What is the Number One Killer of Cops?

by Ryu


Cops and soldiers share something. The most dangerous gun is their own. Each kill themselves in record numbers every year.

You can lie to anyone else in the world but yourself. Cops en-FORCE the will of the USG domestically. Police states are impossible without police. Those who make peace solution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

It is the vision of a white cop or white soldier, subjugating his own race for profit, which produces the desire for suicide. Lord knows what lies those white cops in South Africa tell themselves as they perform the same function there that white American cops do here: protect the elite from minos, and scare the white population.

2 Comments to “What is the Number One Killer of Cops?”

  1. Most resisters only try to fight back when it’s too late. Once they’re talking to the authorities they have already lost. They make up for it by screaming and howling while the cops push their faces against the pavement.

  2. “White” males who DESIRE to be cops and soldiers ALREADY HAVE AN INHERENT “weakness” as it concerns shaming/questioning of manhood. The perception of increased aggression amongst this most critical of convert class is directly attributable to the general shaming/questioning of manhood that runs increasingly rampant within our “society.” IN RESPONSE, most CAN ONLY DOGPILE and therefore ultimately EXACERBATE the problem. While “we” on the outside see a badge as permission, on the inside it looks like deadly restraint. The allowance for the average radical liberationist to push his micro-civilization to the brink of total breakdown is by magnitudes larger in comparison to the allowance allowed to a civilized citizen to squash that very bug. How do “we” close this gap… And with appeals to “equality?”

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