White Urban Sports Tourism & Baltimore RIOTS

by Firepower

Ball-less In Baltimore

I love sheltered Suburbanites indulging in the safety of Urban Sports Tourism getting a jackboot up their ass.

All it takes is one colored to defeat 100 whites. Whites are so domesticated, they’re like a pack of Suburbia Yappin’ Yorkies Yelpin’ at a wolf swaggering around their property; the wolf’s leer says he can’t wait to eat them.

It’s funny seeing Roundasses (and their fatter wifeys) ejected from their territory by one colored. Mr. Jiggaboo Junior is so s-s-scarey, an entire bar of white sheep plunking down $6 for a “Bud LITE” at their prized trough won’t even unite to defend it from a criminal thug they outnumber 50: 1.

One geezer had the balls, but he probably owns it and got $4.3 Million from a HUD “Urban Renewal” BIGov Program. Either way, he’s so scared,he looks like he’s fighting a demon in Revelation.  The rest? They cower like sheeeeeep.

I bet Mr. Fatboy gets REALLY outraged and …writes a teensier check to Habitat Fo’ Humanity this year. I bet he forbids his hot white daughters from …..….giving their colored boyfriends anal/ATM until they reach age 16.

I wrote once on Eradica that the foolishness of PeterPanzer~NewsReelNazis spewing impotent venting of the Niggerspickiking variety. Instead, they pack up their Beverly Hillbillies minivan, move to the hills and start earthworm farms. They are as likely to fight as teen White SkinHedz Polar BlackBearing nigras in some variant of a Nigra-NockOut Game.

Even though 500,000 White Females are raped by colored males every year – and statistically zero Negro-Maidens are assaulted by White Whimps – white faggots simply won’t retaliate to kill The Colored; fuck – those pussies don’t even give them dirty looks when they move on their street to defile their soon-to-be ghetto shithole full of colored scum, welfare brood sows and chattering pickaninnies.

Whites won’t tell their white neighbor’s dog to shut the fuck up when it’s barking for five hours straight at 3 o’clock in the morning. They won’t even call the cops. They think the neighbor will find out. Thus, a colored neighbor could theoretically have a Mike Vick Dog Show going on and no cracker would ever inform. They’ll sure inform on you though, if you say “nigger” to a nigger.

But, in Black Streets, people are polite. There are no barky sparkies: Any good colored will shoot the christfuck out of the dog, the house and the inhabitants if need be. Barking dogs get shotgunned; there are actually no barkies that ever get the chance, for it’s an unwritten bylaw the cuddly pet owner knows beforehand: Your dog barks, it get shot dead – maybe you, too.

Whitey will certainly never kill the dog in a horrible way to send a message – maybe even typing a chilling note to remind the nuisance what happens to nuisances and relish the agony of a latest deserving victim. Nope. The Men of the James Gang – who’d use captured bluebellies for target practice – are long gone.

I heard of a real event in a far-off state where a yapping dog bothered the street at night for years. Because the owner was “an arab” everybody was actually post-9/11 fearful of complaining about his antics.  These aren’t the stalwart folk who sailed to the New World over the Atlantic, plundered the Spanish Main to kill millions of stone-tool, using Redskins so fat white roundasses could girlslap a Trayvon Fan.

I never seem to have a problem, though. I’m sure they’ll get their revenge when I’ve got Oldtimer’s Disease and they descend on me like a wolfpack sensing decrepitude. I’ll probably shoot myself in the head long before then, suckers.

Button-Mashing Faggots  are
WHY You’ll NEVER SEE Manpower of The Revolution.

and WHY The Black Begins The Final Revolution.

Go on. Sniff-out if ole’ Firepower is using wacky-crazy Reverse Psychology on ya; I don’t care.  You’re all so brilliant. These are the people you want to risk all and perhaps go to prison for and die for.

14 Comments to “White Urban Sports Tourism & Baltimore RIOTS”

  1. Ha ha ha. Ah the typical scene.

    All the cops are white – whitey will fight alright. When he’s getting paid, and when he’s got permission. The blacks are rocking and rolling, busting up cop cars, kicking ass.

    The worst thing is that even the majority of WNs will betray that one white in a thousand who will fight. They don’t trust con groups like the AB or NLR, and won’t back direct action people.

    • “The worst thing is that even the majority of WNs will betray that one white in a thousand who will fight. They don’t trust con groups like the AB or NLR, and won’t back direct action people.”

      Yeah, that is very right. They cannot be trusted to do anything.

  2. FP, I have a question.

    In Rome, the emperor had to satisfy the people, the nobility, and the military. The military would march on Rome if not satisfied.

    Yet, our own American military is not like that. They would not march on DC or NYC. I do not think the $$$ and benefits are so sweet. And they are as greedy as any American is. What keeps them from turning on their masters and becoming masters themselves?

    • Good question! But I think these guys get a lot of perks when they finish serving. Free college, living stipends, and good paying USG jobs for those who finish serving.

