Elite Castles: Feudal Martha’s Vineyard

by Firepower

Every castle needs strong natural defenses. They’re built on hilltops or river sides. Trenches are dug around the walls and dammed, then dismantled to fill with the river water – making a formidable new moat. Every great castle has another castle within the fortress. It’s called a ringed defense.

It’s all basic military strategy and tactics. Walls simply just keep people out. Armed thugs on those walls provide the eyeballs and beatings. Think of SWATZIs, SS and Murka’s own wonderful S(S)S.

The more tech grows, the more sophisticated castles must be; they’re not obsolete – no matter what The Establishment History Channel tells you.

Why do you think all the Super-Elite live on….…  ground so difficult to take? Manhattan is an island. Hawaii is far, far away; further away from LA than LA is from Maine.

Still, the pampered penthousery needs to be close enough for G6’s and private jets to fly in and conduct the business of luxuriously fucking peasants, but not too close that it is dangerous doing so. All Feudal Castles need a quick escape route for the villain-Lord to survive. The more a vacation spot, the further it can be from The Action because advance plans schedule a planned return to the Money Factory.  The more retirement-zone (and out of the public eye) it is, the further away it can be from TA and still function – like Tiberius’ decadent Sin & Sex Torture Island Getaway Paradise at Capri*.

The Cape Cod of… Cape Cod

Year-round local-yokels merely provide services the elite don’t want to spare their butlers for. They need them to press and polish their $7,450 suits and shoes. Think of it as Staten Island and its relation to Manhattan. They merely provide:

  • street-sweeping service
  • dog crap disposal
  • lawnmowing
  • platinum toilet installation and
  • janitorial services

Martha’s Vineyard is the most exclusive moated castle on the east coast – it is Hawaii West… Fantasy Island. You do know, Our Historic Black President plans a sumptuous retirement to pontificate his divine MLK-like pronouncements in a seaside Hawaiian castle mansion, don’t you?


While waiting to publish this, Our Historic Black Ruler decreed His Majesty. Read of his majestic splendour there = and here.

People on the beach here think it’s Obama, and some people like me are thrilled at the prospect,” said Lee Siegel, who owns a neighboring home. “It’s wonderful. My dog there can’t wait to play with Bo.

Very nice!

…the buyer is an LLC called Waimanalo Paradise, set up just last month, whose mailing address and contact is Obama donor and Chicago lawyer Seth Madorsky.

Any time you have Scottish Siegel and Madorsky neighbors pitching for you, some white cannonfodder’s gonna get fucked.


58 Comments to “Elite Castles: Feudal Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. FP: You might have heard of this guy:


    A typical NYC, Joo – Civil Rights attorney. Lives in one of the poshest neighborhoods in Manhattan, and whines about being an over-privileged “White” guy and wished he was a ghetto thug. Really? What doesn’t he moves his ass to Baltimore?

    Talking about being a mentally ill self annihilator, he sides with the enemies of his fellow Joo folk.

    • With apologies to thordaddy, thats not self annihilation. sa does not equal living in a $49,000 a month Manhattan penthouse dining at RAO’s every lunch. That’s hypocrisy.

      SA = actually moving TO balt w/ the monkies.


    • I just listened to the Joo schmuck on radio, Ron Kuby, who had the audacity to make fun of cucarachas, because today is Cinco de Mayo. Another typical liberal nazi, who’ll never say anything bad about his beloved niggas, but will take jabs at other miggers if it benefits them.

      Then you have the Garland Texas Muzzie event that took place yesterday under a kikess by the name of Pam Geller. She’ll never speak out about the wrongdoings of Joos, or more important why niggas are more of a problem in Murka than muzzies.

      Again, this is all a distraction, from taking away America’s most serious issue, which is the nigga pest.

      • Again, this is all a distraction, from taking away America’s

        MINO pestilence warning levels are determined by proximity: In some areas it is the colored, in others the Migger – and in still others it it both i.e. LA vs Detroit.

        Jews fear Miggers more because they have bribed coloreds far more and far longer. Jews have shoveled trillion$ of US TAXBUX$$$ to the colored and bought them body and soul. Historically, there are few jews in mexi-Miggerland due to Espana being Roman Catholic and back in Ye Goode Olde Dayes, roasting these vermin in Inquisitions.

        Historically, Roman Catholic nations were the first inhospitable to jews until RC Poland went liberal in the 17th Century IIRC (after the Protestant Reformation) when jews fled German duchies. Then, it was Protestant nations that discovered the treachery of the jew, culminating with your beloved Uncle Dolfi’s cleansing program.

