Morality Varies With Position

by Ryu

Morality depends upon strength. When one is young and strong, he believes in power and will. When he is old and infirm, he believes in mercy and charity.

It holds in every area. At the peak of their strength, young Jordies believe in strength and dominion. Later, after retirement, they turn to Jesus or fall to self pity.

Once, the white race wanted gold, women and land. They believed in power, discipline and effort. Today, the white man still wants money, but he wants to “earn it” by working for someone else. But money won is twice as sweet as money earned. Whites have forgotten this lesson.

26 Comments to “Morality Varies With Position”

  1. @ Ryu – “But money won is twice as sweet as money earned. Whites have forgotten this lesson.” – Check out enterplizing chinese lady (2 minute short)

  2. Aye, it’s painful to watch proud men fall contract Schweitzer syndrome with age. Even the former head of the AWB died at the hands of a Christian Dindu Brother. One wonders if non-Abrahamic religionists fall prey to this.

    • I’m glad to see you’re still around, Snakey.

      Aging is an ugly thing, for most. The degradation of the body is as nothing to the degradation to the moral code. Retirement kills many.

  3. Ryu: You confused with morality with narcissism. We are all narcissists, some more than others. It causes people to do great things, it causes people to do destructive things, it cause people to become sheeple, it causes people to become an Anders Breveik. More often than not, women are the prime motivator, which are also tie into power and money, where men who have them have more access to women than those who don’t.

    And speaking of Anders Breveik, despite being a reject in life, I don’t believe the media’s spin on him. He was a cool, calm, collected and cold blooded murderer, and it’s not because he was a loser, but someone defying the establishment. There are many fellas out there who would carry out his task and then kill themselves as an act of cowardice.

    On the other spectrum, you have all these chumps who want to be accepted and will go with the mainstream grain to become with the masses. It’s much easier to conform than to stand out.

    • Only the unhappy resist, JS. It is good you have changed your mind about Brevik.

      I highly reco reading his manifesto. The important part is his own journal. I think it starts at page 1453.

      • I don’t think I’ve said anything bad about Brevik, except he shot his fellow Whites, instead of the Muzzies, whom he dislike, and it was not because he was a racist. His built up resentment of Muslims came from the fact that they wanted to be the bosses of Norway, and felt they could walk over the Norwegian natives. He’s not like our Murkan Chumps who fill themselves with hate and start attacking people, because of media portrayals. Brevik actually dealt with real Muslims on a daily basis where his negative experiences with them, led to his gradual build up of anger.

        This being said, his motive to shoot his fellow Norwegians, is similar to how WNs in Murka feel about their fellow Whites who do things that lead to their demise.

      • “This being said, his motive to shoot his fellow Norwegians, is similar to how WNs in Murka feel about their fellow Whites who do things that lead to their demise.”

        Because there’s nothing worse than a traitor.

      • Erin…

        On the contrary… If only you interpreted “turn the other cheek” WITH YOURSELF as the ENEMY then you would “see” that at the very “top” of the NS/wn 2.0 list of FINAL SOLUTIONS is to off our traitorous self.

      • One of the Big Lies is that only the left “preaches” the “value” of self-annihilation. The old right and new alt-rite most definitely “preach” a form of self-annihilation almost always in the context of a business exponentially growing. One of the biggest failures of the traditional Christians has really been in the area of financially supporting a large family within an all-corrupting anti-Capitalist system. All the focus is on “growth,” but not really as it pertains to perpetuation. It’s growth at the individual and not growth in the perpetuation of a family legacy sense.

      • I meant to say that one of the biggest failures of traditional Christians [on the Internet] is [teaching] young Christians on how exactly they are to finance a large family in “our” anti-Capitalist system? It is no faint endeavor and almost none have taken up the task. And now as one could have predicted, the Duggars may fall to scandal although I did not catch exactly what is said to have transpired?

      • TDaddy, Supposedly one of the young Duggar men “touched” more than one of his younger sisters and his family swept it under the rug. I expected that there would be a fall from grace whether real or contrived. I thought it would be one of the women whoring herself out to playboy magazine though. It’s the way of Talmud-vision.

      • @TDaddy”This being said, his motive to shoot his fellow Norwegians, is similar to how WNs in Murka feel about their fellow Whites who do things that lead to their demise.”

        I too disagree with eradicating fellow Whites. We need to strike at the root of this problem like our anscestors did over 100 times thoughout history.

