Nationalist Communism

by Firepower

You see identical Bourgeois decadence in both Russia and China from the New Boyars, Emperors and Oligarchs; even more so.

Current Chinese Proles are made slaves by their own ethnic Bourgeois & Elites, suffered to be maimed by 1840s style London Industrial Revolution machines – for $1 an hour.

Russia is an organized crime empire supported by taxing the Mafia to buy Lumpens enough Vodka to keep them stupefied: Both post-Communist realities are more Capitalist than anything the West ever had in our past. Our MOG* forced Gov to moderate the Robber Barons i.e. Carnegie lest they ignite a revolution.

ALL of them; Russia, China and USA use their surplus Prole males as cannonfodder to suppress both their trouble-making domestic national population and international enemies. It’s killing two birds with one stone, while giving testosterone-fueled male youth stuff to blow up, instead of Parliament & Congress.

Bourgeois property relations in Murka and the West are not acknowledged because they are immaterial in the current discussion.

Their influence is a given – as is how computers make the internet work; I do not need to refer to computers and their history to discuss the internet’s politics.

Bourgeois property relations are not the source of today’s problems – MINOs are. Race is the problem. If Bourgeois property relations were the primary source it….…. places you squarely on the side of niggers & Miggers* because of “root causes” making them an “underclass” of “underprivileged disenfranchised victims”. That gives them justification to Ferguson up the entire nation.

You see, we already have a functioning Socialist Pre-Communist BIGov*: Its directive is to give MINOs & coloreds all the wealth of Whites. Elites (jews & Ivy WASPs) still control capital, but modern Communism ignores that

  • MINOs are the New Bourgeoisie (faggots, feminists, SWPLs)
  • Coloreds are New Petty Bourgeoisie = niggers & miggers & Fergusonites
  • and WN/NRA TParty whites are the New Peasants…

Yet, Capitalism never subjected its peasants to anything near a brink of collapse, while both Russian & Chinese eradicated their own peasants by the millions.

Such never happened here – even in the primitive, safety-netless 1800s. From then to now, US peasants enjoyed relative abundance and comfort.
I’ve never heard of even a nigger crackhead starving to death.

For the wise leader, there is sense in abandoning the old stringent dogmas and unite diverse Rightists as the Left united faggots and blacks who despise each other – and each odd couple marriage.

There is room for National Socialists and their compatriots National Communists – even “good MINOs” like Thomas Sowell & Jon Stossel, etc…for eradicating them would be a shame when such whites and capitalists like Jon Stewart and Ted Turner are tolerated purely by their color.

TOTE is not merely blacks or jews or democrats or capitalists. But…you know TOTE when you see it.

*durrr….see glossary

61 Comments to “Nationalist Communism”

  1. That glossary is a rich read itself, maybe good for some to start there.

  2. Why don’t you just call MINOs as coloreds, because that’s what they are in many major towns and cities?

    WLNs would be more appropriate term for the New Bourgeois.

    NEMOs are the gookers, and irrelevant of any discussion, and should not be lumped with SWPLs or coloreds.

    • Nomenclature as follows:
      MINO encompasses all minorities. coloreds, faggots, femenists, jews – anybody who gets to check the Preferential Treatment Box on a BIGov app.

      coloreds are both black blacks and brown spicks. mainly blacks bc “colored” pisses them off greatly.
      spicks are all hispanix: PRs, el salvadorans, mex etc.
      miggers are only spicks.

      WLN would work, but almost half are jews
      NEMO is too esoteric; i prefer the highly offensive “chinaman” that angers chinese and esp. any other azn who’s not chinee. i also like chinee…

  3. What about this? JOO = Jewish Oligarchic Oppressor

    JOOs and WLNs = the New Bourgeiois

    • Which would be appropriate, if one really, really wants to separate good Jews from the bad ones!

      • My sides. “Good Jews” – you must be an American, AMIRITE?

      • Yes, I was Kike hatin on this site and FP said it’s useless. This being said, there’s Jews and then there’s JOOs. After all, I’m sure FP is linked up with Jewish bloggers on his right. LoftB is one of them!

      • jew is a fine term. nothing conjures up more evil than this simple descriptive. you can’t even call a jew a “jew” without it sounding bigoted; that’s ideal.

