What If TSHTF…and Nothing Changes?

by Ryu

“The Big One” never seems to hit. It’s just like the mythical earthquake which is supposed to split California off into the ocean. It never happens.

The shit has already hit the fan in the US. Several times. What happens every time is that the ruling class gets off and gets more power. Only the working and middle classes are then worse off.

We will only focus on two examples. The financial world ended in 2008. This “should have” destroyed Wall Street. Who got screwed in 2008?

Not Wall Street. They got a bailout. But the working man didn’t get one. He lost alot of wealth and many lost their homes. The American police were actually ….…..evicting people from their homes. But they did not arrest the financial executives and they didn’t repo banks. The police have always worked for the elite.

The Dust Bowl of the 1930s was similar. This was an environmental calamity. But it wasn’t the banks who suffered the most. It was the small white farmer who was kicked off his land. Many became migrant workers or “Okies” like the book Grapes of Wrath. They lost their homes, and many lost their lives.

In both cases, the USG did not disappear, but grew. The people lost power, and the government gained it.

Those placing their hope in the SHTF will be sorely disappointed. The debts will not be forgotten. Come hell or high water, the banks will still be getting their money. If they have to send the entire US military to chase down debtors, you can bet they will find a way to do it. And the soldiers WILL obey those orders, like they are paid to do.

The Beast starves you. And the weaker it gets, the more He will take. More taxes, more brutality, more law. There will be no miracle cure, where the USG just magically disappears. The USG must be taken down and ripped apart, actively. Hope is not a solution. Never lie to yourself.

15 Comments to “What If TSHTF…and Nothing Changes?”

  1. 2008 – The start of the Welfare State for Bankers. The money’s got to come from somewhere m8. Someone’s got to keep these kike cunts in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed. The whole tone of your post is anti-semitic BTW.

  2. Despite what distracted, nutty conspiracy types wish, USG does not want shtf.
    NOT bc it’s any danger to their safety, no: They know they are protected in luxury fortress penthouses far above it all.

    The Mortgage Elite (mildly NSFW) http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1AU

    They do not care about Baltimore’s Disease.
    What they do care about is the disruption to the profit conveyor belt.
    They cannot safely transport goods to Murkan Morons made in their Chinese sweatshops on roads pocked with snipers.
    Their companies may “be” in Murka, but their NYSE stock profits are made in gookville.
    They cannot store shipping containers near refineries being shot at every minute by scoped rifles.
    They cannot get customers to buy their 3rd PlayStation third person shooter game when these buyers are actually shooting at dockworkers.

    That’s why they want morons to BUY their second PlayStation, third iPhone and fourth LEDTV.

    USG wants a soft revolution – the soft eradication – where whites breed themselves brown. So, in 2056 HRH Queen Malia Hussein-Malik Obama will declare her reign, and her children’s, permanent.

    • I could understand it all if hate was the true motive. But money…ugh. Especially their worthless paper.

      Too many revolutionaries have not understood direct action. The purpose IS to bring about hard repression – army in the streets, soldiers at the mall, tanks. Then, these rats can’t say “but this is the land of the free.”

      In the third world the elites actually oscillate between hard and soft repression. I know Thailand well. Every now and then the military stages a coup. But this is not good for biz. So a few concessions are made, and the gov goes back to ripping off the people.

      • Bread and circus in Murka is more abundant and effective than ever. People might complain about the injustices, but they already have so many distractions to not care about anything else. Before the 1960s, people believed in noble causes for the nation, despite the USG was backstabbing them.

        Most people in Murka today could care less of noble causes. They just want to have goodies and enjoy them for the minute. If they don’t have them, they will get it somehow. Bread and circus from the USG is there to perpetuate this behavior.

      • Nobility is a strange word. It has no flavor on my tongue.

        We are to accept that the white race of the past was more noble. Yet it was they who destroyed Hitler and allowed our race to reach this point.

        Many those noble whites of the 1950s and 1940s are still alive. What are they doing with their nobility and time? Nothing useful for us. Playing golf perhaps, watching Price Is Right.

        I myself am not a WN for noble reasons. The USG has taken from me and I want payback. And it is my pleasure to take, rather than be given. The proper use of greed is more useful than nobility. Money is not always the coin one desires.

      • The people who are in it for payback are the only ones who can really take the system down. Everyone else will stop part way for some reason or other leaving enough of the system intact to stage a comeback. You really do need people who just want to watch it all burn, if you really want a real change.

      • More and more, I think that it will come down to a very small group of people. Mass awakening is a pipe dream.

    • Race mixing to decrease the overall level of intelligence of the population. That’s not really working out well for them is it? Apart from your celebrity coal burner types and a few liberals, most whites can see through the shit.
      In America the niggers are stupid.
      In Europe the sand negroes are stupid and even come kitted out with the religion from hell.
      This can only work out badly, at some stage in the not to distant future.

      • Race mixing. That’s not really working out well for them

        Again, it’s not an either/or, zero-sum proposition to eradicate Whites where one single tactic is made abundantly clear. It is the same as the FFOL: a multi-faceted approach that befuddles a multitude (deliberately trained in inferior schools) to see problematic, complex issues in only simplistic terms.

        “Feed the world!!!”
        “End poverty! Just spend more”

        A female (especially a hot one) sees only a car – or something bought for her. She doesn’t see metallurgy, electronics and the principle of combustion, etc.

  3. So true Ryu. Waiting for shtf is the conservatard version of vrw.

  4. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    YESSS!!!! Never bet on everything breaking down. If anything, the rich, the powerful, and likely your enemies are better prepared than you. After all, that is why you hate and fear them.

  5. If there is a mass disaster it will be something unexpected, like a new cold war with China, or a nuclear Muslim superstate.
    The masses will rally behind the elites like the Soviets behind Stalin.
    The only thing that can cause change is a revolution, maybe techno-communism or a World State with interactive democracy, or some form of techno-exclusion like enclaves and secession movements, or possibly just the fade-out of history.

  6. What do you guys think of Doozy Tsarnev will be getting the lethal injection for the Boston Bomb Party? He gets no sympathy from the Murkan Sheeple, because they could have been harmed, and not the USG. I’m sure he still gets a lot of female attention, despite the fact.

    • The little criminals go to prison, the big criminals run the prisons and make the laws, JS.

      Quite obviously it is impossible for him to get a fair trial in the US. Similar with Saddam and Osama. They are “examples” who are actually martyrs. He’ll go to heaven.

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