Baltimore Black Riot

by Firepower

I wrote The Black Begins The Final Revolution, so now it’s time to specify.
The black will only ignite the American Endgame by invading white neighborhoods, thus igniting the MOG. Whites won’t do this on their own. When the black invades white suburbia and destroys it like it destroys its own cities a colored frenzy will ensue when they actually realize they’ll now truly be destroying “The Man.”

Once coloreds start the pillaging and home-invasion rampage of mass-murder and rape of whites, rural NRA Whites will gleefully start convoys of pick-ups full of freshly dusted-off guns to go negro hunting where……. the game is most bountiful; it’s the fantasy most dream of.

The Liberal nazi needs this kind of colored: Negro dregs who really don’t care about just causes (like SO76) but instead care only for riot so long as it enriches their Welfare Bennies and ability to loaf all day, fucking, feeding and fighting. All they need do is buy them off with plush TAX$$$’s and to hell with worrying about “Black Revolution.” The colored talks a good game; it’s why they make such good rappers and singaz.

Still, the weakness of the colored was revealed: They only go for “Social Justice” as far as their looted liquor fuels them. Once they drain the bottle, it’s off to da crib to be hookin’ up dat new plasma an sheet.  Then, when they run out of intoxicants, they pass-out. Coloreds don’t even have cars to drive them to lush pickins’ in Obama-Voting white burbs.  Certainly not Day II with a massive hangover from free booze.

The problem comes when ghetto coloreds move into Free Section 8 housing in apartments in those white ‘burbs.  Only when enough are imported and numerous enough will they begin to chimp.

Then, the whites who bravely fled their suburbs – to move to the sticks – over and over the past 50 years will suffer the fate of isolated South African farmers who fall under the knife of reawakened Zulus.

I pity those Worm Wranglers at Erin Acres

60 Comments to “Baltimore Black Riot”

  1. This is an interesting take on what’s going on tactically at the ground level in Baltimore.

    • meh. it’s pretty common knowledge black teens don’t serve time. its too expensive for The State to keep warehousing niggers.

      any one of them has 13 probation convictions before they get an adult felony rap to finally do 2 years in State Prison as a start to their next cycle: 14 adult felony convictions with mandatory prison time.

      we also know fat white cops don’t give a shit since residency requirements were banned; these Big Tough brushcut John Laws all flee to lilly white, safe burbs at quitting time. sigh. we also know HEROCops!™ just punch in time for 25 years to “retire” at age 47, then get a SGT’s job at the county copshop to double dip for 20 more years. getting a $55k pension while earning $65,000 as a countymountie is cush. retiring with TWO of those fat BIGov pensions is…paradise when you move to tax-free Texas

      The punks took risks, and fought aggressively, with many individuals showing front line leadership qualities.

      The pigs did not.

      It should* be obvious loooooooooooooooong ago to anyone walking thru any BIGov bldg from city to state to BIGFed offices that the bosses are all MINOs. They are not leaders – tadah! – bc they don’t have to be. They can’t be fired. THIS IS the MINO Master Machine. It only hires whites when it needs dirty workers – SWATZIs. Ever see a nigger seal or Green Beret?

      Their COPThug Minions are all order-taking drone exmils who fought for – tadah – Migger Amnesty and Lois Lerner’s IRS…so they’re really stupid. Pigs do NOT take risks for colored spawn whose streets they do not share. They are only there for the BIGov check/PENSION and the action.

      we’ve explained all this

      • I didn’t grow up around urban nigels. Your site and Lafond’s is how I piece together what’s going on by those who do.

      • The punks were directed by aggressive, forward thinking, leaders who have successfully destroyed rival gangs and killed enemies in battle.

        Lafond does make some good points. Gangs make daily, practical decisions based on real risk, while HEROCops!™ are more concerned about their colored boss ending their career because they issue a speed trap ticket to the wrong nigga. It’s why they mutate from 20-ish exMil Brushcut Bruiser to 40 year-old fatass donutmuchers.

        As Ryu notes in his extensive writings on HEROCops!™, gangs – and even lone criminals – are more effective combatants than cops who only triumph because of the Fascist State Power backing them up. They fall when they stand alone.

  2. The coloreds will gnaw their way into the liberal centers like New Jack City, Hollywood and San Fransicko in a matter of time.

