The Durrbb Defines Conservaginas

by Firepower


All hail Da Duuurrbbb. His firing by conservagina faggotte and spineless spina bifida Rick “The Dick” Lowry shows clearly the demarcation between NeoConTards and…us.

Found this on VDARE – which was (and is) an early follower of Eradica so rest assured your comments make it there. They don’t accomplish jackshit with 40x the readership so don’t fret yet.

As is befitting DD’s genius, he describes briefly what takes others books to define:

“…the British manifestation of Conservatism, Inc.—globalist, multiculturalist, guilty-rich, and donorist.”

Pure Gold, in a long, dull article – another Derbyshire habit – kinda/sorta comparing how Sissi Brittis political life is a proxy for our fucked up MINO Machine.

They’re just Murka without the sheer number of welfare coloreds – and no Miggers.

See! That’s some shit even DD can’t write…

25 Comments to “The Durrbb Defines Conservaginas”

  1. His analysis of the result is, by and large, correct. Though as you put it “long and dull. I couldn’t manage it all.

    What the UK lacks in pavement primates, it more than makes up for with sand negroes, supported (likewise) by generous welfare payments. Liberals would maintain that these sub-humans are perfectly prepared to work, its just a matter of employer discrimination.
    Indeed, that may well be the case. Would anyone, seriously, want to employ some idle bearded rapist, with personal hygiene problems, who walks around in pajamas?

    I bet you la belle France might be able to seriously compete with the US on nigger numbers though.

    Different continents – Different niggers – same liberal cunts.
    (though some use the term “progressive”, to indicate the qualitative and intellectual difference between the old and new liberal ideology).

    • I’m unsure: I’d need to see entire major cities in Sissi~Britti Land populated by coloreds as is Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis…Baltimore… etc.
      lol that’s not even including the Miggers in LA. I’d say Murka has The Monopoly on MINOs.

      My comrade Ryu and I both describe the “Conservagina Academic” as an entity now existing only for itself, constantly recycling the same argument repeatedly to an audience fixated upon safe non-active “activism” instead of risky action.

      It would be as if your ancestors – instead of stepping aboard a sailing ship bound for the New World – stayed put in their Old Country peasant shacks incessantly whining of their oppression.

      • It’s also sad to see a lot of young attractive White women fall victim to liberal brainwashing, by wasting their precious time engaging in charity work in niggaborhoods.

      • Birmingham? – Bradford? – but yeah we tend to prefer ghetto areas in towns – it helps encourage racial diversity.

        You may be well be right. In this unfortunate fellows instance, his writing appears to be quite soporific, though I suppose even revolutionary types need sleep, so arguably, not entirely pointless.

        [ed note: it IS WHY…he’s the Durrrrbbb]

        A society of cowards.

    • Are you Colin from the Alt-Right Sphere, with a voice that resembles that of the liberal degenerate Piers Morgan, but of a different rant?

  2. Boy that’s long. I no longer read such articles unless a friend writes them. I’d rather start with the meat than work down to it.

    I suppose Derby fulfills the need of the WN intellectual who wishes to have interesting conversations. All good WNs pass through a conservative stage and have probably heard his name. As long as they don’t spend years listening to him, it’s alright.

    A conservative is someone who thinks there is a conventional solution to our problems, that we can vote out way out of it. That’s the simplest way to think about it.

    • Boy that’s long. I no longer read such articles unless

      I don’t read many anymore either, unless their totally innovative from start to finish.

      I am the result of that old parable of “teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”.
      I’ve long known (since my Grecycling post) the basic process they’re communicating: They’re shouting a long-winded warning to a bunch of morons about to be hit by a runaway train – all the while, getting paid handsomely. I know what they’re going to say, before they say it and I size it up quickly: It’s like predicting the plot of the latest SuperHero Alien CGI summertime fap flick. Avengers; Man of Steel; Spiderman XXVI

      Some, like piglet, suck hind tit, to grind pointlessly away so Disqus Parrots can yap up their comment tally to 300+.
      Better to watch stupid Blu-Rays…

  3. Derb is still an anti-white Supremacist… The idea of a white man or a collective of white men executing ALL THE RIGHT MOVES and thus epitomizing white Supremacy is extremely offensive to his body and mind. This ^^^ is the true demarcation.

  4. Britain has been the NWO center since the 19th century, the British Empire was in fact the Rothschild Empire.

    Professor Revilo Oliver mentioned in his books and writtings that the British Aristocracy had intermarried with Jewish Bankers by the end 19th century, David Cameron is the result of such breeding.

    • I wouldn’t question the professor. And have never heard of him. Though it wouldn’t surprise me that the aristocracy, were to an extent, cross-bred with Jews, during the late nineteenth century.

      In truth, the only thing one can look forward to with Cameron, is five more years of his wife.


        “His great-great grandfather Emile Levita, a German Jewish financier who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969.[18] One of Emile’s sons, Arthur Levita, was also a stockbroker; he married a cousin of the royal family, Steffie Cooper.[19][nb 2] Sir Ewen Cameron, another great-great-grandfather, was London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank; he played a key role in arranging loans from the Rothschild family to Japan during the Russo-Japanese War.”

        German-Jewish bankers became dominant in London during the 19th century, the Rothschilds are best known but they’re not the only ones during that time.