      Law enforcement also provides decent pay and great benefits. In NYC, a rookie cop rakes in close to $100K with overtime. By doing all this, people take the path of the least resistance. Further, MINOs in America are nothing like the rowdy barbarians who ransacked Europe. So why isn’t anybody doing anything? Go back to square one, Murkans have been kept under docile control via distractions like pizza, nigga ball and porn, not to mention our politics serves a form of entertainment for some as well. In more sophisticated cities, everybody runs a rat race for status and money/material worship.

    • ryu asked: FP, I have a question.

      In Rome, the emperor had to

      First, Rome itself (the city) was only attacked barely a few times by warring Roman military units in a thousand years; it simply was not done. It was incomprehensible to them. Rome was…sacred.

      Sound familiar? We have the same here cultish mystery barrier in the land birthed by one of the most outrageous, daring revolutions in human history. Still, such sacrosanct barriers have a way of falling away with the previously held sacred beliefs, the more degeneration spreads throughout a dulling citizenry.

      In Rome, it was the generals who fought civil wars for control. The people did not. They just kept on watching their taxpayer-funded games and eating their taxpayer-funded bread. One “revolt” happened in Constantinople a hundred years after the fall of The Western Empire. Justinian put it down with treachery when he invited the rebels “to talk” in the Hippodrome; he had his troops massacre them all.

      btw…the “rebellion” started over rival teams at their favorite pastime: Watching chariot races – sports. The comparison would be if the Red Sox and Yankees fans started a revolt on Fortress Manhattan.

      Today? Even “brave Oathweeperz” do not rebel out of fear – fear of Killing the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg. Fear of losing Sports n’ Pizza.

      The military is still composed of white flagwavers believing in Captain America, Mom & Apple Pie; it’s almost a cult or caste like Buddhism’s Kshatriya.

      This will fade as MINOs take it over as they’ve done to every institution you see in my “MINO Machine” series.
      As I’ve written: The Black Begins The Final Revolution http://wp.me/p2kmGE-473
      WHY You’ll NEVER SEE Manpower of The Revolution http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1f4

      • Empty stadium today and the Baltimore Orioles are playing their opposing team, w/o their fans fearing riots. WTF? Niggas don’t have the means to attend a ball game, and White nigga ball watchers are docile to begin with.

      • Told ya: LNs will use any BIGov means necessary of Free Tax $$$s, eminent domain and decree to keep coloreds from attacking CCW holding white burbies.

        LNs fear NRA Whites and TParty Types like a boogeyman, complete with wild, exaggerated fears – like the jews feared The Klan rounding them up in boxcars for Holohoax 2.0. The jews snuffed out the Klan like a 200 lb stomping a little spider; their successful technique is used today on…ta-dah!…Lois Lerner’s TParty Persecution. What the jew did in the past with lawyers, it now does with UncleBEAST Powers because it runs the MMM government; it staffs the government.

        This is the Great Fear they imagine, but every day it seems less a reality. Mom n’ Pop Burbie might have an old, rusty .22 snubby for “defense” but that’s less likely now than passing it on to their kids who are marching for “Black Lives MATTER!” in your Manhattan…

        When the LN/MM get over their irrational fears and realize that nobody is actually Guarding The Watchtower in former white Suburbia/Exurbia Rural enclaves, they’ll smash through the Kamo-Klan Scarecrows like Ryu (and me) and plop down a busfull of Miggers on Erin’s Worm Wranch and threaten her with Leavenworth if she doesn’t make them tortillas.

        UncleBEAST seeks to infect and infest the last remaining White Enclaves with MINO Seeds: IT’s WHY Dagon busses those Miggers to rural white areas just like they bussed pickaninnies to white schools in the 70s. It’s why they plant Syrian muzz and Congo Coloreds in…Idaho – the Former Homeland Stronghold of Randy Weaver:

      • They blow up the fear of wns just as they blow up their own reputations. Periodically there are press releases where the police try to bluff criminals. Usually it works.

      • I kind of like that empty stadium thing. It shows the futility of the game but also, how Americans insist upon continuing it. They would play baseball in front of an empty stadium AND and empty TV audience.

      • Many like to compare MURKA with ROME. I for one, have a different take, Murka is the new middle east in the making. Just read up on the fall of the Islamic empire with their conquering of new frontiers, then their scientific geniuses leading it towards a golden age, all came to end with its multiculturalism sprawl, Islam filth indoctrination, their petty leaders, their dealings with MINOs and dysgenic breeding with them. Murka is looking very similar by the day.

      • Yes, many do not understand nor even realize the similarities to the Ottoman Empire.

        Another too obvious comparison is the former Great Britain with its expensive navy and foreign meddling.
        You may wish to also examine the collapse of Classic Spain, the Armada, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I etc.

  3. This is a request for the gentlemen from the hood.
    Please attack as many honkies as possible.
    They won’t resist. Maybe some light slapping and loud shrieking.
    Humiliate them so much they cry before the cameras. The worse the better.

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