Drones From RED China

by Firepower

Told ya so: wrote about it in 2013.

Fancy model toy airplanes strapped with explosive ain’t a Top Secret Program you can keep all to yourself. When it’s not hi-tech, even the natives with bones in their nose will kill ya – especially if you’re a hypocritical fascist Imperial Power bleating about “freedom” to the world while you drop bombs on ragheads and stick the Hubble IRS Microscope up the TParty’s rectum.

What’s Drones for The Goose…  IS

Drones For The Gander

Now, RED China will flood the world with military quality drones. The People’s Liberation Army is planning on making 42,000 UAVs. Forty-two-fucking-thou. They’ll likely sell twice as many to….….. Iran and ISIS types faster than they sell shitty TVs and pocket combs to Flyy Farmurz, white trash and MINOs at Wal-Mart.

I believe RED China swiftly and “unbelievably” went from 3rd world 1999 rickshaw-shithole to laser satellite threatening SuperPower from all those midnight drops of bags of cash on Bill Clinton’s back porch.

Why, soon every foreign fanatic (and domestic turrist!) with a hard-on for Murka will be buzzing C-4 deliveries to critical infrastructure like refineries, telecommunication lines, Manhattan lobster bars, ESPN, Little Caesar’s and E! TV.

HILLARY ~ Oprah 2016!

27 Comments to “Drones From RED China”

  1. The drones will also have their eyes set on the ivory towers of DC. Maybe they’ll also flyby to Tyrone’s homeboys in Baltimore and other ghetto infestations and do their disinfecting.

  2. China will sell anything to anyone.

    Alibaba has drones for sale and even riot control vehicles if you’ve got the shekels.

  3. In Murka, BIGov won’t entrust
    The Liddle Peeeple
    With Free Drones

    They all have GPS limiters preventing their use over our most beloved places like the White House & Pentagon
    (That Five-Sided Fistagon)

    I’m sure Red Chinee find way make sum-sum mo munny
    By selling drones that are Free Rangers.

    Only in murka do white hick clodhoppers mewl about their pride fighting in Iraq and getting their cock blown off for such a place that’s not as free as Communist RED China…

  4. Kikes bin’ sellin’ your tackle to China again FP. but but they’re your greatest ally.

    • Jews trade oil with Saudis – their most dangerous enemy. Saudis also trade with jews.
      Both are vile filth.

      Chinamen got their foot in the door buying Bill Xlinton’s Presidential access. While he was squirtin’ moneyshots on Monica in the Oral Orifice, he was waiting for the bags of gookcash to be dropped off on the back porch at midnight.

      Join the club. Great Britain’s been taking it up the arse from China since 1950 too.

  5. I love China. Those Commies are true Capitalists. When a good drone is cheap, I’ll be the first in line to buy my own fleet. They’ve got all the good stuff – green lasers, cell phone blockers, the works.

    The USG can outlaw anything it wants. Set up the highest penalty. But unless they are willing to spend the money to watch like an eagle, the law will be broke again and again.

    China is a smaller enemy than the USG, for us at least. The transition to hard repression would be progress. No one can lie to himself about being “free” when there are tanks in the street.

  6. Red China successfully battled the United States in Korea and Vietnam. Communism was also at its global apex in the 1960s. Red China completed the atomic bomb in 1964. They detonated the hydrogen bomb in 1966. When you aren’t taught anything except propaganda in regards to Marxism it’s natural to assume China was a “rickshaw shithole”. In reality they were already a powerful state and became a US ally against the Soviet Union during the later stages of the Cold War. A key part of the technology transfers of the 1990s was to keep them within Washington’s orbit.

    • China was a shithole: compare pics of Shanghai even in 1975 to today. If you think 100 year old buildings (and plumbing) getting shat in by 1 million chinamen per block is progress, have at it.

      Red China was given the bomb by Russian allies…who got it given to them by American jews running the Manhattan project.

      They did not successfully battle the USA. The PRK was driven out of S.Korea and its objective failed; a stalemate ensued.
      Vietnam was not a success for China either because Vietnam traditionally hates China and vice versa; as soon as the NVA rolled into Saigon they then betrayed their Chinese benefactors, waved their dick in their face and booted them out.

      The NVA revolution lasted from 1955 to 1995 before going spread-eagle for Coca-Cola Capitalism. Forty years is not an empire unless you’re a nigger pot dealer.

