Murkan Jordies

by Firepower

It’s EXPENSIVE to Pay for Unlimited Amnesties, Lois Lerner, the NSA,Obamacare and…

There is a great morality tale for you to learn in Aesop’s The Woman & The Serpent.  You must read it. I insist – for you must understand many things.

Jordies fightfur unlimited immigration, affirmative Action and IRS’ing the TEA Party.  That’s who they enable. They didn’t “think” this was what they did, but in fact was what they still inadvertently fought for.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With…?

No Good Deed Goes..?”

They crow about protecting Murka from Chinese/Muzz invasion as justifying their stupidity.  See any gooks poised at the border?  They don’t need to fire a shot.

Jordies serve the USG, worse than that – they risk all for a Super-President’s Executive Order commanding – literally decreeing – whom to kill.  There used to be a name for that in….…. King George’s era.  There is no Constitutional Declaration of War.  Jordies blubber about defending that thar Consti-too-shun.

But tell me: How does Godd view that ostensibly justified “killin’ in a war!” when it’s actually not declared a war, but decreed so by one man’s dictation and Executive ORDER.  Or, what if it’s St. Hilary’s?

Fascist Elite Patricians do not view (as bizarre) their hatred of Whites. Our US – FEPs view themselves as inheriting the “divine right of kings” as the natural extension of your own country’s Feudal Medieval lords and earlier Roman slave-owning Aristocracy.

England’s current elites feel the same – as do nouveau riche Chinese: All current elites are ideologically identical to ancient rulers. The world will shortly come full-circle from slavery to slavery with only the intermission of American/Western liberty as interruption. Britain’s own episode of liberty was quite short, so it is easy to describe the period from 1870 – 1970.

Murkan aristocratic elites indeed hate White Men for those very reasons you list. The ultimate reason is they are armed, in addition to your reasons. They are rural and live outside the control of CCTV Police State Manhattan archetypes. Whites now have fading (and twisted) memories of “liberty” yet it is still the Murkan Jordie who fills the ranks of Crumbling Rome as cannon fodder. Coloreds – and mainly the black – have no such notions of “1776 Revolutionary Independence” and are happy to transfer their tribe/slave mentality to dependency on the modern Welfare State. Sadly, Englishmen neither had their own 1776; the meek acceptance of the rapid browning of London is the result you see today.

If Liberal Nazis disarm America the end of the Modern Era comes. The rulership of hereditary elites returns so the world again becomes Ancient Egypt with its Pharaoh-Gods fighting Hittites fighting Babylonians, Assyrians and Persians. Kingdoms return. Most people shall live like urban cattle animals… again.

There was over the top White Knighting on The QueerHead. Jordies/MRAs are too indoctrinated to see they exchange one reflexive, knee-jerk reaction pedestalizing Murka for another pedastalizing “service” – it’s the same way they blindly worship worthless Megan Foxes.

I feel pity for today’s soldiers – as the way I feel for whites who build Habitat Fo’ Humanity Creebs, then get gang-raped by coloreds driving back home to the burbs in their $30,000 SportUTE. They want to do “good” but serve a false idea.

I value the traditional values of military service, while condemning the mentality of obeying the commands of one man’s Executive Orders absent the Constitutional requirement of a formal Declaration of War by Congress. There is a name for that.

Many Indians betrayed their “race,” becoming scouts for the US Cavalry to hunt down fellow Indians. Inter-tribal disputes proved stronger than race: We can see it even in this thread. I envision much the same with Janet Napolitano’s DHS MRAPs stuffed with all those Billions O’ Bullets. I base that on Waco, Ruby Ridge and the existence of John Kerry, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher and Joe Biden.

The Liberal Nazism of the FFFOL isn’t prone to such fragmentation for they have a unique binder. They have but ONE enemy to hate: White Men.

Until “our” side realizes a similar unifying effect of hating just The One True Enemy (the FFFOL) we will be slinging the rah-rah flag and WTC vids at each other to the delight of Hilary Clinton.

the Military SexRape Hearings: Fat bureaucrats who’ve never been shot at wear 5 lbs. of junk on their chest, join close-cropped butch hairdo Lesbian Generalitas to encourage Yung Whaaahte Murkan Farmbois to bleed for a country that “integrates” girl soldierettes into The Military that court martials them for grabbing the tits they just ordered in as progressive justice.

The problem is: The Army accepts and trains coloreds, fags, feminists and now – retards.
THAT IS the system you inadvertently served. And now, Uncle Beast – BiGGov – IRS’d the very people you hoped to defend. Rural folks, TEA Party people against taxes – they’re all white.

It is troubling, as I was raised to respect soldiers and their sacrifices. I feel so about WW2 vets and Korea and Vietnam vets because they were drafted. They were working class peasants denied the Al Gore/George W. Bush cushy privilege of Fascist Patricians.

