Jordies Are The Kind of white Cannonfodder That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

..Fight For an America that shuts down

Veterans’ Memorials…



The Gubmint can use the grounds for a MIGGER RALLY!.

…….Enforced by PC Liberal nazi Mino SWATZIS!

Lesbian Feminist, left, Fat Mulatto, right, Barricading National Mall

Published on: Oct 9, 2013
Megyn’s Meatbags (

27 Responses to “Jordies Are The Kind of white Cannonfodder That…”

  1. Soldier goy, oh my little soldier goy. I’ll be Jew to you…


  2. Ha. That’s what the Jordies are fighting for. I didn’t know the area was being used. Looks like the MSM lied again. There shouldn’t be any doubt that the MSM is in bed with the USG. Good find.

  3. What the hell is on the left?

  4. It is not Teh Jordis that sicken me, but Teh Jordi Stubbornness of refusing to even remotely see what and who they truly, actually Faht Ferr.

    All White Man’s Thangs be closed: Mr. Vernon, The Grand Canyon, The Liberty Bell. Do you ever see the colored or the Migger go on a “trip to Los Grande Canyones?” Does a black give a shit about Mt. Vernon?

    But, every FREE WELFARE Handout to a black sow with 23 kids and a migger with 13 anchor babies still arrives on time…while Jordi’s Monthly Ointment Allowance for the rash on his burned stumps gets cut in The Gubmin Shetdown.

    • A couple weeks ago I saw some garbage about Union battle flags, and this curator was burbling about a battle flag for Flint, MI. I couldn’t help but laugh. If I had a time machine I’d drop all those soldiers off in modern day Flint.

  5. It was pre ordained as our natural end. Just reading the stories of taming the country it was basically so Lil Missy could have a safe shopping experience. So we baby Lil Missy and patronize her little fits and then Big Momma Jew, director of AmeriKids Day Care puts stoopid shit in Lil Missy’s head that benefits Big Momma Jew and here we are rubbing the last of our stump ointment on our stumps while the stray cats of humanity shit in our living room.

  6. Screw Obama! He’s our fucking EMPLOYEE, not some self-declared emperor! I say we IMPEACH the bastard!

    [you’ll need MOAR than TDO and venting: you rilly think Sen. Harry Reid will impeach their Sacred Black Cow? Reid will sooner hold a Rally For Miggers, then IRS your ass for shits n’ giggles]

  7. Androgyny refers to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. Sexual ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle. It could also refer to biological intersex physicality, especially with regards to plant and human sexuality.[1] (says, wikipedianus)

    Demz not fems
    narzs they be mens
    is what I saiz bayz.

    Is what deyz bees

  8. Ha ha. Super awesome post. I love this series.

  9. Worse than park closures a mariachi fiddles with a mute Jordie’s ding dong at the stumpy hospital.

  10. Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  11. Can`t believe how fast the time goes. How`s that impeachment coming along republitards?

  12. The dead are dead. Time to celebrate cultural enrichment Crackers.

  13. Good post, PCL. How long before you truly believe America is lost? Beyond redemption? No use beating a dead horse.

    • It’s safe to say that America is now lost. Sometimes I wish I could be like many people with the ignorance is bliss mentality and not have to think about the bad things. But it’s impossible if you are always thinking outside of the box.

      • I may seriously consider your method, JS. The US does not have a good future.

      • Ryu, the puzzling fact is that most Americans take this country for granted, and are in no way or shape or form worried about what will happen tomorrow. It’s Memorial Day Weekend, where a majority of Americans are traveling, having fun, firing up the grill, because it’s officially summertime.

        You’re correct, the US does not have a good future. How do I also know? I deal with the IRS, which is the extension of the USG, and it’s a total bureaucratic shit work, and it will only get worse, when our tax laws get more out of control, and the department gets bigger like a metastasizing tumor to deal with them.

      • I have an idea for you, JS, to contemplate. When the USG wishes to destroy an organization, it does it in a very ritualized manner.

        First, they infiltrate and make an informer. Then, they gather intelligence. This phase can last years. Then, they stage a big raid. Everyone is arrested and thrown into jail, accounts frozen. There they sit, until the courts manage to see them or they are (rarely) redeemed.

        You are in a privileged position. If I were you, I’d have a journal just on the IRS, taking notes.

      • Ryu: I think you are correct. And it seems like the USG wants to self implode (which means Murka will too), like a big bubble bursting, which means a few will profit from it. It’s all done by design!

      • seems like the USG wants to self implode (which means Murka will too)

        more specifically, USG wants social order to implode.
        then, BIGov will still be very much intact – to function as totalitarian rulers.

  14. Unfortunately a large percentage of tomboys end up as lesbians. Always a bad sign when they get short hair.


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