    [ed note: no they won’t. the Elite has no where else to go. elites can pay SWATZIs enough to jackboot their will]

    These violent whiners will complain about liberal nazis hoarding up all the good stuff and they want it from them. I say bring it on. Let these pests invade their homes and neighborhoods. Karma is a bitch you know!

    [nigs live in the Bronx. it’s the upper armpit of nyc and isolated now. they’d never be sober enuff to make it to RFK or City Island bridge before the SWATZIs would blockade them]

    NYC is more black by the day. They might not live here, but in a decade or so, it will return to its former self. The libscum got what they wanted. More equality for the niggas at the expense of everyone else, including theirs.

    • The elite has no where to go, because of their castle moats. But don’t understimate the niggas, now that MINOs are in power in a lot of areas. All it takes is Holder, Obamba and Al Sharpscum to rile up the miscreants and it’s only in a matter of time when the liberal nazi elite reap what they sow. Those animals will climb the gates.

      Manhattan has plenty of miggers and niggas, it’s quite open. A hop on the train from the Bronx down to Manhattan does the job!

      • lol, there’ll be no Escape From New Yawk Scenario – more like: Escape TO New Yawk.

        Hollywood jews luvvvvvv to modify their attention-getting, Sacred Victim Status (from the holocaust) into their Manhattan being overrun by scum; it’s just Apocalypse Porn for Goldbergs. It’s fantasy. NO other city has come back from the land of the nigga dead – not only that – but actually gotten richer and more plush.

        Remember: Holder, Obamao, Lynch, Clintons, the Bushes and McSameney were/are created with Manhattan Elite money and the Pampered Penthouse People will never allow their bought and paid for politicians to sully their playpen with even slightest neglect. Manhattan jews and WASPs paid a trillion for that real estate and no lowly clerk-employee dare let a burglar in the Master’s Chambers…

      • FP: You do understand Murka is a rotting hellhole with isolated pockets of opulence, even in liberal playpens such as Manhattan. Smart readers of yours can sense the danger. Ok, so coloreds would never shit a stain on Park Avenue. But that’s not my point. Their moat is surrounded by over 2 million niggas and that is dangerous when they’re not fed well.

        Many Jews are already fed up by Obongo, they voted for him and he now bites the hands that feeds him. Niggas are animals, what do you expect! You know that, we all know that. I say let the miscreants shake things up.

        [ednote: as I’ve told you, the nigger only takes “revolution an sheet” …as far as his drunken feet carry him…]

  3. I’m not confident of NRA whites, FP.

    They don’t have the hate all the time. Many practice “defensive racism”, which is being racist because others are racist. They’ll only fight after the greatest indignation. I bet they’d forget the wrongs once the minos stop invading their neighborhoods.

    I do understand the black rioters better than the white voyeurs. Like conservatives, the whites indulge in outrage. But the blacks actually want land, money and booty. Whites seem content with moral superiority.

    • You may be right; it is always a good bet to err on the side of white apathy.

      You certainly won’t lose many bets underestimating the will of whites to actually reclaim their nation.

    • So Ryu, are you hoping more of these Baltimore Riots take place, so Whites can Wake the fuck up?

      But then it really takes a lot of damage and outrage before anybody takes a hardcore defensive. I’m hoping these miscreants start attacking the LNs and their precious areas!

      • As you witnessed time and again with Lil’ Trayvon, then ever bigger Ferguson monkeyshines on down to Baltimore – SWATZIs are not there to protect hairweave and nigganail salons; hell, they’re not even there to protect McDonalds or CVS.

        The line of jackbooted SWATZIs are there only to prevent Dontavius getting through to a redneck White suburb with more guns than Ft. Hood and igniting MOG.

      • The riots make for great TV but they’re insufficient for creating racial reawakening or whatever you want to call it. There needs to be a good hard dose of deprivation along with it, and maybe even not then. South African whites live in pretty deplorable conditions but don’t bother carving out their own African kingdom, even though it’d be easy to do so.

      • “The line of jackbooted SWATZIs are there only to prevent Dontavius getting through to a redneck White suburb with more guns than Ft. Hood and igniting MOG.”

        This observation has more real world potential than most will notice at first glance. All that is needed is to disrupt SWATZI operations temporarily at the right time and we might actually get some movement out of Whites. I’m thinking along the lines of the German ‘Operation Greif’ during the Battle of the Bulge.

      • The blacks are not smart enough on their own to utilize it. This is why I have recommended that a few WNs actually help colored nationalists.