Today’s Jordie volunteered to serve a line of Evil Masters. They fight for Israel and Saudi Arabia. If somebody is so dim they volunteer to ship out 10,000 miles away to defend foreigners – yet 10 miles away lies an open border bursting with criminal mexicans…well, they’re apparently ineducable.

The Jordies who served while getting Pat Tillmanned made it possible for the Master of the next crop of Jordies to get Fort Hooded, who in turn boast of their service to enable The King who Benghazied them.

There is plenty of talk by ex-military on how they will “defend the Constitution” yet until I see proof of deeds, I do not believe.

Published May 26, 2013

46 Responses to “Murkan Jordies”

  1. Politics are a living thing they change with the times today’s good can easily become tomorrow’s evil. The only thing a soldier can truly believe in is the mission otherwise he’s not a soldier just a man with a gun.

  2. The American/French revolutions were bourgeois revolutions. Lawyers, doctors, bankers, bureaucrats, and other professionals were the revolutionaries. The bourgeois have completed their historic task which was the defeat of feudalism. They will NOT rise up again because they dominate the power structure. You seem unable to acknowledge that bourgeois property relations are the source of the problem always harkening back to feudalism instead.

    • Bourgeois property relations are not acknowledged because they are immaterial in the current discussion.
      Their influence is a given – as is how computers make the internet work; I do not need to refer to computers and their history to discuss the internet’s politics.

      Bourgeois property relations are not the source of today’s problems – MINOs are. Race is the problem. If Bourgeois property relations were the primary source it places you squarely on the side of niggers & Miggers because of “root causes” making them an “underclass” of “underprivileged disenfranchised victims”. That gives them justification to Ferguson up the entire nation.

      You see, we already have a functioning Socialist Pre-Communist BIGov: Its directive is to give MINOs & coloreds all the wealth of Whites. Elites (jews & Ivy WASPs) still control capital, but modern Communism ignores that

    • MINOs are the New Bourgeoisie (faggots, feminists, SWPLs)
    • Coloreds are New Petty Bourgeoisie = niggers & miggers & Fergusonites
    • and WN/NRA TParty whites are the New Peasants…
  • The old/new right won’t get anywhere because they want a middle class awakening and uprising.

  • There will always be a privileged elite I’m not opposed to that. Are they delivering safe cities, decent schools, and a growing economy? Then they’re doing their jobs no matter what nitpicking critiques otherwise persist. Red China raised hundreds of millions out of poverty. Putin rescued Russia from the brink of collapse and disintegration. I’ll trust their elites over ours in an instant.

    • Yet, Capitalism never subjected its peasants to anything near a brink of collapse, while both Russian & Chinese eradicated their own peasants by the millions.

      Such never happened here – even in the primitive, safety-netless 1800s. From then to now, US peasants enjoyed relative abundance and comfort.
      I’ve never heard of even a nigger crackhead starving to death.

      For the wise leader, there is sense in abandoning the old stringent dogmas and unite diverse Rightists as the Left united faggots and blacks who despise each other.

      There is room for National Socialists and their compatriots National Communists – even “good MINOs” like Thomas Sowell & Jon Stossel, etc…for eradicating them would be a shame when such whites and capitalists like Jon Stewart and Ted Turner are tolerated purely by their color.

      TOTE is not merely blacks or jews or democrats or capitalists. But…you know TOTE when you see it.

    • The capitalists wouldn’t kill the peasants, because then they couldn’t get any more money out of them. I’m sure if they could turn the bodies into something they could sell, like mulch or Solyent Green, they’d do it.

    • Call what Jon Stewart what he is, another obnoxious joo rat.

      WLs, MINOs and JOOs – Take a shot at the left and work towards the right. You kick the filthy tenant out, before you take out the roaches and rats.

    • Capitalism has killed millions through the conquest of the Americas, slave trade, imperialist wars, WW1, Nazi Germany, and conflicts in the modern era.

      Capitalism also benefited massively from the new world which contained fertile land with abundant natural resources, comparatively small population, and few powerful competitors hence their relative prosperity but that’s coming to an end.

  • Off topic but is the comment text fucked up for anyone else? Why does that happen so frequently?

    [i’ve seen it recently all over the internet. maybe its the fonts on your puter]

  • but modern Communism ignores that
    MINOs are the New Bourgeoisie (faggots, feminists, SWPLs)
    Coloreds are New Petty Bourgeoisie = niggers & miggers & Fergusonites
    and WN/NRA TParty whites are the New Peasants…

    AND modern Communism doesn’t waste time telling us that coloreds are equally capable as everyone else. I learn the hard way, never tell any nigga regardless of their background, about your accomplishments and achievements, it only makes them more resentful than usual. He’s more primitive and savage by nature, and constantly plays catch-up with others, which he could never be on equal playing field.

