Jordiechild As Renewable Meatbag

by Firepower

I never complain. Complaints are empty.

Mr. President, We Obey Your Decrees

I always have a reason to illuminate an issue: Just as an inventory report of a depleted warehouse is not complaint, but a report.  Complaint is emotional.  I, am not.

The 50-year explanation defines the character of the people you’ll have to work with. If that is also an Ugly Truth, so be it. Better to know the strength of yourself as well as your one true enemy.  The Trite Smugness of that stupid DeMotivational Poster implies that losing a couple kilos of your meat is somehow…good.  Virtuous. Think about that.  The totality of that grand a Mind Fuck is limitless in its appeal to The Stupids.

USG’s recruiting posters avoid mortal horror to maintain morale. Yet, at most official flaggy functions there’s a meatbag in a wheelie salutin’ Old Glory as The Cliché Jets fly overhead or The Weepin’ Widder getting the flag from an Arlington coffin during an official ceremony.

Uncle Beast turns adversity into pride. For instance, tons of WW2 movies show GI Joes getting wasted, but it was to instill hatred and vengeance for the hard work ahead. Then, hard men came forward and battled; today the military media glosses it over and gets… shivering Brandons stricken with PTSD who can’t beat Hajji goatfarmers.  This makes the next Shivering Brandon|NeoJordi as yet unborn “feel” better about jacking-off with burned wrist stumps.

Only ONE movie about Vietnam was made during the 10 years of Vietnam: The Green Berets.

It’s yet another clear, practical application of …

…The Big Lie:  You got burned (literally) and mutilated for “liberty.”  Following The Führer’s Leader’s command is not a dictatorship, oh no… even though that is the very definition of The Leader speaking words, then armies mobilize from his mere utterance.

The JordieChild is a ManBaby. A renewable resource, like trees, ground into packaging for PlayStation cartons and quilted toilet paper.  This renewable resource populates the Military Class of Screamie~Eagle T-Shirt wearers – and that Proud Stumpy in the pic.

What’s Past, Is Prologue

Generations of Huggy-Cuddle!™ turned Murka into the overgrown Kindergarten it now is; perhaps it is time for re-examining a different method – a return to past recruitments. We are outnumbered and it will likely worsen. If we feed kids sugar to make the medicine go down, the first sign of horrible danger will cause them to desert and flee back to PlayStation wombs with their rotten, cavity-filled teeth.

For example: You can’t really blame “Hollywood” for all the crap movies.  I’ve seen Coriolanus and Appaloosa, so Hollywood does make good ones.  But, nobody pays to see them and they go straight to Video.  Murkan Audiences pay to see The Hangover and Pacific Rim.  Hollywood cannot be blamed for stupidity.  Blaming them is the easy way for a people accustomed to the easy way of not doing a Goddamned thing but feed, fuck and fuss.

But in The End, it matters not to me:  Why bother saving a place called Murka – for A Boi Named Brandon?

I won’t be here.

Published on: Nov 19, 2013

31 Responses to “Jordiechild As Renewable Meatbag”

  1. The military is off limits to critique except from other ruling class factions like feminists.

    • There’s no coming back from this far down. The average man worships the military with zeal. It’s unbelievable. I would never have believed that people could worship the enforcers so.

      • Well pussnutz, you’ve never served so you have no idea. All thru history, everywhere, people like you get to make comments without fear of repercussions because the warrior class writes the insurance policy. I would rather die in combat than in a car getting slammed by a drunk teen suffering from “affluenza”. This is the stock you folks – the Bergdahl’s and affluenza teens, come from; that and the idiotic logic and assumptions – mostly wrong, you employ.

      • I do serve….myself. Just like everyone else, including soldiers.

        There is nothing magical or special about being a US soldier. If they can take an 18 year old HS graduate, and turn him into something in 12 weeks, it is not hard.

        8 and 9 year old kids can soldier in Africa. Anyone can do it.

      • Mr. Norwood,

        You kid yourself if you believe that the average MRKN can say openly nasty things about the military without repercussion… It hardly makes sense BECAUSE here you are, just one man, setting to administer said consequences. AND THERE ARE MILLIONS OF YOU!!! But do not fool yourself into believing this is all one warrior class or that no warriors operate outside this radically liberated collective that your pay allegiance to. Do not for a single second attempt to come in here and project your ideal service onto millions of others and then huff and puff when a very few of “us” are not buying the bullocks.

