Susan Rice Commands HEROVets!™ In ISIS War

by Firepower

The VOGUE Article Thinks So

Yet again a blatantly obvious example pops-up in The Nooz.

Yet again, Jordie ignores whom he actually fights for.

Does this prove Jordies deserve their fate? It does to me.

White Hick Vets Serve MINOs

It’s The Big Lie. Hillbillly Jim n’ Jordie fahtfurmurka and lots come back to Brittnee, baconfaced as unfuckable meatbags. Yuckers! Britnee don’t want no gimp or baconface mussing up her…. duckface selfies at “the club”. No sexing up against crinkly, burned skin in a trailer lovenest. Deqwan and Pedro stay home, safely in one piece, fuck Britnee in 34 porno positions and pop out colored Spickaninnies™ of various shades.

Interestingly, when searching for a Susie Rice nude pic, there were NO goodies from google, yahoo and Bing, etc., yet there are tons of nude Condoleeza Rice pix – even though she’s been out of power for Obama’s seven-year reign: Hmmmm. That shows you the level of MMMedia censorship in Today’s Murka.

Susiekins Rice is a Big Heeeeero to Vogue because she bosses around white generals who sheepishly betray and then, send their young white clodhopper cannonfodder to die for Obama, Lois Lerner, The Reverend Al and israel. If LN MINOs and coloreds don’t need to boxcar whites into camps because they can fuck the future white out, then reducing white numbers now by killing two birds with one stone in israel wars is a diabolical tactic of genius.

All they need to pay is a Wounded Warriors commercial with a millionaire in a dumb cowboy hat and wheel out an occasional Stumpie at an NFL game and croon him thet thar Nashnul~anthum and make him squirt a few. These are the whites who’ll defeat the MINO and restore Murka into America? Not hardly…

You know who’s in power
By whom you cannot

33 Comments to “Susan Rice Commands HEROVets!™ In ISIS War”

  1. You routinely attack TDO and ‘news and jews’ but how is this any different?

    • …because you don’t comment hardly at all on the non tdo, I do it just to get you to comment once in a fucking while

      I’m not sure where you’ve ever seen my concept before of a MINO Susan Rice commanding white janissary jordies for the benefit of the LN, but be sure to let me know.

    • It is different, because there is insight. Read the news with an eye to learning something.

      Not just the news, but what is behind it. It’s staring people right in the face…there’s that mulatto with the high position. But FP is the only one who pointed out who white men actually serve.

      And when I cover NAJ, I learn something from it. It’s not just masturbation, but note-taking.

      This story was very interesting to me. I wondered by the suspect got caught so quickly. These direct action guys are on a hair-trigger. They’ve got the balls to do it but they don’t plan it out to the last detail.

  2. Indeed FP we are witnessing the most sophisticated genocide plan ever attempted…where Jews take advantage of European hospitality by rising to power and influence then convincing the host to suicide itself.

    There are great volumes of documentation regarding this plot and genocide is punishable by death.

    • the jew then uses the hollowed-out brain-slug husk of slobbering Jordie Drone Janissaries to protect the Manhattan-ite hive like soldier termites guarding the entrance to a devoured house

      • It’s both the Jews and White gentile elite. To me, they are closely related, with one exception, the Jew is usually unhappy until he’s the only standing, and the White gentile is smiling, while he’s slowly dying.

    • It’s quite interesting that Jews are very guarded of their women from blacks. Really! Although, they are far from pretty in appearance when compared to Aryan women, Jews make a strong stink when one of their female dates a negro, and expect Whites to take it lightly with their liberal brainwashing, with the countless Aryan women negro couples. A black dude at my school was invited by his Jew woman to a sabbath gathering and they raised a stink about him.

      • jews command obedience to their rules despite even when those are obvious hypocrisy – because jews in fact control the apparatus of power in Murka. It explains how 2% of a population dominate whites and disparate MINO groups in total.

        That is power. Not TDO or tweeeeeeeeeeeeeets.

        Having your MINO Minions like Rice boss around white generals and white hillbilly Khris Kill Type 1-A’s is the ultimate inverse goal of even PeterPanzers who’ll never grow up and out of the FapFantasy of marching around in US versions of snazzy SS uniforms in 2035…

        Today’s SS jackboots are worn by white janissary Jordies enforcing The Will of Susan Rices who then trade in their camouflage triggerman jobs for BIGov SWATZI triggerman jobs at the local municipal copshop.