        Police response is not binary; they stagger it. Calls are rated according to priority. A hostage situation gets a more immediate and bigger response than a domestic violence call. In an area I know, priority one calls have a 4 min response time, priority 2 calls 11 minutes, and priority 3 30 minutes.

        There are not that many SWAT officers available. They are only a small part of the force. But, for hot calls, they are the preferred responders. Uniforms just set the outer perimeter and wait.

        It would take some planning, but it could be done. One would have to “open up” the easy way to corral the blacks into the burbs. I am sure that once in the suburbs, the blacks would have no trouble understanding what to do.

        But this is only temporary. WHITES must feel the territorial imperative too. They must want women, land and booty. Not fighting in self defence.

      • Adit wrote;
        This observation has more real world potential than most will notice at first glance

        So does this: That is also why Kylie Jenner and Rooshi have 60x the followers I do…

      • FP, damn you.

        My STEM site had one follower after 2 years – me. The harder you make people work, the fewer people you will find. Eradica is not a mass follower site.

        Mass-anything becomes diluted. If you want more followers, imitate Roosh and Kylie. Entertain them, rather than informing them. Ask for nothing but worship. Rack up 500 comments.

        The best way to measure Eradica’s success is its effect on your own level. Are you growing and how fast? I believe wn improves when individual wns improve. The history of wn is the history of its most powerful adherents. You will always be disappointed if you look at numbers.

        The very best material does not belong to the masses. Most WNs are not ready for it.

      • Hmm. 2500 followers for Eradica
        (and growing)
        Is MANY more than I ever had IRL.
        Many more than friends I’d send articles to read.

        Ambitious people like us want 25 MILLION followers; it’s human nature.

        The people that follow Rooshi are mainly fucking morons; you can tell by the inferior thoughts they write – Kylie’s even more so. Eradica’s readership is far more intelligent and for me, that is a matter I take pride in. I’m pissed that those who think as we do (but cannot write it and call A Spade A Spade), do not support us. Roissy, Rooshie & Piggi top that list.

        My satisfaction comes from the sentence each must burden: Roissy scribbling away on the same repeated topics he did back in 2006; Rooshi having to serve up new daily Fapterial to 20-ish KJs with perpetual boners; Piggi slaving away for $16k a year in a job where he can’t even say “negro”.

        Eradica has taught me to distill my thoughts – channel them into spheres I never knew. I am still surprised each week when I find new topics to write on and apply this knowledge.

        Murkans now flee from hard work and especially, hard intellectual thoughts. It’s PlayStation World. Today, you never see “Great Men” of literature, poetry or science lauded as in the past: It’s always a snotty, jackass Kaliforinia Kid who invents a new way to share online sexting.
        (Bread + Circuses) = [Pizza + Xbox]
        (BC) = (PX) + Murkans = R – Rome

      • Here is a study in attacks on the justice system, from 1950 to 2012. We could spend months, just on all the leads in this paper. How few appreciate such information.

      • I do not think Whitey is capable of waking up on his own. It is the same as a white con joining a prison gang in jail but leaving it when he gets out.

      • Perhaps directing the nigga to channel his anger exclusively at well to do Whites (and Joos) in the liberal centers, maybe we have something positive going forward!

        That’s when the fun is over, their playgrounds become desolate, and the leftist delusion fades. Have the 5 fingered LNs turn on each other.

      • The true leaders of the black race are all at ADX Flourence. The feds arrested most Panther and NOI leaders. They were certainly jew and liberal aware.

        FP has described how the two primary functions of the American police is to protect the ruling class from minos, and to instill fear in NRA whites. It’s a good observation. I do not think that minos are ready yet. These temper tantrums are no substitute for the real “work” of war.

      • This is a recurring nearly 50+ year phenomenon. A redundant phenomenon. Predictable to the point of socially engineered with foresight.


        To applaud the role players FOR MERELY PLAYING their roles as proscribed SIGNALS that one is merely playing their proscribed role AS FALSE PURVEYOR of race realism. There is NOTHING EXCEPTIONAL about a nigger being nigger UNLESS one define absolute degerenate as exceptional…

        And what do “we” know…

        That’s EXACTLY THE BELIEF of the radical liberationist.

        Supremacy (The Most Exceptional) = most degenerate…

        Have to get the mind and metaphysics in symbiotic harmony before any TRULY BENEFICIAL action can be taken

    • Ryu wrote:
      I do understand the black rioters better than the white voyeurs. Like conservatives, the whites indulge in outrage. But the blacks actually want land, money and booty.