        Miggers pose a greater threat to Murka now because they are imported in unlimited numbers and overtook the black as the fastest growing colored population.

      • FP, would you check your email? I have found something interesting.

        [proceed w/ caution. but realize we’ve not even been “warned” by LN SPLC types as of yet. we ARE surveilled, but I maintain my free speech by my choice of words]

      • The real question one should beg to ask is why aren’t the liberal scum pimping the cucarachas like their beloved negro boys, if they really want to destroy this country and eliminate much of White America. They are more of threat, yes, because the cucarachas are in larger numbers, and they are rendering the black boys as obsolete work tools, and because they are smoother like Rico Suave.

      • Damn you, JS. Why, why, why….how!

        The why doesn’t matter. It is, and that is all one needs to know. Let us focus on two ideas of yours, going to the PIGS and America’s infrastructure. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted, or to indulge in outraging.

      • The real question one should beg to ask is why aren’t the liberal scum pimping

        Miggers live in closer proximity to coloreds than whites. They actually “identify” with whites more than coloreds which is why they kill far more coloreds than whites.

        Whenever Miggers migrate to Murka, then inevitably move in with coloreds and…kill the Christfuck out of them; they eradicate them so fiercely they are now the only known antidote, which is why the Ballwasher Media censors this actual race war. I’ve written a few articles on this activity.

        The LN is smart. They understand they cannot maintain control with (and over) an entirely colored rabble so they seek to spickify it with Migger seeds so it too will interbreed and create an indistinguishable brown mass prone to subjugation rejecting any remnants of White SO76. This also negates the Slavery Card if each new generation of Wicaninnies is increasingly mexican.

        The LN requires coloreds to eradicate whites and control them like a shepherd dog and then, requires Miggers in turn to keep colored populations down and control them as a “new” sheepdog.

        It’s like introducing a non-native invasive species that causes vast problems, so The Leaders then introduce predators to control the pest. Australia did this with Cane Toads. Pacific islands infested with non-native rats from cargo ships then introduced poisonous snakes to eat the rats and the snakes also became a problem invader.

      • I have also been thinking about this FP.

        The weakness of each racial group. Blacks are lazy. Whites are subservient. And Mexicans want to become white, they still believe in the American dream.

        All the Mex I see are not revolutionary. They just want to work and cash in. The memory of Mexico is too near. Sure, the kids are angry and they do take it out on the blacks.

      • I have also been thinking about this FP. Blacks are lazy. Whites are subservient. And Mexicans want to become white,

        White vs Colored vs Migger vs White http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3WB

        You have just described the total, future wetdream of the Elite: Three classes clashing against one another while the fourth cashes in for all eternity.

      • There will be no revolution in Third World Murka, FP.

        No 3rd world country that I know of has successfully had a revolution which elevated the poor and brought down the rich. Not Mexico, Nigeria, Nicaragua, none of them. The only new countries in the world are the ones Boko Haram and ISIS have created.

        [ed note: those are mainly communist revs. mexico had a lot. still…they did overthrow the rich, but as time passed, they themselves became rich by dispensing public favor. Cuba did a good job – they’re going to re-open lawsuits from DOW etc. for confiscating private property like factories and casinos]

        I see in America what I saw in other shithole countries. The men are apathetic; they either sit on the corner playing dominos or work in tourism. The women try to be upwardly mobile by selling themselves or with some tourist job cleaning toilets or hotel rooms.

        The police are all heavily armed and mainly interested in protecting the money. They closely patrol the tourist and ritzy areas, while around them is disaster. And during it all the rich of the country continue making money. Nothing changes, because the rich own the police.

        Some whites leave the US to Thailand, Nam or other places. They think it’s alright – because there, they are upper class, so they don’t feel the injustice. A white man in the third world is quite disconnected from the reality of the poor there.

        There is a wonderful book on Amazon, FP, a true gem. Set in the Dominican Republic, it details the exploits of one who serves the rich there. He rapes, robs and kills with permission, so he is never caught. It’s like Bundy with a uniform.
        Assassin: The Terrifying True Story of an International Hitman

        I do have a question though. Who will protect America when it’s children are all obese, diabetic and autistic? The time is coming.

      • Ryu wrote;
        Who will protect America when it’s children are all obese, diabetic and autistic?