    • It is very clever. But they are making mistakes. If you have to do an evil thing, you always want to do it all at once. People have short memories.

      By being so oppressive, they steel their opposition. They guarantee that if their enemies ever get a real shot, they’ll take it without mercy. It’s no different than Monsanto making roundup, which then makes the weeds adapt. They create their enemy.

      Hitler was a moderate. The man of the future makes Hitler or Stalin look like fogies. To the average American today, the WN who can win is like a monster, a nightmare.

      • Ryu – Do you actually think the WN can wrestle the power from their enemies?

      • On the individual level, absolutely. Many direct action guys have won their war and I’d ask nothing more from them.

        Collectively is more difficult. What I can do, depends greatly on what others do. It’s like those old firing lines but only one man, not the entire line runs out. Then the one guy gets cut down. That’s what you see with direct action.

        As I’ve mentioned, I’d rather live in South Africa or Oakland with all whites being WNs and the other 99% mino than what we have now.

        I would tell you that if WN does win, those who do it will be kings of the Earth. Nothing should be impossible for them.

      • You are right about Hitler being a moderate. In a few decades there will be dozens of governments with the power to kill billions. The Soviets tried to develop ICBMs that delivered not nukes but bioweapons. At the moment WMDs are well controlled, since almost all politicians are alike. Keep an eye out for those who act differently, like when the Taliban dynamited Buddha statues in early 2001.

  3. Men who take orders from a woman like Susan Rice deserve their fate. I’ve got no pity for them. It’s their obedience that blinds them.

  4. Clearly, it is unnatural for the white Supremacist to be led by the anti-white Supremacist, but this general understanding does not negate the greater degeneracy of the “white Supremacist” who is undisturbingly led by the “black” anti-white Supremacist. Which in turn evidences a completely degenerate mindset in the “white Supremacist” who is gleefully led by the “BLACK WOMAN” anti-white Supremacist. But because only a smidgeon of genuine white Supremacists exist then “we” are actually speaking to the total degeneracy of the “white man.” And therein lies the psychological paradox. By unconsciously or consciously rejecting white Supremacy then the above pathological and total unnatural subordination is normalized and justified. In other words, BY MERELY BEING JUST a “white man” or “wn,” one can rationalize, justify AND THEN REMAIN CONTENT in being ruled by a “black woman” anti-white Supremacist.

    So the critique of Susan Rice Is STUNTED because it is made by mere “white” males who cannot articulate why being ruled by Susan Rice is actually bad, wrong, pathological anymore than they can articulate why WF/BF “unions” are bad, wrong and pathogical. And this INABILITY is DIRECTING ATTRIBUTABLE to rejecting the personal pursuit of white Supremacy.

    [ed note: why is Rice bad?? she is a racist colored who hates whites and YOU are a quibbler fixated upon your invented, conceptual vocabulary words]

  5. So “we” see how the “default elite” works. It’s not just the rulership of Susan Rice that crafts the narrative, but the subordination of the supposed deadliest and fiercest “white man” that fills out the diabolical narrative. So the first act of “resistance” is really an attack of the deadliest and fiercest of “white men” and their PUBLIC REJECTION of genuine white Supremacy. IT IS within that very rejection that the diabolical narrative flows undisturbed.

    • The submission of the deadliest and fiercest whites befuddles me. Even the strongest system white wants to work for someone else.

      Only a true white supremacist can stand outside of it all. He’s got to be able to throw out the book of rules he’s been given.

      • Ryu…

        I think the simple answer is that many just want to be “good boys” in both its civilizational and savage manifestations. And this mindset is not properly attached to an actual experience of genuine free will. Clearly, EVERY HEALTHY MINDED white soldier who has killed in war will someday have to ask himself whether he defeated evil or murdered a mere bystander. Same with cops who kill in the line of duty. He will look in the mirror and have to ask, “good cop or filthy pig?” “Black Supremacist or dirty nigger?” “Converted Supremacist or self-annihilating Jew?” “Self-annihilator or celibate homosexual?” “Converted Supremacist or sexually-repressed jihadist?”

        [ed note: you are wrong. most imbeciles never examine their actions, much less achieve such fantastic revelation. nor do cows ponder why they eat grass they shit on. to expect so…is to have read too many philosophy books]

      • Every white male MUST eventually look in the mirror and ask,”White Supremacist or “white” anti-white Supremacist?”


