Colored Crime Stats to Use

by Firepower

Facts convince people more than emotion because they’re more reliable; they’re replicable. A high MINO population ratio in Murka’s northeast is just as sure to be a cancerous crime tumor just as it is in the sunny South West.

You can repeat the same victory of truth by simply learning and stating facts that are impossible to refute. These challenge the LN’s brainwashed herd and aggravate them. It’s hard enough dealing with their emotional bleating, let alone their attacks on you for irritating them: Force the fools to bash their heads against facts – not your love of eradicating MINOs. Learn to cite such facts in everyday conversation, also.  Propaganda is simple repletion of statements until they become ingrained – transformed into devastation causing harm.

You must learn new games; the old ones failed.

Citing these stats to leftists and middle-of-the-road types you want to propagandize and convert work, while…..…… Niggerspickiking and calling coloreds niggers does not – even if the colored is the dirtiest, low-down nigger in fact. Especially if the colored the colored is really the dirtiest, low-down nigger in Twisted Murka.

Liberal nazis argument is 100% based on emotion and thus, easily defeated. Dundering around wearing a swastika and quoting Goebbels as if Magical Incantations will raise the corpse of the Third Reich is the white racists’ corresponding version of emotional argument; it too, is easily defeated because it plays straight into the LN’s hands.

Colored males aged 15-34 are the main perpetrators of ALL crime in this country. They are only 3% of the total US population. I REPEAT 3% of the American Population commits all the crime.

This is the group the 2013 FBI crime statistics say are responsible for:

56.4% of all Robbery
52.2% of Murders
33.9% of all Aggravated Assaults
31.3% of Forcible Rapes

2012 FBI Statistics
54.9% of all Robbery
49.4% of Murders
34.1% of all Aggravated Assaults
32.5% of Forcible Rapes

2011 FBI Statistics
55.6% of all Robbery
49.7% of Murders
33.6% of all Aggravated Assaults
32.9% of Forcible Rapes

32 Comments to “Colored Crime Stats to Use”

  1. In other words, a society chock full of “white” anti-white Supremacists can be indulged with the racial savagery of the vaunted nigger ALL THE WHILE maintaining the perpetrators status as invisible assassin.

    IF a nation of “white” self-annihilators NEEDS TO BE propagandized about that which is self-evident to the healthy-minded white man THEN “we” clearly have a case of incorrigible blindness.

    The campaign to take the “nigger” off the mind and mouth of white man is the campaign to create an invisible assassin of the “white” liberal.

  2. Facts? More like hate-facts! Which means “but still” as far the liberal is concerned.

    Statistically it’s safer for a white person to serve a tour of duty overseas, patrol the streets of Kabul, then it is to walk your dog in Philly!

    Yet the main stream media is all white devil, all the time…
    The emperor’s new clothes meets the WOLF who cried boy.

    [ed note: I advocate reading all Aesop’s Fables; there’s a link on the homepage.]

    Fun fact, they have to literally round “white on black” rape to zero for statistical reasons.

    According to the DOJ: “The rate of black women being raped by white men is so low it cannot be represented down to the tenths place as a percentage of overall rapes and is therefore either zero or extremely close to zero.”

    [provide a link. links to stats are what I’m talking about]

    My favorite was the story about Amanda Kijera, a professional activist campaigning for the rights of women and black people worldwide. When she heard about the earthquake in Haiti she was one of the first to volunteer to help the indigenous population.

    Where she was immediately repeatedly raped by one of the very men who she spent the bulk of her life advocating for.

    [i hope it hurt like a bitch – and he used a bat up her snatch]

    “I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail. He didn’t care that I was a Malcolm X scholar. He told me to shut up, and then slapped me in the face.”

    To him as a brother, that’s beyond satire.

    [LMAO at “Malcolm X scholar”]

    • Also a must read: Confessions of a Public (and Liberal) Defender

      “I am a public defender in a large southern metropolitan area. Fewer than ten percent of the people in the area I serve are black but over 90 per cent of my clients are black. I have no explanation for why this is, but crime has racial patterns.”

      “A black man will never call me Mr. Smith; I am always Mike. It is not unusual for a 19-year-old black to refer to me as dog.”

      “They cannot speak without swearing. They often become hostile on the stand. Prosecutors are delighted when a black defendant takes the stand. It is like shooting fish in a barrel.”

      And so forth, it’s pure gold that column!

    • Local “news” is the epitome of MMM Propaganda; its viewers are the most imbecilic and gullible, so local news is free to dish up the most farfetched slop and Liberal Fairy Tales.

      The dumber the audience, the more preposterous the claim.

      In my area, I’ve never – not once – been “informed” of a Knockout Game/Polarbearing Attack by coloreds against whites, even though I know the odds mean there must be thousands over the years. When white couples are rape/murdered and “found” in a burned-out car in – ta-da! – colored ghettos, the story gets a minute for three days in between the call for more scholarships for niggers and sickening Habitats Fo Humanity rah rah.

      When a nigger kid gets called a “nigger” by a bus full of wise White Kids, that’s the main five-minute story for 50 days straight.

