What the WN Audience Must Do

by Ryu

There are many articles that need to be written.

Unfortunately, they cannot be written at present, because the audience is not prepared.

For WN to work, everyone must perform their function. Writers need to be brave and take risks, readers need to be brave and also take risks.

There is little to fear from the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security or your local PD. More frightening is the fact that many WNs today are still loyal to the USA and they still recognize the USG as “the authority.”

They would talk to the system for free, without even being pushed into it. They do this because…..….. they believe their cooperation will cause the system to have mercy on them.

I do blame people for cooperating when there is no pressure applied. Someone who narcs when they are not even being interrogated is a sure thing to narc when the heat is on.

There is an equation out there with fear of loss on one side and greed for profit on the other. It is obvious that some feel the fear more than the greed. Part of risk tolerance is genetic, so it cannot be modified.

I will do my part to remove some of the fear and increase the hunger for profit. The rest is up to you.

21 Comments to “What the WN Audience Must Do”

  1. The first and easiest “rule” to follow for the WN audience is to refrain from speaking out or writing publicly against the inevitable rise of genuine white Supremacy as “we” near Final Liberation.

    • TD is right, there is nothing worse than right wingers condemning right wing extremists.

      • The UKIP was sure rewarded for wasting their breath until they turned blue condemning Breivik at the recent UK elections.

        Funny, how trying to act like your opponent will be used against you by your opponent.
        The liberals just frowned at them like my second grade teacher, and now they have one member of parliament.

  2. Sorry about the irrelevance of this to your post Ryu. But it seems like your government thinks your North Western States are in need of some new cultural enrichment. So they have decided to import sand negroes to educate and improve the backwards attitudes of the whities in those areas.

    • That’s their problem then. I’m not surprised. People get what they are willing to fight for. Not an iota more. If I was taking advantage of someone, and they didn’t resist, I too would push harder.

  3. If you don’t understand a problem, you can’t do anything about it. Defining the problem, correctly, is the first step. Most conservative whites can’t see the problem is their own culture, the things they have been taught were sacred since childhood.

    If Thomas Jefferson was right and we are all endowed with the right to pursue happiness, then Bruce Jenner can put on a dress and call himself Caitlyn, and we all have to go along. If John Locke was right and we start out as a black slate, any poor, violent black can only be a victim of poor social conditioning.

    If your philosophy is wrong, if your values are wrong, everything else will be wrong.

  4. Many WNs wns today are still loyal to the USA and still recognize the USG as “the authority” because the original SO76 American concept of “Freedom & Liberty” was replaced with Materialism.

    Those who grumble of “Corporatism” blame Elite fatcats and see only one side of the coin. They ignore the masses’ equally pernicious Consumerism.

    Sympathetic foreigners around the globe observe us from the outside and plead for us to awaken, if only to save them, as we did a listless France in World War Two. Italy, as well. These are/were ancient cultures. So were Britain, China and Denmark. They were so degenerate they did not even awaken and get off their asses to fight for their country – they waited for The Greatest FDR Generation to do it for them.

    And today, even we don’t want to get off our asses and save ourselves. Only a nation graced with the greatest wealth in history can feel at ease with itself as it sleeps through its destruction.

    There is no GI Generation waiting to save us.

    Misguided loyalty to UncleBEAST stems from the lust to PlayStation sixteen hours a day. It’s not even a matter of requiring them to re-fight Bunker Hill because a preventative, mass-showing of disapproval would fix the problem. Simply “not voting for” an Obama’s re-election would be a start to replacing Elite DC Scum.

    It’s the discomfort of having to make an effort requiring a cut back to ten hours a day that ends it. Only in a nation with so much to squander does waste become a deciding factor for inaction.

    • They ignore the masses’ equally pernicious Consumerism.

      There’s isn’t anything of concern when everything is bread and circus. It takes a major catastrophe, whether it’s the undoing of mother nature or a muzzie to wake them up, and it will probably be too late.

      If we could exploit our enemies (namely MINOs and Jews) nicely, like a someone sleeping in a nice coma?

      I suggest being 2 faced is good technique. 2 can play the same game, since both groups are all about backstabbing the White majority.

      But TD would say niggas and Jews are self annihilators anyway, so what is the problem?

      [ed note: even if coloreds kill each other with guns and meth, they still pump out more than die. thus they individually are self-destructive – not a self-annihilating collective. there is no abyss when coloreds’ numbers only grow each year]

      • @ JS – The Hebrews aren’t very good at self annihilation. And the niggers are too feckless and stupid to be any good at anything btw.

        You are right though, being two faced with these cunts, (the white enablers) – is a good technique. Study them, flatter them, understand their weaknesses. Then insert more doubt, into the doubt already exists, in the most intelligent of them.

      • You are right though, being two faced with these cunts, (the white enablers) – is a good technique.

        This is what I do and recommend for readers of Eradica.

        Be the Smiling Assassin. Niggerspickiking does not work. The WifeBeater Whermactism of trailerparknazism failed.

        Lie. Agree.
        Ask “but what have diverse-struggling-african-americans done for America?”

