War on the Homeless

by Ryu

It is difficult to describe the cruelty of the American system. Americans are very defensive and consider “their system” the best ever. Almost like a battered wife defending her abuser.

Capitalism produces a high body count and failure rate. Almost no one “makes it big.” Yet, the entire focus of American society and media is on that one in a million who does get rich and famous. 999,999 do not make it.

You will never be as ripped as Stallone, as beautiful as Jenn, or as rich as Warren Buffett, It’s not just “hard work.” Everyone works hard. Stallone is on roids, Jenn uses plastic surgery, and Buffett is hooked up with powerful men.

America has declared a war on failure to achieve the…..…. American dream. It has come to the point where one is rich, a servant for the rich, or we don’t want you. when in remote locations. It is illegal to sleep in your own car. Begging is illegal.

Many cities across the US have criminalized being poor and homeless. “Obamavilles” are routinely broken up.

The rich don’t want to see beggars or pan-handlers. It “embarrasses” them. Don’t the poor know this is the land of opportunity?

The innovative trick Americans cooked up is to “export” their poor to other cities. A few cities actually pay the poor to disappear to somewhere else. Just kick them out and lock the door. All while playing the good guy and acting charitable. It is contemptible – especially considering that most Americans are headed toward the streets themselves.

This is a story about cops “dumping” homeless in other cities. America’s police work for the ruling class, not the poor. He who pays the piper, call the tune.

This video isn’t from a third world country, it’s from NYC. The money is there. You will note that only another poor person helps the kid, while the rich NYers just walk on by. They’d step over dead bodies to get to Starbucks.

53 Comments to “War on the Homeless”

  1. Ryu: Most Americans are stupid, and lack any discipline and insight to be a better person. Just look at the individuals around you. Most Murkans have no class, no concept of the world, no curiosity, nothing! They just want to consume without much thought. I could understand why the elites have mind controlled the masses for this long. They deserve what they get.

    Look no further to the liberals/democrats and how they exploited blacks at everyone’s expense.

  2. San Francisco is hard at work purging itself of its homeless:


    It’s a nice illustration of what’s most important – da Super Bowl. SF landlords are hard at work evicting their tenants as well since their property values have skyrocketed and they want to start charging $3,500 a month for a walk in closet of an apartment.

    • It is an ugly thing. Brazil did this too during World Cup; they cleaned up the barrios nearby for a time. When the cameras left, it was business as usual.

      America is a country by and for the rich. Just like any third world country.

      • Yes, and NYC is a third world place, because you have a large, well to do White population who don’t really work, with their large MINO staff, who will clean up after their mess. The proletariat Whites have been priced out and can’t get any cheap housing nearby to become their servants.

        I say ignorance is bliss and let the sleeping dogs lie until time is up, whenever that comes!

      • Yet, if prole whites are priced out in gentrified Feudal Manhattan, how is it lumpen prole coloreds are not..?

      • A good question. My impression is that the HUD and Section 8 schemes are all wrapped up by the minos. They’ve got that game down cold and they know what to say. The few minos I talk to know all the tricks. They have had several generations to perfect it.

      • In a viking longboat or Oklahoma frontier, those that know honor of combat and straight talk prosper and rule.

        In an LN/MMM Regime, those that know and play by twisty bureaucratic regulations are the RULERS.
        The white mans’ time has finished. He gave his treasury to monkies.
        Now, monkies reign.

      • Once, the white race was a race of warriors and farmers.

        This is no longer the case. Most whites today dream of some white collar job where someone else does all the scut-work and they just count the money. Like the American Indian, they have altered. The Indian is no longer a nomad, but basically a form of parasite and begger.

        Treating them as they used to be is no good. The truth is not enough. In fact, I don’t think we can do anything BUT preach to the choir. WNs today are those whose inner voice is more overpowering that the outer voice of Mother Culture.

        Which is to say being a WN is an inborn tendancy and the desire cannot be taught. This is why you write and write, and pound and pound, but nothing gets through except for a few. These are mostly Baal’s ideas which I have adapted. I will re-write “The White Race Must Die” when I’ve remembered it all.

      • nothing gets through except for a few. These are mostly Baal’s ideas which I have adapted.

        Yet, if nothing gets thru – is resolved – then The Grand Effort amounts to nothing more than Nihilism, a philosophy I dabbled with but found lacking.

        However, as we grow older – then elderly – it seems more acceptable.
        Nihilism is the last word
        You whisper
        before you
        pull the trigger

      • Lumprenprole coloreds get subsidized housing, which were always intact before the invasion of the elite pigs, and we now have a dumblasio nazi, who wants to dole out a full assault of public housing for his beloved coloreds at the expense of the White middle class who don’t live in Manhattan proper, or any of the turdholes like the bronx. Why should prole Whites fund the existence of these colored scum to remain in Manhattan, the Bronx or elsewhere? That’s what liberals are good at, fooling the unsuspected White demographic.

      • Lumprenprole coloreds get subsidized housing


      • And FP: Like you’ve said previously. Failure, failure, and failure to be aware and proactive. Murka remains to be doomed with a few elite castles standing, in a sprawling cesspool wasteland.