        The elite will use a Propaganda Program appealing to whatever trigger pushes the MINO youth – the way they lured white Jordie hicks to proudly die for Lois Lerner, Unlimited Amnesty, endless taxation and Trayvon supporters marching in Ferguson and Baltimore.

        Perhaps the bait will be “Familia” or Machismo 2055 – or simply MERCash like the Romans did for over a century.

        Here is a meme/Propaganda Poster that addresses many of your points. I’ve been tweeeeeeeeeting it all day:

      • You do good work, whatever the result of it may be. Sometimes in life one can make all the right moves, and still not get the outcome one wants.

        That is a good, and true, cartoon. HR had something similar.

      • Ryu wrote:
        Sometimes in life one can make all the right moves, and still not get the outcome one wants.

        PROOF Twitter has value:

      • Ryu, yes that’s correct. Let’s focus on the PIGS and disrupting Murka’s everyday, normal flow patterns.

        My question as to why, needs some serious brainstorming, because I really think Liberal Nazis are really sick people with an unique sinister agenda (only in Murka) that no one has really pointed out. The exploitation of the animalistic nature of black people by the LNs have served them really well and have made them a lot of profits. They cannot really do this to Mexicans, never. I’m Hispanic, but White, yet, I can understand Mexicans coming from the Hispanic culture. They work hard, they don’t abandoned their children and they care about family. Even dysfunctional gangs/thugs have loving families, but that’s not really typical of most blacks, and this is due to their nature. That’s why the radio talk show host, who is a die hard liberal nazi made fun of Mexicans. He could never do that to blacks, never, he’s tied to them as if they are their loyal customers to profit from.

  2. There is the procedural and the literal.

    “White” liberals practice procedural self-annihilation where the practicing of tolerance (acceptance of pain) and nondiscrimination (desire to be indiscriminate) is the surest path to LITERAL annihilation of one’s self.

    Our “default elite” has successfully “preached” the above to such an extent that they have now reached DEFAULT “elite” status.

    But I digress… There are castles to be bought from very prophetable mass of literal self-annihilators. These are the “elite” economics.

    • yes. ease up on the digression.

      This is an informative post on Cape Cod, the Manhattan of Boston, or in reality, the Manhattan of Manhattan.

      We must be grateful this island is guarded by battalions of armed, Waffen S(S)S and is safe from Island Invaders like Breievieik

      • Many towns now have “drive thru” videos on youtube. It allows one to see most the city through a car. There’s got to be big money there. Look at the houses and how closely developed they are.

    • Have you read the book “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn, TD? There are shades of you in the book. It almost appears that you’ve read it before. It would be worth investigating if interested.

      • Ryu,

        I have not… I will check it out. My information media is very narrow at this point. Nearly no tv, movies, books, newspapers or magazines, ever. Even within the Internet medium, the type of content I consume is nearly always and only the nonfiction blog.

        There simply are no books on white Supremacy written from a secular perspective of honest defeat.

        The anti-white Supremacist is not equal to the white Supremacist. ALL CAN AGREE ON THIS FACT.

        Now the debate GOES EXACTLY where “we” want it. Who is lesser? Who is greater?

        Only in the anti-universe is the anti-white Supremacist greater than the white Supremacist.

        BUT, “we” just might be inhabiting such an anti-universe?

      • I would like to see, in brief, your economic model that is truly sustainable and will last forever.

  3. I don’t see how it will be “wonderful.”

    They won’t get within a mile of Obama, let alone shake hands or play with his dog. Obama in a mansion means about 100 secret service living very close, 24/7. And he will be messing up traffic and inconveniencing people. What sort of delusion are these people telling themselves?

    Yes, the elite love “friendly” communities. They come in, built a big house with a huge fence, then price everyone off of the market. Always happens – Vail, Aspen, Jackson Hole. Then the place just becomes a storage depot for the mega-rich, who only live their 2 weeks/year anyways. Usually they rip down the old house, no matter how beautiful, then rebuilt a bigger one.

    The “average” people make about $9/hour cleaning toilets and walking dogs, so they have to commute about an hour in and out. No economy but tourism.

    It is an old story now in America. It was old 30 years ago.

    • Besides the social problems involving coloreds and the willfully ignorant White demographic, Murka will become worse in standard of living measures as housing costs will skyrocket. The capitalist will try to wring every drop from the ordinary White person with everything, ranging from food, housing to schooling. Then he’ll try to force the same individual into the domain of Miggers.

