WN – No Infiltration

by Ryu

How would you like no, or a minimum of infiltration? There is a cost, naturally. Everything in life has a cost.

Blood in, blood out (BIBO).

There is a reason why BIBO is such a popular policy among street gangs and cartels. The system allows its agents to do many things, but homicide is not one of them.

There are two manners of infiltration. One is the outsider coming in. Two is the insider coming out. One can be secured against, the other not.

People have disagreements and see no other way out, so they talk to the feds. MICES – money, ideology, conscience, ego, sex. These are the reasons ….…..people turn. A BIBO policy minimizes outside infiltration. Insiders who turn are usually handled by an internal squad who specializes in it – all organizations have this; for the police it is IAD or internal affairs division.

There is an entire set of conditions that few can see. Individuals have no power. Yet groups are vulnerable to infiltration. The solution to infiltration is high. And the solution is imperfect, but it is the best possible.

The problems WN has are not unique. Every street gang, every group has them. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. There are many groups in operation today such as the Mexican cartels, the Russian mafia, al-Queda, and ISIS.

One thing is certain – there is no free lunch. There is no-risk free, money-back guarantee for any method. Any experiment in life, of any value, is done at your own expense. You have to spend….your life. You collect the full profits or the full loss.

15 Comments to “WN – No Infiltration”

  1. The most insidious aspect of radical liberation is the coerciveness of the collective.

    WN, ultimately, cannot subvert or submit the genuine white Supremacist. It is really a matter of the individual being greater than the whole. No future white nation can be devoid of the white Supremacist and still be anything worthy of defending, maintaining or investing in.

    Gangs CHOOSE individuals.

    White males MUST CHOOSE white Supremacy. “It” absolutely will not choose them.

    White man likes to fly… These radically autonomous gangs care for none of that.

    • One man “supremacist” or not is no match for this system T-Daddy. There IS strength in numbers. If you are genuine supremacist, you should probably have your lessers working for you.

      As for Colin’s remark “The authorities will have infiltrated the vast majority of white nationalist organisations.” The answer is simply not to belong to any of the “orgs”, most of which were likely set up by our enemies.

      Make your own way. The writers write, but they are not para-military groups. To think they are going to morph into such groups is delusional.

      • Setting up an organization inside a police state is hard to do properly. Probably the best example were the thief guilds inside the USSR.

      • Erin…

        I do not seek to “match” a “system” that merely seeks radical autonomy. UncleBeast shall soon become AuntieFeast.

        One cannot coerce whites into WN and then white Supremacy lest one be equal to the totalitarian nature of radical liberation?

        One MUST HAVE DESIRE for white Supremacy.

        The nature and modus operandi of our “system”
        of anti-white Supremacy (SawS) is SECONDARY.

        The name of the game for most WHITES is a) NOT DESTROY YOURSELF and b) denounce all anti-white Supremacists.

      • I hope your children are able to find other Whites to marry and have children with TDaddy. If you are living in the hood, there’s a chance some of them will race mix. Just a thought.

  2. The authorities will have infiltrated the vast majority of white nationalist organisations. It goes with the territory, it’s what you pay your taxes for. Keeping niggers and kikes safe from you lads, is a priority for …ermm important kikes I suppose.

    • Blood in, blood OUT is foolproof.

      There seems to be zero infiltration by the FBI of Russian Mafias or Migger drug cartels, despite the overabundance of Migger Affirmative Action hirees in every BIGFed LEO organization.

      If the Hon. St. Jon Muhammad (aka the DC sniper) chose to eradicate coloreds instead of multi-culti scum, he would’ve got away with it just as easy.

      Fear of a BIGov that can’t even keep out Miggers in flipflops with milk jugs full of water is irrational.
      What is real are whimpy~whiteys paralyzing fear of a scarecrow.

      • What do you mean by “Blood in, Blood out”? I know, I should have asked earlier.

