MINO Machine: Dept. Homeland “Security” & Sheet

by Firepower

TSA Mino Machine Massa

Ryu noted the recent TSA problems: It appears coloreds can sneak guns and sheet on planes. Good thing SSS Agents prevent Whimpy~Whities from doing that kind of stuff!

I toldyaso:

Even our basic LN Fascist Police State Apparatus fails because: THAT’S WHAT you get when MINOs run the country. There simply is no other result. Most TSA “agents” are MINOs – mainly coloreds; I have to tell you that?

Take every 45 story BIGov Building and stuff the majority of floors and the majority of cubicles with minorities and you get a compiled bureaucracy of Dem Fokes who never worked for a fucking thing in their career lives: Dey gots aww dat sheet an aww dem jobz gibben to demz.

His Massa, Jeh Johnson, Head O’ DHS…

Jeh Johnson’s Forma Bossaman: Sir Erik The Holder!

Their MINO Twofer Bosslady & Likely Threefer Attorney GENERAL Loretta Lynch ‘Em

THEIR Ruler – AND OUR – Lord King & Khrist

THIS is what America looks like when all coloreds run all things – and are Almighty.

Murka is now Detroit and St. Louis writ large. It’s the macrocosm…

THIS IS what you got stumpified for, Jordie: This is the Murka YOU fought for.
Fucking fools…

6 Comments to “MINO Machine: Dept. Homeland “Security” & Sheet”

  1. And now for trick number two…

    Call that ^^^ “white supremacy” and it’s back to business as jewsual.

  2. Good stuff. I am glad of it. The more coloreds, the more sloppy the USG’s security will become.

    Someday we shall have to write on the Red Cell people. It is the one case I know of where US soldiers attacked the USG. And the USG came down on Marchinco hard for humiliating them.

    Further, a third world America is run in the same manner as a third world nation. The police use brutality first. The accounts of Guantanimo Bay remind me of Central America in the 80s.

    There is a blog written by an ex-TSA insider. He calls it security theater.

    • LN security apparatus will operate the same as the original Nazis: They’ll control millions with a a tiny ratio of Secret State Polizei and fewer millions with even smaller ratios of camp guards – the way a hundred armed guards controlled 100,000 jews in a camp.

      All this, as the dangerous, more deadlier enemies like Muzz amass KillPower like Soviets and US troops on both fronts.

      Murkan whites have surrendered their MOG and turned it into
      Something only to
      Tweeeeeet about

  3. FP: Think about it!!!!

    black faces were always entrenched in the USG anyway. It happened a long time ago. Times catches up, and they move up the ranks. Where else are these blood sucking imbeciles going to work? They were always parasites like the Jews with their lawyering and Wall St., excepted they dominate the public sector, as they do with the nigga ball association.

  4. The heirs of MLK made out like bandits selling his secular idol status to our approved media and education purveyors, which need a steady dose of worship materials for our civic religion.

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