Memorial Day Info You Can Use

by Firepower

What We Fight For!

On this holiday, I always spend it with friends & family honoring vets we know.  Not fake vets like Fake Tuskegee Guy [gify] whose ass was kissed so much by the MSM it wore away and turned white – to his everlasting shame.  Not his lying part, his ass-turning-white part.  Propaganda Media always protects its own fables and lies; that colored skin is far more valuable today than white.

At The Compound, we cook, barbecue, bring ’em beer, make ’em whiskey sours, let ’em shoot all our guns and clean the arsenal afterwards; it’s a lot of guns.  I also use my extensive cinematic knowledge to bring up discussions about who was hotter – Hedy Lamarr, Betty GrableBrigitte Bardot or Raquel Welch.

While indulging in our shouting matches on politics (isn’t it all, really, just shouting?) during our evil socialist President’s rule, I asked:

If you had to do it again – knowing America would turn out the way it has – would you go through it all again?

I expected the typical trite-tradition answer: Pride in American Greatness. Patriotism. Holy Sacrifice! We suffered so! Hell yes I’d…..

The patriarch and oldest veteran saw the most combat in France & Germany. Not fake Air-Conditioned iPhone combat in comfy Restrepo MuzzVilles for one year, then whining to your PTSD VA shrink at being horrified that you *gasp!* saw ho-wibble vio-wence 😯 after actually enlisting in that nasty military!


He saw years of combat.  Real chop ’em up ultraviolence stuff.  He didn’twhine about it afterward like a fucking cunt, either.

He wrinkled his brow, looked with puzzlement…and anger – angry at his coming answer – and blurted out uncontrollably.

“No!  Hell no – goddamn no. Not that – I’d take my guns to Washington DC instead.”

He meant it, and went on:

I didn’t fight – and see my friends (get fucking chopped up) – just so that sonofabitch could make it so my grandkids can’t walk through the same city I did at their age because now it’s full of goddamn niggers blacks and mexicans spicks and gangs and welfare.  Today’s kids aren’t even taught – and don’t even know – what World War Two even was – and they don’t even fucking care.

He laughingly called me a prick for asking, (well, I am recently accused by A Blogging Wonder® of being a “buzzkill”) and the discussion moved to each vet, who in turn honestly admitted they also would not fight for America – the America of Today. Most said they’d fight against America as it pertained to Washington DC.

As the day went on and the beer went on, gramps especially, kept coming up to me to further explain his reasoning.  Like he had to justify himself to himself.

“I went to protect that America – the America that no longer exists. You know about history and things: It was an America where you could walk the downtowns at night with your sweetheart and window shop in stores at midnight.  Not the filth it is now. But – I’d sure as shit go to help my buddies.”

I asked, “But, what if you could warn your buddies how it would be today – so they’d know like you would?”

“If they knew, they wouldn’t need me to tell them, they wouldn’t do it either, I guarantee it. And the ones that didn’t make it, I swear I’d go back and risk it just so they could stay home. I’d take my chances on that gamble for them – for sure.”

I continued cooking on the grill and gave him the biggest burger to sober him up for the fireworks at dusk.

“I wouldn’t have done it if I’d known they’d give it all away in welfare – that MLK nigger crap taught in schools – Illegal Immigrants* and that affirmative action bullshit. I wouldn’t go for that, but I’d go for you.”

I remember his words every Memorial Day.

(Originally Published May 25, 2012)

50 Responses to “Memorial Day Info You Can Use”

  1. “It was an America where you could walk the downtowns at night with your sweetheart and window shop in stores at midnight.” That is sweet. I live in a place where this seems to still exist, but I still wish I could live in the time of my grandparents.

