by Ryu

We need a wn witness protection program.

16 Comments to “Witpro”

  1. Great idea. Fake IDs, the works.

  2. The other options are suicidal resistance against overwhelming aggression, leaqrning the skills to live undercover as a homeless person, or just having a shit ton of cash money or possibly bitcoins.

  3. It’s not just the cops that WN’s may have to hide from, the way things are going.
    Hillary is already kike-screeching to bring in more minorities like the MS-13 members imported by Saint Ronald.


    I do admire how MS-13 managed to fit so many knives in that tied up guy they dumped on the street. Really got their message across about who’s boss.

    • The USG is more dangerous than any of those street gangs. If a WN can deal with the USG, any gang should be easy.

      • The self-refuting “nature” of the gang is found in the dispersion of the individual burden into the collective bosom WHILE still retaining an ego-centric individualist relationship to a “thing” that is now “advanced” with one’s inclusion.

        Because “blood in, blood out” CANNOT be imposed upon the leader of a gang then the overriding dynamic is to continue to create gangs “grounded” in this fundamental axiom. To be a true leader of a gang, one MUST HAVE disloyalty and betrayal at his disposal. A leader of a gang that could not betray and break loyalty cannot be a real gang leader. This is the nature of an ordered reality.

      • No, the leader has to bibo too. A man has to embody what he teaches, and to teach only what he embodies. He can’t ask his men to do something he wouldn’t do.

      • Ryu…

        Then the true gang LEADER starts his own gang BECAUSE he MUST BE ABOVE the rules applied to all lessers.

        But let’s get more concrete…

        You decide to join a gang that requires “blood in/blood out.” Do you first ask for proof that your gang leader went through the proper initiation? Of course not… So you TRUST for absolutely no reason right out of the gate.

        Gangs are self-annihilating entities EVEN IF “they” are able to perpetuate because the order that governs dictates that gang LEADERS are either above all the rules OF THEIR GANG or said “leaders” are ultimately equal to the initiate. And a collective of “equals” has no sustaining value.

      • I demand it, TD. A leader must abide by the rules he himself sets down. Or else it’s all crap.

        “Do as I say, not as I do” does not work. The leader must be the example. He shouldn’t ask his men to do something he would not himself do.

      • Ryu…

        Then you are really speaking of something > a gang. No gang can operate long where the initiates can make irrefutable demands upon its leaders.

  4. Doesn’t the French Foreign Legion provide free new identities to all foreigners who sign up no questions asked?

    Maybe speak with a Russian embassy and see if they would have something similar for Western dissidents?

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