By Symmetry

by Ryu

9f130-03The way to excellence today is to work both sides of the table. The USG does this to great effect:

The CIA fights terrorism, and promotes it.

The US Marshalls run Witness Protection, and run manhunts.

The NSA defends America’s electronic frontier, and also weakens computer security.

Many WNs interested in direct action wonder where to start. The solution is symmetry. To become good at direct action, become good at catching direct action activists. And the elite investigators of this world work homicides.

6 Comments to “By Symmetry”

  1. It’s difficult to contemplate symmetry and not engage with ideas of Perfection. The real duplicitousness of all the executive positions within Uncle Beast is that the bottomline machinations SHOIULD ultimately be driven by procedural “perfection.,” but instead, these machinations are completely perverted by an ideological cabal of anti-white Supremacists. The paradox of an anti-Supremacist entity laying perceptual claim to supreme status is explained by a thoroughly perverted reality. The masses “love” degenerate things. This is LIBERATION from having to love the right thing. The devilishness of the WN/NS/alt-rite nexus is in their abaurd claim that Christian “universal brotherly love” is weakness and eradicating 98.6 % of whites is strength. No no no. It taketh no strength to hate a fellow white degenerate. It taketh much strength to love such a personal disappointment. Luckily, “we” are forced to take either extreme. Some white degenerates will get your love and some will get your hate. But this differs little from the love/hate relationships one has with those one loves already. In The Land white Supremacy, symmetry will play a key role in conceptualizing a perpetuating framework. It seems nothing could ever fly without symmetry running through its very being.

  2. I see my degenerate Brothers and Sisters as sick individuals. They need a hospital, not eradication. Those of us who are too old (or female) to fight can begin to develop programs, films etc. tha can be used in the future to de-program and re-program our people (whoever’s left). Much terrific work has already been done, particularly on Youtube.

    I see this anger and hatred of fellow Whites as simply frustration. A friend once told me that because we (those that want our race to survive and thrive) often feel like we cannot engage our enemies in real dialogue, we argue amongst each other…and hate on each other. The thing is we HAVE made progress with our own people AND the what the sub-humans think doesn’t matter.

    Anyway, WE don’t have to eradicate degenerate Whites. They eradicate themselves. It’s a tragedy but I have become to look at it as an evolutionary process…a winnowing out of the weak. When I see it, it strengthens my resolve to be cured of my own self-defeating thoughts and be the strongest person that I can so that I may be of service to my people. I have a ways to go but I guess there’s no rushing the process.

    To strengthen myself, I do my best to stay away from “pop” culture of every kind, such as is propogated on television, films, magazines, clubs, universities etc. My mind belongs to me. I also look back to my true self…the one I was as a child, before the enemy got ahold of my mind. I seek out good historical information, taking EVERYTHING with a grain of salt and seeking the truth between the lines. I also seek out healthy ways of dealing with career and relationships.

    Hope this long post is helpful to someone.

    • Hope this long post is helpful to someone.

      Yes. You are learning and making progress.

      Remember, stating “sick whites need hospitalization” is a twist on the tactic of those who dismiss Hitler as “insane” and a “madman” when that was a lie during his rise. Even at the end, he was just enraged at failure, flailing for survival; he was not insane.

      Nor are Liberal nazis insane. white Sheepul are more than likely just lazy and accept the MLK/Globalwarming Propaganda inculcated in them since their FatFeminist Teacha pontificated to them in BIGov Kindygarden. These foolish swine simply avoid thinking because it makes their head hurt. They are comfortable in their delusion.

      They shall be as comfortable in their delusion as the 1942 jew in a boxcar heading for a shower at Auschwitz looking forward to his first hot shower…

  3. Using symmetry to understand how a thing works is like having an engineer help you demolish a bridge.

    Once you know how a thing is built and operates, you know how to destroy it.

  4. I had a dream last night there had been another massive terrorist attack

    and all hell was finally breaking loose. God damn the disappointment. I’m

    still cursing my head off.

    • It’ll happen eventually. Chance favors the prepared mind. No doubt, when it does happen, the USG will be heavily involved.

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