      I will edit the main article body to include:
      In whitey burbs with Tunz O’ Gunz, – these foaming impotents full of Big Talk about “takin’ back thethar gummin!” – won’t even call the cops on a barking dog at 4am. They won’t even check this, their neighbor’s white trash behavior.

      But, in Black Streets, people are polite. There are no barky sparkies: Any good colored will shoot the christfuck out of the dog, the house and the inhabitants if need be.

      And thus, colored streets are swift to real Justice

      • It is a strange thing.

        More freedom and civility in the third world. More tyranny in the first world. White expatriots report that when they leave the West, they enjoy more freedom than here. I understand them well.

  4. At my new job I’m pretty blatantly racist while speaking in code, its really funny.

    ‘You have these low income people that grow up without a dad and their only purpose in life is crime or rioting’ or i’ll drop ‘soft’ truths about ‘gun death violence is actually a majority of black on black’ where its clear I’m racist, but its ultimately deniable – I’ve been able to ellict a LOT of support with my vague-but-clear messages.

    • Erudite Knight wrote:

      its clear I’m racist, but its ultimately deniable – I’ve been able to ellict a LOT of

      This is the crucial tactic I use IRL and writing Eradica.
      Although counter-intuitive to our historically idealized SO76 “public” means of open and Free Speech,
      oddly, it is the only effective method of communication toward white peeeple now.
      You can NOT go on Niggerspickike rants. You must use TV Werdz.

      They literally can’t handle The Truth.
      So be it: Use whatever works.

    • I salute you, EK. Education is a long and largely thankless endeavor.

      The dream of every teacher is a student who can become a true equal. To do this, he must be self motivated. But few are like this. You will not always be there to reveal “the truth.” The truly elite will hunger, and find it, on their own.

  5. A thing so readily predictable is a thing obviously manufactured. The real story as FP alluded to is that for all the supposed “injustice” met out to the “black” collective, only a white cop/black thug death EVER elicits chimpmania. On cue. The entire radical “black” collective works in concert to achieve only one goal; they are to annihilate “white” liberals (essentially the only extant “white” people) by any means necessary and chalk it up as a victory over “white supremacy.” These particular events serve at the signal BECAUSE they are so predictably inevitable in a society tha coercively integrates “blacks” and “whites.”

    TPTB are socially engineering events in Baltimore with nearly all players playing their ABSOLUTELY predictable roles.

  6. What’s needed now is a social media campaign whose goal is to inspire subversive blacks to eradicate their wayward brethren in the streets. Such individuals would almost certainly possess an immunity that would only intensify if the “white” liberal scum sought “justice” against what would then be a very divided and confused “black” collective. Now is the time for a racial dialogue that includes the discussion of the inability of either the “black” liberationists or the “white” self-annihilators to create solution to niggers running wild.

    The ONLY SOLUTION is for decent black men with still a sliver of integrity to take to the night’s shadow, behind the fire’s flame, emerging from the all-encompassing smoke like something black and totally unknowable. Pop, pop… pop. Pop, pop… pop. Eraced.

    Real black men should be killing in the streets of Baltimore BECAUSE the liberal “nazis” will not.

    • thordaddy wrote:
      in all of Baltimore there isn’t a single black man — military, ex-military, leo, security service, FANATIC — that

      Remember: Only white cop/black thug deaths EVER elicit chimpmania. Blackness is The Issue. Race is the focus of all coloreds the way it (and sex) is the focus of faggots and feminazis.

      The rallying cry of Death To White Men! is the ONLY materially crucial bond for the diverse groups of the LN/FFL

      • I was reading up the news and it is believed that the niggas in Baltimore were destroying migger owned businesses, especially those belonging to gookers. Strange, and also the fact that it’s really a turd city run by corrupt MINOs, who then put the blame on Whitey for not investing in their nigga folk.

  7. So “we” are supposed to believe that in all of Baltimore there isn’t a single black man — military, ex-military, leo, security service, FANATIC — that “sees” an opportunity like this and says, “I can eradicate these nigger scum with impunity and now is the time!”

    • They’re all scum given the fact that Baltimore was and still is under the supervision of corrupt/incompetent niggas and not the evil White man. And now, they’re pointing fingers at Whitey for not looking out for them. Just a bunch of crybaby losers, who will never learn and get their act together.

