MINO Machine: Migger Import Machine

by Firepower

MINO LEZ Napolitano & Irishman Alehandrrrro Mayorrrrrrkahssss

It’s blatant. Out in the open. Still, nobody cares anymore.

Bushie created the Department of Homeland Security – the MRAP Division – not a commie-lib-democrat like Obamao~Killary – but bleating conservaginas still rallied round the faggot-flag and elected GOPers to Senate Rulership so senate majority leader Mich McConnell could suck Obama’s cock harder, longer… deeper.

“Las Vegas” Harry Reid gets sacks full of cash from casino developers. meh.

Hillary’s lil’ bro gets State Department inside info from Big Sis, helping him get richer giving away US Taxpayer$$$ to Haitian scum.

Bigshot Slimy Clintonites (now Governor of Virginia) get the same: EB-5 visas – a foot in the door to US citizenship for foreign Migger billionaires donating to the Inner Sanctum Elite.  Miggers freely buy their way into citizenship, replacing….. ….fleeing native-born tax-hit US billionaires.

The puppet-master for all of this is the ruler of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration: A Migger by the name of Alejañdró Maÿorkås rules over who gets into Murka. Rome is no longer Rome and…it matters not.

This is what white hick Jordies from the sticks volunteer to fight for: Los Murka Mayorkas…

Nowadays, the only ones killing Miggers are fresh waves of more desperate, violent Miggers.

10 Comments to “MINO Machine: Migger Import Machine”

  1. There is obviously something ahistorical and unnatural about a white man being led by a “black leader.” In truth, it seems a real existential negation for a white man to be led by a black man. So the phenomenon highlighted in this post must be a CHOSEN PATHOLOGY or an undeniable brainwashing with no recourse. At the “top” of the WN discussions involving inherent “white” pathology versus supreme Jewish brainwashing, the one critical element always missing is whether white man has God-ordained free will? And because both sides silently agree against white man’s God-ordained free will THEN THE DEBATE is simply to provide smokescreen for the fact that no solution is available to those with no free will. It DOES NOT MATTER whether the cause is inherent or external, “we” have not the will to change a thing. So the most diabolical anti-white Supremacists are obviously at the very top of WN 2.0.

  2. Straight black males are susceptible to a shaming where a black dyke is not. The black dyke is dang near the “ideal” bureaucratic tyrant lording over what was once The Land of white Supremacy. So “we” can easily observe the social manufacturing via the Hegelian thesis/antithesis. Where Hegel was naive is believing all leaders desire real solutions. Our “default elite” does not require solutions. “It” simply fulfills the self-annihilating desire to which “default elite” status is the Byeproduct.

    [ed note: the Empowered Sista/Balt. DA persecuting the KillaKops is a colored dyke. Her lil’ clit-munchin’ buddy is a local LN “news reporter/anchor”]

  3. Obama’s primary role was to firmly entrench the silent belief AMONGST ALL demographics that the black male shall never stand at the top again. The black dyke is the epitome of radical autonomy defined as have no inherent or discernible ally. When “we” realize that what “we” are seeing is more an unraveling as opposed to a series of chaotic events then “we” feel compelled to influence the manufacturing of future reality. These machinations seen from the perspective of the black intellectual LOOK LIKE “white supremacy.”

    It’s not enough to say the sheeple worship the athletic nigel at the same time that they submit to black dyke tyrant without highlighting the perverted roles of black males and black dykes in their fight against “white supremacy.”

    Black males are susceptible to shaming and questions of manhood.

    Black dykes are suspectible by sheer expendability.

  4. Well… In the comic book rendition of reality dreamt up by the functionally autistic high IQ “white” male is an archnemesis to the genuine white Supremacist. This black dyke is a psychological shit-stew with no recognizable ingredient other than bitter hate for white Supremacy.


    It’s “white” self-annihilators as stand-in gluttons for punishment. These clowns are literally writing a narrative where they become the object of a societal beat down in the cause of dyke niggress liberation from “white supremacy.” These anti-feminists ARE ACTUALLY PRO-dyke niggress.

    Radical autonomy is the illness.

  5. The psychological theory dictates full submission to the perceived moral authority of black dyke over what amounts to an absolutely homo-sexualized black male population. These sexually twisted black sistas are now in “respectable” positions of authority over a populace of apathetic nigels and savage niggers. ONLY the most ruthless freedom lovers amongst them will resist the imposition of political man-hate. And even then, none will resist as genuine black Supremacists and so there is fundamental equality FORCED BY REALITY to conflict. Black dyke and savage nigger are very much the same thing FORCED TO FIGHT because each has pushed past all sensible boundaries of maximum autonomy.

  6. Yep. I saw that other story about the big banks being fined 5 billion dollars for fixing the interest rate. That also did not even register in popular conscience.

    In its time, Waco was not enough to kick off a revolution. One wonders what it would take today. Baby sacrifices? Torturing children in the white house?

    • The “default elite” use what I call the Law of Big Numbers. Conceptually, most can only go to where? Certainly not in the millions, billion or trillions. Simply talking big numbers can dazzle 80-90% of every crowd TO THE POINT of mental paralysis.

  7. It will take discomfort to wake up the masses, like rolling blackouts during a heat wave.
    No air-conditioning for one night is worse than five million young African men granted legal citizenship.

    It will take a touch of fear to keep the masses behaving like good taxpayers as the system crumbles.

    • BIGov will spend whatever it takes to keep Bread & Circus aka Pizza & iPhone humming.

      • That TARP program ran at 85 billion per month. And that’s just one program that the public knows about. The true amount must be incredible.

        [ed note: The Bosses and “big men” in both party factions of BIGov know now that they’ve bought The Mob – and own it; now, the only thing left is to disarm it. First Whites, then blacks and finally Miggers.]

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