      White Murkans are unprepared, not only do many of them have almost nothing in savings, they don’t know the world beyond their country’s borders. God forbid, where can they go, if shit becomes serious shit. Nowhere, they can’t even speak other languages, besides English. It’s really sad!

      • The purest form of evil capitalism takes place in the Anglosphere. Murkans can’t even go into Canuck territory and adapt. Canadian cities are just as expensive with the exception of Quebec, yet they hate us, because most of us can’t speak a lick of French. South is Mexico, but again, no hablo espanol and overall, it’s a rough place.

      • Ryu: It’s interesting that I recently spoke to a fellow Spaniard who came to NYC for temporary assigment. He tells me that he will never get any emotional support from most people here, especially Murkan women. He said most Murkans are shallow, suspicious and spiteful, and they only care about status and if you can fit into their level of stupidity and agenda. Anyway, he’s looking to go back home after his assignment here. He did mention how high rents and cost of living is to make people miserable and separate them. It’s a part of a big plan to divide the haves and have nots.

      • Your comrade is correct, JS. I envy him that he has another country he can go to. Spain at least has a future. America only has a past.

      • Yes, Murka is officially a lost cause and there’s no future. At the moment, target practice of people is illegal. It might change in the future.

  4. I’d hate to get stuck on an island should there be the SHTF.

    • SHTF in a country that can afford 100+ million Apple products? I wouldn’t bet on it.

      I see a slow decline that can easily go on for decades to come…
      The economy may not be backed by gold, but it is by raw steel!

      Things like Baltimore, and even the Tea Party, only stimulate the establishments immune system, making it stronger.
      It’s funny how the only thing the Tea Party truly achieved is giving it just another mark & insult for it’s enemies.

      Every CONservative accused of being a Tea Party “type” immediately starts groveling down.

      • @ guest
        SHTF in a country that can afford 100+ million Apple products? I wouldn’t

        I also suspect the same, now.
        Murka’s extant and inherent wealth is more likely to split the nation, rather than unite two separate sides of an LN/MMM vs. TParty/NRA. This means decline into the abyss, not the natural resolution of a post-war rebuild.

        Flyover Country will suffer the ravages but Fortress Manhattans and Fortress Friscos will hum along in golden splendour…via electronic stock market coms.

      • There is another trick they are using in flyover country.

        The local government declares a war against “blight.” In small town America, it is all blight. The only ones with $$$ come from the big cities on vacation.

        And so, poor but workable houses are destroyed in order to make parking lots and parks. In time, the only ones who can live there is then the rich outsiders. This may be what some call “Agenda 21”, which is to herd the people into big cities.

      • That is like how Manhattan gentrified itself and escaped the grip of the coloreds, freakin’ ricans and Miggers.

        Jewish “developers” tore down tenements the black destroyed and made empty lots. When the nigs moved out because they destroyed all functioning shelter, the jews moved in and built “low-income apartments” with the Mayor’s permission – bought with bags of graft cash.

        Then, they turned around and kept building the skyscrapers UP 100 stores and – tada! – the highrise was charging $13,000 a month. No coloreds.

        They’re doing the same tactic NOW in Brooklyn, a former colored shithole we all can still freshly remember.

      • That’s the method. But this was used in a lily white area, one with virtually no minos. It was just rich city whites beating up poor rural whites.

        WN is not enough. One has to include class, which makes the amount of education necessary untenable. I do not think victory is possible in the US. Your Eradican Manifesto post is excellent.

  5. Thier self segregation makes the job of the eradicator easier.

  6. Their elite palaces and underground rumpus caverns are shockingly jarring up close, like visiting some future century that doesn’t suck so much. So that’s where our premiums and service fees have been accumulating. I’m sure they won’t mind if we all show up to admire what our money has bought.

    • I’d love to see the elites in their underground bunkers. Its all geared to keep us out, but that works in our favor. I don’t want in. I want to weld the door shut and then get the ol’ shovel and backfill the tunnels. It’ll give the archeologists in 500 years something interesting to dig up.

      • ↑ Pure gold @Adit.

      • @ Adit
        I’d love to see the elites in their underground bunkers.

        Keep in mind an elite bunker is finer living than the bottom 90 percent’s everyday domicile.
        They do not spend any time in Indiana etc. and are only in the most luxurious surroundings.

        The elite expect to live in future Fortress Manhattans as the nation deteriorates further.

