Ten Triumphs of Communism over Capitalism

by Ryu

WN is a racial movement, not an economic movement. Still, many wns seem to love America and Capitalism. But there are many ways to skin the economic cat.

Capitalism is not the best system, and it has many crimes to answer for. Nor has American-style Capitalism been “the best” at everything:

1) Sputnik. The Soviets put a satellite into space first, despite American money and science.

2) Yuri Gagarin. The first man in space was also a Commie.

3) The Hydrogen Bomb. The USSR made it first.

4) Victory in Vietnam. Despite the USA’s best efforts, China and the USSR won the day in Vietnam.

5) Fidel Castro. The Americans did everything possible to …….eliminate him; nothing worked. Comrade Fidel is still alive today. Communist countries are harder to infiltrate than Capitalist countries.

6) The average Soviet spent less than 5% of his take-home pay on housing. How much do you spend?

7) Olympic Gold Metals. The Soviet Union had more than the USA at the time, even with a smaller population and less money.

8) The AK47. The best guerilla weapon ever created. It was not made by American gun manufacturers. Costs $5 in Iraq – and they get fully automatic ones.

9) Red China. Today, the world’s largest economy belongs to a Communist government. And the average Chinaman has more economic freedom than any American.

***10) Edward Snowden. An American who defected to Russia because America lacked political freedom. No doubt his family and friends are under close surveillance by the American secret police.

Capitalism develops money. Communism develops the commune-ity. The only countries over the last 70 years who have successfully opposed America have been either Communist or Muslim.

28 Comments to “Ten Triumphs of Communism over Capitalism”

  1. Capitalism is a pure ideological idea, about the control of “capital”. Communism is a pure ideological idea, about the control of “the means of production”. These are the same. Capitalism holds that this thing should be controlled by capitalists, a small part of the population, for the good of all; communism holds this thing should be controlled by communists, a small part of the population, for the good of all. I’m not a capitalist or a communist, so I have trouble telling the difference.

    But hell the Trotskyites (including Orwell) had this figured out and it’s hardly a new idea. Economic development as an end in and of itself and an inherent good that necessarily supports all other goods is the 19th century in a nutshell. Communism and capitalism are really both pretty creaky antiques.

    The people and their well-being is the 20th century. But which people? Gramscian or cultural Marxism says “the oppressed” which is blacks, Jews, criminals, badly-behaved women, etc. Nationalism says the people of the nation (the “goy” is literally the nation). All the people of the nation, each class serving its own purpose in serving the others.

    I think people should be able to own property, accumulate property, and pass along property to their heirs. The accumulation of capital of all sorts- improved land, buildings and equipment, education, science and technology, and tradition of all sorts- is a defining characteristic of Europeans.

    That does not mean a person can do whatever they want with it. The behavior of any property owner, or “capitalist”, is subject to the needs and well-being of the community. For Henry Ford it was good business to bring in blacks from the south to ensure he had plenty of workers at low wages. Didn’t work out real well for Detroit though. *All* aspects of economic activity are subject to the test of the well-being of the people, as defined by their legitimate representatives.

    In Germany unions are apparently run by workers who actually work at the company and work with management. in the US unions are political organizations run by Jews far away who you send your money to and use it to support leftist politicians. (Funny thing but any time you see a union representative mentioned in the news, it’s alway some 25 year old named something like Rachel Goldberg, who has obviously never done a day’s actual work in her life.) We need workers’ organizations run by workers; professional organizations run by professionals; manufacturers’ organizations run my manufacturers; and farmers’ organization run by farmers. Looking out for themselves, because everybody needs to make a living, but working for the good of the nation as well, because nobody needs to make a killing.

    • Given the responses on this blog, which berates Murka’s parasitic classes (the Wealthy and the Migga demographics), it makes sense that Capitalism was made to benefit these 2 groups specifically. The dumbing effect of Middle Class White Murka was to rob them of their money to be used as sustenance to feed the wealthy and the lumprenprole coloreds.

    • It’s easy to tell between capitalists and commies. Capitalists obsess about $$$. Commies about “the people.”

      The primary economic product of our ethnostate is superior men and women. Today, the best men are Afghani.

      I believe the third world is superior to the first world, in every way but money. If 1 million Africans wanted to raid Europe, they could do it and they would win. Easily.

      • Capitalists obsess about money, but are quite concerned about the people, or at least the masses they can control with MTV and cheap stuff at Walmart. Communists are concerned about the people, and yet live pretty well all the same.