        {LIUFY: TUD}

        But you are also right, Big gov hates wasting money on cops, when it should be going to their m8’s instead.

        In the UK, the Conservatives have reduced the amounts of cops and made them more effective by spying on everybody.
        They’ve improved police productivity, if you will.
        And they are introducing more spying laws, They can do this because there is no Constitution or Bill of Rights and the what have you. It’s to protect the population from terrorists and pedophiles, dontchano?

        The armoured cars and assault rifles they give to your cops are merely army surplus. The nature of policing is changing.
        So they’ll spy on people and keep files in computers but they haven’t got a lot of manpower. Hence the flow of miggers in flip flops.

        Also do they want to stop the miggers? I put it to you that they don’t. They could use Brandons to patrol the border and predator drones and the like. Instead of using them for their latest imperial adventure, against camel jockeys in Toyota pick ups, or trying to impress the Russian hordes.

      • http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=blood+in+blood+out

        The governments keep cutting police budgets. Mainly, they operate by intimidation and by spying. The minos are accustomed to seeing cops with automatic rifles, because that’s what cops have in 3rd world countries.

        I myself prefer third world countries. There, you only see cops in the rich neighborhoods. Many carry AKs and are regular military in appearance. Minos already know that the cops are tools for the elite.

      • Not only did Mista Hitla’s SS keep “6 Million” jews under control with around 60,000 guards…
        His GESTAPO kept 80 million kraut citizens under the boot heel with 18,000 cops.
        Stalin learned how to do it with the KGB – and the STASI.
        Murka learned how with HEROCops!

        Remember what a tyrannical force Hoover’s FBI was…

        Cops – and esp. those in BIGFed – need Miggers n’ niggers: They’re job security.

        That is, of course, the foolish, short-sighted methodology from every fascist swine cop from some buzz-cut moron in a squad car to Obama’s Fascist Imperial Overlord, Sir Erik Das Holder.

        In Murka, NO COP lives within 30 miles of any dangerous coloreds.

    • Murka is a lost cause. There are violence and hate crimes towards the kikenigs up in Canada, committed by the White majority, but no such activity towards them here downstate. My theory is that Murkans are completely dumb downed, and are in a deep lull from all the breads and circuses. Furthermore, our country is strictly 100% business oriented, and the ruling elites run this country as such. So far, they’ve managed well by fattening their pockets, while feeding us chicken scraps like worker wages, when the situation calls for it. It’s simple, Murkans care more about money than nationalism, unity, and often, their well being. Spend now and worry about it later. This is the mentality, affecting all levels of the social hierarchy.

  3. I can tell you as a matter of fact that most WN/NN organizations in Germany, for example, are infiltrated.
    To the extend that the salary those agents are getting is the MAIN source of income for many groups!

    The silver lining is that trials involving wns usually fall apart, it’s mostly double agents who do things
    also many of them become true believers while on the road to Damascus, and they play the state…

  4. @ FP. Actually I understand that, the Nazis and the 6 Billion kikes figure is currently in trouble.
    Hence their hiring of Tony Blair recently as chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation. (A lobbying body).that campaigns for all European countries to adopt laws that criminalize Holocaust denial.

    Because as we all know, the truth needs laws to protect it nowadays.

    [why, you droll codger, you]

  5. It’s like how when someone wants to leave Scientology’s Sea Org they have to “route out”.
    They may be sent to one of the RPF punishment battalions.
    Then there are weeks of brutal “Sec Checking” at one of their compounds, which is a combination of no-withholds deep interrogation, brainwashing, and sleep deprivation. Their secrets are written down to be used against them.
    In addition they may have to do forced labor.
    Once their personality is broken, they are kicked out with just the clothes on their backs, and a “Freeloaders Debt” running in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the spiritual benefits they received while in.

    Compared to the diversity gangs Johnson/Reagan have imported, leaving Scientology is a breeze. They don’t actually kill recalcitrant members or use physical torture.

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