        JOO is too

        if you want acronyms, keep it to:

        i’m unsure what you mean by i’m “linked up with jewish bloggers”
        lotb blogrolls Eradica and i am thankful
        I helped him when he started
        so its mutual.
        he’s a jew?
        well!, i never kneww

        if a jew is on our side, i like him.
        there’s 100 thousand enemy jewss within ARM’S REACH of you in nyc

        hate on them FIRST.
        it’s to wn’s continued milieu of failure
        that they fixate on chimeras.

        chimeras are easy

  4. Of the most economic solution for dealing with America’s untermensch would be to get the niggers and miggers to start killing each other. Let them buy their own bullets and chainsaws and the like.

    • Colin USGov isn’t goiing to do that. How would you suggest WE accomplish getting them to do it?

    • toldyaso lol:
      White vs Colored vs Migger vs White

    • Today I was at the post office where there were 2 groups of miggas were in front of me. A Hispanic group consisting of a mother who is actually White Hispanic, her miscegenated daughter who looks more Mestiza than White, and a female mulatto friend who looks like a menial servant and habla espanol (reminiscent of the Latin American Caste System). They were all chit chatting in hablan espanol, necessito regresar porque porque deladeladeladela blah blah blah tambien…that sounds like jibberish to an Anglophone who doesn’t understand Spanish. Back of them were your low down, Murkan nigga couple speaking to each other in heavy ebonics. The Spanish speaking mulatto accidentally bumped the black woman and she was enraged after waiting for a few seconds without getting an apology from her, where she said: Excuuse meee, maam, waats up with yuu not sayin soorry, and ya peeple gotta speak english, this is meeericcaa. The Mestiza daughter who reminds you of Shakira or a Sofia Vegara, replied in perfect English, “well she doesn’t understand English, and what’s your problem, you sound like an angry bitch”. The black man said, maam, you betta shut uup, all yaa Spanish folks needa to go back where yaa cum frum.

      To make a long story short, a colored postal worker came out and quell the argument…just gotta love cesspoool Neel Yawk. They don’t call NYC the greatest cesspool in the world for nothing. This time it’s Latin American multicult encountering Murkan Nigga Scum.

  5. The great advantage of communism is the language they use. They recognize the high, the middle and the low. They realize that revolution is necessary. Also, they glorify the people, the ordinary worker.

    American capitalism does the opposite. Revolution would destabilize the system and cost the rich money. They glorify the elite superstars. And worst of all, their mythology about social mobility and America being classless.

    • They recognize the high, the middle and the low. They realize that revolution is necessary.

      The problem is Communism is blind to race, inferiority and supremacy. Communism seeks to “liberate” all, regardless of class; it lumps colored trash in with whites. Wikipedian nee “Eradican” was tasked with combining C + NS = (?) but failed.

      Nationalism is all about race. National Socialism recognizes superiority yet it has an inherent flaw in American Society: It lumps Italians in with Scots, Poles, Irish, etc. and mistakenly creates a fucked-up mis-hierarchy among them while ethnic German trailerparknazis brag about their superior “aryanism” genes at Wal-Mart blah blah.

      That will not work. Blacks like Thomas Sowell are worth 10,000 VRWist PeterPanzers.

      What looks best is a combination of Communist Nationalism – that’s what I’ve always been interested in…

      If we could form a synthesis of Nationalism dedicated to eradicating MINOs (mainly the LN), and meld it with Communism’s economic reforms and sheer brutality…we might just have something.

  6. I like the Golden Dawn phrase best, “social nationalism”. Nationalism of course implies socialism, for the nation, but the social is very important.

    The Catholic reactionaries have caught on to this. The problem with America is it’s based on the “pursuit of happiness”. This assumes that happiness can be achieved by being pursued as an end in itself, which is to say hedonism, or more pragmatically epicureanism. But these philosophies were abandoned by serious Greek philosophers BC. Not out of blue-nosed morality, but just because they don’t work. The body and mind become adapted to pleasure, and one always needs more, so it is a self-defeating strategy.

    John Locke, the libertarian hero, invented the idea that the individual is his own property, and his property is his alone for him to decide what to do with, and the individual is an end in and of himself. This leads straight to the sensation-addicted consumer society, sexual perversion, obesity, drug and alcohol addiction.