        Hitler was too soft on his enemies.

      • A father disciplines his children. WNs are the rightful leaders of the white race. One day, Hitler and Stalin will look like moderates.

      • Whites can be re-educated.

      • Whites can be re-educated.


        1. If so, why has this not been evidenced in 40 years of MINO incursions?
        2. How do you go about re-educating a Jon Stewart, Chris Matthews – or Bill Xlinton?

      • Whites are being re-educated properly. Some whites at least.

        Minos themselves do it. The WN “movement” today is far bigger than it was in 1975. This is a manner of progress. The whip and humiliation work very well. It seems that whites learn either submission or anger. They’ve surely educated me.

      • Whites are being re-educated properly. Some whites at least.

        “Some” is a number usually small enough to be immaterial.

        The key cohort to be educated, converted – then activated – is youth.
        They are the ones who always read the words of experience then take to the streets to storm the Bastille.
        But today, youth are the most idle of all.

        It’s only the old, impotent White Males who’ve finally “seen the light” after a lifetime of abuse from MINOs.
        Call it the “Welmer/Bill Price Effect” …as applied solely to Womyn.

        Thus, today’s Youth will grow old as more years pass. Just as stupid as they are today, without today’s wise men to guide them and recall what America once was.
        You might as well try explaining to a Manhattanite what a deer in a forest is for.

        And in those passing decades of aimless wandering we grow so old we perish.
        And it won’t matter one bit.

        What hope apparently exists is these retarded, propagandized GENBrandonBritnees
        will be just as destructive raising their kids.
        And by such neglect,
        Will spawn

      • Monsters are what is necessary. The type who can win it would strike fear into most WNs today. Let alone the liberals.

  4. @ JS
    Brevik chose his target well and achieved a far higher attrition rate than would have been achievable in some Muslim ghetto.
    The children he killed were the spawn of race traitors, and the enablers of the so called cultural enrichment of their nation. They were whites who were not fit for purpose or life for that matter.
    They are different from the untermensch they choose to facilitate, only in their intelligence (and hopefully personal hygiene).

    • Brevik’s generation horoscope is Uranus in Scorpio, a very powerful planet placement, that is if you believe in Astrology. He’s part of the same generational cohort as I am (but his birthchart is a lot more intense and extreme, which is why he went on a rampage), just slightly older than the early GenBrandons, but not by much. Essentially, we’re these brewing troublemakers that explode out of the blue, suddenly without any warning. Think of the movies made in the era of the late 70’s like Star Wars and very fittingly, Alien, when this planet placement was at its most potent time. Astrologers predict we will be the generation to take on status quo. He was born in the same year as Roosh V, another instigator of trouble. You might hate Rooshie, because he’s a migga rapist who sleeps with White women, but the things he said about Murkan feminism has been taken to the forefront as true, with many followers who’ve ascribed to his ideas.

      • I believe in astrology. Anything that works and that has predictive value, is good. Like FBI profiling, I have found some astrology to be very accurate.

        Where’d you get that information? Typing his birthdate into a program?

  5. I think this site has a good description of Brevik’s astrological chart:

    By the way, the bulk of the GenBrandons have the Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto is the planet of deep transformation, deep change and elimination, basically sealing the fate of a generation. And Pluto is in its home sign of Scorpio, so it’s in a very comfortable position. So one may ask, why do Millennials look like a bunch of wussies, who are lazy and inactive? That’s because they need a catalyst to initiate them, like a group of soldiers who need a general to lead the charge in a battle. I think the general is the Uranus in Scorpio, (Uranus symbolizes sudden change and setting trends, and is in the most powerful position of Scorpio), who will be that catalyst to set the movement for action, if we can find the ignition. I think it will happen soon!

    Also, the Millennial Brandons are the Baby Boomers 2.0 with their huge population, but they are the opposite of the Boomers, when it comes to world events. Boomers lived in a golden age of feeling good, living good, with plenty of good times around them. Millenials are doing the same, but are living in bad times.

    And why do Boomers dominate the world and believe they are still in charge like they are in their youth again? They have the Pluto in Leo placement, which symbolizes an almost never ending cycle of not calling it quits, because Pluto symbolizes the ending or death of something old, but because it’s in Leo, which is the opposite of it, Leo keeps the Baby Boomers in a forever young mode.

    Here is a website describing the generational planets:

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