by Ryu

WNs would do well to study and apply the art of hunting. Have you ever watched people? How they move, their awareness of their environment? The only people aware in the streets is cops and criminals. Everyone else is on their iphone, shopping, or going somewhere.

A good hunter has discipline. He doesn’t take a shot if he thinks he can miss. One, the shot scares away all the other game in the area. Two, just wounding the prey means he has to chase it down, and a wounded animal can run pretty far. Never leave loose ends.

It takes training and study to know what one can do. One has to know the area, know the prey, and know one’s capabilities. The outcome of a hunt is decided by the hunter’s preparations; if he has prepared well, he’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities. If not, he has to rely on luck.

Man the animal is a fierce beast. His sight and hearing are excellent. He’s strong and can move quickly. He’s smart and clever. He’s hard to kill too – his brain is protected by the skull, the spine by the vertebra and the heart is protected by the ribcage. The only problem is ……..that most people are too civilized for the animal. They consider it beneath them.

I do not agree with the SP and teaching revolutionaries military techniques. Most will be working alone, with a very limited budget, no casevac, no backup, no comms, no loadout room, no armory. The only branch of the military that approaches method this is Special Forces, and they usually work in groups. Lone predators should not imitate the methods of pack predators.

Man is an animal and must be studied as such. Study him – his habitat, his niche, his methods. Feeding, fighting and fucking are the essentials for all animals. Hunters without a licence need to be twice as good. The knowledge of who lives and who dies – the greatest power of all – is something that all governments want sole power over.

When I heard Ted Bundy referred to as a “super-predator” by the pigs, I knew there was something worth learning. The best predators employ camouflage – either something they wear or how they act. Bundy used a cast to feign injury and reign in his victims. The eternal law replayed itself; the more virtuous, the faster one does. It’s never been racists being beaten down in the streets.

25 Comments to “Hunting”

    • Not bad, not bad. Again, he didn’t get away with it though.

      Freddy acted out of emotion. He didn’t think it out. He never intended to get away. Suicide missions are not hard to plan, because they require no exit.

  1. The “problem” with Ted Bundy is that in hindsight his “celebrity” can be seen for the anti-white Supremacy that it ultimately served. Whereas the true nigger can be seen nearly every time and on the spot BEFORE he strikes, Bundy was that nerdy, unassuming white male with “genetically”-sinister motivation absolutely invisible to all around. Fast forward 30 years and niggers are damn near invisible to the sheepish masses while the psychotic perception of the high IQ “white” male seems to be bursting out of all the cyber-seams.

  2. Any self-aware white man that kills MUST BE PREPARED for a sentence of eternal radical autonomy. And then, when those who do find “themselves” mandated to such a sentence OF THEIR OWN ACCORD, there shall be a burning desire to hunt and absolutely no manner in which to satiate the passion ALTHOUGH there seems to be NOTHING stopping “you.”

    • how will you get along, eating only tofu, not eating hamburgers.

      how will you eradicate your blood enemies – proselytize them to tears?

      hunting’s endgame is ugly, but also has moments of beauty.
      slaughter, butchery – is all ugliness.

      but, must be done…

      • I made no statements for or against “hunting.” Reality, SOMETIMES, necessitates the practice and execution.

        But why pretend like the end of the game is death UNLESS ONE is a self-annihilator?
        [ed note: where you & your kids lay your head to sleep at night came out of shedding the blood of the former landlords. just bc you did not see it done nor wish it so does not make it “nice”. hamburger…is also a bloodsport…]

        There is a wide wealth of wisdom suggesting that death is merely the beginning of your ultimate trial and all your “hunts” are in the hands of the most perfect Judge.
        [ed note: i trust no creature that creates a Lucifer]

        You have to think about getting exactly what you want like it was a wish granted from a magical genie. Radical autonomists GET REAL radical autonomy upon death AS DESIRED.

        Buttjew… Want to draw a “blank.”

      • Lol… And hopefully, that ^^^ means you are a white Supremacist.

      • The logic of white Supremacy equates to all as enemy…

        BUT THIS is really a RESULT of a descent into radical autonomy WHERE ALL are enemy “in principle.”

        Engagement and separation are two different crafts. Both have their place, BUT ULTIMATELY, white Supremacy is elevation/exaltation and de facto separation.

      • Trust is illusory amongst those that practice radical autonomy and reject objective Supremacy. A white Supremacist should very much be concerned with condemning a white man to an eternity of insatiable desire and literally nothing in his way BECAUSE the satisfaction of his insatiable worldly desires is the aim of the anti-white Supremacist. Going on the wrong “hunt” because one desires radical autonomy will get one EXACTLY WHAT HE DESIRES upon death.

        Do you believe in total annihilation of body and soul upon death or not? How can you NOT TRUST an orderly God who gives a radical autonomist “radical autonomy” upon death?