    • British aristocracy was bankrupt well before the end 19th century. All that grand living in Downton Abbey was based on hereditary acreage of crops, a variant of Feudalism. This is not the stuff of a high-tech Bill Gates’ Victorian STEM wetdream.

      These decayed gentry married jews for their money the same as they did noveau riche Industrial Age American heiresses; the aristocracy marrying hot, rich foreign debs even became a sardonic joke for poor citizens – and gentry alike. Any white-looking HB with a big purse sufficed: Winston Churchill’s mother was American. You will find many of these examples in biographies.

      Most of these vast country estates were lost to the Beatles’ British Taxman as BritBIGov expanded to pay for all their wars and bureaucracy. That should sound familiar. Very few of these palatial estates survive today. What few do are tourist attractions for prole Downton Abbey fans to gee-whiz over.

      The genetic dilution of a faded aristocracy coincided with the fading of the entire British empire. It was a means to keep the money rolling in, not necessarily a Rothschilde conspiracy per se. Did the opportunistic jews take advantage of Britain’s collapsing empire and waning aristocracy? Of course they did. That’s what they do.

      Focusing on Manhattan rothchilds as the primary enemy while ignoring the niggers n’ Miggers moving on your street and raping your sister is a luxury.

  5. Here’s an interesting case: Joe Owens

    Salty, working class, type who used to beat up commies on the streets in his youth before becoming Nick Griffin’s bodyguard:

    These days though he’s the quintessential functional conservative (as Alex Linder puts it) who’s accusing all these young guys who are organizing street movements of being enemy agents.

    • Ha ha! I love it. Standing in front of a bookshelf too, just like the system intelligensia. He needs a suit and tie.

      You think ISIS would do that? No way. They’d show some dude with a knife or AK.

      Cops talk about “aging out” of gangs. People leave groups after a certain age, after they get too old. That Owens guy appears to have aged out of WN. One’s morality depends upon his strength. Young men don’t believe in God, old men do.

      • Ye, sounds about right.

      • Where can i get real isis choppin’ vids?

        I’m sick of all this bait and switch crap and adverts for fucked up media sites

      • Let me know if you can find one, FP.

        These teases are all over the place. I want to see the blood and guts too. It’s not too much to ask to see some severed heads and blood fountains is it? This is still America and we love violence.

      • When I went to YouTube to see the Somalians getting whacked, I got Murka’s Greatest Contribution to The West: Cheezy come-ons and commercials posing as the “real” video advertising how to “find out more” on some shitbag news site. I’m surprised the porn industry hasn’t (yet) used it to promote the latest Asa Akira “interracial” bukkake fest

        Youtube = ScrewTube

        YOU are The Man for vids/youtube. When you find a reliable site, post a link. The Somalis didn’t get chopped like the rest, they AK’d ’em

      • I feel like your dealer or something. You want the good shit man?

        You can’t get that stuff from a MSM site – just like you can’t get the whole truth from them. You’ve got to go underground, where the bad guys are. All the good guys are pro-system.

        Here you are, FP. I’ve know about this site for some time. The orange suits represent the ones that the Guantanimo inmates wear. See how they position people behind the main guy, just like the system does with announcements, with flags waving? It’s slick.

        [sweet. thanks! i used to go to and it looks suspiciously like it. iirc, it became LiveLeak, which is pretty good too]

      • hey, man, it’s cooooool, man.
        like, kanyadiggit?
        all i need is a little hit:

        here’s some green:

      • Thanks! Good trade. You remember Orgish? It’s a great desensitization tool; doesn’t take long at all.

        I don’t feel for the system. They make that sort of man. Doing parole is a humiliating experience. The supervisor has God-like powers to throw the con back into jail. Clemmons just had enough and didn’t want to do any more time; and, he was already fixed to be a criminal.

        I’ll study him, FP.

      • oh hell yeah i remem ogrish.

        Check out that LiveLeak site as an addenda to your goregrish.
        here IS real urban warfare:

        Clemmons is the type of back-against-the-wall loser who goes “Lone Wolf” – that utmost paralyzing nightmare of BIGov. The insurgent.

        They once were called lone gunmen…
        I expect to see old white guys doing it in 20 years in the Ultimate Pyrrhic Victory Dance of those men with nothing else left. They’ll be losers, but not in a derogatory way; they’ll just lose bc the FFOL MINOs running the MMM will make them losers.

        lol: Will an army of White Men seniors with walkers bring an end to the Fascist LN/MMM Regime – and save Tomorrow’s Justin?!?™

      • heh. just watched it.
        ISIS kills 100x more nigs than Murkan HEROCops! – but does it with balls. They don’t kiss the ring of colored MINO BIGov Rulers.

        The BEAST does not want Sensitive Brandons seeing reality after sitting thru 13 years of BIGovSkool Propaganda hailing MLK. Even with all that CoD, GTA game-violence, seeing real blood scares and intimidates GENuseless.

        They’ve created sheep to guard their city.

  6. The Islamic world has dealt with beheadings like we see LEOs putting cuffs on criminals. It’s nothing to them. Just look at their artwork from the medieval times, plenty of it with chopped heads. Such barbarity ironically came from their exposure to the Mongols (violent gookers on steriods), who ransacked and shook the Muslim world into pieces, where they also try to fight back with the same intensity by learning from their cruel ways.

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