    “You were such a cute kid… I just don’t know, how you turned out so damn funny-lookin’.” lol Prove it! 😉

  2. I don’t know how useful these old holidays are. It’s worse than constantly quoting the constitution, the founding fathers, and so on. That America is dead and over with! We need new ideals, new holidays. All the old stuff is tainted.
    [i stopped putting up the flag long ago. if a vet would rather take his Garand to the Capitol – what’s the point. that story of the Bastogne Paratrooper who watched his wife raped by the black thug – ultimately, that is what he fought for]

    • I once had an interesting conversation with someone about the demerits of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I’m curious to know if there are any holidays you would preserve and why and what you would like to see celebrated.
      [Celebrate Jefferson’s bday. but, holidays are not “holy” days anymore in America. Remembrance is a luxury for those – who


      to remember. this weekend will be about burgers n’ beer – like every american weekend. honoring war dead is a futile exercise for those who weren’t taught when Vietnam was fought, and honoring the dead is a somber disgust for us who see the results of what they actually died for]

  3. I walked the vets cemetery.
    The last vets who died from around here were in Vietnam.

  4. What you should ask him is why didn’t he pick up his rifle for real and go to work when he saw the shit happening.
    Kind of like he let down the men who did die him being scared of death himself in the face of his country turning to shit.
    A lot of things are worse than death.

  5. only take about a thousand men shooting up certain clubs to send the right message
    [muzz do it all the time, don’t they. must erase the white male kamikaze urge to get caught and make a ‘statement’ make 100 statements before the baggie…]

  6. i feel kind of letdown really by my dads generation of pussies although hey we are following in their footsteps cause they didn’t lead the way.
    Or when i brought up like killing a nice amount of the trash in my area my dad was always like but there are good negros too you can’t do that bla bla bla

  7. go to hell bla bla bla

    jesus bla bla bla

  8. instead of telling me yes that would be an honorable thing to do son trying to help others not be killed or beaten or fucked up for no reason other than they white

  9. i was always willing to be a martyr for the cause i just never got permission should of had muslim parents he he he

  10. I wonder what Paris’s nipples are made of?
    [the teeny dead hearts of irishmen :)]

  11. Yeah those were the days eh? You knew what you were fighting for. Japanese, Germans, Koreans.
    Nowadays you send your soldiers to fight for Israel.
    [dint u rrrred me article froom lil’ Noigel? we fight for Saudis]

    • Yeah – I read your article. Maybe you do some fighting for the Saudis and who can blame you.
      You can do both.
      Do the Israelis make F15’s – no, F16’s – no, Apache helicopters – no, Hellfire missiles – durrr nope!
      In fact the American taxpayer gives these items FOC to Israel.
      Good of them.
      Don’t believe me watch the level of Uranium enrichment increase in Iraq!
      Just sayin
      [we have to build up the Israeli Boogeyman so the Saudi’s slaves have someone to hate]

  12. except they identified and new what the problem and where the internal war was just they didn’t do anything about it

  13. watching josey wales
    [that reminds me, I’ll go watch Kelly’s Heroes and Where Eagles Dare if I get back in time this weekend]

  14. All this will be repeated July 4.

  15. Hey you greacycled yourself! Well, there’s not much to add. It’s only gotten worse since then.

    • Yepp – why add to perfection.

      Congratulate me for stamping a date on it…to show my prescience. Not as a GLP/rooisshy Poon Post #504.4A-2 variant nine-zed hiding it’s repetitive origin.

      It is indeed much worse now; that means…it will also be worse next Maim-0-rial Day.
      Those hallowed, gilt words chiseled in Porphyry & Jade only sweeten with prescient wisdom from the daily proofs heaped upon their altar of Prophecy.

  16. It’s so cliched now.

    I went to the grocery store. Already there was some old dude selling those plastic flower things, begging for the Wounded Warrior Jordie fund.

    I’d like to be able to justify sympathy for white soldiers. If only these old guys would publicly discredit their service. “I fought the wrong enemy. I should not have joined. I should have marched on DC.” But none do. I can’t stand for dropping into Germany and killing Krauts.

    I want to find a way to offer these guys a way to redeem themselves before they die. I cannot honor them as they sit. WW2 vets would make great suicide bombers. They can’t do much, but that they can do. It beats what is coming, when some mino in DC or NYC decides if they get to be treated or not.

