Megyn’s Meatbags

by Firepower

Did ya know…there’s two types of Government Employee!

Note Megyny departed for Maternity Leave. She’s not having a baby with one of these McStumpys (god no! like, ick!)  Her hubby-wubby stayed 20,000 miles safely away from awwdat icky shwapnel!  All Meginy’s men did and do.

Kelly’s first marriage was to Dr. Daniel Kendall, MD a Manhattan Doctor and MD of anesthesiology.   Anesthesiologists are the highest paid of all medical doctors. Regular doctors are merely stinking rich.  Manhattan Doctors are 400 levels above even that lofty perch – and just about the only type fit for a…… Conservative Barbie Doll with TV-sized fame.  If you can switch the name around – like, “Doctor Kendall Daniels MD” – you are in prime WASP moneyville.  Forbes Stevens.  Gates Williams.

In 2008, she married up the Patriotic Grrl Foodchain: Douglas Brunt, President and CEO of Authentium Inc.[8] who is now a full-time writer and novelist.  From pampered Software King to pampered Squire Writer. Hey – now why didn’t I do that gig?!?  Big Doug no doubt was overwhelmingly busy in marketing meetings with Senior FaceBook VP’s and Amazon reps to enlist and avenge that smoking WTC hole in the ground 4 blocks from where he eats his $297 steaks.

Are there such things,
as tears …
In Fair Authenium??

Don’t worry Baconfaces! Doug will now do all your fuckin’ & breedin’ for ya. Brave Boi!

Nope! There’s TWO TYPES OF BIGov employee!  One white, the other…MINO. One gets to do all the STEM drudgery – and find IEDs with his face – the other gets to cha-cha!

Now, gang – let’s play… Count The White Males! 

(Hint: just don’t count that former white – and crispycritter in da middle – with the new permanent 3rd degree Army Tan!)

Hey! It Looks JUST LIKE an NFL Team!

Hey! It Looks JUST LIKE an NFL Team! LOTS of Blacks & MINOs!

Compare the gender & ethnicity of those Maimed Meatbags above to that IRS Dance Party: Note any diff?

IRS Conga Line: Hey! NOW It’s Majority Affirmative Action Minorities! Pure Magic!

Sneef! Ah fill so durn prowd uh servin muh cuntree!

Servin’ a Kuntry wif a MINO-staffed IRS to sniff out Tea Party Traitors is what it’s all about, Jordie.

Be sure and donate donuts to the growing ranks of unfuckable wheelchair meatbags. Send your coins to: Megyn-ie’s Maimed McStumpys, Inc.

Jordie: Thanx fur fighting for America, keeping Pedro’s Green Card safe for Lil’ Hajji.

Thanks for protecting the FFOL’s LN IRS freedom to continue its MINO employees sticking a telescope up the ass of the TEA Party that your mom & dad joined back home. Thanks for getting plastic legs… for “freedom”.

I really mean it!

Sincerely – kthxbai!!
see glossary, dipshit: FFOL = Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism. LN = Liberal Nazi

WHAT white guys die4

35 Responses to “Megyn’s Meatbags”

  1. One project we need to start is discouraging enlistment by our people. Go any place there are recruiters and tell the fish they are going to get a hook in their mouth.

    • Ever simpler, just impose ENLIST TODAY or something similar over stumpy images and hand them out.

    • Merely superimposing “ENLIST TODAY” over stumpy images is not effective propaganda: The message will be ignored as “anti-murkanism” like that Kill Faggots Preacher and instead be seen as the very reason to enlist. Remember you are dealing with stupid people who are also brainwashed.

      Their indoctrination into believing they fight for Apple Pie must be slapped with the reality of what they really die for.

      Superimpose “Enlist for Obama’s IRS” or
      “Enlist for Hilary’s BENGHAZI” packs more hurt.

  2. Reblogged this on Deconstructing Leftism and commented:
    Getting maimed not for “freedom”, but for the New World Order, which isn’t that new.

  3. It’s hard to argue with pictures. White men die to protect fems and minos. Man those guys have been suckered. Limbs blown off to do the enemy’s work. That spic guy is well done, extra crispy.

    [ed note: ha – bet ya it’s NOT a beaner. betya it’s a white. told you: he’s sportin’ that new “Jordie Tan” you hear so much about]

  4. Brilliant article Firepower, our white men in uniform make the ultimate sacrifice to defend ‘murka’. I would like to use historical examples for why it is not necessarily bad to have white people like us in the military. During the Spanish Civil War, the Spanish military and officer corps were predominantly anti-communist traditionalists who were able to annihalate the organized forces of communists, anarchists, and unions which composed the Republican gov’t. If the military had not been composed of conservatives, it is doubtful that various groups such as: the Catholic Church, fascists, monarchists, and and anybody with half a brain would have coalesced to defeat organized leftism.

