Told Ya So: Only 6% NYC Housing Built for Working Class

by Firepower

Only 6% of affordable apartments built since 2000 have been in Manhattan below 96th Street.

The Elite conquer then carve out territory from the poor in stages:

  1. Gentrify it
  2. Reserve it
  3. Exclusivize it
  4. THEN – further limit access by increasing exclusivity levels of per-existing domains

And that’s just since Y2K.

Presently, the place to be is below 96th Street. One day, that enclave will shrink to only include even richer swine.

All those “hollywood movies” of gritty Manhattan with its grubby districts of Harlems, Hell’s Kitchen and the Bowery now cost $40,000 a month to rent and only rich jews, Bill “XXX” Clinton – and WASPs – afford it.

LOTSA Manhattanites volunteered on 9.12 to enlist in Uncle Beast’s Army, right?

26 Comments to “Told Ya So: Only 6% NYC Housing Built for Working Class”

  1. I don’t know NYC at all, but 96th street must be some rich area. NYC is a tourist town today, and a home for the super-rich.

    The old timers call NYC “Disneyland” today. There are many good comments in this thread.

  2. I do live in one of those apartments reserved for the working class, which I moved in during Y2K (which is ancient history now). My biggest regret is that I should have left this cesspool years ago, for Eurot or some other saner place.

    There’s plenty of holdover miggas in Manhattan, and they’re not going anywhere. That could change pretty soon, but I doubt it. Only if wealthy Araabs, Ruskies and Chinks decide to turn this town into a Dubai, Moscow or Shanghai.

    • JS, what is an “affordable” rent in NYC? 1K per month? 2K?

      • It’s all relative in terms of what affordable is in NYC. Some wealthy degenerates overpay in the tune of 6K a month for an apartment with a panoramic view of the city, with several bedrooms, one for work, one for sleep, and the other for hanky panky.

        But yes, affordable would really mean $1K or less.

        [ed note: explain to Ryu the dizzying dichotomy of Rent Control. THATS WHY you still have revenant coloreds there]

  3. Rent control means forever the same rent amount, which is almost non-relevant today, which was given to White lumprenpoles in NYC of the past. It’s a dying thing.

    Rent stabilize apartments, which is more like it. Housing projects that goes by income guidelines on how much you make that caps usually to $1K in rent, which ensures holdover colored miggers and their equally dysfunctional heirs, will forever live in them, as long as they work at an extremely low paying job employed by a liberal fascist business establishment that hates Middle Class-White America.

    I suggest any of you smart readers save up a bundle and take a visit to NYC, so you can feel bitter after it. You will not be impressed, where a piece of fool’s gold was handed to you at a hefty price. No city is deemed world class, with its hordes of coloreds and stupid liberal degenerates.

    • People don’t refer New York as a Joo York town for no reason. It’s a city where sedentary parasites call home, with everything at their fingertips. It’s a city with very unaesthetic beauty, where liberalism runs afoul, and just a cesspool babylon all around, that greater Murka shouldn’t be.

  4. FP: Told Ya So – Colored crimes returning to NYC, this time in wealthy sections.

    Just a rash of physical assaults and robberies in Central Park this past weekend. And you know where Central Park is, it’s literally a playground for the rich, surrounded by millionaire/billionaire homes at all sides. It’s becoming a mugging fest for miggas.

    • heh. Muggers go where the money is.
      Understand that just because the LN/MMM rules MINOs and coloreds they cannot control them every minute. There are bound to be chimpouts among every animalistic mob. Even zoo chimps bite off a face periodically.

      This becomes the central problem I warned about before: HOW does an effete, pampered elite keep an ever-multiplying colored mob (that they created) from storming the plantation and raping everything? Look, this is the concept of Frankenstein’s Monster writ large for the entire Future Murka…

      In the year of Our Lord 2012 B.D (Before DeBlasio)
      This was prevented by the Elite’s Mansion Guard – the NYPD.

      Now, he’s prohibited Stopandfriskanig.

      I’ve not determined precisely why, as I’ve not devoted that much concern for the suffering of Manhattan Elites; I rather enjoy it.

      You come up with a theory.

      • I have a theory: NYC has 2 million niggas, and another 2 million Latspicnos, which doesn’t fare well even when it’s heavily guarded by the NYPD (the most colored of all the police departments in the nation). And we all know coloreds, no matter how “professional”, has a seething, burning hatred for Whitey. It’s only in a matter time, when the colored NYPD becomes another faction of the ghetto thugs where they turn against their White demographic, whom they are supposed to guard. At best, they’ll let their co-racialist criminals off the hook and commit their crimes regardless.

        Do you think a colored cop can just take it lightly, to see their fellows locked up in prison, while they make sure the Brandons and Britneys play safe at the park? It’s human nature even for the Uncle Toms to see the injustice. But of course, this is what happens when you have a multicult society, with a wide disparity of race, IQ and other important varying measures that makes a boiling cesspool fuming with a hot toxic gas.

      • I have a question, FP. Where are all the poor, trailer-trash liberals?

        There are none that I know of. The poor tend to be conservative Jordie types. As we climb the social scale, the more liberal people become. And the most liberal are the megarich Northeast and East coast liberals.

      • I have a question, FP. Where are all the poor, trailer-trash liberals?

        Good question.
        Most of the poor libs are inner city/ urban coloreds. This vermin has destroyed most of the habitable structures in urban areas and now, the brown mold is marches into diminishing white burbs adjoining those main NiggaCiddies: This also includes Miggers and their respective racial “culture.”

