Talking Your Way Out of It

by Ryu

This is a video of a famous prison escapee talking his way out of an arrest. He just escaped prison and was running down the railroad tracks, until he was met by a pig.

Cops are like dogs with a strong chase instinct. If something runs, they chase it. Richard didn’t run and was reasonably calm, that’s how he got away with it.

6 Comments to “Talking Your Way Out of It”

  1. Most think only Newtonian catch phrase and nothing beyond. They don’t “see” the infinte regress, i.e., the escalation, as being unleashed and then seemingly out of their control. The bad pig KNOWS HOW TO escalate and invoke the infinite regress to his preordained advantage. Most criminals ARE TOO STUPID to stop it cold in its tracks.

  2. Cops sure like to take their sweet time, as does any part of the ‘justice’ system.

  3. People think if they break the law that it`s inevitable that they will go to jail but Ryu reminds us that even over half of all murder cases arent solved.

    • Many, many people get away with crime. No crime has a clearance rate of 100%. They spread the mythology to spread fear and intimidation.

  4. Game 101: Maintaining your frame. He believed he was Robert Jones, and that belief rubbed off on the piggy- betwwen puffs of his cig… totally unprofessional, but what fo you expect from Murkan LEO???

    @JR, pigs like to take their time with situations like this because they’re on the clock… and it keeps them from having deal with burdensome REAL CRIME.

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