Creating Victory

by Firepower

Allison Stokke

All can be equal.
All have the potential.

What is required in the coming steps is creating an environment where Nationalism is freed to express the full desires of its true platform. This happens by creating a movement so large the USG fears to trample it.

Only counter-intimidation works on the Liberal nazi and its tyranny.

The philosophy, examples and links I provide in each article are designed for use. They are not designed as TDO.

Often, the simplest concepts are the hardest to reveal because they’ve been buried in The Mountain of Talk for decades; talkshows, talk radio… blogtalktwitter. Again, it also often occurs the most complex issues are never revealed because of the difficulty in articulating them.

I’ve disturbed and damaged many liberals by simply applying simple, repeatable propaganda (based on pure truth), such as asking them why they love coloreds so much, but refuse to live within 20 miles of them.

Still, there is no creating victory even with the greatest of oratory, when all that are left to hear are cattle.

24 Comments to “Creating Victory”

  1. Coloreds as in niggas, as other miggers also don’t want to live with niggas. Further, it’s all about pandering to Mr. Big Negro Penis, no one cares about loud mouth aunt jemima.

  2. I know who Allison is. The interest thing is, she plays down her looks and her athletic career. Yet this is why she is famous. It’s the perfect example of someone defiling what is best about them. WN is like this.

    I do not think such a mass movement is possible in the US today. The system closely guards against it. The “end of” wn is the realization that mass awakening is not possible. One then devotes himself entirely to self development, and to those who wish to learn.

    There is no use in pissing against the wind. What more can you do, FP? More truth, more distilled so it fits into twitter? Find a hot girl writer and have her use your points? – THAT might work.

    The results speak for themselves. “Hope” can be a bad thing, because it prevents one from cutting his losses. Measure your results by your own progress, not the progress of others. If they do not want to learn, so be it. We cannot force the horse to drink water.

    • Ryu wrote:
      she plays down her looks and her athletic career

      Humility is a distinctly White Western Quality. Contrast it to Muhammad Ali/Colored braggadocio. Then, note how today’s white fell from one orbit to the other.

      I do not think such a mass movement is possible in the US today

      Of course, I told you why UncleBEAST lets only the colored and MINOs mass organize – and why whites (esp NRA Whites) are CoIntelPro’ed. MOG is s-s-scary for jews.

      As far as Mass Movements, there is really no alternative to combating and eradicating
      Mass Government.

      A government that infiltrates your life from where you are allowed to educate your children, CW Permits and how much water to use when you shit.

      Now, “mass movements” are in the eye of the beholder: They can be masses of highly visible, brown-shirted disciples marching in a parades down your nation’s biggest avenue…
      Or, they can be 100x as many – invisible, forming nuclei, hiding in plain sight, avoiding parades, living on every avenue…

      • I am not opposed to a large underground movement. But they must act. Active activism. Not the opposite, which you are going to post about soon.

  3. Off topic, check out this blog for some first hand Baltimore stories…
    The blogger is a local, author & boxer! His writing style reminds of Fred Reed, good stuff.

    Whose COP Columns i also highly recommend.
    It’s so funny, emergency rooms in Baltimore are full of knocked out white people, yet the media is all white devil again.

  4. Aha. A Burt Bacharach song.
    Guess which team
    He plays

    • The jew is inventive, the jew should be imitated. The jew is the imitator par excellence.

      But the White man does it all first!

      • If imitation works for an individual, so be it: All effective tactics and strategies must be implemented to defeat an enemy intent on eradication.

    • White America’s downfall is caving into the brainwashing of God’s De Generate Chosen and their colored henchmen, the niggastars, which is why Murka is a 2nd rate nation at best, and not even so, given its descension to a 3rd world filth hole.

      I’m having brunch at a cafe on a Sunday morning as I write this, packed with millenial brandons/britneys whose next interninary is the next fix of what should we do this afternoon. It’s another Judification of White America: Urban materialistic parasites, whose main objective is sucking and consuming voraciously, without regards to any external processes that might affect them.

      • The youth of all colors are captured.
        White youth ignore marriage and family to consume corporate products made in China, keeping the WASP and jew moneychangers rich.
        Colored youth breed wildly and overtake the former majority by outfucking them.

  5. Ryu always likes to know what I’ve been up to, how are ya Ryu?

    I’ve been poasting under assorted aliases on various blogs, grinding my wheels, mostly successful, always deleted, bearing children via the mrs, what’s Ryu been up to? Youtube?