        This works out great for jews (“property developers”) who buy the now cheap, empty lots ravaged and abandoned by coloreds to “develop” them with high-rise penthouse skyscrapers. Ain’t no niggas can mug you or steal your Jag when they all moved out to a fresh suburban catbox to shit in. This happened in LA, Detroit and Brooklyn.

        Coloreds Colonizing Whiteyvilles is made easier by Negrobama and the LNs “Section 8” BIGFed housing program that gives coloreds free house/mortgage payments on the taxpayer’s dime. Then they naturally Vote-0-Bama forever. Because they don’t care for what they don’t pay for, the housing destruction repeats.

        Scumbag white trash that live like niggers are sometimes stuck there. They vote Dem to get the same Welfare $$$’s. You’ll find the type within a 10 mile radius of any major Negro Nest.

      • Thanks. So they are in the inner city ghettos. But there’s not many white poor libbies.

        Have you seen this movie? Kids, 1995. It is about these white city kids in NYC. These kids are stealing shit, getting high, drinking booze all by like 12 years old. It’s the exact equivalent of a nigger.

        The director made a whole series of these movies. Apparently Americans found them too controversial. Kids, Bully, Ken Park.

      • Have you seen this movie? Kids, 1995.

        No, but I can predict it. I saw another series 7 Up about britti kiddeez. Our Young Collin can fill you in.
        Same thing, different era.

        Any youth growing up when the Ballwasher Media gave Bill Xlinton a wink for his Oval Office cumshots was well aware of the degenerating nature of Murka and joined in. Bill Xlinton is the most socially degenerate influential Prez in Murka.

        Forgot who said it, but the only fitting thing to do in a declining empire is eat, drink and be merry.
        I once disagreed with that.

      • Do you really believe the elites began having mistresses and affairs starting with Clinton? LOL

        nope. just that Xlinton made it acceptable – provided The USA Free-Speeeeeech Champion Press thought it was ok, bc they idolized you…

  5. Here is another colored crime wave last night in NYC, and this one is near Whole Foods, in a sea of SWPL circle jerk imbeciles:

    A black face wielding hammer strikes his victims unexpectedly during the night hours in the park, when the party revelers (mostly White) come out and play. He seemed to be knocking on Britneys when they’re out and about. All I can say is that colored guys like him can’t get what they want, that is, White poony meat. He’s isn’t the Tiga with his millions waving at White biaatches for some play, while he holds his golf club on the other hand.

    • Good stuff. If he gets rid of the hammer and shuts his mouth, he’ll be clear. Hey, maybe you guys should institute hammer-bans and hammer-registrations.

      I like it. We’ll see how smart he is. 4 in one day, the heat is on. It’ll stay on for about a week, then be forgotten. If he acts today or tommorow, he’s a fool.

      • Just in: It appears that the police shot this hammer guy, who was wielding it at a NYPD LEO.

      • Ha. “Condition unknown.”

        There’s a corpse on the street, not moving. I’d say he’s fucking dead. The media can’t call it yet another cop shooting a civie.

        The degree of risk necessary in direct action does tend to attract the crazy. You’ve got to be a little bit nuts to take on the USG. That guy just didn’t want to get away with it. I’m sorry for him.

      • And look at the pics of NYC, it’s just a filthy ugly cesspool of liberal dissonance. A town full of JOOs and MINOs can’t be a great one!

      • Just call them jews. Don’t capitalize it.

        Epithets just don’t work.
        If you want to be a proper racist – and especially anti-jew – remember the sweet, sweet damage Mad Mel Gibson inflicted with The Passion of Christ. That’s the style that works.

        Niggerspickiking in a rant negates The Message – and got him mocked into diminution.

      • FP: Most people on the left and most of those who love to live in liberal Murkan cities are parasites by choice. Neel Yaawk is a stark city of the haves (Jewish and White vampires who siphon money) and the have nots (the migga underclass who take on welfare and other subsidies). It makes sense that Jews are predispose to parasitism. Most of them whom I’ve met could never cook or whip a simple meal from scratch, and are dependent of restaurants (which of course, requires a lot of moolah). Jews are the biggest restaurant patrons like niggas on fried chicken and Migga Donalds.

      • Ryu: If you want to take sides with the hammer colored, I could understand, that is if you think he was a misogynist who specifically hates White women, especially those who live in liberal cities and live a life of an obnoxious materialistic whore. It appears those were his real targets. He was knocking on White women in a section of town, whose life revolves around fun 24/7. To me, it’s envy and even self hate. Nigga boys and White women share a lot in common, who both become major exploits of the degenerate left.

      • I have no moral view to his actions. WNs know to be on guard – around blacks, never relax. WNs do not get attacked. I only evaluate how well he did it, and if he got away or not.

        Also, I know that most white women and virtually all minos are enemies to wn. When my enemies kill one another, I enjoy it.

      • Yep.

        @JS: it’s like the train crash. hah. A bunch of DC drones going to NYC and newyawkaz returning from DC lobbying junkets. idgaf. errbody i saw was either a BIGov worker or an nyc b-grade “entrepreneur”

        dingleberries on a track

        I held the identical contempt for the Boston Mangler Fireworks Festivus: a bunch of LN Obama-voting Joggers. search Eradica, you’ll see my opinion

        btw JS: GUESS WHAT the name of the AMTRAK engineer is? lulz…

    • heh;
      have a ball:
      Robbing The Elite
      Killing Rich New York Jews
      Urban Terrorizing The Elites
      Private Cities, Public Guard
      Dynasties of Filth

      …note the trenchant analysis and prophetic conclusions.

  6. FP: Ha..a Millienial Brandon behind the helm of the rolled over MURKATRAK. It also appears that he’s part of the FFLN camp, just by being a faggotaboutit from Neel Yaawk.

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