      Today, a Murkan can go to Hanoi, buy Kentucky Fried Chicken and two gook whores then fuck them in a real Hanoi Hilton.

      • Shanghai was the most cosmopolitan city in the world during both the Chinese monarchy and Republic of China period. It was later devastated by Japanese invasions and WW2. After the communists took power they kicked out all the foreigners and nationalized their businesses. It was only through a centralized state run economy that China was able to overcome feudalism and rapidly modernize from 1949 onward.

        Red China was NEVER given the atomic bomb. They had to purchase massive quantities of factories, advisers, and resources from abroad. Later the USSR withdrew support forcing them complete the task by themselves. Sorry to burst your bubble but the Soviet Union and the United States were allies throughout the 1930s and especially during WW2. America, China, and the Soviet Union pooled their resources to battle the Axis powers both in Europe and Asia. The atomic bomb was a joint America-Chinese-Soviet project. The Rosenberg treason has been exaggerated to help conceal the massive role US corporations played in building up the USSR’s technical and industrial base.

        The United States was fought to a stalemate in Korea because of the Chinese communists without them the North Koreans were finished. Vietnam and China went to war because of the Sino-Soviet split which was a major turning point during the Cold War.

        Don’t confuse Marxist Vietnam with capitalist Thailand where the latter prostitute to their women as the basis of their economy.

      • ugh. you’re making up shit. you might as well say China and Russia are two Magic Kingdoms ruled by Mickey & Donald and I’m not going to waste much more time fisking you on it:
        here’s pics of “cosmmopolitan” shanghai in (not the 70’s) but the 1980s:

        And, the PRC Shanghai EXPO:

        Russia gave China the bomb to antagonize the west for the same reason China gave it to N.Korea. That is simply accepted fact by reasonable people.

        To claim the atomic bomb was a joint America-Chinese-Soviet project is absurd.
        When the boom went off, the only one more surprised than the mayor of Hiroshima was Josie Stalin…

        You are using the tactic of Glorious Soviet Party Leaders who insisted the 1960 Trabant was the equal to the Imperialist 1960 Ford Falcon.

      • If you don’t know what your talking about then keep quiet.
        [ed note: cease your disrespect or you are out of here]

        Have you heard of HSBC one of the biggest banks in the world? It stands for Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation. It existed from the 1800s onward with its two main branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai. China was already a major zone for international trade and commerce.
        [brazil and india today have large banks but that does not make them 1st world. agriculture nations require banks as financial repositories to economically manage the bumper/drought/bust cycle of naturre]

        Russia never gave the atomic bomb to anyone they assisted the Chinese for the right price but they had no interest in making the Chinese into a powerful rival. I suggest you research the Sino-Soviet split because the two main communist countries became enemies for a variety of reasons.
        [i have studied all of this – formally. i feel like a new teacher in a black school telling a militant student that blacks did not build the pyramids]

        The A-bomb was dropped in 1945 and less than five years later the Soviets suddenly developed the technology? This is nonsense like so much else related to communism. The Soviet Union and United States were allies with the Roosevelt administration being the most pro-Soviet government in US history. The reality is they already knew a lot about the Manhattan project because it was a joint wartime American-Chinese-Soviet enterprise.

        [mao’s Cultural Rev was a disaster. ussr lasted 1917-1987 and it’s a plain fact. there was a reason it was so brief]

      • To be fair to eradican, if one cares to know China enough, I believe that there is a divide between the North and South. The southern regions are clearly marked by progress, where as the North are just rotting wastelands. I believe Hong Kong, being a Western Entity and an Anglo outpost becoming the trendsetter in surrounding environs had a lot to do with it. A few Eurot expats in China told me that they enjoyed HK and Shenzhen very much, but not to so much where the Chinese Commies are stationed heavily in Beijing and Shanghai.

      • Nothing you posted suggests Shanghai was an impoverished slum. You just made that claim without providing any evidence.
        [ed note: sheesh. china before the 1990s was backward. so was the ussr. it’s simple fact, but explaining it to one like you is like…Galileo arguing with Flat Earthers. Catholics. G-Ziss Fanz. lay off the Wiki scholarship lol]

        Are we even looking at the same pictures? It looks like a successful major Chinese city. It’s grown a lot because the population and wealth increased with the overall size of the economy. When the Japanese invaded China they mostly wanted the coastal regions like Shanghai.