  6. Y dat nigga bitch dun conk dat fro?

  7. @ Thordaddy
    “There IS NO MIDDLE NETHER-LAND.” – You need to watch the telly m8

  8. I watched that Elysium movie, FP. There is one technology in that movie familiar to all of us: white soldiers.

    Even in 2154, all the best soldiers are white. Whites love to fight…for other people’s causes.

  9. I’m sure even FP would agree, at times, Suzie’s job can’t be easy. Still its all in a days work, for a nigger high flyer. One of her latest challenges is finding and giving $45 Billion of your tax dollars. To Bennie Blue Hair and his mates, your greatest allies.
    Seemingly, Bennie is concerned that you are selling to much decent weaponry to camel jockey emirates and figures you should upgrade Israels by way of compo. After all he’s never asked America to kill Palestinians for him, so he sees this, as the least you can do.
    I’m a European but I figure it must be great living in a wealthy cuntry like the US.

    • Our nation is so wealthy, we can afford Endless FREE Shit for grunting, looting nigras and half of all mexico – but not an Apollo program, a teensy repeat of Vietnam 2.0 – or repairs to our concrete freeways

      • It’s better that we don’t have any of these things. This country has been completely broken, and any remedy means a band-aiding effect with a lipstick on a pig. The apeshits that run around our inner cities are the problem, either you destroy them or let them die off naturally, without a population growth. Of course, with our current trajectory, none of these things will happen.

      • This country has been completely broken, and any remedy means a band-aiding effect with a lipstick on a pig

        Very true.
        Thus, reason and pragmatic analysis conclude that desolation truly does await whites as Black Mold overwhelms them until they fuck out enough pickaninnies from infected white wombs to register all future Halfrican-Murkans as “one fambly”

        This is the Ultimate Wetdream of LNs from Pelosi, Our Historic Black President to Clinton, Inc.

      • Do you believe in coincidence, FP? I saw that name Zimbardo in your upcoming post. His name comes up alot in this article HR posted:

      • I’ve known of Zim long before I did HR – who I avoid since his unforgivable sin of traitorous betrayal. Treachery of outing a comrade (lbf) is a capital offense. lbf can go fuck himself, too.

        The detritus of Eradica includes murray Rottencrotch, 28 Sherman, hbd bibliography and that brit guy who used to write media stuff for us.

        When even The Faggotry of Disagreement instills pouting and running away, well – fuck ’em all.

        good riddance to: Button-Mashing Faggots

      • The father of the MRM was Zan. He began in 1994.

        It is now 2015. After 20 years, finally a system intellectual takes notice of the obvious. How many decades until Zimmy gets to where we are today? 50 years?

        How different Kaz must have been. He gave up all the cash and prestige of academia to become a true revolutionary.

      • FP, I found a funny story. A capitalist is bringing tuk-tuks to the US. He calls this “progress.” Soon, the US will progress to having the transportation system of the third world. Maybe this is a great American job of the future “rickshaw driver”.

        [ed note: BEEN workin on “lawnmower nation” to address this]

      • If Steeler City, Pity Burgh is the most liveable town in Murka, with one of the worse pollution indexes, with a White population and the black mold kept afar, thus a reasonable a cost of living standard as a result, is equivalent to some Canadian province town of Saskatoon or Winnipeg with fresher air and a few negrunts, this tells what a sad sack of shit, Murka has become in terms of status and quality of life.

    • Balls. Everyone in a position like that has an ARMY of assistants, gofers and the like. Just imagine what you could do with about 50 servants.

      You already know what she, and everyone with power does. Outsource the nigger work to the proles. Just do the good stuff you like. Pawn off the rest.

      • I just called the IRS not too long ago regarding an account and a guy speaking in ebonics with a condescending tone, handled my call. This is what happens when you give coloreds the keys to the power halls and their tribal instincts kick in. They will try their best to walk over you. Anyway, most Whites still have not learn their lesson. Good for them, an acceleration of this country’s demise is the best thing that can happen.

      • Indeed, the jewish LN has fully installed its operatives:

        The MINO Machine
        Minority Government RULERS:

        I also had call to deal with a BIGov Cubicle Colored.

        Instead of “fearing” the interaction, I relished the sly, ominous barbs I tossed out:
        “It’s cuz I’M WHITE, ain’t it?!?”
        You Peeeple really don’t do shit – or care – do you?!?”

        Bureaucracy Boogies ain’t used to anyone disobeying them so…
        even a slight “insult” gets their monkeybrain mad.

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