      • An elite “bunker” is like a poor man’s dream house. It’s not like Grandma’s basement with cobwebs and dead insects. More like wine cellers, movie theaters, and pools underground with golden toilets.

  7. I do have to say Manhattan is still not the desirable rich haven yet. There’s plenty of MINOs in the city. They may not live in the same land mass of Mr. Koch at Park Avenue, but I’m sure he gets his package from a dark face who belongs in Baltimore, and his children parties with a Token Tyrone at the exclusive club.

    And we have this doofus wannabe liberal nazi dumblasio, who wants to steer the receding tide of MINOs back where they started. Let’s build more government housing for the hood rats.

    [ed note: i don’t think you go anywhere near Manhattan Elite Areas bc they won’t admit you. you do not go inside the park ave. luxury penthouses. do you eat at Masa, Per Se or Brooklyn Fare Kitchen?]

    • I’ve been to the Gooker fish joint Masa once, nothing extraordinarily spectacular. I’m talking about the entire island of Manhattan, which draws an urban myth of immense wealth and elitism, well yes, only in some areas such as Park Avenue.

      A San Diegan was visiting town as was completely shocked to see so many niggas out here. And you know San Diego, is another playground for the rich. Lesser in status, but equally as wealthy.

      • There are very few blacks out west. The Mexicans have chased them virtually all out. What one see is the “house nigger” type who polishes the silver, who works the phat gov affirmative action jobs. This is the rich, “bourgwa brother” type.

      • I’ve been to the Gooker fish joint Masa once,

        Masa is one of the most expensive eats in all NYC – including Manhattan.
        I invite you to read ZeroHedge despite its dense esoteric econ garble.
        I learned a good many things there, paramount of which was the OWSers had it wrong: It’s not the 1% – it’s the 1/10th of the 1%.

        Elite Castles In Feudal Manhattan http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1Mn

        Those are the types you do not see as they limo from 5th Ave. helipad to 4,000 sq.ft. mahogany office to private steel-door underground garage to Penthouse.

      • FP: You’re talking about a very small demographic in Manhattan, which seems almost insignificant to most casual observers.

        Take my word FP, Manhattan is still a colored town, plenty of niggas work and play here. And some of the fringes are infested with public housing where these miscreants call home. In fact, Manhattan has become more of a colored town, all because of the wealthy White demographic, just a bunch of self entitled lazy asses who don’t any real work, because their parents pay them to live here, and so they hire Miggers clean up their mess.

        My reason of wanting to leave Manhattan, NYC and Murka, is this and only this, I hate seeing hordes of niggas, and I hate seeing White liberal pansies befriend them, treat them like equals, meanwhile a cucaracha or a muzzie doesn’t even get the same treatment. What hypocrisy!

      • Where do you intend on going JS? Spain?

      • FP: You’re talking about a very small demographic in Manhattan

        You need to see the concept of Citadel; a castle keep. A fortress within a fortress.

        the 1/10th of the 1%ers are necessarily a small number out of 330 Million Murkans.
        You can fit them ALL on one square Manhattan block.
        And…most indeed are there

      • It just dawn on me that Masa, being a point of discussion, is all about the gookers, who are basically a useless ineffectual demographic in Murka, whose main purpose is to become mere consumption pigs. Similar to well to do LNs, gookers however take it to the next level of material worship and ignorance.

      • Chinamen are more likely to rule STEM professions in Murka, along with indians (dots).
        Nammers, laotians, pillifinos etc are Asian Scum, so these are the sub-races you see in sexwork jobs repellent to “high class” japs and chinamen.

      • Chinamen are a useless demographic, more so than the White demographic, in terms of upsetting any status quo as far as I’m concerned. Gookers are basically a non-effective group, whose sole existence is like that of women and children, dependent and at someone’s mercy. Their presence in Murka serves no political objective, nor are they any benefit to WNs, or White people in general. Just consumption automatons that take up space.

        [ed note: chinamen are doctors, physicists and STEM. there are not enough of them (yet!) but they are indeed growing into a New MINO Falange. slopes now make up more Miggers in Murka than beaners]

  8. JS, what is the housing situation like in Spain and other places outside the Anglosphere?

    In Russia at least many people own their apartments (which can be quite nice even if the block apartments look terrible on the outside) and property values aren’t so insane that someone making okay money can never dream of owning their own place.

