Active Deactivation

by Firepower

Today’s letter comes from Ignatius Rumplecock, who has a few Niggerspickike licks to get in before – he complains of scurrilous Niggerspickikery:

You really have no here in America, most people here are fake/stupid/zombies, even your fellow WNs, who just niggerspic and talk about Jews over and over again. They have no perspective on anything or real action.

Well IR, no positive forcible change happens as wn “activism” fails… because there’s no “active” in the activity.

The call has gone out. Too many times. On Rush, on FOX, over the internet, on blogs, on twitter – everywhere. The natives have long heard the narrative where missionaries preach of G-Ziss over and over; those who wanted to accept The Word O’ God, did. Those who wanted to keep on rooting through the bush for murderous pussy can and do. The Sleeple tuned out WN (and little wn) as they have a salesman-prophet knocking upon their door on a Saturday morning. Mighty Sea-Change Tweeeeeeter is 569,000,000 sleeple~sheepul™ clicking away at each other and I Goddamn guarantee you 99.6% of them are….…. just as stupid as your average OWSer.

I can recite no magic incantation, nor write the key abracadabra passage on Eradica breaking this spell, transforming GENBrandon – or even GENX’ers – into rational, honorable citizens retaking this degenerate nation from vile elite swine & MINOs.

People take the path of least resistance – and they’re scared. There’s too many distracting paths of entertainment in a wealthy nation; more so in the wealthiest nation in history.

So they hide within fun & games: They’ve become comfy with sexting, pizza & NetFlix – that’s the fancyschmancy “Bread & Circus” for you morons. They’re scared to even think – or face-  how much blood it will really take…so they whistle past the graveyard…

But, the bloodshed will happen anyway. Eventually. Just who does the killing and who does the dying is all that’s left to decide.

22 Comments to “Active Deactivation”

  1. Criticism is easy, its just a matter of observation. Like those he criticizes, Iggy Rumplecock, offers nothing new, just some tired palimpsest. Fuck him and the moped he rode in on.

  2. Murka is the most inferior country of all Western nations, for one particular reason of immediate notability. If the Murkan masses think guys like Ben Stiller and Barack Obama are worthy of attention and talent, then yes, let’s this country slather in the deep fecal bowels of the sewer, which is exactly the direction our country is heading.

    • My first trips to Eurot, particular that of the PIGS nations, solidify my hunch that Jews are just overpampered and overestimated, when it comes to their talents. It makes sense that these nations still represent a beacon of rationalism and White supremacy/talent, with their more unified cultural underpinnings, and tendency to dislike the Judaic pestilence, much more than their northern counterparts.

      Murka is where these undesirables take a shit and call home.

      • Euro kikes now have a new hired mouth piece. The demi-god Tony who will fight for justice and freedom for the Hebrews. Not exactly Moses but fairly close.

      • It’s quite obvious that Jews thrive in places where parasitism is conducive to their nature, and the wealthy Anglopshere is where it’s at. However, not all these countries are on the same radar for kikes. The UK and Murka, are their only 2 main countries of interest, where both nations have sunken to their lowest, with their degenerate filth and multiculturalism. I see it as the dumbing down effect, which causes Jews to feel at ease. Is it their undoing? You would expect bread & circus to work wonders for them, but only in nations with a weak political and cultural unity, which is essentially the UK and the USA.

      • And Colin: Canada is more Anti-Semitic than Murka. Basically, any country that is more functional than our shit nation dislikes the Chosen tribe more. The UK, however is not, it’s on the same level of degeneracy, if not, more so…

      • I agree, JS, but WN is most urgent in the US. This is the belly of the beast. Things are the worst here. No one “feels it” like an American WN.

      • Ryu: You can say America is the beast to be slayed. But no one in this country has any inkling or remote idea for a plan to do it, which means nothing will happen. I’ve been hearing news up in Canada, where homes, cars and other things belonging to Jews are being vandalized, and it’s getting bad for them as we speak. It means someone up there are making the moves to disrupt. Meanwhile, we hear nothing of this sort down here in Murka. Why? Murkans pretty much welcome Jews with open arms, despite the sporadic Kike hating. There’s a few reasons for it. Murkans are the most dumb downed and the most wealthy of all the citizens in the Western countries.

