom is the sad way the helpless deal with injustice.

        How coloreds rob, rape, murder whites today is how People of Power do it.
        Slaves were oppressed and without weapons and education; they were truly “dis-empowered.”

        Whitey has MOG. If whitey chooses to remain inert even with that POWER, then he will – and must – be eradicated. It’s simply a Law of Nature…

      • What do you make of that prison break in NYC, FP? Think they’ve got what it takes to stay out?

        Getting out is easy. Staying out is hard. The big problem is money. When you enter the legal system, they squeeze out all your money; legal fees, bail, lawyers. So criminals have to start thieving right away when they get out. Happens with paroles all the time.

        They act out of desperation, not calculation. Then they get in over their heads and BOOM, right back into prison.

      • Attention-hungry LEOs amidst HEROCop! niggabusing videos inadvertently spilled the beans – or ready you: They stated even successful jailbreaks planned well “never” plan how to stay free for the duration.

        One of the escapees is a KopKilla, and as a cut above most incarcerated druggiez, perhaps stands a chance.

        Remember the Frein.

      • Ryu: It’s not in NYC, but upstate NY, near the borders of Canada, it’s a different world. But still, yes, getting out is easy, staying there, is not. They might evade authorities longer, because they are in remote area surrounded by greenery, and not in a major city. It’s not like one of the criminals, who was killed in NYC at a cigar shop recently, where he wanted for child molestation. He traveled from California to NYC, and worked at a smoke shop, and the authorities was able to locate him very quickly, because someone recognized his face on TV. With so many New Yorkers walking by, one is likely to recognize him in a short amount of time, so he was stupid by hiding out in a big city.

      • Everything I read on witpro and staying anonymous recommends avoiding small towns. The people there tend to be clannish and nosy. One needs anonymity and people who don’t care. This means relatively large cities.

        I thought no one gave a shit in NYC. That they minded their own business. Did “see something, say something” work?

        Like that scene in Jason Takes Manhattan…”I’m being chased by an axe-wielding murderer!” “Welcome to New York, lady.”

      • You tlead heavily glass-hopper 😦 . If the cap fits etc.

      • Ryu: I guess yes and no. If you want to know the criminals who commit crimes in NYC and get then caught, the % is very high. They get portrayed in the media and in no time, they are handcuffed.

        The same with guys who become serial jerks to women in NYC, especially those who follow PUA, it becomes a talk of the town very fast.

      • RYU: Reguarding hiding in large cities. Stay away from tourist destinations like Las Vegas. Many criminals think they can hide in Vegas due to the large amount of tourists flowing in and out, but they’re wrong. LVPD has a full time fugitive squad who do nothing all day but look for wanted criminals and they have a pretty descent capture rate (or so they claim.) Since the strip area and hotels are chock full of CCTV cameras it’s hard to hide there. I’m sure a lot of other tourist cities have the same set up. Hey, they gotta protect the patrons until they separate them from their cash.

      • Interesting. So stay away from the big tourist cities then? Makes sense to me.

        Casinos are the ultimate environment. They don’t like winners, and they do whatever necessary to protect their money. Cameras, audio, security people.

  3. Supreme consciousness = no “men’s” movement = only (white) man’s movement…


    For the white male, supreme consciousness MUST BE INFUSED with thoughts, ideas and images of objective Supremacy culminating in a coherent vision of one’s self as genuine white Supremacist. No destroyer of Creation. One who, instead, exemplifies the pinnacle of all the created particulars. Even a smidgeon of acceptance or tolerance for self-annihilation is all one needs to justify Final Liberation.

    Going “pool side” is liberal happy-speak for self-annihilating like Jim Morrison or Paul Walker.

    • You don’t need TO BE INFUSED, anything over 50% conversion is a victory and all that is needed in all practicality. Because the World has never been perfect. And never will be for that matter.

      • Colin…

        The convert classes are the “extremes.” Extreme intelligence. Extremely stupid. “______ extremists.”

        The valuable info was the concept of “Supreme Consciousness” which on the surface appears to be attainable through greater knowledge of “lesser” conscious understandings, ie., racial, gender, class, etc., but with greater introspection, these “lesser” conscious understandings seem TO BE AN OBSTACLE to a Supreme Consciousness.

        In The Land of white Supremacy, the whole endeavor will have been falsified when “we” will have once again been “forced” to contemplate “our” racial consciousness and thus become detached from a Supreme Consciousness JUST AS “we” exist now.

  4. @ The term WOG stood for Westernised Oriental Gentleman. That we should be so lucky, They only ever imported a very few of these and then decided to import the ignorant Paki hordes.

    • I thought WOGs meant Southern Euros and the Lebanese in the land down under.

      • Yes and no, English humour,
        They (southern Europeans) have a slightly dark skin, therefore they might be mistaken for Wogs. Also the saying “Wogs begin at Calais”(clearly the French are not wogs but they are foreign). When in doubt a foreigner is a Wog.
        (racist humour)
        But technically it means Westernised Oriental Gentleman, so someone of Indian origin (or presumably also Chinese)
        The first Wogs exported into the UK, were indeed gentlemen. Usually high caste Hindus.

        As industry expanded during the 1950’s England ran short of labour so the decision was taken to import colonial darkies, West Indians, and unfortunately a lot of Pakis or Gujarati muslims.

        The theory goes like this, India was run by a caste system, which is great if you are from one of the upper castes but shit if you are from one of the lower castes.
        Therefore a lot of the lower castes were attracted to Islam because it allowed them equality. So a lot of the Paki’s are just Indian riff-raff with very uncouth religious beliefs and zero education.
        Don’t know how true that is but it sounds about right.

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