    Also, during the Yugoslav civil war, the predominant group that composed the former Yugoslav military was the Serbs. Before NATO interferred in the conflict the Serbians put their training and equipment to use to almost exterminate Bosnian muslims. If NATO had not interferred it is likely we would have seen trash groups cont’d

    • cont’d

      like muslim Bosnian and Albanians exterminated.

    • Not only Murka, but all Western civilizations like the UK and Sweden have destroyed themselves.

      This was done by whites – white males of Liberal Nazism. They bear more blame than any mino, any colored. This was/is done purely to control other White Males; our type.

      Perhaps the only modern, recent Society of White Males to buck this trend were the Serbs.

      • There’s always many unique concepts on Eradica you’ll not hear anywhere else. That’s why I started it: I’m sick of The Daily Outrage!® on every other site. Not just that, but their sickening repetition of TDO.

        I know Ryu Niggerspickiked his way out of there to bravely Speak Truth To Power and give That Darn Rooshi a piece of his mind! So, I’m very sure Rooshi now feels great shame and embarrassment at finally learning The Truth, after banning such a great poster and will now reform and…blah blah.

        As Ryu emphasizes, (most) battles are won not by a brazen, headlong charge into the front line, but are a slow process of infiltration and insurgency – especially when we are the True Minority, surrounded by dim, insensate clods. He who silently snipes and gets away lives to snipe another day.

        Duh: It’s just like negging. You must do it with subtlety.

        I’m pretty sure I can still post there, but never read his shit anymore; haven’t for years. It’s The Same Shit he wrote six years ago but back then it was fresh – and good. Jenn can post there still, but she has nice tits.

        No doubt, El Rooshbo read
        …and got a “sudden” revelation from out of the blue – like a miracle, even!

        Roissy leads the DC Nexus of Rooshi & Piggi & Foney|Ferdi|Forney 2.0. They copy Roissy and he astoundingly lets them drag him down by blogrolling their Hackery.

        Your comment echoes the many I make in an (as yet) unpublished final PUA FAIL Series article on Roosh.

      • I’d rather not spend that time at Roosh’s.

        We have more pressing concerns. Roosh is nothing. The real enemy is ourselves. Success is the best recruitment tool in the world.

      • I found your comment Jay:
        “So, let me get this straight… you are a swarthy Middle Easterner who has an utter obsession with Slavic women, so much so that you spend years in FSB countries attempting to bang them. Green and Blue eyes, then, innit? Yet you rail against people who may just want to, you know, make sure those women are still in existence in the next few decades? Got it…

        Sorry, you shit is kinda weak brah. Why don’t you do a Bang Zimbabwe, or a Bang Congo next, you fucking phony.

        The Great Unmentionable Truths, are the hardest ones to swallow. Real Talk, which is the only kind I know”

        Roosh is not a fiend of ours. He never was. It’s pointless to argue with him.

      • but that is a small comfort for the very group who caused the war to kill 10 million best white men and opened the door for minos.

        if there were a white tribe which deserves total extermination, it is the Serbian tribe.

      • How so. I see Serbs as the only righteous White combatants to eradicate Muzz. My fault with them is how quick they submitted to our lecher in chief.

        You might as well blame whites for slavery and bringing coloreds to their shore, then blame them again for not eradicating the black mold or shipping it back.

  5. That picture is a picture of a lot of failure of fathers to do the very basics. We already know this generation of white sons is drone training on a daily basis for hours on end. There will be a real bitterness 10-15 years from now when these young white sons learn what they should have been taught so many years before by their fathers. But make no mistake, a concerted, viral campaign to disrupt the recruitment effort of the USG could have a WN get his self- fulfilling prophecy violently realized.

    It starts local and really doesn’t need to go much farther.

  6. It’s the case in many empires that the oppressed make up a large percentage of the best military troops. It’s a reaction to their emasculation by the imperial system ( the Irish and Scots units in British service being good examples). Proving their manhood in the only way the system allows them to; them dying is just a bonus for that system.

    • Good point.

      The Irish and Scots were agricultural societies that bred like Catholic bunnies, so the other choice was dreary hunger on a straw farm. They were rewarded well for service.