        When you talk about Afghanis, you really mean Pashtuns, who live by their own tribal law and side with each other against the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are able to control their own territory- an really notable accomplishment in the world now- but can’t project power elsewhere.

        Africans are as individuals tough, strong, and ruthless, but they have little ability to socially coordinate.

        A regime and a people have to solve, evolve to solve, various problems- social coordination among themselves, controlling territory, projecting power and maintaining integrity. To the extent you like communism, I assume you like the Russian national communism that existed after around 1950 rather than Jewish Bolshevism that existed before that. Russia’s goal once Germany attacked was to maintain its own integrity and it did that by putting pan-Slavic nationalism ahead of Marxism.

        American power projection has been far more successful through media and culture than through military action, as James Thompson noted today. American pop culture is a slow-acting but deadly poison, which works because while it hurts the elite too, they have more resistance to it, while non-elite whites have less, and blacks and Hispanics have very little.

        Moslems if possible have even less, but they know it, which is why they fight so hard against Americanization. Islamic society also has much better resistance to feminism and sexual liberation. Young men can’t defect, that is go to bars or college and get loose women, so they stick with the society.

        People need something to be loyal to that will serve them. The question is how will we create that.

  2. Middle classes & masses are the most likely cash cows for any socioeconomic ruling party; they have the most numbers:
    1. Dems value their taxes
    2. GOPers value their voting bloc

    iirc, Henry Ford paid well above-average wages and the black simply went up north there to cash in because there weren’t enough working class whites to fill the jobs – a problem we can’t imagine today.

    While Murka is surely infested with an overabundance of jew-nion shysters, that in itself is due to the jew seeking out easy power by the familiar “community organizing” racket. Unions are no different now than the Cagney-era gangsters they melded with so well.

    It matters not if this result was by jew design or just a consequence or their taking over all power structures/institutions in Murka. MINOs and coloreds rule the bureaucratic cubicle of any and all BIGov so that’s where the jew puts his manager’s corner office.

    That’s where he puts up his shingle.

  3. Now let me see if I got this straight…

    First it’s MGTOW… Then one rejects The Perfect Man… And lastly he dispenses with Capitalism.

    This is the mission of WN 2.0?

    Mofos are living on fantasy island or it is de facto nihilism with a homo-twist.

    • This is how one becomes a white supremacist, TD. The only way, in fact.

      One throws away limits one at a time. And one tests, if this makes him stronger or not. God knows what this is like also. At first, he saw nothingless. So he made something, breaking that rule.

      • Ryu…

        Yes… For most, white Supremacy comes at the end of radical autonomy. But for the few, foolish is he who simply climbs to the top of the ladder, one step at a time. Some need to take multiple steps and perhaps leaps AND visualize an intriguing “The End.”

        All these movements are inherently anti-white Supremacy WITH THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of ushering in a resurgence of talk of the emergence of the “white supremacist.”

        And of course, the end game is a public rejection and rebuke of one as a “white supremacist.” Game Over. Self-professed anti-white Supremacist.

    • (Miss Eradican [the individual] was to be here to help define National Communism but had a snit – so I wrote the manifesto)

      First it’s MGTOW…

      nope. just bc mista heetla didnt like bitches dont mean i dont…bitches must be fucked (fucked hard) but must shut up unless their contribs are as good as anne coulter and michelle malkin

      Then one rejects The Perfect Man…

      meh. getting wasted just so you could be in Mel Gibson’s snuff film isn’t perfection…i aint seen me no G-Ziss action for oh, going on a couple THOUSAND YEARS NOW

      And lastly he dispenses with Capitalism.

      capitalism today, means you work as a bouncer for $5 a day in Bill O’Reilly’s private Sex Club then go back to your tent in anthracite city

      This is the mission of WN 2.0?

      the proper Eradican Mode of WN II is heetler, without the goofy fuckups like Adlertag, Stalingrad and Kursk

      • Lol… Man, you are funny. But the complete anti-metaphysics can be gleaned from the “movement” many of “us” have seen originate and grow in its entirety AND HAVE BEEN COMPELLED to join as a reaction to radical liberation.

        This de facto homo/anti-Christ/egalitarian amalgam IS THE MOST RADICALLY LIBERATED “movement” to date. “It” is “raising” the bar of radical autonomy. “It” is deceptively anti-liberal and secretively and connivingly anti-white Supremacist.

        Capital = Man’s credibility…

        In the Land of white Supremacy, the man with most credibility is the man with the most Capital and thus the man with the most Capital is the man with the most credibility. If this order does not stand then one MUST surely be immersed in an anti-Capitalist society and only holds onto an illusion of existing The Land of white Supremacy.