  8. Here in NYC, Whole Food Shoppers are afraid that migger protesters will disrupt their shopping experience right across the street. Some are avoiding Whole Foods, because of this. There will be a protest tonight and its starts in a Whitey shopping area.

    When I heard this, it solidified my thoughts that America is really finished, a done deal of complete decline. A cultural wasteland with much ado about nothing of worthiness or significance.

    • If that is so, you can bet the police will show up.

      NOTHING cuts into a corporations profits. Whole Foods will call up their buddies at the copshop, and they’ll guard the place 24-7 if necessary. I remember the Seattle WTO protests well. The cops stayed back, until the protesters started destroying corporate property. The cops work for the American ruling class.

      • More disruptive coloreds encroaching into Whitey Whole Food areas is a good thing, it can facilitate the decline of this country for good. Those Whites are not cutting into corporate profits, they are supporting/fattening them.

        Things I need to write more. Causing chaos like food poisoning and service disruption in those areas, and coloreds turning against the people in those areas.

      • And now that the urban Millennial Brandon is a faggot wimp, and the Millennial Britney has been reduced to a mind controlled whore, it makes a lot of sense.

  9. If there was full immunity there would be no shortage of white men willing to go on a nigger hunt in Baltimore. Of course, IN REALITY, those individuals would get absolutely no immunity and so it is literally senseless to take such a futile risk with little real reward in return for life in prison or death.

    What IS FEASIBLE is offering full immunity to those few black men with real integrity and a desire to kill these niggers for the benefit of the rapidly decimated decent black collective.

    There is really no other viable solution to this socially engineered symbiotic regression between self-annihilating “whites” and the legion of shameless nigels.

    • Finally something that doesn’t resemble trolling.

      • Oogenhand,

        Like many “white” Europeans, you are simply not very knowledgeable as it pertains to the white Supremacist paradigm that dominates the psyche of the American nigel.

      • The Left calls it “internalizing white supremacism”, and I understand that you should always assume your superiority over your opponent.

      • Oogenhand…

        That’s not the hustle. I don’t strive towards Supremacy AS a white man ON ACCOUNT of the existence of “black man.” The continued INSISTENCE that white Supremacy is intimately tied to the fate of the “black man” is the exact hustle utilized to grow an army of “white” anti-white Supremacists.

        It is socially and culturally verboten for white man as individual or as part of a collective to strive towards Supremacy…

        True or false?

        It is socially and culturally verboten for a “white” male TO BE a white Supremacist…

        True or false?

        It is ONLY socially and culturally ALLOWABLE TO BE a “white” anti-white Supremacist…

        True or false?

        No one should be blind to the ethnic European war waged against the white race.

      • Supremacism is taboo. Yes, we should be supremacists!

      • Or more exactly, Oogenhand, white Supremacy IS THE ONLY taboo…


        Its status as the only remaining taboo in a radicallly autonomous society IS DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTABLE to the stunted and confining metaphysics of “our” mutual enemy.

        So the reality is that a super-duper majority of “white” males possess a stunted and self-confining metaphysics which simply reinforces the cultural taboo against being a white Supremacist…

        Remember… A white Supremacist is a white man who believe in and thus strives towards Supremacy.

        And “our” enemy MUST DENY “us” this very deeply held desire AND FOR NO OTHER REASON than their LACK OF EQUAL DESIRE.

        So the “hustle” (in the mind of the radical autonomist) is to not automatically lose (in the game of max/min autonomy) due to one’s absolute refusal to strive towards Supremacy WHEN engaged with a genuine white Supremacist.

      • TD, it is important to relate the “vision” of white supremacy. May be this is why others cannot understand it. One has to “see” white supremacism before one understand it.

        A white man cannot maximize his potential until he becomes a white supremacist. Every life and career has a peak. With practice, one can identify it down to the minute; perfection is a real thing.

      • Talking about metaphysics, why do you think I openly proclaimed in 2012: “Iblis is the first racist!”?

      • Oogenhand, I have heard that nationalism in Europe means a German hating Poles or the French; their neighbors. Is this true? Do Russian nationalists hate Ukrainians, or Dutch nationalists hate Belgium ones?