    • I have an uncle in Southern Spain who owns an apartment where he pays a monthly maintenance fee of 300 euros. Other than that, all I know is that Spain, outside of the capital Madrid, the rents are pretty low everywhere. It would be roughly 200-400 euros (350-750 US dollars) range, not expensive, just reasonable, and maybe cheap, if you’re one of those fed up folks from the Anglosphere, who want to eck out a living in Spain. And unlike here in the US, status worship via city neighborhood is practically non-existent. People have better things to brag about, than what fucking city or city confines of residence as a status symbol.

      I have my eyes set on the French Province of Quebec, not far from NYC, and very much Eurot in appearance, although they have the same kind of muliticult BS, but with significantly less blacks. NYC has over 2 million niggas for a cosmopolitan city, and I can’t deal with this ungodly sight anymore.

      • I like Spain as a country, JS. It has a wide variety of terrain and climates. Conan was filmed there. I’ll be in Extremadura if I go. You can keep Barcelona, Madrid and the Balerics.

      • Your sole objective in Spain is to meet other nationalists and strategize. Of course, Eurot’s nationalists are all about separating and dividing among themselves, all while ignoring the elephant in the room, which is the Migga filth that is now infested in the continent. Your job is to bring this issue into the forefront and tackle it from there.

        I hope to do the same with the French Separatists in Quebec!

  9. Even liberal rags admit to the fact that Murka is all about isolated castles in a rotting wasteland. Too bad they didn’t mentioned dark faced MINOs.


    • Even liberal rags admit to the fact that Murka is all about isolated castles in a rotting wasteland

      You need to see that you get only 50% Truth for LN sources, but also just 50% from NeoConTARDs as well. Salon blames budget the Murkan deficit on “military spending and tax breaks for the rich” but censors the billions given to Miggers and amnesty. FOX censors the military spending and tax breaks for the rich part.

      This is what we do at Eradica: We include both parts and guide you awakening to it as well – hoping you awaken others. The only Man who knows Truth – and can be called a Man now – is one who grasps the Big Picture.

      America once was Liberty.
      The Elite turned Liberty into “capitalism” and cheat everyone.
      They do not bear the blame alone: The Murkan “voter” is bears more blame.
      If you walk into a store and it’s a total fucking mess, you can’t get anyone to find you a jug of milk and some bread because it’s strewn all over the floor and the employees are fucking on the floor and passed-out doing METH in the storeroom – is it more their fault, or the PEOPLE that HIRED them? It’s the voters ultimate fault.

      Erin thinks it’s all my fault and 10% of her precious boytoy Ryu’s. Is it our fault, or the million readers?

      Now that the plutocracy is fully operational, The Elite will not give one iota of control to such degenerating morons. All they give them is enough to keep their bellies full to quell revolt.

      The only solution is to eradicate The Elite – and all MINOs.

      • And also, that solution may not be enacted, because few are prepared to do it. But one should not lie to himself that anything else would restore order. The only action that changes things this world is a body count.

        Just because the masses are degenerate does not mean that the white supremacist needs to soil himself. One has to keep his hate pure today and not dissipate it in meaningless pursuits like NAJ, TDO and conservatism.

        To reach the highest levels of WN, one must be able to think like the elite. To understand what they want, and what they fear. It is a rare thing to be able to play both roles, the master and the slave, the leader and the follower, well.

      • Ryu wrote:
        ….and also, that solution may not be enacted, because few are

        Then if not enacted, Murka will become irretrievable. Hopeless instead of lost.
        This is Firepower’s Eradican Law of Percentage:

        If only 50% of LNs are eradicated, in 50 years they will return stronger than today.
        If 75% are eradicated, in 75 years they will again return with a vengeance.

        Simply put, imagine an armed man stranded in a bad part of town – or combat – attacked by enemies who are going to kill him. If he does not violently defend himself his survival is unlikely.

        It has come down to one of the fundamental elements of nature: Kill or be killed. Do…or not do.

        There are far too many of our kind who dimly ask with treachery – but how is that done?
        A million successful responses all the way to Revolution are described in detail in books – on Our Internet – yet they act as dumb as babes. So, babes they and their family shall be when the bullet enters their skull.

    • The curious thing about that article is its detachment.

      “My country is becoming a second-rate power….pass the corned beef and ham. Thank you.” As if the matter were of no personal significance and that one could do nothing about it.

      Thordaddy has it right. Liberals do seek self-annihilation. Certainly they know that not all liberals are rich 0.1%ers. Most liberals are headed towards the gutter themselves.

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