      • Greater America is the next Detroit, and to me, it’s another Middle East in the making.

      • Just in case you didn’t know, with the exception of a few elite establishments, most businesses in NYC are heavily staffed with MINOs, especially niggas. You just can’t evade them, unless you are in Masa or Brooklyn Fare.

        And it hasn’t gotten worse in the past few years, but of course your average, apathetic, White liberal degenerate (Millennial Brandon and Britney) could care less. Mom n Dad paying for your good life in NYC. Why should I give a fuck!

      • I get the opinion LOTB is a high upper-mid / lower-low-upper class.
        Purely of the Manhattan Variant, meaning I deduce he makes apprx. $320k per year

      • Ryu: Yes, Whites have become like the Joos, who don’t want to lift a finger except to count money. This is the result of what you see in Manhattan as I described it to FP, a niggafied work force, with Whites who just pleasure themselves to death.

      • WNs must accept reality as it is, not how they wish it to be. That is the true end to WN. Not every story has a happy ending.

        You are right though. The only way “the remenant” has survived is by leaving. In the past when this happened, part did a last stand in Iberia and the other ran up to Scandinavia. The most accurate WN fiction places the remenant in Antarctica or on Mars.

      • And yet, the line between total rat infestation and absolute eradication is merely a few exterminators given blunt immunity from a protected black collective.

        How much effort does it take to inspire this IN HOUSE cleaning?

        How much effort does it take to call the black man to account and question his manhood as it regards The Nigger Question?

        IF the nigger rules THEN the black man is de facto dead.

      • Ryu…

        Inherent to wS is separation. WN is simply a psychological given, an axiomatic law of the universe that cannot be refuted. Perpetuation doesn’t start and stop with the ideal physical vessel. Perpetuation MUST BE spirited first. The white Supremacist is perpetuating a “mind set” as well as seeking out and creating ideal vessels of perpetual transfer. The anti-Supremacist Jew can indulge in all sorts of self-annihilating tendencies AND STILL perpetuate Jewishness via religious and ideological conversion. The white Supremacist has no desire for such an infinitely regressive mode of existence. By definition, the white Supremacist is few and far between BUT the “goal” is not limited to any one white man. That’s a beautiful thing and evidence of divine order. THIS IS ALL ABOUT white man’s free will most concretely expressed by the idea of striving towards Supremacy. So one either intuits what this means, he just cannot intuit such a thing OR he plain refuses so as to maximize his autonomy. Ergo, he rejects white Supremacy as ultimately oppressive and not as a manner of being to which one experiences true free will (versus radical autonomy).

      • That’s good, TD. Intuition is important.

      • I have my eyes set on the French Province of Quebec up in Canada, a place not far from Manhattan, where there’s a separatist movement, who feel as if their land has been assaulted by multiculturalism and the Anglos. They hate Murkans by the way, but I’m looking forward to meeting them, and tell them my side of the story.

      • The Big Lie of the hard “anti-Semitic” right is that the Jews control the message. The high IQ “white” self-annihilator (almost certainly homosexual) controls the message AND Jews have been granted control of the mechanisms of PERPETUATING self-annihilation… Er, an INHERITED specialty… So as to deflect attention from who is actually socially engineering our anti-white Supremacist/self-annihilating “white” environment in MURKA…

        The nexus between homosexuality and “loving” everything and all things (except white Supremacists, of course) needs to be highlighted and then smashed to bits. One either loves a particular “thing” or there is no love. And one must ULTIMATELY love the right thing, the perfect thing out of of sheer psychological coherence and peace of mind.

      • U can find the white race must die on archive dot org under racistthinktank dot wordpress dot com

    • Updates for continuing and continuous po’ purges will be incessant:

      Feudal Frisco Purges Its Poor: UPDATE http://wp.me/p2kmGE-4iA
      SF also has a private bus service to shuttle its Silicon ELITE from plush mansion to plush HPGoogle-Facebook suites.

      It’s become a visible symbol/target of protest for the local grievance industry. IIRC, zomblog/zombietime covers such issues.

      • At least in SF, best to my knowledge doesn’t have a large MINO workstaff, where nigga boys are doing shoddy work most of the time. Tech guys are of course more aware of this than the Northeast LNs, and are more intelligent not pander to these low downs.

  3. The radical autonomist, by definition, is home-less in all sense of the word. Likewise, the white Supremacist is home-less in the sense that he walks amongst a mass of radical autonomy. So the “war” on homelessness that manifests is part of the smoke required to obscure the above reality. Even with homelessness, the devil is the details.

  4. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “It is illegal to sleep in your own car. Begging is illegal.

    Many cities across the US have criminalized being poor and homeless.”


    How superior is an religion that allows euthanasia by humane means! If you have nothing to lose, everything is possible.

    Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal!!!

    • Hell is genuine radical autonomy granted by a just God. The attempt to transform what is ultimately a desired psychological torture into a visceral conception HAS IN FACT had the effect of ensuring more whites damned to an eternal radical autonomy.

      • I do not really get it.

