Who Runs The World

by Firepower

What Made Kim The Star

This is a roster of The Liberal Nazi Wetdream: Take note of the majority of MINOs, Darlings of Manhattan, coloreds and liberal nazis. The only white males are effeminate hipster faggots or foreigners safer from the USSS.

You see, this is the real Murka. It’s not the pretend one in Dreams of Victory where the LN/MMM simply evaporate without serious resistance, then you put them into camps for eradication. This is the reality of whom you would shed your blood for to preserve for future Murkas…

I’ll do my best channeling of LOTB with attendant, minimalist Fosetism and expect 502 comments.

9 Comments to “Who Runs The World”

  1. Yes, that is modern America. I did not see one person of substance there. That’s exactly what all those white soldiers are fighting to protect. Not one conservative on the list.

    • Oddly, nobody gives a shit.
      Eye-opening, freshly minted facts mean less each day for the foaming PeterPanzers Niggerspickiking on the tweeeeeeeeeeeeeta.

      Well…maybe not so odd to a wise person…

      • America reminds me of how prisons are run.

        – TV, rec, and the yard are used to divert attention.
        – Prisons can’t run without prisoner labor. Keeps ’em busy and makes them cooperative. No prison can run without the prisoners’ consent.
        – One set of rules for admin, one for the inmates.

        I have looked and never found a case where prisoners took over an American prison and left en masse. It did happen in Iraq though. Some 400 al-Queda fighters were able to leave, no doubt to the field for some payback.

        Ironically, they stormed Abu Ghrab, an American torture camp. It must have been glorious.

        Individually, we have no power. Certainly the elite form groups, cops do, WNs cannot.

  2. Theoretically and with technological precision, one man could.

  3. Some punchable faces there. A fucking left wing popularity contest. I guess Matt Drudge is OK.

    • Kim Kardashian is a migger and she loves niggas. What’s there to hate about that? She’s an end product of class drift and any heirs of hers will degenerate further more.

    • fyi: Drudge is a jew.

      Beware. His only blind spot is he’ll fight to the last drop of usa Jordie blood – for Israel. He never met a bibi whose dick he wouldn’t suck.

      • Most jew boys again are situational opportunists and back stabbers. Because their livelihood is dependent on sucking the tit of the Whitey cash cow, they do sometimes realize the importance of keeping the host healthy, which brings back to the issue of their wavering allegiance to the degenerate liberal left when times are good, and their right wing allegiance as a matter of troubled convenience.

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