Manhattan MINO Media Machine

by Firepower

No Milktit to suck on, so teh cahk’ll HAVE TO DO

Leet’s play Spot Teh MINO!

Often the arrogance and hubris of Manipulating Media does ryu’s work for him. They compile pictures worth a thousand words.

For instance, Anderson Cooper isn’t a jew, Migger or a colored…wait! He’s a faggot – there ya go, one quotient of a phalange in the FFL: The dainty, pinky one.

These are the Lords of Manipulon: The rulers of public opinion.

The shepherds of The Sleeple. They jump to the head o’ the line, buy a white baby, then tell you how to raise yours to slobberingly accept faggots, Manhattan faggots and Manhattan faggots who barge in to the head of the line.

Thus, the millionare, celeb CNN “news” reader maintains their inordinately high status among the Elite Worshiped Class.

19 Comments to “Manhattan MINO Media Machine”

  1. Being a practitioner of the homosex is a relatively benign accusations per se, but it correlates alarmingly with a pro-diversity-increase and pro-media-suppression liberal bias.

    • More simply put, you are forgetful of the obvious fact that faggots never stfu about Their Cause and force it upon everyone. Perhaps 15% are circumspect and quiet toward others who prefer putting their cocks in cooze.

      A hetero ranting on to a queer about the glories of vagina and boobjobs is suppressed to the point of a social rarity.
      You forget an American’s right to object to queers is what is censored totally and now, it is this group that is oppressed.

      • Let’s hope that there’s a trend of FFLNs all turning on each other. blacks assaulting gay jews and their white gentile boyfriends would be like one stone killing 3 birds!

  2. I think it’s amusing to see straight couples giving up their kids so that homos can have their little pets. Is there any more evidence necessary than the fact that their very children end up in the enemy’s hands?

    What I see is that picture of the media dude and the kid, then underneath it the true white parents living in squalor. That’s America today.

    One gets the feeling that the rich gays could take that kid out back, and slaughter it right in front of the parents, and the parents still would not hate. The only emotion most whites feel today is directed into sport and consumption.

    • Ryu…

      “Gays” was a delightful word now held hostage by degenerate minds in the same manner that they hold the beautiful symbolic colors of the rainbow and oh-so-feminine color pink hostage and have infected these “things” with degenerate sexual connotation and obscuring the self-annihilating “nature” of the homo-sexual.

      Homosexuals ARE self-annihilators, BY DEFINITION…

      Homo=same=exact same=self…

      Sex with self=pleasurable annihilation=self-annihilation…

      This radical bio-ideological cabal is fundamentally DECENTRALIZED with EACH homo-sexual seeking the most pleasurable annihilation. These acts of “hetero” assimilation are just that… ACTS of the radical sexual autonomist.

  3. “We” aren’t ruled by Jews… They merely maintain the mechanisms… “We” are “ruled” by INHERENT NATURE the high IQ “white” self-annihilator… Er, the high IQ dykefaggot. The “white” masses DESIRE radical sexual autonomy. This is undeniable.

    [ed note: no. limited numbers of faggots are insignificant when compared to numbers of jews and white liberal males & females in the FFOL]

    • ^^^ “We” are “ruled” by [the] INHERENT NATURE [of] the high IQ “white” self-annihilator…

    • Sheer numbers mean nothing. “We” are ruled by a nano-entity. A “thing” inside the MINO Machine. There are mechanics and there is message. Jews get paid well for managing and maintaining the mechanisms, BUTT, they are not the messengers. The desire of the “white” masses is pleasurable annihilation, i.e., de facto homo lifestyle. The high IQ “white” anti-white Supremacist MUST OWN THIS DESIRE.

    • Gays do not improve my existence in any way.

  4. What is it with faggots? How did they get so powerful so quick.? I suppose they saw their opportunity and worked out that they could exploit liberal intellectual types, or maybe there were closet fags that had infiltrated the meeja.
    Now folks thinks the sun comes out of their arse instead of shit.

    • Faggots are another beneficiary of Liberal nazism – another finger on the five-fingered fist of Liberalism. Another cog in their Minority Machine.

      LN elevates all minorities in a Protected Preferential Class getting unequal benefits and protections apart from White Men. These beneficiaries are “MINOs.”

      That faggots are prone to media arts (and all Art) make them perfect allies to accelerate LN agendas in Hollywood, broadcasting, literature, fashion, music and publicity.

      You’re lucky; it’s fortuitous I have a post scheduled tomorrow titled Feudal Faggot Frisco
      Their vapid, yet alluring World of Perpetual Glittery Playtime is there to tempt all – as displayed on E! TV

      • I never considered that. Maybe the same disease which controls their perversion, also gives these shirt-lifting fudge nudgers an advantage in camp and low brow art.

      • Faggotry is only acceptable in Western Societies. It becomes a burden to support a group that contributes nothing of value: Fashion and punditry etc are expensive when there are no warrior types to protect it.

        Eastern societies of Russia and China, along with emerging Southern ones like Mexico, still despise faggotry and its decadence.

      • Ah, El Sido. I remember you. Can one make a house out of bog-bricks? Is the IRA still around?

    • Faggots are the archetype bio-logical self-annihilator. “They” stand, seemingly paradoxically, as BOTH a falsification of “evolution” AND a as testament to man’s God-ordained free will THROUGH THEIR MOST transgressive being AS self-annihilator where sex with same = exact same = “self” = self-annihillation.

      LIBERALISM is faggot “nature” MANIFEST!!!

      And “our” high “intellects” have been writing fabulous creation myths for Liberalism for literally hundreds of years.

      Liberalism = Homo-sexual “nature” = self-annihilation…

      Of course, “they” would reveal last like the rolling out of the red carpet.

    • They have money, hence their power. All liberals, besides the niggas are loaded like a well sucked mosquito or vampire bat.

      • Gay boys in NYC live in the toniest sections of Manhattan. They make great neighbors for the media tycoons, Wall St and other well fed parasites, mostly JOOs and WLNs. A young guy I know in his 20s, both a JOO and GAY: his dad a Wall St feeder, pays over $4K/monthly rent for his beloved son for a Manhattan apartment. I don’t envy his degenerate and over-pampered lifestyle.

  5. He be jewish ,atheist zionist

    [ed note: thanks for the news alert]

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