Eradican Principles, Or…

by Firepower

…how to get a writing gig here.

All writers begin WITH the slot same as everyone gets. Sketchies get contributor slots, (Hipster Racist and conchobar, etc.) while Admin Power is earned later.

As for

…THE MOST PROBABLE OUTCOME if I stayed MY COURSE was anti-administrative privileges and the obvious total exile…

Nah. In a sincere collegial sense, you’re taking a simple probability and conjecturing it into an entire scenario. If you have your own posts or “column” to use as your bailiwick, you could expend your energies dazzling, and recruiting new adherents.

Nothing at Eradica is settled. Time is not of the essence…”

True; Eradica is conceptualized as an academy for leaders to ……develop leadership skills. Future Leader types eschewing the failed VRW past of nationalism are needed to advance.

False: Time is most certainly crucial as we all age into decrepitude and now appear swiftly headed toward submitting our future to the incompetent hands of Today’s Brandon & Tomorrow’s Justin! Unless we retire at 65 to “the woods” as Flyy Farmurs for safety, we must recruit new kids.

To eject me now would be to lose face amongst white men who desire Supremacy.”

I eject only the rare Iago and deceiver; I have a goddamned fantastic bullshit detector. Behind the scenes, many request slots at Eradica but are refused on grounds that remain private here for the sake of Security Strategy & Tactical Practices.

Ryu Rejected For “non-aryan-inity-ness

As a quick example: Hipstard Racist was not banned, but sulked away of his own accord after public spankage of the logical confrontation type; he can even still post here but does not. I told ya: Most opponents surrender discovering they cannot break my frame. I speak Truth always as it’s the best defense; the best defense is a good offense. WN (and especially little wn) attracts way too many VRWs, TDOs, NNs, PP’s – and plain old nuts.

Eradica is a real organization run on Best Practices: Time-wasters, spies and distractionists are those getting the boot up the ass, not disagreements. The total of failed authors at Eradica had authorship privileges rescinded for dormancy. All retain full commenting privileges, yet still puss-out after mean old Fiyapowwa made dem angwy. That includes Pat Haniggen, Conchobar and some other dicklicks I forget: So, wtf good are those who won’t even write to espouse their views to 2100 daily followers? Fuck them.

Any terms you can’t decipher?!? Find the very helpful~helpy “GLOSSARY” on the homepage, you lazy-ass.

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27 Comments to “Eradican Principles, Or…”

  1. Request time – Who enables the untermensch? They really are a disgusting distraction but they are shit tier.

    Clearly rich fucks pay the politicians and so on. Kikes are well in there somehow. What is the hierarchy of degeneracy?
    Who is directing the real war against White civilisation?

    • Homo – biological self-annihilator

      Jew – ethnic self-annihilator

      Jihadist – religious self-annihilator

      Nigger – racial self-annihilator

      Migger – modern self-annihilator

      “White” – procedural/technologicallly enhanced self-annihilator…

    • Request time – Who enables the untermensch?

      Do a search of Eradica; I’m sure I’ve addressed this before. I recommend starting with the “feudal america” etc. type categories.

      Briefly, the hierarchy is 2 wings of complementing powers. One, business to bring in BIGTAXBux$$$ to fund the other wing of UncleBEAST.
      Then Murkan Establishment flows thusly:
      1. Hereditary elites of WASPs/jews running,
      2. STEM business/BIGov type Ivy Leaguers who operate,
      3. drone college grad MINOs & emasculated white males in both biz & BIGov that
      4. dispense Scooby Snax to Murkan untermensch…

      The war against White civilisation is waged by jew & WASP Elites who need to neutralize America’s GUNS. jews to keep from being put back into ovens, and WASPs to keep their moneymachine sweatshops running.

      As long as ignorant dullards are at a NIKE sewing machine 70 hours a week or PlayStation, WASPjew Elites feel safe.

      • Thanks for this. FP
        Sweden, would make an interesting study, it is the most degenerate country in the entire white hemisphere, unfortunately not enough information comes out, and anything negative is censored by its government paid media (think BBC type funding).
        As it is, its probably gone to far, in actually importing African niggers, It could be the first white country to collapse. As it is, its already alarming other Eurocunt regimes.

      • Rhodesia was the first. South Africa, the second. Then comes America. Sweden has a longggg way to go when compared to us.

  2. Your beef with authors who flakeout on eradica: It could come down to a mere simple fact of the design of your site. The oogles of girlie pics and the layout might not be compatible with the serious intent of words.