      • Where can I find your manifesto FP?

        I think the best we can offer is a more or less a combo of NS and Communism. I picture a benevolent leader that has a lot of control. If a leader becomes NOT benevolent, he is killed early. I guess there would be a counsel that would handle that.
        [ed note: those are good ideas]

        One of the smart things Hitler did was institute Kindergeld (still in effect today, I believe) where Germans are paid to have children. And the Germans I knew didn’t have any shame in taking Kindergeld whereas today Whites think it’s immoral to take benefits from the state.

        [Murka could be rid of all coloreds & MINOs w/in a few years: simply pay whites to birth, and penalize scum for birth. Lois Lerner’s IRS had immunity and ease acting with PURE fascism against the TParty. THATS how to use it against MINOs]

        I’m going to digress a little but one thing MW promoted was taking benefits but in a positive way…as a means to improve one’s skills during their free time. If one finds oneself not in a position to get a good job for some reason, this might be a good strategy.

        [i see no proof that works. whites do that anyway and THIS MURKA is the result. I’ve seen NO proof Dillenialls have the capacity to carry on; hell, i’ve not even seen one good “blog” they write for WN. the only good that’ll come out of them is the swine they raise will be so atavistic – it will be their future spawn that have the will to destroy the LN/MMM. still, it will be an animalistic drive like Mongols/Huns. I and Ryu will have died 50 years before that…and thus, I no longer care]

      • I’ve compiled and worked on the Manifesto for too long; I’ll publish it w/in the next 10 days.

        Ryu can see it in our “drafts” menu.

      • It should go without saying that the leader(s) and councils, would be White. NO EXCEPTIONS. Can we all agree that we are not a democracy? We are NOT equal opportunity employer. Jews etc. can lead their own nations. Anything else would be unnatural and will end in despair, AGAIN.

      • I’ve known we fell as a Democracy/Republic long before I began Eradica; I suspect 1964 was its death.

        It takes centuries for wealthy empires to collapse – look at Rome, Great Britain and pre-Armada Spain.

        Whites must rule, but only proper whites. Remember whites in Sweden destroyed themselves by importing Miggers on their own. Thomas Sowell, Ben Stein & Michelle Malkin would make greater rulers than Bill Xlintonites.

      • Erin…

        NS and Communism are nonstarters for the white Supremacist…

        And that is why they are being pressed so hard amongst the new alt-rite.. These are anti-white Supremacist ideologies.

        THE ONLY WAY one can embrace either one of these fundamentally anti-Capitalist ideologies IS TO HAVE SYMPATHY for the anti-white Supremacist.

      • Explain WHY NS and Communism are self annihilating TDaddy, in PLAIN English please.

        So am I to ascertain that you think capitalism has been or is currently good for the White male? If not, what ism would you recommend.

      • Erin….

        National Socialism exactly translates into a nation of socialists. A nation of socialist exactly translates into a nation of anti-Capitalists. A nation of anti-Capitalists exactly translates into a nation of “men” WHO BELIEVE that Capital, both tangible and INTANGIBLE, can flow and therefore MUST FLOW to the least worthy of individuals and investments. Ergo, a nation of anti-Capitalists is self-annihilating.

        Communism is simply the process taken globally.

        It is not a matter of whether Capitalism is good or bad for the white man. “It” is the indestructible economic order of civilized man. Capital flows to the most credible men. Where this does not hold, one does not find the Capitalist system, but rather, he finds an anti-Capitalist system in drag.

        All the economic destruction stems from either the attempt at destroying that which cannot be detroyed, i.e., an economic ethos that says credit where credit is due and or the misplaced animosity at the above economic ordering principle DUE TO A FAULTY FRAME that simply lends credence to the anti-Capitalist.

        Denying white man the ability to gain greater credibility… To gain MORE CAPITAL… Is the SOCIALIST “ideal.” It doesn’t fly with real white Americans and never will until the last one ACTUALLY dies. Any economic system that undermines and subverts white man’s genuine free will is self-evidently corrupt.

  4. It’s crazy how the liberal social engineering is so blatantly in “our” face that “we” barely notice that “our” side is building a narrative geared towards inevitable annihilation. So the boys in the “manosphere” have crafted their narrative where marriage and children MUST BE obtained through the apparatus of the State and *poof* the self-created justification for a de facto homo lifestyle. Then there are the alt-rite/NS crowd who literally STAND AT THE FOREFRONT of the deconstructing of Christianity and Capitalism in the minds of the white masses. These HIGH IQ CHARALATANS, undoubtedly in the game of mass social engineering, SEEMINGLY CANNOT CONCEIVE Christianity nor Capitalism IN ANY MANNER apart from the radical liberal frame.