      Use of valid stats against niggers and niggerlovers is not intended to convert them; it’s meant to infuriate them. It’s also the same reason you lob a grenade into every doorway during urban/city fighting in MOUT: It lets the enemy know you will retaliate and are armed, and dangerous – that you are coming for them. Besides, you might neutralize a few once you pull the pin.

      You establish a take no prisoners attitude in your own mind when you see LNs continue to defend lies; it proves to you who you are fighting and what they deserve – total eradication. You might as well try and “convert” a WW2 jap Kamikaze. Forget it.

      Stats’ main purpose is to force a LN to dance on The Humiliating Clown Tightrope of Hypocrisy for an audience. Fence-sitters are likely to be convinced to your side – or at least subconsciously vow to avoid Liberals and their fucked-up, indefensible philosophy. Nobody wants to look like a fool.

      Diehard liberals will never admit they are wrong, so just enjoy beating them up. It really does hurt them. Relish their pain. Lesser liberals will beware the next beating, like a child seeing its sibling get spanked for playing with matches, they’ll develop an aversion.

    • [provide a link. links to stats are what I’m talking about]

      Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2007 – Statistical Tables

    • LMAO indeed! But it didn’t end there, she went on saying “While I take issue with my brother’s behavior, I’m grateful for the experience” blaming, of course, white patriarchy “which still dominates the global stage”.

      She also went there to dispel the “myth” of violence against women in Haiti… this is getting better and better.
      And even Amanda’s son weighed into the incident, he said his mother should be praised:

      ”Praised for the eyes she has opened across the nation.”

      Well, she has in a way. But not, perhaps, the way her son meant.
      Those people are bat-shit-crazy, this is even beyond “turning the other cheek” Christ insanity.

      • You know what amazes me?

        That whites didn’t travel to Haiti during the chaos and take advantage to tourist-kill wonderful helpy-Mchelpers like her, and the assorted darkies.

        Guess all that US National Guard presence and US SS Secret Service round-the-clock bodyguard protection on goat farmers was too thick…

      • What is there to take in Haiti?
        [ed note: what? why…The Most Dangerous Game. i’m surprised an enterprising fellow didn’t charter Snuff Tourism during the earthquake to further reduce the population.]

        Third world countries are all the same. The same trends you see in the US disguised are there, naked.

        The rich have security, because they have all the money. Gates, men with guns, cameras, the works. The men tend to be touts or serve the tourists. The women, whores or again in the tourist industry. The poor have nothing to take.

        I am wary of third world police. They use the stick first, which is common in the world. They don’t need advanced forensics when torture works. Criminals in the third world tend to be petty or very big, like the cartels.

  3. This is not a new strategy. There are very few niggerspikkers. Whitaker is the cutting edge in terms of propaganda. Ramz Paul is a good example of the Whitaker style. He is on YouTube.

    • *sigh*

      Thanks for your Ladypinion, but you don’t see Niggerspickikers (the proper term) because YOU no longer frequent Niggerspickike/VRW CENTRAL: StormFlunk.

      You don’t even tweeeeeeeeeeeet in support of your Beloved Ryu and His Presence on Eradica

      You do little to convert, recruit and educate newcomers. You do nothing but nag me.

      • You don’t know who or what I talk about. Get with the times. Stormfront is old new and you are not the first person to figure it out.

        [ed note: nag nag hag nag]

  4. I believe living in some war torn area of the Middle East is much safer than Philly or parts of New Jack City.

    This being said, it’s probably more psychological healthy to live in the M/E, despite its decrepit areas, where people have a real cause for a change, than your Murkan Hollywoodville, infested with dumb and apathetic people, with much ado about nothing.

  5. *old newS

    The cutting edge of propagand:

    • Bobby does have good propaganda. I don’t know why he screwed himself by using his real name. It is not courageous to paint a target on one’s back. He has to confine himself to a certain type of prop because of it.

      • He has been in so long that by the time we knew NOT to use real names…he had already been using his for years.

        By the way, he is running for VP with the American Freeedom Party. I am sorry to see him get caught up in that fake White Nationalist group. Bill Johnson, successful attorney, regularly has “oops” moments where he appears to make stupid decisions for the AFP but what he is really doing is wasting the time, money and emotional resources of true Nationalist. A pox on him.

      • Such a wise old goat should* prove to chickens that it is possible to use your real name if you use caution.

        Trailerpark morons make the mistake for calling for specific violence and threats against individuals.
        Clever Free Speech Advocates know how to tread the proper side of the “yelling ‘fire!’ in a theater” measurement.

        Colored killer/activists know how to play the system.
        Free Speech does exist, but only for the smart.
        It’s the same as “clever” folks who know how to respond to cops asking if they “could come in for a sec”.

        It’s a game.

        Even so, merely publicizing and disseminating the dangerous stats I provided are ample enough weaponry that hit with great effect and – you can even use your real name.

      • There is no profit in using one’s real name.

        One shouldn’t leave things to chance. Why throw such information out there for free? It’s a calculation. Does the profit of using my real name exceed the cost of any possible loss?

        There is far more possible loss with no offsetting profit. Low profit, high risk – a losing equation.