  17. My uncle is a multidecade vet and said hardest part of retirement was getting used to civilians who piss away life.

    Debate Answers: Hedy Lamarr and Raquel Welch.

  18. I “served” in the US Army (infantry) for four years. I joined bc: 1. I wanted combat, survival, and weapons training. 2. I needed college money. 3. Between 17-21 there aren’t many career options that are worth a shit. In return Unca Sam got a functional and well-oiled cog for his war machine. If Unca wanted someone shot, bayoneted, mortared, machine-gunned, or blown away with a hand-grenade, well so be it. If I had been badly injured or killed, well so be that too. Life’s a bitch sometimes. Nothing personal against the little brown folks, but a deal’s a deal. I did what I promised to do, and Sam did what he promised to as well. No shame in my game. I never bother with all of the “proud veteran” stuff though. I knew what I was there for and i did what i did for my own reasons.

  19. 2 years. Time flies, doesn’t it? Are you a better wn than you were two years ago?

    Are we any closer to the goal? Certainly there’s more wns around. Race is becoming a common news story. I’ve still got 2025 in my mind.

    I’m looking for more young and old men to get involved. Why aren’t the WW2 gen raging? The way things are going, there won’t be any white men left to remember them anyway, it can’t be legacy. One would think with death as a certainty, there’d be a desire for payback.

    • Yes. I am much better. I am more efficient in how I formulate new concepts and then, explain them to others.
      The others…now that’s where the problem lies.

      WW2 gen presents problems.
      Most are dead. Most of that best also died “over there.”

      Many are frauds. Murkans are eager to bestow honor on “heroes” because their deteriorating republic forces them to fixate on extracting something good from The Nation of Shit; it’s why we have VRW/ScreamyEeeegle AVs searching for some dumbass BaconFace to pin medals on.

      Many purported “vets” get Automatic Honor from gullible Murkans simply because they have the appropriate wrinkles & gray hair for the age group when they stayed at home in the rear with the gear.

      Fuck, everybody was at “D-Day” since Saving Ryan’s Privates came out and unleashed the floodgates of TearFest 2000. Not many old bastards admit they were in the Quartermaster Corps bellyrobbing troops – or shoveling shit in Alabama.

      Even revered grayheads fake shit of stolen valor – like a Jungle Freak Nam “vet”

  20. Crickey, the liquor I’m brewing just moved up a whole notch! Good man myself – keep it up.

  21. Nice story about your veteran relatives though in fairness m8, I felt ……moved.

    [in all sincerity, thanks. you may now resume swinging on the union jack on the Cenotaph]

  22. Raquel Welch.

    All in all, this post is making me re-think the concept of honor. What does it even mean for a military that does its best fighting from an isolated control room? Hell, what does it mean for a society based on mass-consumption of imported goods and a collective distaste for the truth? Probably “NOTHING”, but I’ll let you know if my concept changes.

    • That word shouldn’t be used in the USA. No soldier has fought to defend our freedoms in the last 50 years. It’s not Osama running the NSA, or the president of Iran running the VA, or Kim Jong running Guantanimo. The greatest threat to freedom is the USG itself. Soldiers should know that most of all.

      Do what you want. Do what it takes. Today one is either a corrupt rich dude or a working stiff. I don’t see the “honor” in being a good slave when the master isn’t worthy of respect.

  23. Please thank your “patriarch” for his service. The country isn’t what it once was, but his generation in its time made the country great. The world needed him and he rose to the occasion.

    • I will thank him for you.
      But remember: What they fought for – is how this country turned out.

      There is no Brokawian “Greatest Generation.”
      This is the group that also raised and gave you the scourge of over-indulged Boomers – which morphed into The Plague of Socialist Hippies that destroyed America with their PC Wetdreams of Liberalism & Diversity.

      Old Farts are the Gen that demanded – demanded – integration and civil rights for coloreds.

      There is a Greatest Generation, but it also is contaminated; it bears full responsibility for sitting idly by during
      The Greatest Desecration.