    One for you, brah:

    Love is where it’s at.

    • I’m good, Pat. Keeping busy. I’d thought I’d seen you at various sites.

      Does everyone in Oz have those smartphones things now, and look at them all the time? Are there any new revolutionary Ozzie writers?

      I like your phrase “judeo-yank.” It is true. White Americans want to become just like the jews. They want the big career and to spend their time counting money, up on a mansion on the hill. A judeo-yank is as money-grubbing as any jew is.

      • But imitating the materialism IS NOT AS IMPORTANT as imitating the radical autonomy of a self-annihilating “nature” destined to diaporic being ALWAYS on the brink of total annihilation.

        ISIS is a concrete example of a collective THAT INVITES TOTAL ANNIHILATION by the understood actions of its adherents. ISIS cuts off heads and kills little children SO THAT HIS TRUE ENEMY will annihilate him and he thus gains the jihadist reward of “eternal” radical sexual autonomy.

        The Jew has “mastered” the ability to PERPETUATE a self-annihilating “nature.” “White” liberals ARE TOO TRUE TO THE CAUSE to give thoughts of perpetuating. THEY ONLY IMITATE the self-annihilating aspects of the Jewish anti-Supremacist.

      • The White liberal nazi are in the same self-assassin mode with the nigga and joo. The only difference is that he protects them from people like us.

      • they are not self-destructive: jews and coloreds thrive. Jews always prosper. coloreds breed like flies.
        WHEN’s the last time you ever heard of one committing suicide.

      • Correct, but their presence and their mode of thinking/behavior is self destructive. Jews might have fatten their wallets from all the chaos, but it’s only a matter of time where they implode from their policies, where they take themselves down with everyone else on the sinking ship.
        [ed note: such wishful “visions” of jews imploding in annihilation is fantastic belief despite the evidence before your VERY EYES that they’ve never been richer and fatter; I now hold deep, growing suspicions this theory of SA is a newer, wordier form of VRW and PeterPanzerism…]

        Coloreds, as in niggas,well, they just trashed their own neighborhoods of Ferguson and Baltimore. It’s not the same as Eurots who riot in the center of town where the elites work/live/play.

        [you forget whitey and BIGov WILL rush in and spend billions building new goodies for the monkeypens. Urban Yoof Centers. WIC-a-ninny neonatal care cetners. once again: who’s smarter: the White Elephant that shits all over your house, or the owner that repeatedly cleans up after it then buys the elephant new carpet…]

  6. I speak in parables and coos,
    …just as your
    Sweet Baby

  7. Preach it!

    Sunday night is Saturday for you.

    Give me something to make my way through the week.

    [you’ve read me long enough to know every week on Eradica is a bounty for the wise]

  8. Wanna know why I punted you, FP?

    Because you edited.

    Simple as that.

    Yer man Cam applauded you for it but all I wanted to do was punch your head in for it.
    [i wouldnt punch you irl. i’d knife you or shoot you]

    I note your half assed blog visited by nobodies like me and yer man Cam who has destroyed at least 10 of his own ranks along with new starters who write to regurgitate the leftovers of their lives. Yet you still keep pumping out your bilge.
    [good job snuffing out ideas. thats a winnah]

    Note to you: I have defeated Vox Day in argument several times to which he deletes me and you likewise, though you are no challenge, have nothing but your interjections.

    [i delete you bc you are a nuisance distractor with your faggot videos from 1979. thus, you’re too old to punch and you’d have to use a knife bc you let your faggot ozie BIGov TAKE your guns. thus, id have to use the best means at my disposal to dispose of a sick old fart with a screwdriver in one hand, and an identically named drink in the other]

    Americans have no substance. If you truly loved the White man you would kill Pastor Hagee.
    [the vid below usually is the wooden stake thru your PeterPanzer sot heart: suck on it again. suck it till you feel the warm tapioca squirt]

    [nobody, knows or cares wtf a pastur haygay is in murka. u know as much of us an aborigine]

  9. Homosexuality came out of America and you are its exemplar.

    [brill. tell us again why this is the type of comment that i will ban]

  10. There will have to be atrocities to wake the dumbbeast masses.
    At this point the greatest good DHS could do would be to neglect their job.

  11. And yes, Whites having humility is a virtue (but now a vice), despite all their achievements, where Jew parasites would brag about being chosen by god, but Whites don’t do that. Now, we have niggas who get into their full blown braggadocio mode, whenever one of them takes high office and gets appointed due to affirmative action policies.

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