Criminal Justice

by Ryu

WNs are leaving too much on the table. They work with a small portion of the information out there. Not good enough, for what they claim to want.

Criminal justice is a field of study, just as physics and chemistry are. They have journals and academics, who influence practice. They have papers, seminars, and their own departments at the university.

They also have law enforcement magazines. Because the Americans are capitalists, they will sell you their LEO magazines if you have the money. You can even get a subscription.

There is wide variety of LEO books. Advanced Patrol Tactics, Rules of Evidence, Surviving the Streets, SWAT Tactics are all ones I’ve read. As with American movies, all you have to do is cast off the BS, which for cops is the “we’re the good guys, they’re the bad guy” mentality.

All the secrets of law enforcement are revealed in……. their tomes. I have been to the university libraries of this country. There are shelves, full of thousands of books, many never having been opened. The wisdom of the ages free for the taking, but no one wants to take. This is not the Information Age.

One phrase that is very important is “clearance rate”. Every crime – homicide, larceny, assault – has a different clearance rate.

“In terms of time of day, the unsolved cases occurred most often (43%) during the evening hours of 1800 and 2100 hours. Conversely, with the solved cases, most occurred during the morning hours (26%) followed by the afternoon (24%). The location of the attacks revealed statistically little difference between the ratios of solved and unsolved. The residence accounted for the highest occurrence of attacks of which 52% were solved, while the office was the site of 33% of the solved cases. The only noted difference lay in attacks staged while the target was in transit. In those instances, the solved accounted for only 2% of the total attacks.”

There is gold out there, if you are willing to look for it. Do they have LEO training videos online? You bet. The intro music was jazzy on this one. FLETC has alot of vids around. Man, cops wear a big white hat.

18 Comments to “Criminal Justice”

  1. Noting stats indicating the least likely times of successful arrest & conviction shows those surly baltimore negroes the most opportune time for Social Justice. And shit.

    • I found a nice story, FP. A big bad cop tried to intimidate that Holmes guy when he was on trial. You can bet your ass he didn’t run on in when Holmes had a gun.

    • One has to read these criminal justice tomes in reverse to get anything useful. They are written from only one perspective, the system one.

      I love those guys in Baltimore. They are great soldiers. The blacks have all soldiers with no leaders. WN has all leaders but no followers. The solution is becoming clear.

      They’ve got to turn it up. The system can’t endure long engagements – costs too much $$$. Snipers and IEDs are the bread and butter of urban operations.

      I have no faith in the NRA or average whites on their own. Only when they accept WNs as the true leaders of their race do they gain power. Until that day…we’ve been doing it all wrong. Until then, wns must work for the destruction of the white race – because it has never been wns getting beat down in the streets or at these riots. We know better.

      • Ryu wrote:
        The blacks have all soldiers with no leaders. WN has all leaders but no followers.

        The solution would be then for wn leaders to use the most available soldiers to eradicate the MMM/LN Tyrant Empire.

        True WNs have more to fear from a Fascist IRS/UncleBEAST than any Marchin’ Lootin’ Koon.
        I can’t imagine the fuse that would have been lit if somebody had picked-off looters with a sniper rifle.
        Battalions of EX-HEROSnipers!™ sitting in front of their TV, getting fat watching NBA games and “Driving Beer Trucks” are smugly satisfied they served A Negrobama who… used their muscle to grant Unlimited Amnesty to Miggers and LifeTime Welfare Bennies for Trayvon Marchers in Ferguson.

        Not that it takes brains to operate a scoped rifle. Any dipshit Texan goodoleboy with a fondness for playing with PTSD Tards can do it, albeit taking out a muzz at 1200 yds. with wind does take skill.

        400 yard shots are something a 14 year old girlie can do, however.
        What a brouhaha that woulda been…

      • Manson pioneered the idea of using the blacks to ignite a race war. His original plan was the kill some whites, pin it on the blacks, then the whites kick it off. Obviously, he never got that far. Perhaps he understood the decadence of his people, even back then.

  2. FP: Who are those soldiers you’re talking about? Ryu speaks highly of nigga miscreants in negrotown as honorable warriors. They just trashed their own house. Only in America, where these rowdy imbeciles become admired by stupid cowardly Whites. I’m calling out this bullshit!

    [ed note: who has more honor, the animal that fights for its life, or the human that slices open its belly to feed vermin?]

    Niggas are animals and become wild when agitated. They have no logic, rhyme or reason in modern day society.

    • Ed: No need to cave into sympathy for these animals, which is a weakness for many Whites. Niggas are all vermin as far as I’m concerned. Baltimore is a “Chocolate” Paradise, just remember that!

    • Perhaps, JS.

      What I admire is action. The white man is now “too civilized” and “too good” to act. He considers this beneath him. And so he will sit upon his throne of moral superiority until the enemy finally comes and kills him, without a fight.

      What is the proper response to America today? Blogging or looting?

      You don’t like animals. But most animals have cleaner instincts than the white man today. If another treads upon my territory, it is right to challenge him. But today, the whites welcome intruders.

      Whites would do well to become more animal-like.

      • You should have asked what is the better response for WN: blogging or eradicating?

        I think this recent news should be a show of support and refreshment for WNs who’ve felt White females have long abandoned their cause, where they joined the de generate leftist camp like sheep whores.

        In case you haven’t heard, 2 Millenial Britneys are being indicted for killing a nig-a and wanted to kill more:

        Let the news paint these killers as irrational White Trash
        racists, which we all know, those with an ounce of sanity, is that this is not true at all.

        All we need is more of these incidents to wake LNs up and stir their precious gold cesspot!

      • That’s good work. Too bad those chicks couldn’t keep their mouths shut. And a bit of foresight always helps in these things, JS. They had the guts for certain. Perhaps time will give them the intelligence. 21 years is so young in America today.

      • And maybe mini civil wars will come out of this, throughout the different parts of Murka.

    • Yes, but liberal honkies are howling for Somali hadjis to be imported by the millions to neighborhoods of less liberal honkies.

  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    ” All the secrets of law enforcement are revealed in……. their tomes. I have been to the university libraries of this country. There are shelves, full of thousands of books, many never having been opened. The wisdom of the ages free for the taking, but no one wants to take. ”

    Again, useful for everyone.

  4. The shitbastards at Foxnews are censoring Muhammad drawings again.

  5. If only decent and attractive women with her intentions of causing chaos at Whole Foods, I would be happy. If women, like her could do our bidding by waking people up and taking out the LNs, there’s something to cheer about:

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