The Mark Owen Limited Edition “No Easy Day” Special Mission Carbine

by Ryu

…comes with autographed copy of “No Easy Day.” Only $4,995.99!

This post and that gun is real. Mark Owen is “the killer of Osama bin Laden.” He cashed in with a book “No Easy Day.” Since that time he has been giving TV interviews and seminars at gun shows.

America WORSHIPS its military. This makes revolution impossible because the soldiers and police are stabilizing forces in favor of the current regime. You cannot fight the system while admiring its protectors. Soldiers enforce the USG’s will abroad and cops enforce it domestically.

The commercialization of American military worship is happening. There’s the…….. American Sniper Chris Kyle workout program. The Mark Owen “No Easy Day” Carbine. The Pat Tillman moveable action figure.

Most ex-military do not become celebrities. They will have a variety of knee, back and shoulder injuries. They will be lucky to receive treatment at some third world VA hospital staffed by blacks and Filipinos. They will have no job waiting when they get out. Most will probably be driving the beer truck, which is my favorite exmil story:

I’ve included links below to the Chris Kyle workout program and the Mark Owen carbine. This is a limited time TV offer! Call now! But wait, there’s more…

17 Comments to “The Mark Owen Limited Edition “No Easy Day” Special Mission Carbine”

  1. Surprised that there’s no ‘Brawndo’ on that supplement list.

    • It’s all part of the JordieConveyor that keeps stupid white boiz itchin’ to faghtfurmurka.

      The number of “conservative republicans” chomping at the bit to invade ISIS (for fucking Killary Klinton no less,)
      is astounding.

      • FP, in my mind at least, it is now well established that America is finished. The question is what to do about it.

        Poolside is not satisfying, because there is no progression. As a white supremacist, I do wn for myself now. Most white Americans are beyond saving. Not because they are stupid, but because they have other priorities. Their careers, bills, and TVs are more important than their future.

        WN is unique because what can be done depends upon many, not just a few. You can’t make a horse drink water. Maybe one day that will change. Until then, we just have to make productive use of the time.

      • They have other priorities, which makes them unsuspecting of the more important issues.

        Just walk around any major American city and watch White people frolic and enjoy themselves. You can descend into their level if you want, but because one who thinks outside of the box, it’s a very hard thing to do. It makes you feel very unnatural.

        It’s everywhere in the Western World, but in the English Speaking Nations, especially America, is the most deeply affected.

        [yes. all western nations; then in order, worse are the english speaking ones and finally, Murka]

      • If Murka is not a physical wasteland, it’s most certainly a cultural one. Watch and listen to the media, and notice how inane the chattering has become.

      • JS…

        Be honest… How much of the U.S. have you actually traveled?

  2. This is all part of the JordieConveyor that keeps stupid white boiz itchin’ to fightfurmurka.

    The number of “conservative republicans” chomping at the bit to invade ISIS (for fucking Killary Klinton no less,)
    is astounding.

  3. I’ve had fun posting comments like Whites committed so many crimes they should voluntarily remain childless.

  4. There are many things one can do now. I will list some ideas to choose from. 1 Be a monkey wrench in the system using tools introduced by Ryu. 2 Bleed the beast. Learn how the miggers do it. Tell your friends how to do it. 3 Make money. Save money. Dont keep it in dollars though. Buy safe houses. 4 Hit the streets Heimbach style. (If you dont really want to be employed anyway). You will get your adrenalin rush. 5 Start a business. Take out a small business loan with GASP a White woman. WW are still consided a minority so partner up.

    • They all work. Everything but forming groups for pamphletting or votes.

      • Both Ryu & Erinica are more effective when they promote the Eradican View on places like this example:

        Ryu and I held this view in 2006 and were the first to criticize then depart their Wimposphere.
        These were among my first Eradican articles:

        Why The Mens’ Rights Movement Fails
        Feminists’ Total Victory Over The MRM
        Reader Mail: Fight Lactating Dadginas (NSFW)
        Why I Am NOT an “MRA*”

        You both need to post there and use links.
        Find recruits.

        Before every idea of ours is stolen and diluted into pablum.

      • Damn! I couldn’t even read all that shit. One page is enough.

        Roosh is doing some weird stuff, FP. He’s like…trying to be a WN without being a WN. Like the tofu-burger or fat free ice cream.

        I didn’t think so at first, but now I believe you FP. A greacycler can’t do it as well as the creator.

      • Yes, where we excel on Eradica over even a deep, deeeeply researched article as that dailystormer one, is our grasp of the effectiveness of brevity.

        Rooshi’s predictable dilemma (as we often discussed prior)
        is that of a LN whose valuables are stranded too close to the MINOPetz to whom they give phony lipservice.

        They want to “cherish the Vibrancy!” while having their house full of expensive shit safe in whitebread cities.
        No doubt RooshDAD’s mansion is within strutting distance of that recent DC Mansion Massacree!® where the home-invading monkeyMINO offed those adorable whitebread elite richies.
        What say you to taking Lady Erinica on a date to dailystormer and dropping Eradica propaganda leaflets on them.
        They won’t ban you like Mr. Sensitive-Rooshi did.

        See all the lost chances you coulda had there?
        Conversion is
        the best…

      • I’d still be screwed at Rooshy’s. My droplet of truth would be diluted in a sea of blindness. When I’d start making some headway, “Roosh – Godmod of Thunder” would tell me to cool it down, like Welmer did.

        I’ll think about it. I’m at the point where for anything I add in, something has to be taken out.

        [think of it as a twist on your many practical-tactical articles describing… how not to get SWATZIed – in your own living room lol]

      • I like your raider model. It would be good to just skip through the conservative and HBD crap and get people right to that.

        [ed note: each link to every post of Eradica and its authors are yours to choose & command. i believe you’ll find fertile ground there]

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