    And “they” think this some how excludes them from the status of radical liberal.

    These clowns think there is strength in hating degenerate white man when nothing could be more easy to accomplish. Ask the clowns to love the white man and they’ll tell *you* that this near impossible task is pure weakness.

  5. Unions were formed as protection for the lower classes and just like Democrats, served white males until they went extinct in their ecosystem.

    Then, the unions saw greener money in serving coloreds which is why today’s Democrat is now LN – and they only serve coloreds – and white males are their enemy

    • So just as corporations, unions took on a life of their own; they became their own entity with a desire for radical autonomy that invariably promises individual material benefit in exchange for a loss of individual identity.

  6. I don’t get the link between capitalism and white supremacy. In real life, whites aren’t actually the race that is best at capitalism. Jews and Asians are better at it.

    But being good at Jewing people (or at working all day for a bowl of rice and some fish heads) isn’t something to be proud of.

    Whites are defined by their skill at war and their moral virtue. Or at least they used to be, nowadays they can’t seem to do much of anything right.

    But back to my original point something like ending child labor is at least as white as capitalism. Probably whiter.

    • What *you* are just saying is that you simply embrace the anti-Capitalist definition of Capitalism.

      The link between man’s desire for Supremacy AND his desire to gain credibility CANNOT BE SEPARATED.

      This ^^^ is the proper frame.

      IF *you* are a white male THEN *you* seek greater credibility, i.e., intangible capital, in endeavoring towards Supremacy OR *you* are an “white” anti-white Supremacist.

      “We” operate in an anti-Capitalist system where those who pervert the economic order DO IT in “capitalist” outfitting. So not only does the system get perverted, but the perpetrators of this perversion can do so under a false cloak with full agreement of the economically illiterate sheeple.

      • @Thordaddy. Is capital the ONLY way a man can gain or prove his credibility?

        Also, WE can define what our society will look like. Denmark has a socialist society that has worked very, very well. They have had low unemployment and high taxes BUT no one minds paying the taxes because 1. They know the benefits will be available for them and their families, should they become sick or otherwise UNABLE to work. 2. Most of those living in Denmark are DANISH or Danes. They know their hard earned money (in the form of taxes) isn’t going (for the most part) to non-Danes or “The Other”. They have some confidence that their money is being properly allocated for the greater good of the Danish people.

        I think you think of Socialism as the way it is manifested in Murka but there are other ways.

        Now I realize than evil anti-White forces are at work to ruin Denmark but I think we can learn a lot from what HAS worked well in Denmark and also learn from their mistakes.

        FWIW this article presents a bit of what Denmark is like. I visited Denmark in the late eighties and it truly IS a delightful place. http://www.culturechange.org/cms/content/view/865/1/

      • Erin…

        Capital is fundamentally intangible.

        Capital = man’s credibility…

        Only in our strictly material world made of material girls does “capital” ONLY equal that which is tangible.

        The aim of the anti-Capitalist was to a) disassociate Capital from man’s credibility and b) associate “capital” to a strictly material phenomenon.

        So for instance, land is the most obvious example of a material capital asset…


        The actual value of that particular piece of land is absolutely determined BY THE MEN who will violently or poetically seize control of said land.

        Capitalism IS man’s pursuit of ever greater credibility. Capital assets ARE ONLY secondary and serve as a signal of a man’s ultimate credibility. Yet, “we” operate inside an anti-Capitalist economic where this order no longer holds.

        Bill Gates is the wealthiest “man” in the world and HE IS NEITHER the man with most Capital NOR the man with the most credibility.

        One can only solve this paradox by recognizing that “we” are already operate inside an anti-Capitalist/Socialist society.


        The problem with the Denmark model is that Denmark is under no global pressure to be the Big Dog on the block.

  7. If we could get a real communist society it would be easy to self-sustain if we got real and BRAIN WASHED THE KIDS into how great it is, then boom, one gen later and its set to perpetuity.

  8. Dictatorship is now a confirmed necessity in low IQ countries near the equator, at least until they can start breeding a medium IQ elite.

    Richard Feynman noted the Brazilians had tremendous energy and motivation, but they couldnt get anything done by themselves.

  9. zogmerika has a communist president

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