        If you think communism is a failure why did you “like” my post on Marxism?
        [ed note: i hired you to give your voice a platform. to be THE Communist representative and explicator of something new I envisioned: WN/Communism – to link communism with White Supremacy the way it is linked with Nationalism and Socialism. To be a communist intent on eradicating MINOs. But, you do not write nearly enough to keep people’s attention before they forget you. lol you and Hiptard Raciss are blood-brothers. i expect you to start publishing names and addies of former allies like he did]

        Did you even bother to read any of it? I discussed nearly every aspect of communism both good and bad including what Russia/China were like prior to revoultion. I’m not going to repeat myself so here’s a link for you. Your definition of failure is also ridiculous considering everything has a beginning, middle, and end including our own lives. Does that mean being born was a failure as well as if nothing worthwhile was achieved?


        Your little rant didn’t make any sense and the fact you degenerated into petty insults and innuendo says more about you than me. Moreover Ryu also calls for the destruction of the white middle and upper classes. I’m aware now that you’re a reactionary who feels threatened by challenging property relations …
        [Red accusations of the National Police type most used by E. Germany. you always struck me as having potential to be a great informant and witch-hunter]

        and what you call “democracy” is little more than a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Capitalism causes mass immigration, radical feminism, negro worship, and deviant normalization. These things don’t exist in Russia, China, eastern Europe, and elsewhere at least not to the same extent. I’m simply point out these uncomfortable realities but I guess even so called “radicals” put class ahead of cause.

        [with such a statement, i do NOT guess that you’ve neglected to read my works attacking Murkan Capitalism; i know you didn’t. i agree with your points on what Capitalism causes, but remember, it doesnt cause those problems in capitalist china or saudi arabia. the problem is, you are young and like most millennials, you have no respect for anything. Plus, all of you get your ostensible education (and sources) from WikiPedia. That is ridiculous, but it explains the kockeyed krap you keedz spew. go figure it out for yourself. you do not need The Voice of Experience. I now strike your name and dub thee “WikiPedian” – for you have more in common with that site than Eradica, whose principles you tarnish – because all of you don’t even know what principles mean. Nor honor, integrity, responsibility blahblah. I’m done with you.]

  7. The Middle Kingdom is doing quite well these days, expanding too.

  8. Why people fear drones? They’re just a tool.

  9. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Symmetric warfare? Asymmetric warfare?

    Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

  10. JS – The once White Russian Kharbin is colder than Vladik, because they cut down all of their trees. Short term profit is the Chinaman mindset.

    • I’d agree. Further, gookers are just isolationists. They don’t want to engage the world. I think a lot of has to do with genetics.

      • Not such a bad thing. They seem to want to avoid blacks, beaners and yids. Good thinking…

      • And gookers are just like the other filthy vermin, opportunistic and parasitic of the White man’s treasures. I wouldn’t be so critical of them, if they stay in their own countries and clean up their act, INSTEAD, they flood our domains with their people who serve no real purpose, and they don’t care about us, but to take.

  11. Why bother with piddley little Chinese drones with low payload capacity when you can go down to the local car dealership and get yourself a four wheeled self driving drone with a payload capacity of half a ton. Or get the truck version with a payload capacity of over 20 tons. Level whole city blocks without having to sacrifice one of your revolutionaries. IEDs are about to go mobile in a big way and hardly anyone has noticed.

  12. –And gookers are just like the other filthy vermin, opportunistic and parasitic of the White man’s treasures. I wouldn’t be so critical of them, if they stay in their own countries and clean up their act, INSTEAD, they flood our domains with their people who serve no real purpose, and they don’t care about us, but to take.–

    True. And this is the place we’re in. Then again, I’d trade Baltimo’ for Harbin.

    • My term for gooker was proposed to FP as NEMO – Non-Effective Minority Outlier, which signifies a minority who has no power or political purpose in Murka, which is true if you compared yellow faces to darked skinned miggas, Jews and Gays, who all have passionate, yet irrational reasons to put Whitey out of existence. Gookers’ sole purpose in Murka is to consume, status worship and imitate Whites, but would remain indifferent and self serving, if Whitey ever needed an ally or assistance.

      [ednote: not sure if NEMO registers w/ folks who’ve never read Jules Verne]

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