      In Murka, Brandon can stay in mom’s basement and have her bring home Taco Bell so CoD XXXVII matches won’t be interrupted. His reward for getting his dick blown off is recuperation in a rat-filled, mino-staffed VA hospital, then a “scholarship” to community college his dumb ass will flunk out of – or won’t even use.

      That’s City Brandon. Country Brandon has the agri part.

      Jordie may not tire and grow wise to the FFFOL MuslimWar Meatgrinder as he did for Vietnam. Even with the Internet, Today’s Brandon and Tomorrow’s Justin are far dumber than a 1970 guy with a transistor radio and 3 TV news channels.

      It is their contrasting, opposite relation to a Belief System in their country. One was raised on John Wayne movies, the other videogames.

      We must affect a new anti-government spirit that infected and killed an unjust war.

    • This is why I am pro-Skinhead.

      Our enemies commandeer our good men for their nefarious purposes, and they ARE good men, only misguided. Most manly men are not intellectuals and will never be happy sitting in meetings learning WW2 history etc. or even participating in the election process. They need to be physically active. Skinhead type groups are what is needed, dispite the bad press they’ve recieved. (Did you expect them to get good press?)

      Obligatory disclaimer: I’m not suggesting the groups commit crime. I know Skinheads who are into learning martial arts etc. I’m sure they never get in street fights. 🙂

  7. Last year someone from around here died in Afghanistan and was hailed a hero. I had a difficult time trying to separate the many issues involved. He may have been a brave, decent person, but the war itself has nothing to do with our freedom. Hardly anyone wants to hear this.

    What really disturbs me is how all the technology we’re using over there ends up here, being used against us: drones, noise weapons, the mark of the beast ID system…

  8. This article has made me think of the Turkish janissaries. I doubt many janissaries broke their programing and escaped back to their homeland in Bulgaria or wherever. Janissaries were probably in for life – Jordies are probably the same, no?

    • ‘This article has made me think of the Turkish janissaries’

      Is that the army that was made up of White Christian slaves? IIRC they were used by the Ottomans for several hundred years before being disbanded. And they only rebelled a few times. That shows what effective brainwashing and training can do: make drone-like soldiers that go against their biological instincts and kill their own kind. It wouldn’t be surpirising if it was Janisarries that were used to besiege Vienna.

      The Janissary brainwashing is as effective as modern day brainwashing that Firepower just mentioned:
      “superimposing “ENLIST TODAY” over stumpy images is not effective propaganda: The message will be ignored as “anti-murkanism” “

  9. Great article but it’s worse than that.

  10. Jordie may not tire and grow wise to the FFFOL MuslimWar Meatgrinder as he did for Vietnam. Even with the Internet, Today’s Brandon and Tomorrow’s Justin are far dumber than a 1970 guy with a transistor radio and 3 TV news channels.

    The only optimistic/hopeful response I can give to that is that pre-2004, it was just TV. Then youtube “completed” the internet by allowing suppressed videos to get a very wide audience. There were legal fights over this, but Google Inc. is more powerful than most governments now, and as the Snowden thing showed us, had made a deal with TPTB by 2007.

    Brandon and Justin are dumber than ever but have more raw material to work with.

  11. Vanilla Sky was about a dude whose life unraveled from disfigurement.

    This movie released months after 911 it would never be made nowadays.

    • Vanilla Sky was haunting then.
      Don’t know if it still would have that impact.
      Must watch it again.

      Check this out:

      These dimwits still can’t stop from tripping over their dicks to pat themselves on the back for FAHTN’ FUR Obama’s IRS Regime TEA Partying and Benghazing the entire nation.

      Wish they’d just STFU. They’ve been so totally indoctrinated to fighting for coloreds they can’t even ADMIT their Wounded Warrior tin cup does NOT resemble the IRS Dance Party, a Chicago Teacher strike – or an NFL team.

      They look like rural hayseeds after a good milling.

  12. This nonsense is going on because the USA doesn’t have good euthanasia laws. If it did, they could simply retaliate by disfiguring Taliban warriors, saying: “We’re not Russians!”

  13. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Euthanasia necessary to win wars?

  14. I’m starting to suspect most whites have a deep masochistic streak. It’s really the only explanation.

    Those chopped up caucasians in the photo above probably feel GOOD about their sacrifice benefiting others once their pain meds kick in.

    • The twisted feeling of pride
      in being mutilated into a monster
      For Obama’s Keedz

      Is the DIRECT RESULT
      Liberal nazi BIGov Skool Propaganda indoctrination


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