  24. ‘This isn’t the Britain we fought for,’ say the ‘unknown warriors’ of WWII

    • ha. 2 years after I wrote this and 5 after conceiving it…now even the UK Daily Mail gets the picture – sort of.

      They are soft and don’t go far enough.

      They bemoan

      “This Land of Hope and Glory is just a land of yobs and drunks!”

      And only show white scum while completely ignoring their pakis, coloreds and miggers causing most of the damage – as the London Colored Riots show.

      Their land is a land of yobs and drunks – and colored scum. It’s not just the typical, overused loser~white saying seeking the shoulder to cry on: It IS the total reality.

      This is why I founded Eradica – to fill in the gaps.

      • Two years who knew? UK a different place now? I hope so. Maybe the pendulum has started to swing. I visited the UK recently,
        What struck me most was how the Brits modify their speech to a politically correct sound.
        Cameron is an aristocratic cunt by the way, Only moderately better than the twitchy little commie kike he beat.

        Yeah looking back at it, you were right about Paris – “Somehow, I don’t think there’s a thing nice about her.”
        Her nips don’t cut it any more.

      • I was listening to the radio this morning on a Memorial Day, and a Millenial Brandon who just returned from fighting in Iraq, now lives in Manhattan (of all places), called the show and said he looks at disgust at his fellow generational cohorts who are so apathetic and hedonistic, sipping on their expensive lattes, and eating their expensive restaurant meals, not having any insight as to what goes with the grander scheme of things. Why should they?

      • Fuck that JordiTard.

        The wisest GENBrandon! fuss, feast & fuck.
        Only idiots get baconfaced for Iraqis who won’t fight for their “precious nation”

      • Yes, he’s an idiot. Memorial Day is just another day off for more play.

      • fuck vets i sez;

        i spend my memdaze tweeting them every vile StumpiJordi article from Eradica.

        They really are so fucking dumb, they retweet them all to their clique of flagwaving baconfaces provided I disguise and re-title it “HEROVets!” or “Wounded Worriers”

        and plaster my favorite propaganda pic lol :

      • Regarding GENBrandon, there was another show I listened to, where they said many of them are now going through an early midlife crisis. Not sure about that, but they are a lost generation, who just know how to play their tech toys and rave on social media.

        All I have to say, everything in Murka is now bleh….

        [ed note: i attest that even GENBrandons! who showed “dedication” to Eradica are unanimously mediocre]

  25. Jeb will be just as keen to spend your tax dollars supporting your kike overlords and their kike plots.

    Meanwhile the showbiz kikes can make TV shows to keep the Brandons “having any insight as to what goes with the grander scheme of things.” – on message.
    Maybe throw a couple of niggers into the cast, to enhance that -“we’re all in it together feeling”. How about a Spick who’s good at throwing knives? And a girl with B cup tits as the boss.

    • no shit.
      you missed a LOT when away:
      Firepower’s Speeding Cliff Model
      How BOTH Leftist & Conservative Elites Control You
      Conservagina* Versions of PC

      • Thanks for the update.
        Looks like the lads and lasses at Fox have taken to reading the Guardian. And maybe done some headhunting at the BBC. Perhaps, Political Correctness, is like a pox. The good news is that it also seems to be like a fashion, flared trouser thinking.
        I don’t know if its me, but a lot more people, seem to see it for the disease it is, In the UK, Paki rapists of school girls were “yoofs” but now they are “men of Asian origin” (Asian means Paki, in UK English btw).

        Maybe my glass is half full. I live in hope.

  26. I’m grateful for your grandfather’s service and sacrifice. That last sentence, made me cry.

  27. Propaganda is wielded more effectively against schoolchildren than veterans. Better return on investment too.

    [ed note: a true observation and one worth internalizing, then spreading to your friends/associates as fast as you can]

    • It’s easier to fill an empty glass than a full one. I agree. White kids are amenable to wn propaganda. If I had a burning desire to go to prison, I could build our army.


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