    • Communism doesn’t tell its subject that they are “equal” BECAUSE that is the default assumption of the ideology. To the communist, the redundant phenomenon IS the true universal equality. In MURKA, one “sees” this demand for “universal equality” in the most increasingly absurd assertions.

      Man = woman
      Christianity = Liberalism
      Capitalism = Communism
      White Supremacy = white degeneracy
      Modern “black” = black slave

      These ^^^ are the weapons of the radical autonomists. The false equations that STAND IN as a concrete metaphysics. These are the acted upon default assumptions of those attempting to collapse reality and smash all Singularities out of existence.

      But then there is WN 2.0…

      WN 2.0 = anti-white Supremacist…

      How can it be?

      • The nigga is a loser in modern society. He has no meaningful talent or ability other than to be an oversexed creature, who’s realm is to entertain at best. He tries his best to be on equal playing field, but he’s like a type writer comparing with Microsoft Word. Old, obsolete, with no relevance, other than nostalgia with bad outcomes. And only dumb people think a piece of junk is worth a million, well, that’s America for you, NOW!

  • Good work, FP.

    I have concluded that he who pays the piper, calls the tune. The money’s enough to buy their loyalty. Same for cops. The cops and the military never become revolutionary, UNTIL the checks stop clearing.

    The only police force I remember becoming revolutionary is the SA in Germany. Hitler’s movement was able to pay them when the gov could not. Thus, he bought his army.

  • Pretty good article. What do you think the problem is with the ex-mil who truly DO want the ‘constitution’ and all that? ( I know its dumb, but at least they are in the right direction)

    • Erudite Knight said: Pretty good article. What do you think the problem is with?..

      The problem with ex-mils who truly DO want the ‘constitution’ and all that is: They don’t do shit about it, but tweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

      Trained in arms and combat, experienced in actual battle by blowing things up and killing people – they act as befuddled and impotent as the tweeeeeeeeeeeting granny.

      As ryu said: They are lost without the stamp of UncleBEAST’s approval.
      These faggotlosers whine about Obammie fucking them up the ass on the VA and Bo Bergdahl – then as soon as Obammie wants to invade Iran, out come the Screamy Eagle/Wolfie Avatars bolstering their sabre-rattling for WAR. They’ll subserviently suck the dick of the Dicktator ordering them to illegal wars – the very guy they were just calling a “nazi”.

      Without State Sanctioned War, these tralierpark morons have nothing – nothing – to show off. They’ll rush headlong into Muzz War 7.8 and ignore the Miggers flooding over the border who’ll rape their grandma. They deserve eradication by The Beast

    • The problem is permission.

      I have learned that the VAST majority of soldiers and cops need orders. FORGET what you have seen on TV or the movies about a maverick, vigilante cop who runs off the reservation. Those cops do not exist in real life.

      Cops and soldiers can’t teach us what we need. Criminals can. And the richest, most powerful criminals run this world, write all the laws, and operate the prisons.

      “We reject any kind of violence directed toward members of law enforcement,” the statement read. “It cannot and will not be tolerated.”….but we accept violence toward the public. Priceless.

    • Also, think about “want.”

      People “want” what they spend time and money on. Not wishes without doing. You have to invest yourself. This isn’t capitalism where we can pay someone to do all the nigger-work while we sit in the mansion, supervising.

      You get what you fight for, not a penny more. I hope you can see how different our direct action people are from SEAL team 6, the marines, SWAT, or any of them. To do it all yourself, without permission is completely different.

      • ryu noted:
        To do it all yourself, without permission is completely different.

        And yet…here it sits, in the once freest nation on earth – MOG – and “activists” who are totally justified… sit and do nothing, scared to use their freedom.

        If that has truly been successfully bred out of Americans and eradicated there is no hope for a future staffed by the likes of MilleniBrandons…

      • It’s an equation. Does the risk of being caught outweigh the potential profits of action? The equation is shifting to the right. America has less and less to offer the white man.

        I’d never chastise someone for recognizing how hard it is. There are 2 million soldiers and 1 million cops in the USA. But fewer than 1000 direct action incidents. Whatever soldiers or cops fear their first time, a direct action person feels x100. Not to be underestimated.

      • America has less and less to offer the white man

        Yet, there still remains grand white pride in championing St. Rosa Parks, mlk’s dogma and PC as Holy scripture.
        Only when an ignorant and stubborn people, proud of their stubborn ignorance, is brought low will they awaken. With so many enemies – MINOs, neighboring mexico and the USSR, I suspect that awakening comes too late.

      • America has to be destroyed. The money has to run out. We’re not the only country to blame, but with Murka gone, the center is destroyed.