    • You’re sure of that…in order to critique a thing one should have intimate familiarity with it. News casts and magazines, the opinions of people who think as you do don’t mean much. However, your statement does qualify for a bumper sticker.

  2. The US military is clearly the most radically autonomous institution in the global stage. Perhaps mercenary as a whole? It has rapidly revealed itself to be the very cauldron of “Liberation” from the pursuit of the Singularity (through weapons research) all the way to the “universal soldier.”

    That young, white males are continuously persuaded to subsume themselves in this “wildly free” entity can only be understood in that same feeling being conferred to said Brandons. Hundreds of thousands of young, white males see the US military as “wild freedom.” They just never think the moment of competing interests and who always wins and who always loses in those situations.

  3. My final thoughts evolved into they ARE indeed
    Mercs for Murka

    They do not resemble those they fight for. They are white country males fighting for FFOL feminists, coloreds, Hollywood Spielbergs and Manhattan Elites.

    Murkan Politics long ago devolved into the Rock, Paper – MINO! – trump card game. So, only select MINOs can criticize matched pairs. Feminists can criticize Jordi, but so can faggots because they are also a Sexual Preferential Treatment Group: They are also female b/c they cherish the cock.

    My evolution took me from querying the Existence of Jordyism, to understanding it then explaining it.
    My decision is they (as the “iconic” symbol of patriotism)
    …are sadly every bit as stupid, ignorant, mis-educated and lost as ghetto coloreds, emasculated suburban OWS faggots and Obama Voters under 22.

    It’s because they all have one thing in common with their stupidity: They were de-educated in BiGFed’s Government Propaganda Schools by the same FFOL teachas.

    The Proof is: They glorify playing “Dress-Up!” in their costumes and baubles to pose for Pretty Pictures glorifying their BaconFaces and Stumpiness.

    You never saw maimed WW2 Veterans stoop to such tawdry displays because they had no reason to phony-rationalize their ugly loss of meat.

    • Excellent work FP. How far we’ve come from where we started.

      There’s nothing left to save. I like nationalists who make up about 1% of the white population. The rest don’t matter to me.

      All that is left is the pursuit of power. To start our own group and gain some power. I don’t believe in saving the race anymore. Not in Murka at least. There’s no hope here for anything.

    • Firepower? Like what, your piss after a few beers? You haven’t the faintest clue what we are fighting for. Go back to playing World of Tanks.

      • You fight for The Regime. The Liberal System that made it possible to crown your Historic colored Commander-In-Chief. Who then orders you to Ebolafrica to suck the Bone of Bergdahl.

        The same as your father and granddad begging in line at the VA. They got their balls shot off and BaconFaced for Desegregation ~ and MLK to send His Strugglin’ Peeples to ruin your state’s biggest cities –


      • Mr. Norwood,

        Are you actively encouraging your son(s) and/or daughter(s) to enlist? Or, did you? Are you writing your Congress(person) to let them know that after the Pentagon has opened nearly all combat positions to females that you would equally support their mandatory submission to the Selective Service Draft upon their eighteenth birthday? Do you do war in the foxhole next to open homosexuals and under the command of devout dykes? So who fights the war on the homefront in your mind?

      • Mr. Norwood,

        Are you actively encouraging your son(s) and/or daughter(s) to enlist?

        mr. no-wood is a member of the ECoF and thus, only hears within his echo chamber of faggots. he is a faggot of the type that survives only in the forum-vacuum of like-minded mods who banhammer any dissent in questioning his ridiculous enabling of a black racist ruler.

        Here, his childish, circular ‘logic’ of “i fahtfurmuhkuntry because i LOVE MUHKUNTRY!” coupled with “i luvmuhkuntry becuzz i fahtfurmuhkuntree!!!” is not deified with insipid Groupthink tears – but challenged – then mocked for the reverse-fascist he is.

        He is too cowardly to be seen again here, even though he is not banned. Simpering coward faggots only speak with friendlies backing them up – like high-flying Dronists who drop bombs on falafil stands.