    • JS…

      That’s really not it… Most come here to maximize their intellectual autonomy ONLY to have it bashed and battered by the intellectual autonomy of others. The more sensitive types move on to grounds more susceptible to maximizing/minimizing one’s personal autonomy WITHOUT the agony of mental defeat.

    • So you can’t read something with “serious intent” when there are “oogles of girlie pics”. I hate to sound disrespectful but that sorta special snowflaky.

      • @Colin & JS:
        i gotta agree; i understand JS’s observation, but all serious/stern all the time is grating. People already think i’m too tough. I put that stuff there deliberately to give readers a break.

        I learned that by looking at GOVWeapon manuals. one was called “Sweet 16” and it was for nam soldiers to become familiar with a very new (and thus, strange) rifle. There’s a reason for everything I do.

        I saw an actual Tiger I manual from WW2 nazi Germany and even IT had cartoons of cute frauleins for the crewmen to ogle while they learned the massive tank was “to be treated gently.”

        I’ve come to the point that I tire swiftly of reading yet another droning pedant harping on “the END of Amerikkka IS NIGH!!!” in some fussy blog. People with a stick up their ass piss me off, so I try to show my humanity; I still come off like Ed Gein or Himmler.

        Anyway, Eradica is for folks who are mufti-dimensional and flexible – leaders. When there are no more to be found, the machine will stop.

        duckduckgo: sweet 16 m-16 manual comic book

      • No, but I think this site could be designed to be more serious. My only worries about this blog is my presence here, as I already have gotten knocks on my door with Federal authorities, but it’s a completely different matter altogether.

        [ed note: no GESTAPO has harassed me. Free Speech comes with rules and I know them, and use them – as does Ryu as evidenced by his “how to respond to cop stops” YouTube links. Contact Ryu re: your knocks; he loves that stuff]

      • Is that right? I’ll email you.

        None have harassed me either. In any case, one has to learn how to deal with heat as a WN. This IS a police state. If one can’t handle it, take up something safer – like golf, or knitting.

      • I don’t write exposes to hear myself preach TDO.
        Eradican Principles also make explicit the wisdom to ACTUALLY, TRULY 100% Really BELIEVE we really truly do exist in an LN/MMM police state.

        And, to act accordingly.
        NOT with fear, but with patriotic defiance.

        Readers: I will teach you.

      • It is a difficult task.

        I have a mental picture of a police state. It’s in black and white. Soldiers are everywhere, each faceless and perfectly obediant. The people all wear the same uniforms, and spend most of their time working.

        But real life is not like that. Even in Nazi Germany, the sun shone. In fact, if someone just worked and lived his life with no political interest, he would hardly notice who was in charge.

        Only a few will really notice it. Political freedom is the purview of a minority. It took me many viewings of 1984 to believe that the US was a police state myself.

      • I found something good, FP. The best evidence that the media is in bed with the gov is that they censor stories like this. It happened 2 years ago. Read these closely:

      • I’ll talk to Ryu by email, full headed when I’m out of Murka in a matter of months.

    • In the virtual reality… You can work up –> down and down –> up and back to front and front to back and now to the past and past to the future and future to now. Social engineer know no boundaries. Radical autonomists. High IQ “white” males are still primitive and drawn to naked female like moths to light… Except… They cannot unify this instinct with God-ordained free will and this is directly attributable to their high IQ. How does one overcome an anti-white Supremacist nature?

  3. Just for the record (in case anyone cares) I’m not sulking, just listening and learning. This is the ONLY blog I check in to regularly.

  4. Oh and where did you get that picture of me in the pink outfit. Hahaha!

    [ed note: if you look like that, i promise to start being niccer to you heh]

    • She’s no plain Jane Murkan.

      One or two of your ladies are native looking Neel Yawk women like her, judging by their facial phenotype. They might be related to the owner of Rao’s, just in case you didn’t know!

    • I’m an old lady. Hoping for grandbabies soon.

      [jane fonda’s still fuckable. no wonder your both cranky]

  5. Time, gentlemen.

  6. Anyway, Eradica is for folks who are mufti-dimensional and flexible – leaders. When there are no more to be found, the machine will stop.

    What we need are polymaths in both the physical and intellectual realm! Speaking of, most our leaders today are just Ivy League book nerd pansies, who turn sociopaths. You’ll not find another Eisenhower, but more Willies and OMinos will be in the making.

  7. Okay, I’m in your fucking blog. Happy?

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