        People aren’t liberal out of ideology. They are paid, they get things for it. When that stops, things will change. I firmly believe that if offered enough money, most liberals would actually work for us. No liberal has had to pay for his beliefs for over 60 years.

        Right now, they can have their cake and eat it, both liberalism and money. But no man can serve two masters for long.

      • America has to be destroyed.

        It is a regressive structural blockage when 97% coloreds vote for an Obama (twice) and only 3% voted McRomney, while 65% of whites would be proud to call the PC Police (antifas) when another white says “nigger”.

        I suspect it will not be whites who revolt and revive a delusional “fourth reich” but coloreds who simply gnaw out the guts (until death) of what remains outside Fortress Manhattan, Castle San Francisco and Citadel Hawaii.

      • I see that as a problem with WN. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians, as they say. Too much internet pontification, not enough real life action. (or at least that is how it appears. I’m sure there are many working quietly in the background.)

        [ed note: close, but still nope: the problem is NOT “too many chiefs” – but NO INDIANS]

      • The above was in response to Ryu’s “People “want” what they spend time and money on. Not wishes without doing. You have to invest yourself. This isn’t capitalism where we can pay someone to do all the nigger-work while we sit in the mansion, supervising.
        You get what you fight for, not a penny more. I hope you can see how different our direct action people are from SEAL team 6, the marines, SWAT, or any of them. To do it all yourself, without permission is completely different.”

        We have become a lazy people but we can retrain ourselves. Patience is key as you put your head down and learn…(or workout, or whatever). Hard work isn’t everything but we can’t do anything without it.

      • I think whites are very hard working. In fact, they work too hard…when it does not profit them. They just think their money will buy anything they want. Not so.

  • White MilleniBrandons are also miscegenating or will be in large numbers. They buy the post racial America ideology, where everything will be fine, and equality for all races is being achieved. MINOs are their superiors and they will treat them right.

    Those who believe in the superior notion of achievement, know that MINOs are intellectually inferior, resentful of excellence and incapable to lead to us as a 1st world nation.

    • Yes. Post-Racial America is…just Post-America.

      My suspicion now grows daily that it is finished – expired. The vision, dream and “grand experiment” has run its course and foundered from the flaws our Founding Fathers never foresaw. They did the best they could and it was grand. Their fatal flaw was believing FutureGENs would and could maintain their standard.

      • Post-America – a nation of slothful idiotards, with no insight and noble underpinnings, a macrocosm of the shithole called the black ghetto.

  • How is the situational awareness of the average New Yorker?

    Ryu: Self indulgent Whites can’t be too smart. Don’t you think?

    You have a demographic that lives off their parents and believe blacks are their equals. That’s your situational awareness of the average White New Yorker in Manhattan, who hasn’t reached middle age.

    • Ryu: Try to commit to discipline and excellence. WNs should be the noble warrior/crusader of some sort. However, don’t have a soft spot for MINOs, that’s the job of the LNs.

      • I have commited to discipline and excellence. I do have a soft spot for some jewesses. All I learn from these jew-list things is how many Hollywood babes are jewish.

        [better to learn is WHOJEW is in politics – real power]

  • Jordies are simultaneously in the best and worst places in regards to changing America; the best, because if the American Napoleon were to dissolve congress and throw Obongo in jail, he and the military would have the political capital to do so because the white public worships the military. The worst, because they’ll always and forever do whatever they’re told to and they don’t want to risk their generous benefits, and the huge preference ex-military receives in the federal hiring system. Even if you aren’t go to get a cushy $500,000 a year consulting gig like Petraeus, you could still get something which pays more than the private sector and involves little work.

    A Malaysian contractor was able to bribe a flag officer for less than a million, plus some whores and nice hotel rooms:

    I can only imagine what the Chinese and Russians could do with their basically infinite budgets.

    [ed note: Chinese and Russians have so much $$$ they’ve bought everybody – plus silence. I believe Bill Xlinton sold them all the secrets they needed to go from rickshaw-shithole to satellite kings in 4 years]

    • So learn Chinese or perish. Russian and Arabic would be nice, too.

    • @ Firepower

      Red China developed atomic weaponry in the 1960s largely with the Soviet Union’s help They also funded and armed communism globally with Mao openly wanting nuclear war. When the Soviets and Chinese became enemies the United States capitalized on the division. By the late 1970s Red China and the United States were allies against the USSR. This was a valuable alliance for both parties politically, economically, and militarily.

  • FP, I think we could just re-print all our old articles from now on. We are years ahead of the others and nothing changes. Things only get worse.

    [ed note: hah and yep: all our MemoryDay Meatbag articles from years ago still ring true. That is the hallmark of True Truth. i.e Sun Tzu’s words are as valid today as they were 2500 years ago]

  • IDK, Megan Fox does have a nice complexion . . .

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