Why Do Communists Kill the Intelligentsia?

by Ryu

…because their only concern is their career.

People may be broadly divided into revolutionary or counterrevolutionary categories. The rich and the middle class want stability. The poor want change.

The moneyed professions’ primary concern is making more money and becoming rich. It is they who keep the structure of society intact. Engineers, doctors, lawyers and teachers are among them. They are the intelligentsia.

Many pay lip service to the working man and poor. But that is all they pay. They do not really care about the people or the revolution.

You have all seen the fake-concern of the…..… American ruling class over income inequality. They are “concerned” but not enough to do anything. Certainly, not enough to spend any $$$.

Communists find that they must eradicate a certain amount of the intelligentsia in order to make their proper values known. No one is going to be “in the office” while the people suffer or while revolutionaries die.

Those that defect are not “the best”, they are just the most money-hungry. Communist nations can be scientific and economic leaders. The USSR put a satellite into the space first and invented the hydrogen bomb. Communist China today is the world’s number one economy.

Whites today need more collectivism. Hence, we emphasize Communism. A nation’s true wealth is the people.

9 Comments to “Why Do Communists Kill the Intelligentsia?”

  1. The communists did not want anyone capable of opposing them. Communism was always about power for the few, in Russia heavily Jews, also non-Russians of the Russian empire and some alienated Russians. It was only as populist or nationalist as it needed to be at any given time to get or keep power. In this way it was very similar to the United States. This is what I call “pseudo-nationalism”.

    Is nationalism conservative or liberal, right-wing or left-wing, capitalist or socialist? I don’t think it is any of these, it is pragmatic. As conservative or right-wing as it needs to be to keep the good of the past, as liberal or left-wing as it needs to be to adapt to the future. As capitalist as it needs to be to allow people to accumulate and enjoy the fruits of their labor, as socialist as it needs to be to assure the good of the nation.

    The bourgeois are a special case. They have no loyalty to anything, not even money or property as strange as it may seem, but not really because they profit by moving or controlling these things rather than possessing or owning them. For that reason a wealthy bourgeois had much the same lifestyle in the Soviet Union as in the United States.

    Communist revolution had a fairly specific purpose, which was to wipe out native elites loyal to their nation and replace them with bourgeois elites loyal to global capitalism. Did the communists win the Vietnam War? Well, it depends what you mean by “win”, but Vietnam is a Nike factory now, so I think not.

  2. In addition to Ryu’s theory, Communists kill intelligentsia because intelligentsia see through hypocrisies of communist government and – cannot keep silent on that.

    Revolution Polite: Why Intellectual Blogs FAIL http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1cd

    That said, every form of government has varying levels of hypocrisies drawing the attention of an intelligentsia.
    It’s what the intelligentsia do: Gain attention and status by their clever criticisms of the Status Quo.

    • And to date, we do not know of any exile, who has spoken critically about the hypocrisy of the USG publicly, besides Snowed-IN. Fail!

  3. Once one maximizes their autonomy then the logical next step is minimizing the autonomy of all in proximity and then outward. Here one finds what amounts to an endless endeavor. “Our” enemy is not seeking total free will insomuch as it desires to smash free will EVERYWHERE ELSE.

    That ^^^ is the communist mindset. It is an anti-white Supremacist mindset. The idea that “it” can then take on a “capitalist” or “nationalistic” or “racist” veil ONLY tells “us” that this ephemeral drag queen has no core AND is defined by instinctual disloyalty to all in the service of the self. Collectivism BY SHEER propaganda and the hallucination of the masses. This is no UNION in radical autonomy or amongst radical autonomists. Commies are proto-radical autonomists and their desired UNION is a farce.

  4. Dont count the engineers ( or other STEM types) out. A whole lot of them have been thrown under the bus because chink or Indian engineers, etc are cheaper. There are enough of them about who would be willing to take the system down as simple revenge. They could come in quite handy to monkey wrench all kinds of systems to clear the way for the direct action guys. Revenge is an extremely good motivator.

    • I’ll throw most engineers out, Adit.

      What they want most of all is to show off how smart they are, and to tinker. They don’t care who pays for it or who they serve. Engineers form the priest class which serves the king. I was one of them once.

      The top servants of the USG are white soldiers/cops and white scientists/engineers. It was they who created the American police state.

      • And of course… “We” can readily observe how obsessed is Neo’s reaction with all things “shaming.” In other words, this convert class of “white” executive yes-“men”-ions are highly sensitive to issues relating to manhood. “Serving a Master” is fundametally anti-white Supremacist thinking UNLESS The Master is infallible. The high IQ “white” anti-white Supremacists GRANTS NO SUCH infallibility. THERE IS NO PERFECTION. Social engineering is necessitated. Questions of ultimate manhood obscured, perverted and dismissed.

        Serving UnlceBeast at the expense of your fellow white Supremacists IS SHAMEFUL especially when you could use UncleBeast to facilitate the self-annihilators most prevalent throughout the system.

  5. A revolution is hard work. It takes discipline and even more patience. That’s why the libertarians are the least successful party. The easiest way to keep the show on the road is to be a crazy fanatic.
    Power does not make the boss more sane.
    No doubt there would have been concentration camps in Iran in the 1980s if Saddam hadn’t invaded. ISIS is merely practicing cult control techniques on a larger scale.

  6. communists = marxist chosenites

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