      • Hardcore racists are the only ones left who believe in freedom of speech. SPers don’t want to discuss anything. And they won’t attack the right people. They are simply a variant of the American soldier.

      • And they won’t attack the right people.

        SPs are modern Redcoats of the King’s Regiment.

  4. I see you liked that “gentleman” article above. One of the most interesting PUA-like blogs I found was written by an ex-porn chick. It is remarkable as an insight as to how such a person thinks.

    [ed note: THAT’S what Murka wants. the INNERMOAST DEAP thoughts… of an ex-pornstar supported by a male. she gets to write for HuffPo and the NYT. lol the Ferdi~Piggi should get themselves a SugarDaddi]

  5. May I offer a critique, and this goes for anything remotely right wing, pure logic will not overcome the Brandontraining given by what passes for authority these days.

    Soviets came up with a propaganda technique basically labeled; Unfreeze, re-train, re-freeze.

    Our wonderful essays full of logic just bounce off the masses, whose opinions are frozen.

    Now this is why I call for us to be the Social Critics, we will be the blow torches. Now IMO it is a fine line between reactionary whining and being a Social Critic, but I think once you make the crossover you will know it when it happens. And one more thing, it is fun as hell.

    [ed note: I want to learn more about “Unfreeze, re-train, re-freeze” and also, if we could use it.]

    • Ha, logic.

      The same idea that scientists have, that science will save us if only we learn more. The problems of our day are people problems. More technology will not help.

      Most logic bounces off me too. It’s boring to read. There has to be context, like how it will profit you. I will say, in the media’s favor, that they at least entertain people and make them feel good. A good teacher has to be an entertainer and create the desire in the student.

  6. I always welcome critique.

    My Motto is, if you want to insult a man, insult him. If you want to anger him, use criticism; if you want to reach true understanding – use critique.

    It’s true the Left is morally depleted. Further understanding revealed an equally absent conscience of the “Right” – the side purported to be “our side.” The right – all the way to “wn” – is similarly contaminated by Government Schooling and Bread & Circus. That Roman term is now rendered obsolete: I’ve updated it to mean a more compelling, easily understood Candy & Entertainment.

    I’ve known of these things for a long time. Being several steps ahead of the Standard Grecycling Crew has its advantages as well as dis. I disagree that it is fun, for one becomes a Cassandra. I see what is to come.

    The left pleases itself masturbating to fantasies of anticipation of blowing Negr0bama and sucking on Hillary. The Right faps equally hard to VRW. Neither want the truth and especially not The Ugly Truth. That alone is why today there are no men steely and cold enough to fight a World War Two. It is why both sides, Left & Right – lose.

    • Social Critic is not a Cassandra all is lost outfit. Its basically finding a Britnee/Brandon/Mino ect ect and mind fucking their taboo.

      Fuck yeah its all lost, that ship sailed and was fucking sunk a long time ago. My guess the foolish fops that rule us now are transitory to something like being ruled by the Mexican drug cartels, so we better practice our word skills, build up what we can because pretty soon violent savages will rule the FUSA, and those MFers won’t tolerate just mere Limbaugh critique.

      The unfreeze term was wrote about in “The Resistor” by Steven Barry as how the soviets described breaking down a population with propaganda.

      [ed note: i wrote long ago, of Soylent Green Murka and the MINO Master Machine rulers]

  7. I saw an amazing job offer recently. Military encouraged to apply! Sign-spinner. It’s the job of the future.

  8. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Religions that allow euthanasia can be very powerful in armed conflicts.

    • Any society that realistically views life as disposable is formidable.
      Those that over-value it, eventually glorify the weakling.

      The contrast between Murka and China show this.

      • China, however, places too much value on the old compared to the young. This leads to a lopsided demography.

        [ednote: perhaps, but now you’re discussing apples v oranges as compared to our original discussion]

  9. In the future, buzz-cutted steroid-boys in blue will proudly raid homeless camps for their neo-feminist overlords, looking for alimony fugitives and Civil Service dodgers.

  10. There is two Holy Cows in the Murkan Empire: Jews and the Military.

    • Those are the two
      Holy of Holies…

      cows also include all campus sluts who cry “rape” against White Men, any looting colored, all “Dreamaz” from Meh-hee-ko and Hillary’s black book…


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