      • The enemies of white Supremacy have successfully sold a conception of Hell that is visceral both within and without Christianity. Of course, “it” is quite expectedly a false conception. A just God grants one’s desire for radical autonomy in a place called Hell. A place of genuine radical autonomy can best be conceptualized as a place with no where to go, you can see with nothing to see, taste with nothing to taste, smell with nothing smell, touch with nothing to touch. FOR.ALL.ETERNITY. Genuine radical autonomy as desired.

      • Oogenhand,

        Hell is a DESIRED psychological “torture” elicited by one’s total disconnection from his Creator/Father. Hell is “conscious” oblivion for all eternity. Hell is a self-induced pain resulting from a sensate being immersed in a totally senseless “sphere” FOREVER. And so desired when walking earth. And justly given after “death.” Hellish.

  5. It’s a war on everything, ownership, privacy, cash, small farms… people get arrested for collecting rainwater.
    You really thought that just because it falls out of the sky, that it’s free for the taking? You poor naive fool!

    John Deere (manufacturer of agricultural machinery) are even looking to redefine what ownership of a product really means. More to the point, they say that people don’t buy their products, they just buy the right to use them, and it all boils down to proprietary software.

    You really thought that just because you bought a tractor it’s yours? You naive fool.

    Like in the Matrix, the establishment is at war with ANYONE unplugged.

    • I too read that story about John Deere. You don’t buy a tractor, you “rent” it from the company. Car companies want to make it illegal to work on your own car.

      I like Thordaddy’s philosophy most of all. I’m not a WN because I have such faith that others will wake up; I do it because it is the very best I am capable of.

      • There is an incredible exaggeration in the notion of individual ownership to the point that said “principled” enemies of individual ownership use that exaggeration to demolish what little principled individual ownership is actually left.

        In a properly ordered people, the notion of individual ownership what terminated at Roe vs Wade. The “creator’s” “fundamental right” to kill her child in utero by any reason necessary KILLED individual ownership IN REALITY. As Eradican might say, violence is the “highest” force in these worldly schemes.

      • ^^^ In a properly ordered people, the notion of individual ownership [was] terminated at Roe vs Wade.

  6. I read the horror stories. Except for the strong, homelessness is worse than death. A trapdoor to the underside. You have to be a hero to be a loser.

    If they knew ways to fight back, a few would do so. All I can think of is pouring gasoline against town hall or a former employer at night, followed by a bullet in the head. The Iraqi resistance took it a step further. They were heroes.

    • Any adversary can only hunt for what it knows to be looking for – easy way to avoid becoming prey is to simply fly under the radar and resist detection.

      It makes more sense to build and intentionally grow clandestine cell network that can work to exert political influence among population by covertly directing the overt non-underground movements.

      There is a reason militias have no power and are basically a pastime for reactionary military enthusiasts (most of whom are unemployable “riff-raff” left over from imperialist war) – they have guns but no intelligence, structure or specific political goals.

  7. FP: Sir, sir, I just posted this article on LoftB. Anyway, do you need more hard evidence that niggas are part of our Manhattan life?


    2 gay White dudes (from Alabama – not surprising – I have met quite a number of deep White southerners living here in NYC) were attacked by a nigga in their own neighborhood at a low down Dallas BBQ restaurant. Yes, a nice gay neighborhood, posh, wealthy, now being invaded by MINOs (well MINOs were always here, they’ve gotten more emboldened that’s all).

    A lesson to be learned when visiting NYC: Never go inside a chicken or burger joint with a MINO majority.

  8. Why the fuck didn’t these queers know that blacks are dangerous?

    • Symbiotic regression…. Mutual self-annihilators… Only the ILLUSION of disorder.

    • Don’t shed any tears for one wing of the FFL being harmed by another.
      When your enemies fight
      Smoke a cigar

      • Absolutely not shedding tears… “Our” job is to impose a technologically enhanced free will on the nigger and homo so that the more dimwitted can “see” that both their individual and mutual self-annihilating tendencies ARE CHOSEN of their own free will and THUS they shall suffer the FULL BURDEN of the consequence. Their radical autonomy at this stage, in principle, ABSOLUTELY REJECTS the above imposition.

        THE ENEMY DOES NOT DESIRE genuine free will.

        And this is his self-evident weakness as well as his own perceived strength.

      • Yep, as whitey weakens the FFL is going to butt heads more and more. It’s something to be hopeful about. Kind of like Muzzies chasing jews out of Europe. Maybe it would do the white race some good to stay out of the spotlight for awhile.

  9. Ryu, I still remember when you found me on some MRAs site, dont remember who he was, interesting you picked me out, do you happen to remember the reason?

  10. Ryu: It’s rather unfortunate that most people are only on their toes in times of crisis. When good times roll in, most would just sit back and degenerate into never ending cycle of pleasure and ignorance. So yes, have MINOs push the white population into a small corner. But I know, most of you guys are skeptical, because even then, they will not fight back.

    • There is power in what America truly is. Americans are violent, greedy, selfish pigs. Good! But they lie to themselves about it.

      I do not care about people lying to others. Lying to oneself is the true sin. Why steal from yourself?

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