      • ryu said; There is no profit in using one’s real name.

        If using one’s “real name” worked, because of its added credibility,
        why didn’t erin’s hero succeed …
        in his thirty years of writing?

      • I do not think any publicly known group could succeed. The TEA party was infiltrated inside a month. OWS, a week. The FBI’s cointelpro program continues to this day. It is quite successful, a stabilizing force for the regime.

        Revolutionary leaders of the past understood that it wasn’t voting that mattered, but who counted the votes. The Americans voted themselves into this mess; they will not vote themselves out of it.

  6. Stats work for men of the mind, which are few in the US today. I like Hitler’s idea: emotion for the many, logic for the few. It is my experience also.

    I found a great article, FP. On how the gangsters with guns hold up gangsters in suits. The cartels are chasing corporate cash now.
    “The cartels are active down there. Generally we have a good relationship with them,”

    • …but equations are the stuff of Equalists. And wielding true and false equations is the game of high IQ “white” male autonomists. The OPERATIVE false equation is thus:

      white Supremacy = white degeneracy

      • *sigh*

        if you say “white Supremacy = white degeneracy”
        then it must also be “white degeneracy = white supremacy”

        Saying a white who degrades himself weighing 400 lbs.
        fagging off with same sex coloreds, high on meth
        voting for Hillary with a cock up his ass
        does NOT equal any supremacy
        of any sort…

      • Perhaps I need to clarify…

        From the perspective of the “white” self-annihilator and all radical “others…”

        white Supremacy = white degeneracy…

        This FALSE EQUATION is the operating paradigm for all anti-white Supremacists/Equalists/radical liberationists.

        The WAR is ONLY WAGED AGAINST that voluntary collective of white men who strive towards Supremacy. Outside of this, it’s merely ideological internecine throat-cutting and bloodletting.

      • The key to the anti-Supremacist’s “victory” IS HIS DESIRE to be on top of the turd pile.

        IF one does not axiomatically grant the existence of Perfection THEN one is cognitively and psychologically confined to an “infinite regress” within a General Entropy. What this looks like is simply the degeneration, devolution and ultimately dissolution of the white man AS white Supremacist.

        [ed note: do you believe whites are supreme over all other races. yes or no]

      • At this stage of radical autonomy, there are really only “white” male self-annihilators and genuine white Supremacists. These are the ONLY relevant and influential players. Clearly, the playing field is stacked heavily in favor of one type of player over the other. Yet, this is both logical and by no means a real problem as those destroyed by the radical autonomy of the “other” are, by and large, “white” self-annihilators WILLINGLY serving their self-designated roles.

        THE ONLY DRAWBACK is the false narrative that follows the last KnockedOutQueen… This was a strike for liberation against “white supremacy.” This subtly propagated false narrative is how the radical other annihilates the “white” liberal with societal impunity. And “white” liberals have no beef with the “slander.”

      • Editor…

        This IS NOT a relativist conundrum. Integration IS NOT mandatory or inevitable. The thought I give to the question of whether the white race is superior to the black race is NIL… On PURPOSE… For the very purpose of transcending the relativist paradigm.

        If a race of men strive towards Supremacy successfully then said race of men is a superior race.

        The enemy wants to destroy this entire line of thought from root to branch. I’ve only read a small minority of white men who even entertain the above claim. Nearly ALL are anti-Supremacy in general and anti-white Supremacy in particular.

      • Imagine if the white Supremacist had an equal influence in the sports media to the sports nerd who can’t seem to bring himself to question the idea of black athletic supremacy and demands for equality and the illegitimacy of white spiritual and intellectual supremacy.

        The enemy wants liberation without separation.

    • ryu wrote:
      Stats work for men of the mind

      These stats are for use as swift weapons in argument, whether at a speech, pub or xmas party.

      They are powerful because they are neutral; you will make no progress among the unconverted by quoting Uncle Dolffi or Mao.
      You need to be a wolf, in neutral sheep’s clothing.

      People will inevitably choose rightist fact over liberal emotion – when their backs are against the wall. Facts are bayonets that push them to that point.

      • To convince the current White masses of what is being said here, will simply not work. Yes, when push comes to shove, is when things will happen.

        You need bitter minded and disenfranchised White college students to initiate grievances against their college president who are in bed with MINOs, and other LNs. At the moment, there are still some fun and games for left for them. It’s only when the piece of the action becomes smaller and smaller, is when they get angry and angrier.

  7. Out of topic, but our discussion about niggas and miggers gnawing their way into Manhattan:

    It appears that White students at this mental learning institution are upset about miggers hablo-ing espanol in front of their faces.

    I say bring it on, all these dumb libscum who run these institutions and the ignorant libstudents who attend them can reap what they sow, invite more coloreds to your house who resent you because you’re too darn lazy and ignorant to do any real work while you intellectually masturbate about the Fall of Rome.

    • I support jew-jitsu. Drown the liberals in the minos they so love.

      The only sure propaganda is exposure to minos. The Muzz imported to Europe kick out Jews. The best way to create racists is to stick them in a cell full of minos. They’ll learn real quick.

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