      • In theory yes, but it depends on the level and the locality. Low-brow nationalism or populism, like Geert Wilders does agitate against e.g. Greeks and Poles, and hardcore NS like Constant Kusters also agitates against Poles, but mainstream, midbrow nationalism generally behaves like Stormfront. Dutch and Flemish nationalists (Belgian nationalists do not exist, at least on the Right) are particularly close to each other.

      • Ryu…

        Yes… There is conceptual and concrete. BUT FIRST, there is psychological stunting.


        True omnipotence is the direct action individuals WHO DOES “it” ALL RIGHT.

        That’s called “perfection.”

        It is both a verboten line thought GLEEFULLY embraced with a silent aloofness for the very obvious reason that such a thing as Perfection now equals the greatest imposition.

        ALL are anti-white Supremacist for the simple fact that all have no desire to do “it” all right.

        For me, I COULD NEVER deny, in principle, a white man’s right to strive towards Perfection.

        That DENIAL is now The Law of the Land.

        So I am alien in my own “house.”

      • ^^^ It [perfection/objective Supremacy] is both a verboten line {of} thought GLEEFULLY embraced with a silent aloofness for the very obvious reason that such a thing as Perfection now equals the greatest imposition {AND consequently, a personally “beneficial” state of being}.

      • Ryu…

        Most of those that I’ve encountered with the idea that said “white” male is either radically autonomous or soon to be FORCED convert to white Supremacy WANT TO IMAGINE that I’m imposing something on to them so that in rejection they gain a sense of autonomy.

        There is no such imposition FROM ME…

        The DOMIMATE CABAL transforms “white” self-annihilators INTO “white supremacists” FOR THE PURPOSE OF justified eradication ON ALL FRONTS.

        Right now… Only WHITE LIBERALS are slaughtered and maimed in liberating from “white supremacy.”

        WHY change the status quo?

      • Ryu…

        What do you “traditionally” see as the “white supremacist?” Meaning, twenty years ago if you where to think of a “white supremacist,” what would he look like or being doing? What DOES HE LOOK LIKE NOW and what is he doing? Was there a false conception in the past? Was it learned? What has brought forth a new conception CLOSER to the truth of the logos?

      • Oogenhand,

        That’s an interesting take ESPECIALLY when given the deracinated state of Islam. The devil would not bow to the first man and thus becomes the first racist, i.e., supremacist in the eyes of Allah.

        There is an analogy to white man not bowing to the UncleBeast/mino machine and thus becomes a racist/supremacist.

        Where things OBVIOUSLY BREAK DOWN at all levels is the reflexive desire to equate white man to Iblis… The devil.

        Objective Supremacy = The Perfect Man.

        The Perfect Man IS THE UNARGUABLE “OBJECT” of white Christian worship. It can be no other way. The true white man worships objective Supremacy. Period.

        This ^^^ is his “racism.”

      • Ryu…

        Absolutely… Europeans ethnics are very much at war with each other AND the white RACE. Ethnicity IS NOT exactly the same as race. European nationalists are ALSO at war with white Supremacy BECAUSE of race.

    • Sounds good. I don’t expect many takers though, TD.

  10. “Reawakened Zulus” sounds like its own post, to show how it’s just as much bullshit as VRW. To the negro’s credit, they’re running with it, concurrently, I add, with continued demands for reparations.

    I think it’s good that the orioles games got shut down and then closed to fans. It just might be the moment where someone gains a bit of insight into the world around them.


    It’s doubtless 99% nigs killing nigs bringing the life expectancy down, so no skin off my nose.

    Baltimore does look like a war zone, riots or not. In some ways I’d feel safer in Syria or Ukraine, since at least then I know who’s on my side and who isn’t. Urban death traps like Baltimore – not so much.

  12. Ryu: concerning Russian nationalists and Ukranians: Russians and Ukranians aren’t all that different (and those in the east are Russians for all intents and purposes) and aside from the hardcore Ukrainian nationalists in the west they don’t hate each other. The Novorossiya separatists will always says “Kiev”, the “junta”, but don’t have any particular hatred towards Ukraine as Ukraine. Most of the hardcore Ukrainian nationalists (Azov, and the other guys using Third Reich symbolism) are deluded and the useful idiots of American liberalism, and aren’t even that popular. The middle class bourgeois elements (who just want their higher salary and schengen visa) had their reservations about these guys even being part of the Maidan.

    It’s true that many European nationalisms are tied up in ancient blood feuds; Croats vs Serbs, Balts, Poles, and Finns vs Russia, etc. The Balkan states are the worst with this.

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