Hate Training

by Ryu

It takes hate to kill. The US military and the police know this. Any business requiring killing needs a mechanism to generate the hate.

The police do it with their “bad guy” mantra which is repeated as often as possible. They place criminality outside of themselves. This mental training begins very early in police academy. The military does similarly.

Both the military and police treat their recruits like shit, so that they get pissed off. Recruits learn to hate their superiors and their drill instructors. But under their system, soldiers may only kill with permission, and may never kill fellow military. The hate is created, then is directed at the enemy.

Hate is such a powerful weapon that the USG would like to keep it for itself. The USG has declared a “war on hate.” They’d like hate control, just as there is gun control. There’s a great effort directed so that minos may hate, while whites may not.

16 Comments to “Hate Training”

  1. Most White people in America need to be backed to corner before they will fight back, and that’s saying lightly.

    WNs need their own mercenary force, and a bunch of friends and allies from overseas. They’ll also provide an escape route for us. Further, leaving Murka isn’t a stigma. Will you come back stronger to take on the beast? Even in Star Wars, rebel forces had to find different universes to plan, forge alliances and build strength before taking down the empire.

    • WN has no soldiers. Actually, most WN leaders do not agree with having soldiers, which is a part of why wn fails. They don’t like violence when wns do it, but they ignore it when the system does it.

      I saw a movie once as you suggest. The Boondock Saints, and the sequel, where they have to go to Ireland. But that’s IRA.

  2. State Hate Control is as laughably obvious here in Murka as it is to NeoConTard ConserVaginas throwing conniptions over North Korea.

    The State directs hate away from itself, for the MOG would surely string up and burn at the fucking stake, the Swine Elites who’ve degenerated this nation via their Moron Masses.

  3. Hate Lesson 101

    Hate the self-annihilator… Both in yourself and all those around you that would deliberately infect you with self-annihilation.

    • It’s too abstract. There is no thrill of the blood in intellectual exercises.

      Give your men a concrete target and allow them to destroy it. THEN they will learn.

      • “Intellectual exercises” are the ONLY PLACE most high IQ “white” males will ever see violent red. Amongst OUR TOP are ANTI-WHITE SUPREMACISTS. High IQ “white” males WHO DO NOT BELIEVE in objective Supremacy. Imagine teaching a kid how ti hit a baseball who refused to learn what a bat is? At some point this refusal LOOKS purposeful. Kid JUST HATES baseball. But his radical autonomy (refusal to learn what a bat is) is his COVER. That’s WN 2.0. A refusal to accept objective Supremacy as the operative paradigm SO AS TO AVOID the pressure to conversion to white Supremacy.

      • Many intellectuals are unconnected with reality, TD. There is a real world out there, and such a thing as facts. Their guilded cages shield them from this.

      • Even Deception needs to be truthful once in a great while so that at least a few are certain that he is what says he is and he has not deceived himself.

      • Ryu…

        Absolutely… But “my” convert class is still YOU AND FP…. Er, high IQ “white” males who do not identify as genuine white Supremacists, i.e., white man who believe and therefore strive towards objective Supremacy. The radical autonomist asks, “what does that mean,” knowing full well what it means AS HE IS NOT THE BENEFICIARY of ignorance. He MUST KNOW per his high IQ.

        The fact of the matter is that “we” are all under the projected psychological machinations of the high IQ “white” male and his mad drive for radical autonomy. His greatest feat has been to convince “us” that all “others” where the real and most potent anti-white Supremacists.

      • There is a book which you may find profitable. It describes the change in a liberal intellectual as he is taught by a white supremacist. It is unfortunately much longer than the Seagull book. He is a changed man afterward, and learns that facts actually exists.

    • Hate is the rejection of unbridgeable differences.
      It is maximum incompatibility, a choice between possible survival and probable death.

  4. Typically some inducement is required to get people to go out and kill. Hate is the cheapest route (why the gov’t loves to use it) but money also works quite well. Hit men and enforcers kill for money;they could care less who their target is. I also suppose there are a few people around who would do it purely for their own entertainment as well if given half a chance.

    • We have massive documentation on The American Revolution.
      Wipe away the rosy propaganda and you find many reasons why even former British Army men like Washington shed blood for far less reasons than existed even 40 years ago here.

  5. I love the Seawolf. Jack London was badass.

    Hey Ryu I got a question for you, both of us had flirted with the idea of joining the military, obvivously we both know how corrupt it is, but the major thing I have a hard time dropping is a sense of ‘brotherhood’ and like contributing to something big. I fully know how useless it would be, but I still can’t drop the sense of wanting coumminity and mutual sacrafice.

    • I think the military would have been a perfect place for me, but I just knew too much of the bullshit to follow through. My primary motivation was to experience war. I had no pretensions of serving for my country or to ‘preserve our freedom’. At the last minute I decided that the opportunity wasn’t worth the cost.

    • I just like violence and destruction, EK. That is the frank truth.

      I am a destroyer. Honor and duty have nothing to do with it. Community is part of it, because one feels this from living with other men closely. It is fun to commit wrongs in the company of other men. Many experienced this as kids without adult supervision.

      The ability is genetic and I do not think it can be taught. This is why few understand McVeigh or Kaczynski. No one in law enforcement does, even though they have the same skillset. A GOOD cop is 51% cop, 49% con.

      You have your own genetic ability which ought to be developed. Fire. You should study arson – an interesting crime with a very low conviction rate. Also, the action of the Earth Liberation Front. A book for you:

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