NeoCon Twitter

by Firepower

Twitter was supposed to be this great big, revolutionary communication tool that “gave the voice back to the people.”

I was supposed to be fucking Lindsay Lohan for those entire eleven months she wasn’t contagious, too.

Alas, twitter is for the sheeeeepul. It’s no different – and effective – than “calling ur congman”. You might as well write fuming letters of Indignant Outrage!™ to the editor at your local if it bleeds it leads TV blowdry crew. (btw, you dipshits “get” that the is a joke, right? No? You really are that hopelessly stupid…)

Conservaginas have their own streak of Blind PC intolerance and love of censorship the same way as Liberals they accuse of communist censorship.  Libtards suck Obama’s cock; conservaginas go for St. Reagan’s donger.

St. Ronnie originated wholesale Migger Amnesty in 1986 – LIUFY.  Conservaginas ignore that. I’ve interviewed old farts who …..….lived during St. Ronald The Perfect’s reign and there was no “economic and jobJobsJOBS© miracle” unless you already had an MBA, because Reagan’s donor pals running the auto companies closed down and moved to Mexico. If you were lousy at STEM back then you were fucked. St. Ronnie did nothing to stem Affirmative Action, either.

BEFORE Bushization and AFTER!

BEFORE Obamaning Facial and… AFTER!

You also can’t criticize Lil’ Pantload Junior’s Adventure into Iraq to “hunt Ossamer and them durn DubyaEmmDeez!” for War Is Good in the neocon view. Fine. I now realize that it is they who bang the drum for war. They just don’t realize it’s their sons who’ll go – and serve under Obamao and change diapers for “out of work” Ebolafricans. Or be the Latest Featured Stumpy on the next weepy-McWeeper Wounded Warriors handout sucking commercial.

Any criticism of Israel is anti-semitic, even though country clodhoppers don’t realize Arabs = Semites, too. They think it’s wise to send troops to fight ISIS and protect Syria’s border 10,000 miles away, but not the Texas-Mex border one foot away. Their foolishness knows no limit, for I remind you: These idiots on “our” side went to the same fucked-up skoolz the hippies went to.

Twitter is SWPL. Conservaginas are the Swippliest of the SWPLs. The people who call for Israel’s war,  in safety from their age or carpal tunnel, while someone else’s sons go to fight are cowards. Those that beat the drum for war (other than against Mexico) and send their own sons are double-fools. Both deserve withering mockery.

My latest shotgun blast always infuriating them is to point out:

Manhattan jews enlisted IN DROVES on 9/12 to avenge their city and “fight the war on turrism” – didn’t they.

See how many jews are on combat KIA lists. Shocker!  This blast always gets them when they start bleating how Israel Needs You! Even FUX News kinda forgets to report that Bibi The Bestest gets protested the fuck out of in Tel Aviv. Oops ~ can’t report that! All conservaginas wanna bleat about is Handsome BiBi getting Standing O’s during his Congress speech…where he wants more of your tax $$$$ to “fight ISIS.”

Smarty conservaginas have won The Right to send their sons and grandsons off to invade everybody – but under total regal command of an Obama, Killary or Liawatha Liz Warren. I’m sure Jebbush will treat ’em better. All they need is to sit on Bushie’s lap and stroke his sideburns while he pins a Purple Heart on their crispy chest skin.

7 Comments to “NeoCon Twitter”

  1. All the major issues are actually settled. The only real “problem” is a particular minority that desires a fundamental separation based on a self-evidently dysfunctional relationship. The white Supremacist can look at Liberalism like a sinful fling and simply ask, “shouldn’t we take some time apart?”

    Ask any Liberal… What would you do to separate from white Supremacy?

  2. Twitter is the latest step in the pursuit of radical global communication. Information warfare hypothesizes a singular message transmitted to all sentient beings in real time NOW. Twitter is just the last step along that progression. There is a post-Twitter application that takes radical global communication to its next level.

  3. Twitter is:
    Leftists & Rightists
    Screaming at each other
    While both wear headphones

  4. “There is a post-Twitter application that takes radical global communication to its next level.”

    What level is this?
    Spinal implants?

  5. To join the System the Neocons did their damnedest to learn and obey the rules, endorsing the MLK holiday shutdown and schmoozing up to Ted Kennedy.

    • To appease “scary coloreds,”
      Conservaginas wished into existence a silver lining scenario of it buying their votes.

      Thus, as Firepower’s Speeding Cliff Model illustrates:

      When Dems rule the nation, it speeds off the cliff at 100 mph,
      and when the GOP rules,
      it speeds off the cliff
      at 50 mph.

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