This is What Winning Looks Like

by Ryu

This is a docu on Murka’s victory in the Stan. The funniest part is a white Jordy named “Streuber” who has a big white hat. He’s a true believer in the mission, but he gets screwed every single day. And he continues to be surprised by this.

I highly recommend this. It is how Americans fight their wars these days.

5 Comments to “This is What Winning Looks Like”

  1. I watched this and my impression is Steuber’s smart enough to see what’s in front of him but he lacks the moral courage to just say it’s all pointless bullshit. He wasn’t even able to say a single word to those State Department morons when his underlings were showing them that stupid video with the “epic” music.

    • He is smart enough and he knows its all BS. He is the typical white mercenary who does what he’s told and that’s it. He may not like it, but he’ll go through the motions.

      Why is he still in? The money. He doesn’t expect change. He knows that the only other thing he can do is drive a beer truck or forklift at walmart.

      • The beer truck SEAL found a way to cash in:

        Beats doing real work and he gets to be a celebrity. Chris Kyle did something similar, hung out with Wall Street guys and played with guns until he got himself killed.

      • Man, I’m in the wrong racket. I don’t have 50K. Perhaps I could just kiss the hand that killed Obama for $20. Kyle’s wife is writing a new book, so she too is cashing in.

      • The thing is, Murkans no longer know what winning looks like.
        I planned posting on a weird thing I noticed: When ISIS took their second batch of 30 Somali Xtians to the beach for a little Red Sea Fun, I searched YouTobe for ISIS AK-47 porn. What I found was a hundred topped, bought search results from French Charli Hebdo types and WESTERN TV news programs urging searchers to watch their crap tv news programs.

        Citizens who surrender their morality, integrity and honor etc, also surrender their spirit to their jailer.

        Thus, such a dispirited mass no longer has capacity or ability to comprehend “thinking outside the box” which is itself, now a cliche.

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