        [ed note: non-answering of questions – by asking questions – only works on those who fail to notice]

      • Editor…

        I didn’t read any questions…

        The assertion is simple:

        IF you hunt THEN hunt righteously OR ELSE be prepared for an eternity of insatiable hunting desire never fulfilled with absolutely nothing standing in your way.


        Condemning white boys to this fate by way of indifference and desensitizing is anti-white Supremacy.

        But maybe I am simply emphasizing what is already a given? If so, my apology.

      • Atheism is a weakness that has been cloaked by the collective degeneracy of a people. I told Moldbug many years ago that his fundamental flaw was believing in the absurdity of an atheist “leader.” A leader is neither pushed nor pulled, but leads by revelation. The atheist “leader” believes in being neither pushed nor pulled WHILE simply dismissing the mechanism by which he moves “forward.” Literally, “nothing” tells him what to do.

        [ed note: a nation’s leader is judged by his success, not which denomination he genuflects to. nor if he genuflects to any deity at all…]

      • One of Ryu’s themes has been in illuminating the simple step by step action one needs to take in order to progress in general.


        All action is assumed taken IN THE CONTEXT of total annihilation upon death…

        AND THIS equates to having no spirit…

        A spiritless “warrior” is a phenomenological absurdity only signaling a charlatan underneath.

        When Firepower’s bodily vessel is eradicated, his spirit WILL GET exactly what it desires BY WILL of a just God.

        Agree or not?

      • TD, I don’t know anything about the spirit world. Have you or anyone you know been there?

        I do not know how one would make an objective study of the spirit world.

      • Ryu…

        Why would you purposely erect that psychological obstacle when you can just ask yourself, “Am I really a spiritless WN?”

        What’s the mathematical equation for Perfection?

        A just, orderly God gives man what his free will so desires… When “life” is all said and done. That’s what a true spirit TELLS his bodily vessel.

  3. Hunting is the realm of males – mainly, adult ones. A rare few women hunt and are of the desirable kind, if attractive.

    Hunting is killing and it forces the practitioner to face the reality of killing.
    Most (woodland) snipers were and are hunters. Urban snipers of the kind in most recent (and future) wars are not particularly so; they are mixtures of disciplines. Hunting beasts in nature is indeed like hunting Man in conventional combat, but urban snipery is less so: Think Jon Muhammad, the most fearsome Urban Sniper in Murkan History.

    What makes hunting valuable is its Training Of Blood. Getting accustomed to it and the butchering process demystifies gore.

    Only childish modern males are morbidly fascinated with bloodshed as a toy. Slasher movies and twisted PlayStation games are produced for cityfolk who vomit at the sight (and smell) of fresh blood. As predicted, these are mostly tender whitebois.

    Old time males, foreigners and hunters are not fixated on blood and death. They see it frequently and have no sick need to glorify it as a novelty; blood and killing is simply a condition of existence. That’s why ISIS has so many volunteers for their Head Sawing Brigade. Beheading a live human is the same as removing the head of a goat except the human is targeted for justified punishment in the executioner’s eyes. Instead, such men usually revere the animal for its nourishment value and simply dispatch it quickly or use ritual. Indians were the same, which is why they were so “brutal” in their human-killing practices, of which, scalping being the most prominent along with their elaborate tortures.

    1990’s Serbs trained their noobs to overcome any fears of brutal killing and initiated the boys by having them kill a pig with a combat knife. Hogs have a similar weight and anatomy to humans. An example is the accurate depiction of Bill The Butcher teaching young Leo this in Gangs of New York.

    They’d take a knife and wrestle the pig into submission then stab it until dead. It came with all the struggle, noise, smell and blood of real killing; stabbing is not like in The Mooo-veez where the target falls dead from one puncture – it is prolonged and messy. Just ask OJ. Humans will fight very, very hard for life until it leaves them

    Once done killing the hog, they’d send the initiates to kill the hog farmers and their families – and roast the pig later.

    One the best training methods for urban snipers is to hunt rats from youth. Maturing in a filthy environment rife with vermin instills the proper mindset for sensitive types “wondering why” they are killing. A small scoped .22 or pellet rifle teaches marksmanship and bullet placement for the kill. Learning on wily rats teaches much about the stalk.

    Soviets used women snipers. Russians probably still do, for they learned from thousands of WW2 kills when women target males, they are quite brutal and merciless.

    [long ago, someone (i forgot who) posted an example of a WW2 Finnish sniper who himself, got shot. it was very valuable example]

    • Excellent comment, FP. The Serb stuff was quite informative. Thanks.

      • thx.

        LIUFY. The instance I refer to was the result of a Serb youth’s trial for war crimes and this info being divulged in the record.

        He racked up quite the real notch count.
        Only muzz are excused for such bloodshed nowadays; thanks to our LN/Historic Black Master President.

      • I, too, very much appreciate FP’s history lessons.