      • I don’t know Canadian WN well, JS. I hear that they have anti-hate laws like Europe. Also like Europe, Canadians don’t have a strong gun culture.

    • lol
      something makes me suspect
      YOU are here on an H1B visa…

      • Murka is a shit nation and a shittier nation, because of this: A propping up of talent-less Jews, and now MINOs.

      • And FP: You know it was the PIGS who were the 1st ones to dealt with the Jews heavy handedly. The Ancient Greeks came first, then Claudius and his expulsion of the Jews from Rome, and then culminating with the Spanish Inquisition.

        In the modern era, it was Nazi Germany. Can you expect Murka to be next?

  3. @ JS “with a weak political and cultural unity, which is essentially the UK and the USA”.
    – Oddly Euroyids face an increasing threat from imported sand negroes. I understand some kike in Sweden was told to “like it or lump it” when complaining to their pathetic police force of anti semitic activity by muzz darkies.
    The situation is at its worse in la belle France and I understand some of their yids have up sticks and moved to Israel or the U.K. A new shoah.
    Clearly, there is some truth in the old saying “every cloud has a silver lining”. Hopefully Tony Blair’s diplomatic skills will put matters to rights, just like he did in the Middle East.

    • They are still better off in the UK and USA, living among other petty MINOs and race traitors, than to be in Spain or Greece, with their prouder and fiercer natives.

      And one thing in France that no one really mentions: There are absolutely no opportunities for the Muslim demographic, unlike here in Murka, where MINOs get their their wonderful share of generous bread & circus supplement, which includes school and job opportunities at the taxpayer’s expense.

  4. Well you can say what you like about UK degeneracy being worse than the US. The UK doesn’t tip up its tax dollars to its kike overlords in Israel.
    In my opinion the most degenerate and fucked up country in Europe is without doubt Sweden.

    Hopefully, it will serve as a burning example to the white race as it turns into an a freezing African Hell.

    • You guys have an out of control muzzie population. And since the UK is a small island, the immigration problem becomes a glaring one, where it looks like a NYC cesspool. It isn’t the only culprit, the tiny Netherlands is another one.

      So Brits aren’t dropping a pence for their kikey boys in Isnotreal, but they’re their supporters anyway, because it’s another extension of the Anglo empire that never ceases to end.

  5. Ha, nice picture. There are so few really opened to being educated. The big problem IMO is TV and the internet. If one gives up both of these, most of those entertainments disappear.

    Books are not as addictive as visual media. The internet has a subculture for every taste. One has to cut the plug. I highly recommend that WNs give up the vast amount of computer stuff.

    There is a real world….beyond the screen. It’s not as fast or as exciting as the artificial stuff.

  6. Well, everybody in the fat n’ happee majority will keep swilling Chee-Tos because, as Iggy Rumplecock said:

    even our fellow WNs, who just niggerspic and talk about Jews over and over again. They have no perspective on anything or real action.

  7. If America is the wealthiest nation in the Western world and most of the Gen Brandons are getting their share, so what’s the problem? There isn’t any. Most of the losers in greater Murka are stuck in a notown, not in NYC, LA, SF or some other Liberal Cesspool Playland, where fussing, feasting and fucking are the 3 priorities. But even then, it’s all relative. The lumprenprole losers aren’t dining at Masa’s or Rao’s, but their pizza and nigga ball keeps them entertained. It’s simple as that!

  8. Isn’t it quite particular that the “highbrow” opiinion of WN 2.0 amongst the more outspoken critics WITHIN the various racialist nationalist movements is both devoid of a certain assertion AND the basic accusation.

    WN 2.0 ONLY TRUE FLAW can be anti-white Supremacy. Ergo, WN 2.0 must necessarily be a core of white Supremacists.

    And so it very telling that WN 2.0 neither appropriates the language of white Supremacist FOR ITS LEADERS nor is it held to the critique of anti-white Supremacy BY THE CRITICS withIn.

    This is an incoherency that demands resolution.

    Occam’s Razor suggests WN 2.0 = anti-white Supremacy and the “intellectual” critique Within is merely creative obfuscation of this fact.

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