    We do not exist for ourselves. We exist for OUR PEOPLE.

    • Have you been following GD, Thrashy? Their moderation is their downfall. In the time since GD has come about, ISIS sprung up and they now have an ethnostate.

      Are there Catholic revolutionaries? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Who are their soldiers?

      Thordaddy has written much about self-annihilation. Contradictions can’t exist for long. In the end, that’s what destroys people.

      • I follow the GD America blog. GD is still trying to act like a normal political party, which is pointless. But I think they are trying to straddle, be both a social solidarity organization and a political party. Under a parliamentary system that’s not a complete waste of time and I hope they will make some difference.

        There are no Catholic revolutionaries. The Catholic reactionaries are able to look under the rock, if only because Protestants can’t see how much of leftism is straight out of their theology, even, and especially, their “conservative” theology.

      • Ah, that’s why I’ve heard nothing about them. To win the golden ring takes a lot of balls and “feel.” One has to keep the momentum going and make every victory look easier, like a rock rolling down the hill. Hitler did this. GD lost their momentum.

        After the bombings and assassinations, I expected GD to turn it up. There’s no going backward. One either wins it all or gets nothing. The pursuit of power is a serious game. I would have thought with their police support, they’d go for a lot more.

        So are all the Catholic reactionaries intellectuals, or do they have any extremists? I can get MRM and PUA from Rooshy or Welmer.

      • They are all intellectuals. I will cop to being an intellectual too, in the dismissive sense that you mean it. For now, anyway.

      • I have seen something that is now commonplace.

        You’ll see it too, Thrashy. Go to any university library in this country. Go to the physics or philosophy section. You will see thousands of books, dust on them, that have not moved or been touched. And worse, someone sat down and spent years writing them.

        Hume, Locke, Mills – this names are small compared to Jay Z or Kardashin. What’s it all about, what do we write for? To fill libraries with books that no one reads?

        FP wrote something funny once. Something about reading Horace to glowing eyes in the shadow of the Parthenon. That’s exactly what intellectualism feels like today.

      • Knowledge is supposed to be power. The people in power now think propaganda is power, and for now it is. More recently propaganda was understood to be whatever you told the rubes to keep them in line, but the people in power now really believe what they are telling us.

        The neo-reactionaries have something they call “Gnon”, for “the God of nature, or nature”. Or you can just call this reality, which as Philip K. Dick wrote, is what doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it. The Christian term for this is natural law, which is what is obvious to any person observing the world, whether they believe in God or not.

        We must understand natural law, including human nature, to do anything. Somebody said nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. Somebody else however coined the term “insight porn” which I guess just means the enjoyment of learning and coming up with new ideas. This is its own dead end.

      • Knowledge is supposed to be power.

        That was once true long ago in America, not today’s Murka.

        Now, controlling the ignorance of the mob is power. The mob wants no part of hard work needed to learn knowledge; it only wants alien superhero movies.
        Power IS power.

        suppositions do not belong in a world of real war

      • Sometimes it’s good to get out of the library and experience life. Power belongs to those who act.

      • Thrasymachus…

        The only reason a Catholic “sees” leftism coming from Protestantism is because the former downplays the role of free will in “having” faith while the latter asserts its primacy. In other words, one cannot be unwillingly led to God.

        “Through faith (free will) alone.”

        Catholics argue otherwise as God-ordained free will is not primary.

      • Capitalist… Socialist… Communist…

        So radically autonomous are our times that the “hard anti-Semitic right” now make the obnoxiously egalitarian claim that Capitalism = communism.

        Credit WHERE credit is due is the fundamental and primary economic transaction to be found in The Land of white Supremacy.

        Credit where credit IS NOT DUE is the true communist manifesto.

        “Socialist” is the euphemistic label for useful economic idiot.

      • I like that phrase you used recently “the enemy of white supremacy.” Good stuff. I thought about it for 2 days.

      • First Natural Law of Man…

        He strives towards Supremacy OR he is in descent…

        He cannot float in between.

        Neo’s reaction is desirous of a new substrate that defies Man’s First Law. “Total Indifference” is the best conceptual representation that one can fathom.

    • This assumes that happiness can be achieved by being pursued as an end in itself, which is to say hedonism, or more pragmatically epicureanism.

