HEROCops True Colors

by Firepower

Don’t kid yourself: Realize LEOs main purpose is not to protect MINOs – but rather, protect The Elite from MINOs.

This is why Polar Bearing happens – and remains the incredibly common everyday occurrence; only the “little people” are victimized. It’s rare hearing a rich pig suffer any crime. Same with colored monkeys raping white females.

Their secondary function is to prevent Coloreds from tripping Revolution 2.0 and igniting MOG. They do this by oppressing them, shooting them down in the street over jaywalking issues that escalate into Obedience & Control Issues, i.e. Respeck Mah Thoritay! It happened again today where a brush-cut ex-Jordie shot a nigra in the back. Such blacks have justified reasons for hating HEROCops!
Yes, so then, we also have justified reason for killing coloreds in self-defense.

Their tertiary duty is to keep White Males down. It’s why you see a colored AG Sir Ereich The Holder investigate the ChristFuck out of anybody the SPLC tattles on, while MexiMigger drug cartels on Murkan soil are ignored completely.

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