A Homicide Detective Speaks

by Ryu

Sometimes a mere article can change a life and lead one down another path. This article taught me much that I did not know, but had long suspected. It was written in 2004, but the basics do not change.

A key phrase is “clearance rate.” It is the number of homicides solved over the total number of homicides. 100% means all homicides are solved.

In 2012, Chicago’s homicide clearance rate was 26%. That means 74% of all homicides went unsolved.

They decided to do …..…..something about that. They promoted 72 more investigators. Their clearance rate rose to 30% in 2013.

In 2014, their rate was 32%. Similarly, all cities have their own rate. The average for the US is right about 66%.

Crimes are solved because of two things: witnesses and evidence. Witnesses and evidence give the detective enough leverage to gain a confession. However, the police are allowed to lie, making up witnesses, and also making up “props” to help make a suspect confess.

The holy trio for homicide investigation will always be witnesses, evidence and confessions. Technology and science don’t change the nature of the game.

13 Comments to “A Homicide Detective Speaks”

  1. “However, the police are allowed to lie, making up witnesses, and also making up “props” to help make a suspect confess.” – I’d never really considered it before. I knew about the lying bit but not about the witnesses and props.
    The IRA terrorists were all trained to not answer any questions, when caught by the police, which I remember used to piss the cops off considerably.
    That’s why the UK caution was changed from “anything you do say can be used in evidence” too silence can also be used as an inference, or something along those lines.
    Though in practice, in the courts, I’ve never heard of silence being used as an inference.

    • You might be surprised at the props they can make.

      If you were in my interrogation room, I could bring in say a gun with some blood on it. Maybe some hair too. I would bring in a white coat who’d say that’s your hair and your blood…and we’ve got a test right here that proves it.

      They are allowed to do that. Happens all the time. Whenever you read a story where details are left out, this is often the case.

  2. Traditional US organized crime (Cosa Nostra) also very rarely talked before the RICO laws came along. The running tally of 1000+ “unsolved gangland killings” used to be a regular joke in Chicago. “Gangland” in those days referred to the Mafia aka “The Outfit.” ·

  3. Cops rely upon the incessant stupidity of criminals.

    Criminals have what the average Joe Schmo lacks: Boldness.
    That’s what coloreds have.
    Whites are domesticated cattle now.

    Remember, boldness doesn’t equal brains.
    Even with publication on craigslist, these dipshits still won’t even read how to get away with crime.

    • I don’t accept that, FP. The “stupidity” of criminals is a myth police tells themselves.

      You would not believe…how careful a criminal has to be to commit and get away with certain crimes. The smallest detail can cause it all to go to hell.

      Just look at Kaz. Perfection! But he told his brother early on.

      It’s a wonder the homicide clearance rate isn’t 100%. It would be – but not all cases are important. We can see quite clearly how the important ones – like that DC family murder – are solved quick. Others, not so much. The police have the resources to solve any crime.

      Very soon, they will be able to get DNA from one cell. You can imagine the care one would have to take, shedding 20K/cells per day.

      In this case, the thing that caught the man was that he licked a paper. That left DNA.

      • Just look at Kaz. Perfection!

        meh. You cannot perceive “all criminals” as methodical as kaz.
        Most are bumbling idiot coloreds with 87 IQs who get away with it because they commit so much crime in areas where cops are overworked, underpaid and simply just dgaf.

    • FP, I have a question.

      That thing where samurai and knights were just paid mercs for the king, suppressing the people. Where’d you get that from?

      It reminds me – exactly – of today. The body armor, the swagger. Also, the worship that we are supposed to feel for knights. But you are the only mention I’ve ever heard of samurai not being honorable heros.

      • History and formal education delight in showing the Ancien Regime [liufy] as corrupt. They also lurv – as you have seen – to denigrate the Medieval Holy Roman Catholic Church, as if it was the sole destructor.

        The response was the Golden Age of French Philosophy, Voltaire, etc.

    • Not so much Whites are domesticated, but put into a deep sleep, so Jews and their MINOs can take over this country, which they essentially have done, hence the 2nd rate and the inferior status of Murka, where you have these whining and petty imbeciles make their calling.

  4. But it’s so simple.
    When the cops want to talk to you about a crime of which you are not a victim, shut the fuck up.
    There are some subtleties (if your neighbor’s house is burglarized then you are also a victim).
    But if they start questioning you about your alibi, don’t give details.
    Ask if you are free to leave, act shocked you seem to be treated like a suspect, say you will accept questions in writing to pass on to your attorney, etc.

    • Or answer questions that you think would help them solve the case rather than the question they asked, like complain about the new illegal immigrant gangs and breakdown of civil society etc.

    • It is simple, but not easy. The power of a uniform can exert a profound pressure on a man.

  5. The central observation becomes: Getting away with murder is possible because HEROCops! reputation of omniscience is better suited to drooling Murkan TV audiences than IRL

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