      That is an absolute Truth; Murkans lost their way in the gilded fields of pleasure. They are not tough. They are feeble.

      • You need to understand Murkans are poorly socialized, where the average chump has very few social capital with an united vision other than immediate material pursuits. This is the bane of their existence.

        This country still has a lot of frontier material, yet no one is really taming it. We have enough manpower or labor to build more New York Cities, if we wanted to!

    • You are right about John Locke. The same could be said of Adam Smith and his theories of free market capitalism.

  7. The only catholic revolutionaries i can think of were Waloons and The IRA.

    The latter, whose task mirrors our own: Combating and eradicating a major enemy who looks and speaks as you do, in order to next get at strangers who control the yoke of oppression.

  8. I was thinking about an recent story you had about the black and none of the whites challenging him, and basicly the conclusion was they were cowards.

    I think that misses a lot of the point, were they cowardly? Sure, but consider what they have to lose, most of those whites likely have jobs and a family, so tangling with jamal means all that is at risk for what, to stomp a chimp? Meanwhile jamal if he gets arrested is actually a ticktet to a better life of sorts with free food and protection. So its not just a simple ‘cowardice’ argument, so much as a gain vs lose argument.

    • The problem is, things just get worse.

      While whitey is out there, busting his hump to pay taxes (that largely go to minos), the MMM is in charge. So the white man’s making money while the minos run things. It is the very definition of slavery.

      The white man will never make enough “money” to save himself…because the minos print the money.

      • Maybe we are going back in time, with the Mafia and other White Criminal Organizations coming to the scene again. Just look at Waco Texas with the gang killings. It’s all about money at the end. And crime pays when society degenerates to a certain point.

        In NYC, we have Hispanics who engage in drug trafficking in Latin America and make very good money by selling the stuff here, that is if they don’t get caught. It takes a lot of work, coordination and you need firearms to protect yourself.

        I have very little faith with niggas, blacks are useless. They don’t know how to make money, just welfare leeches. They only have petty street thugs.

      • It appears that the biker gang incident in Waco Texas also involved Hispanic Cucarachas. A gang with the Spanish name of Bandido, with both White and Hispanic members, fighting an all White gang, the Cossacks.

        No niggas involved!

      • But how does this matter when its you vs Geogre brown on the street and you have a lot to lose and he only has to gain?

      • This is solved by not being weak.

        No one – not the police, not the SEALs, not Trayvon – attacks unless he thinks he’s higly probable to win without a scratch.

        The average white today is easy prey. I understand very well why the minos attack them, and I have little pity for them. They are trapped in the middle, right between WN and the MMM. They will learn that neutrality is not allowed. I only help those allied with us.

        And also, we have emphasized getting away with it. You don’t “lose” anything, until the cops arrest you. I have no fear of the street-people.

      • I don’t know. The image of these biker gangs is that they are racist, when one thinks of WNs. From the media sources, it appears that the all White gang, the Cossacks, provoked the Whitey Brownie faction, the Bandidos (who also have international associates, most of them in White countries). WNs need to have international allies.

      • Ryu…

        Radical autonomy –> self-annihilation OR white Supremacy. No neutrality, Neo.

      • Even the HAs have been liberated. The racial recruitment line has been crossed.

      • I know, I have studied your comments, TD.

        “You have to believe in Supremacy, first. The tricky part is a true conceptualization. I think at this time the easiest manner in which to conceptualize white Supremacy is to have your eyes wide open to the true “white” liberationist, i.e., a deracinated, homosexualized, despirited individual that seeks to be nothing in particular while pleasuring himself to death. “Where” YOU desire freedom, ask yourself if “it’s” degenerating? Is it causing you to lose your SELF? Radical liberation is all about becoming numb and indifferent to the guilt felt for one’s degenerate ways. Where the radical liberationist seeks self-annihilation as Final Liberation, the white Supremacist seeks to restrain himself to those freedoms that elicit feelings of a true free will.

        The ultimate human desire is a true free will. But depending on whether you have voluntarily confined yourself to a finite playing field or whether you are able to roam in a transcendent realm really determines the truth of your “free will” and what direction you finally head towards.

        I am a white man who desires to strive towards Supremacy. That’s where it actually starts after YOU make the “belief” a given.”