        Expect the standard predictable bullshit/kneejerk replies of blah bla “root causes n’ racism!”

        It’s like Game. It’s like PUA.
        Smile some more, then force them to acknowledge 50 years and 5 TRILLION $$$’s spent on MINOs – with their poverty rate unchanged.

        Expect more standard predictable bullshit/kneejerk replies of blah bla “whitey’s oppresshun n’ racism!”

        Smile some more, then force them to acknowledge 40 years and complete colored/MINO Rule of all large cities and now, all State Gummints.

        This is fun, because tormenting TOTE is always fun.
        But realize “talk” as an effective strategy/tactic has passed.

        The only solution now is to Eradicate ALL Liberals.

      • Colin…

        “The Chosen Ones” are the archetype ethnic self-annihilators…

        Being on the brink of annihilation forever does not make one a survivalist…


        Perpetuating self-annihilation is inconceivable to the white Supremacist. Final Liberation is much more logical.

    • People need to get out in nature again and also build their relationships. Ignore the unhealthy Jew-speak and entertainment around you. It’s a trap.

      Get back to who YOU REALLY ARE.

  5. The enablers are not liberals, at the lower end they are mindless scum, the product of a cheap university social sciences production line, at the other end wealthy perverts and deviants.
    They are open to conversion because they can think. I know, I was one once.

    • I heard that up in Oregon there are TRUE LIBERALS. Open to anything. Some of them will listen. Maybe we need to chide the liberals who aren’t truly free-thinking to live up to their name.


      • There are indeed a few people who are truly open to anything. But we learn this by actions, not talk.

        Hypocrisy is a human condition. I myself truly believe in diversity. American-style diversity means that all must be pro-mino, anti-male and anti-white. That’s not diverse. Diverse is when all POVs are equally valid. And if the white race is not strong enough to do what is necessary – then it must die.

        I would not expect a liberal to keep his word that he is “open minded.” That is depending upon their moral code for our victory. You always want to control everything you can to win. Leave nothing or a minimum to chance.

    • The enablers are not liberals, at the lower end they are mindless scum

      You can vent and namecall all you want but that changes very little.

      Liberals are not simply one thing: TOTE is a conglomerate of MINOs each educated to varying degrees from grade school all the way to multiple PhDs.

      Few liberals are convertible;they are dogmatic and welded to a system that benefits them greatly – that means they are emotion-driven. They simply must be eradicated.

      The only appeal is through their emotion because they truly hate coloreds and conceive them as truly inferior.
      But, that is more akin to seeing them as children.

      It’s how Conservaginas/Tories from Denver to Dublin see their constituency. Those called “conservatives” cause nearly as great a problem as do libs.

      It’s all in my Speeding Cliff Model.

      • I suppose it depends on definitions, at the end of the day. I would define a liberal as someone who is open minded.
        You define liberals as having a closed mind set. The PC crowd, the SJW’s, the Guardian readership, etc

        Also maybe it changes with continent. I have noticed some of their (UK) writers are questioning the unblinking dogma, which oddly (or not) seems to have been influenced by Murican PC shit (for want of a better word).

        For the record, you made me question my values, years ago on Sib’s old blog. By your technique of firing facts at me.
        Which seemed outrageous at the time, but were also undeniable on inspection.

        Thanks for that.

      • …you made me question my values, years ago on Sib’s old blog. By your technique of firing facts at me.
        Which seemed outrageous at the time, but were also undeniable on inspection.

        Thanks for that.

        You’re welcome.
        You can magnify its impact by using the identical process – and in addition, feel satisfied as I do.

        Facts are the only “thing” that seems to work today. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you had no need to revert to deception to convince people.

        If only more possessed skepticism, Western Whites would stand more of a chance.

      • Colin…

        There is a synthesis which states “liberals” are those who believe in the “right” to “love, f$&k, screw” whomever one pleases INCLUDING one’s self.

        Perhaps now you can “see” the hydrid of a “open/closed” mind?

  6. Liberals sacrifice-not THEMSELVES but the children. It is an ancient ritual. http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/2015/05/21/to-understand-someones-real-character/

    • Erin…

      Think about the abortion debate? It is pro-abortionists/pro-choicers versus anti-choice/pro-life. Each side attempts to minimize the first label and maximize the second in the minds of the masses.


      Both sides want to obscure THE GREATER TRUTH…

      Abortion IS FIRST AND FOREMOST an act of self-annihilation (hence, not murder… That comes second, maybe) AND SO those who advocate for abortion advocate for female self-annihilation. Those who are pro-choice ARE FOR females LITERALLY killing a part of themselves.

      On the “other” side is the idea of a pro-life movement IN THE UNIVERSAL and egalitarian mindset. It simply does not hold up to scrutiny a doctrine that advocates for the existence of future anti-Supremacists, i.e., self-annihilators. A truly coherent pro-life belief MUST BE BOUNDED so as to ward off the advocacy of perpetuating self-annihilators. This does not exist in the “pro-life” movement.

      The synthesis is that these are actually two allies only playing enemy.

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