Johnnie Got His Gun (1971)

by Ryu

…but it’s what happened afterward that’s interesting.

JGHG is about a Jordie in WW1 who becomes a quadruple amputee with no face. He can’t talk or see either. He is essentially trapped inside his own mind with no way to communicate to outsiders.

This movie is from 1971. Because it is so old, you can expect alot less “action” and more plot. It’s slower paced and more human than modern movies.

JGHG consists of memory flashbacks and what is happening in Jordie’s present. Something amazing happens at 1:17 in. By banging his head against the pillow, he can use Morse code and he finds a nurse who will listen.

The ending is especially important. When Jordie finally learns how to communicate with the outside world, the military wants to cover it up. After all, it wouldn’t be very motivational for young soldiers to see what ….….their future could be. He is locked into a utility closet and the sympathetic nurse is fired from his case,

This movie would never be made today. No “army strong” Jordie imagines himself a basket case with no face. The US military is very careful that the McStumpys are shown only briefly to the public. Naturally they are all smiling and competing in the Wounded Warrior Olympics or whatever it is.


Recently there was a much milder case. This Jordie got his legs blown off and had a colostomy bag. He couldn’t even screw his wife anymore. He decided to off himself because he couldn’t stand being an invalid. Because this would damage public morale and recruiting, he was not covered by most MSM sources.

Defeating the US military is pretty easily actually – just aim for the heart. Ever since Vietnam, that’s been the weakness. Every soldier strongly believes that he is a hero for defending YOUR freedoms. You must constantly worship him and his uniform, thanking him for his “service.”

A Jordie must choose between his pride at being a HeroSoldier or the fact that America is losing its freedoms. To maintain the lie that he did the right thing, he closes his eyes to the state of the union. Thus, Jordie is convinced that America is the greatest country on Earth and that he is its defender. And it will stay that way, no matter how bad things in Murka get. The human need for appreciation in action – so powerful a motive that men will kill or risk their lives to get it.

17 Comments to “Johnnie Got His Gun (1971)”

  1. It should be noted here that the author and screenwriter of “Johnny Got His Gun”, Dalton Trumbo, was not only blacklisted by McCarthy’s House UnAmerican Activities Committee, he was also an avowed old school Socialist.

  2. Trumbo was a member of the CPUSA- JGHG was Trumbo’s contribution to what was the party line during the period of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. On June 22, 1941 war became glorious again.

  3. The movie could only have been released during the Vietnam War-a war that YKW’s, except for some fanatical anti-Stalinist Cold Warriors like the legendary Max Shachtman, didn’t think served their interests. The Second Iraq War was unquestionably even more stupid than Vietnam, but no Hollywood remake of JGHG or release of anything similar.

  4. Trumbo was a Jew and a Communist. Heads up.

    • He was blacklisted by Hollywood.
      He wrote Spartacus for Kirk Douglas, another jew.

      The Communist influences of the movie are apparent today, but not wholly repellant when compared to the Romans/Dictators in charge of Today’s Murka.

  5. JGHG is also a centerpiece for a Metallica song – and video Sanitarium;

    Trumbo’s “peeece luv n’ anti-war, man!” spiel – like all commies – is only trotted out when anti-communists war against Communism, as in Vietnam. When commie filth like Trumbo want their version of “justice” they cum all over themselves fapping to Spartacus’ revolution, Castro and Hot Commie Posterboy Hunk, Che.

    ALWAYS – when the fight is FOR Communism against Nationalism or Whites – commies SCREAM FOR WAR and applaud it, like Waco and the IRS persecution of the TEA Party.

    • Well that sounds mightly familiar – being pro war when it’s for your cause.

      Ha ha ha, colostromy bag. I thought that was right. Good catch.

  6. I read this book back in High School. It was recommended by some jewish kid I knew who grew up to make Zombie porno movies or something. I’ve never seen any of those either but apparently he made a lot of money. Got back in touch with him recently but he disappeared after reading my blog. Heh heh.
    Anyway, maybe it’s because I was 16 or 17 when I read it, but I seem to remember the high point in the book was when he got a hand-job from the nurse.
    Anyway, I seem to remember the author was a communist.

  7. The enemy of my enemy may or may not be my friend. I recently watched the BBC production, “The Century of the Self,” which was recommended in the comments section here on eradica a little while ago – same thing – one group of jew psychiatrists led by Eddie Bernays and Anna Freud are confronted by another group of jews led by Herbie Marcuse and other Frankfurt Schoolers.

    Warning: The above movie is jew, through and through. The narration is pretty funny and I would laugh is I could. The basic message is that people are gullible and easily manipulated – especially if you lie to them.

  8. Jaysus – Imagine being burnt to a fucking crisp (US Trans – potato chip) and then they rebuild you to look like a nigger. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Someone have a heart and send that guy a rope.

    • Someone have a heart and send that guy a rope.

      fuck that moron.
      he volunteered.
      nobody “forced” him to become an unfuckable meatbag so he could build roads for iraqi boys to use to flee ISIS.

      i mock him.
      u play, you pay.

      the only reason worthy of such hideous misery is getting baconfaced FIGHTING FOR YOUR OWN LIBERTY

      • No you’re right, damn you. I guess I’m just an old softy. Let him buy his own rope.
        In before you tell me a bullet and bottle of whisky would be cheaper.

  9. The message was clear…ly deceptive.

    War is hell…

    But Hell is genuine radical autonomy and war may be the only proof “we” have of still being alive.

  10. Reality is more horrible than we can imagine.

    Conservatives deny this because of the mysterious force of Jesus, who is secretly in charge of everything.

    Liberals deny this because of the mysterious force of socialist progressivism – which secretly put them in charge of everything,

    • My favorite knife to stick in Republicants is:
      “then G-Ziss MUST WANT coloreds to rule Murka”
      Thus, Obama is His will.

      First, Gawd was a Jew
      Then a Christian –
      And now it seems the fickle bastard is
      A Muzlim…

  11. Wow. His last name is GERMAN.

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