      • Ryu: WN could take a page from the criminals in this country who are part of organized crime. These guys are always on the edge and are fearless. They don’t care about the authorities. However, they are petty so they don’t have a noble cause.

      • I am taking a page from them. They do have fears. First thing they do when they have the money is buy some protection from the system, bribing police and the legal system. THIS is what leads to their fearlessness. There’s no fear of jail is you own the jailer.

  9. Capitalist… Socialist… Communist…

    So radically autonomous are our times that the “hard anti-Semitic right” now make the obnoxiously egalitarian claim that Capitalism = communism.

    Credit WHERE credit is due is the fundamental and primary economic transaction to be found in The Land of white Supremacy.

    Credit where credit IS NOT DUE is the true communist manifesto.

    “Socialist” is the euphemistic label for useful economic idiot.

  10. Found this diamond in the rough:

    At first I thought he may be Ryu but… nah.

  11. FP, question.
    Communism has failed where applied; capitalism works…too well…screwing over the common man.
    The Chinese have made capitalism work for them.
    Let me call what they practise “national capitalism”.
    A capitalism restrained by the nation’s borders only engaging in free trade with racial brothers – whites with whites; yellows with yellows; blacks with blacks, and of course, free trade for things you can’t get/make.
    Everything else tariffs etc.
    You can be a zillionaire… only so long as your zillion making benefits the nation.
    No more corporation as a person etc.

    • @marlon

      FP, question.
      The Chinese have made capitalism work for them.
      Let me call what they practise “national capitalism”.

      A good point.
      China once was at a disadvantage due to their homogeneous culture. Better put, America had the edge when it was heterogeneous – and only from the variety of Whites: Italians, Brits, Irish, Germans and Swedes, etc.

      When America became Murka, that disastrous result occured solely from foolishly trying to assimilate and integrate coloreds.

      Murka is now totally corrupted from inclusions of MINOs and it is the homogeneous nations that dominate.
      Had America remained a melting pot of White Ingredients we’d still be dominant because of that mix.

      China would still be the same economic powerhouse it is today while America would be more prosperous than you can imagine compared to its present state – and a paradise for you.

      • Just take a look at our higher education system, where they dumb downed the White population and let in all these coloreds from who knows where, in large numbers, where the school is only about them.

      • Wow…3K a month for those micro apartments? I’d bet a closet rents for 1K/month.

      • Actual closets do rent for that – but as storage. Some crafty Manhattanites try and sleep in them.

        No doubt, Our “JS” lives near cp west to hold such a distopian view of Manhattan Niggaz lol.
        I know of no “working nigger” who spends $40k on rent.

      • “China,” if we can give that entity true being, STILL desires to maximize its autonomy by any means necessary. SO EVERY MAN finds himself essentially in the same spot AS IT RELATES to his nation. Does he join this collective pursuit? Thwart it? Or transcend it?

        From the perspective of the white Supremacist, the world abounds with anti-white Supremacists each utilizing a unique and patch-worked self-narrative to maximize their autonomy in accordance with those collectives of their choice. There is no conviction or passion or spirit. Picking China over Murka over Russia over Islam is like picking Papa Johns over Dominos over Pizza Hut over little caesar…

      • Yes, Ryu, storage closets in Manhattan can run for 1K/month. I’m talking about a small space to store your useless junk at a facility.

      • Crazy. That is not the normal outside of NYC.

    • FP: All I have to say is that NYC is the feudal castle, but not quite there yet. They still haven’t fully expended the coloreds and then dispensed them. It’s Disneyland where the wealthy Mickeys and Donalds are there, but not completely settled in, because Tyrone is still running around their grass, and they haven’t put up a sign that says “off limits”. It will happen in the next 10 years, if the island doesn’t take another shit hitting the fan moment.

      [ed note: if YOU think $3,000 a month rent for 250 sq.ft. is niggaland, you might wanna toss some spare change Eradica’s way]

      • They haven’t got rid of the lumprenprole niggas in the public housing complexes from the island of Manhattan, yet!

      • Manhattan isn’t a gated community yet. Tyrone from his public housing shit apartment in Manhattan, could walk over to Mick Jagger’s penthou$$$$e without any barriers. This is true. The Rolling Stones front man actually owns an apartment not too far from Tyrone.

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