    The media are doing a swell job covering up the details of the latest black-on-white torture horror atrocity story. All comments have been disabled. ‘Plus ça change’ as our French friends say.
    Reddit has pet pictures on their front page as always.
    Daron Dylon Wint moved to the U.S. from Guyana in 2000 and soon became active in the burglary/rape trade.

    • The media are doing a swell job covering up the details of ….
      Daron Dylon Wint

      meh. Don’t fall for FLUXNews drumbeat of Republican Propaganda.
      I see a US Marshalls’ “Task Force!” was assembled to catch this Eeeeevil-Doooo-Er (to use BushSpeak).

      How many US Marshall “SuperDuperTask Forces!” do you see assembled to catch the culprits when The Little Peeeeple get Polarbeared by colored gangs?

      How many US Marshall “Task Forces!” were assembled to catch the sex/rape/torture/killa gorillaz of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom?

      US Marshall “Task Forces!” are created only when rich, white “businessmen” from Washington DC get roasted.
      Those that died only hired nigra field hands to assuage their inner, social Diversity-Charity drive to hug-a-thug.
      These elites wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.
      They gots hugged all right.
      When Elites are attacked, I celebrate.

      lol If you continue salivating like Pavlov’s Puppy
      each time RepubliFLUX newsbabes ring The News Bell
      I expect you will be enlisting in a week
      To invade ISIS
      And Iran

      Remember: Republicans only care about where you put your dick and what beachhead to send YOU to die on while they and THEIR kids are at Harvard prep school.

  5. It is very important that more people learn how to resist, even if they have absolutely no intention of doing so. Just reading is a start.
    Their efforts would help hide those who do have the fortitude.

  6. Speaking of blood, this is how Spetsnaz recruits (Russian special forces) used to aclimate:

    “It used to be thought that a soldier could be accustomed to the sight of blood gradually — first a little blood and then more day by day. But experts have thrown out this view. The spetsnaz soldier’s first encounter with blood should be, they argue, quite unexpected and in copious quantities. In the course of his career as a fighting man there will be a whole lot of monstrous things which will spring up in front of him without any warning at all. So he should get used to being unsurprised at anything and afraid of nothing.

    A group of young spetsnaz soldiers are hauled out of bed at night because of an emergency, and sent in pursuit of a ‘spy’. The worse the weather the better. Best of all when there is torrential rain, a gusty wind, mud and slush. Many kilometres of obstacles — broken-down stairs, holes in walls, ropes across holes and ditches. The platoon of young soldiers are completely out of breath, their hearts beating fast. Their feet slip, their hands are scratched and bruised. Forward! Everyone is bad-tempered — the officers and especially the men. The soldier can give vent to his anger only by punching some weaker fellow-sufferer in the face and maybe getting a kick in the ribs in reply. The area is dotted with ruined houses, everything is smashed, ripped apart, and there’s broken glass everywhere. Everything is wet and slippery, and there are never-ending obstacles with searchlights trained on them. But they don’t help: they only hinder, blinding the men as they scramble over.

    Now they come to a dark cellar, with the doors ripped off the hinges. Everybody down. Along the corridor. Then there’s water ahead. The whole group running at full tilt without slowing down rushes straight into some sticky liquid. A blinding light flashes on. It’s not water they are in — it’s blood. Blood up to the knees, the waist, the chest. On the walls and the ceiling are chunks of rotten flesh, piles of bleeding entrails. The steps are slippery from slimy bits of brain. Undecided, the young soldiers jam the corridor.

    Then somebody in the darkness lets a huge dog off its chain. There is only one way out — through the blood. Only forwards, where there is a wide passageway and a staircase upwards. Where on earth could they get so much blood? From the slaughter-house, of course. It is not so difficult to make the tank of blood. It can be narrow and not very deep, but it must be twisting and there must be a very low ceiling over it. The building in which the tank of blood is arranged can be quite small, but piles of rotten boards, beams and concrete slabs must be tipped into it. Even in very limited space it is possible to create the impression that you are in an endless labyrinth overflowing with blood. The most important thing is to have plenty of twists and turns, holes, gaps, dead ends and doors.

    And there’s something else: the tank of blood must not be the final obstacle that night. The greatest mistake is to drive the men through the tank and then bring the exercise to an end, leaving them to clean themselves up and go to bed. In that case the blood will only appear to them as a terrible dream. Keep driving them on over more and more obstacles.

    Exhausting training exercises must be repeated and repeated again, never stopping to rest. Carry on with the exercise throughout the morning, throughout the day. Without food and without drink. In that way the men acquire the habit of not being taken aback by any surprises. Blood on their hands and on their uniforms, blood in their boots — it all becomes something familiar. On the same day there must also be a lot of gunfire, labyrinths with bones, and dogs, dogs and more dogs. The tank of blood must be remembered by the men as something quite ordinary in a whole series of painful experiences.”

    That’s from “Spetsnaz: The Story Behind the Soviet SAS” by Viktor Suvorov

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